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Of Princesses and Space Pirates
Chapter 1: No Need for Homecomings
Ryoko and Sasami stood near the entrance of the Hagone Hot Springs, taking in their surroundings. Ryoko's mouth dropped open slightly, as she was not expecting to find such a bustling tourist attraction. She smiled suddenly, as she heard the men passing by catcalling in her direction. She was wearing a skimpy, very revealing bikini, while Sasami wore a more modest one-piece. Even Ryo-oh-ki, who had morphed to her human form momentarily, wore a bathing suit.
"Ryoko! You said we were going to a nearby hot springs planet. We traveled halfway across the galaxy! What is this place?"
Ryoko smirked slightly, and looked over towards Sasami. "Well, I haven't been here in over seven hundred years, Sasami. I guess the place has changed some. Welcome to Planet Tenrei."
"That's right, Sasami," Ryoko stated. As the older woman began walking away, Sasami grabbed Ryo-oh-ki's hand, and followed behind.
"Ryoko, wait!"
"In a place like this, you've gotta keep up," Ryoko exclaimed, winking and shaking a finger matter-of-factly. "And if we're not quick, we won't get the best hotspot! I'm going to go ahead, and you catch up, okay? Find me on Mt. Nyotai." She floated into the air and waved, phasing away suddenly.
Sasami looked down at the cabbit-human hybrid, giving her a wry smile. "I know, Ryo-chan. I guess this is Ryoko's way of having fun." She sighed, making a face as she realized something. "She's probably going to go and get drunk! We'd better go and find her, to keep her out of trouble."
The two began to walk around the resort, looking for how to get to Mt. Nyotai. As they walked past a resort guide that was posted up on a signboard, Sasami felt a tug on her arm, and looked down at Ryo-oh-ki.
"Mreow!" Ryo-oh-ki pointed up towards the sign, and Sasami smiled as she saw it.
"That's great, Ryo-chan," she exclaimed, releasing her hand to look at the guide. She traced a finger across the map as she continued. "It looks like if we follow this path, there should be a shuttle train up ahead that will take us to Mt. Nyotai." She looked back down, and saw that Ryo-oh-ki was gone. "Ryo-chan! Ryo-oh-ki, where are you?"
Sasami ran down the path, calling out for her friend. She stopped, tears beginning to form in her eyes. She turned her head, and caught a glimpse of Ryo-oh-ki, who disappeared onto a passenger train. Running as fast as she could, Sasami went after her, slipping into the train seconds before the doors slid closed. She bent over, placing her hands on her knees, and taking in deep breaths of air.
"Mreow, mreow!" Sasami looked up, and saw Ryo-oh-ki sitting on a bench, swinging her legs back and forth happily.
"Oh, Ryo-oh-ki." Sasami walked over to the cabbit, sitting down next to her. She turned towards her, frowning slightly. "Don't ever run off like that again, Ryo-oh-ki! I was worried about you…"
"Hey, so where did the girls go?"
Sasami looked towards the other end of the train as a loud voice passed through the passenger train. Down at the other end, she saw a man and a boy around her age sitting together. The man had spiky, red hair, and the boy had wild, sandy-blonde hair. The boy made an embarrassed face as he turned towards his companion.
"Could you be a little quieter! You're so embarrassing… The girls were invited to that private hot spring that's on top of Mt. Nyotai."
"You mean Urt's place? How come we weren't invited?"
"Maybe because it's a women's only spring…"
The man snorted, waving a dismissive hand. "I've been there before, and it's nothing special." As the boy opened his mouth to say something, an announcement was made over the intercom, and he sighed.
"Mreow," Ryo-oh-ki growled, as her ears began twitching. Sasami looked at her, and as she was about to ask what was wrong, she heard a rumbling sound. She looked to her side, and gasped right as a wave of water passed over their heads. The water thinned out seconds later, and Sasami gasped for air.
"Well, that was refreshing, wasn't it, Ryo-chan?" She looked to the spot Ryo-oh-ki was supposed to be, and saw she was gone. Sweatdropping, she saw the girl at the other end of the train, with swirls in her eyes. Sasami giggled and stood up, walking towards her.
"Hey, is… that thing going to be alright," Sasami heard the man ask his companion as she walked past where the two sat. She looked towards them, and caught the boy staring at her. She returned his look evenly, tearing her gaze away as she heard Ryo-oh-ki murmuring.
"Oh, are you okay, Ryo-chan," Sasami asked, helping the cabbit stand. Ryo-oh-ki stood up, shaking the excess water off of her fur and sending it flying. Sasami covered her face with her arm and laughed, as the train slowly came to a stop. Sasami took Ryo-oh-ki's hand in hers once again as the doors slid open, and the two made their way off the train.
"Hey," the boy called out, finding his voice. Sasami stopped and turned around as she and Ryo-oh-ki stepped off the train. The boy ran to the door. "Hey, will she be okay?"
Sasami cocked her head to the side slightly and smiled. "She'll be fine, thanks," she replied, as the doors slid closed again. She watched as the man stepped up behind the boy and made a remark, causing the younger of the two to turn around and scream at the older man. Sasami giggled, and looked down at Ryo-oh-ki as she tugged at her hand.
"Mreow, mreow!"
"Alright, Ryo-chan. Let's go and find Ryoko."
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Ayeka paced around the Masaki living room, wringing her hands together nervously. Hours earlier, Washu had told her that she got in touch with Ryoko, and that she and Sasami were on their way back to Earth. Although Sasami had only been gone for a week, Ayeka missed her terribly. Stopping by the window and gazing out towards the setting sun, Ayeka heaved a heavy sigh. "Oh Sasami," she breathed quietly, "why didn't you tell me you wanted to leave?"
"Princess Ayeka."
Ayeka turned away from the window, and saw Sasami's Juraian guardians standing in the doorway. They stepped forward, and she watched as they knelt before her.
"Have you spotted Ryo-oh-ki yet?"
"Not yet, Princess," Azaka answered. Ayeka looked at the older man, frowning in disappointment.
"Then why have you come to me," she demanded. "I don't want to see either of your faces. You let that demon take my sister!"
"Respectfully, Highness, Princess Sasami is perfectly safe with Lady Ryoko," Azaka replied. "We would not have allowed her Highness to leave the planet otherwise."
"Ryoko is a pirate and a criminal!" Ayeka began to pace, gesturing with her arms. "Nothing will change that!"
"Princess Ayeka! Did you not learn anything from the events of late?" Ayeka gaped at Kamidake, who had a fist clenched at his side. "Ryoko proved her loyalty when she delivered Lord Tenchi to Jurai, did she not," he continued. "And more importantly, Princess Sasami trusts Lady Ryoko. Isn't that enough?"
"Certainly not," Ayeka yelled. "It's my responsibility to watch over Sasami. I have her well-being as a priority."
"That may be so, but it's not your-"
"That's quite enough, Kamidake," Azaka exclaimed. "You're out of line!" The younger man clenched his jaw, bowing his head.
"My apologies, Princess Ayeka," he spoke quietly.
As Ayeka drew a breath to speak, a ship streaked across the sky, passing over the house. She ran to the door, sliding it open and stepping outside. Behind her, Azaka and Kamidake rose silently, and joined her side. In the distance, two figures stood alongside a small animal.
"Sasami," Ayeka exclaimed, gathering her skirts and running towards the trio. "Ah, Sasami!"
As Sasami laughed at something Ryoko said to her, she heard her name being called, and she looked up. Smiling as she saw Ayeka running towards her, she waved.
"Sasami!" Ayeka finally reached where her sister was and pulled her into a tight embrace. "I missed you so much, Sasami. I was worried about you."
"I missed you too, Ayeka," Sasami replied. A worried expression crossed her face as she noticed tears in Ayeka's eyes. "What is it, Ayeka? What's the matter?"
Ayeka wiped her eyes, and smiled weakly. "I'm just glad you're finally back."
"You shouldn't have been worried! Azaka and Kamidake assured me that they'd tell you where I was." Sasami turned towards her guardians. "You did speak with Ayeka, right?"
"Of course, Princess," they replied in unison.
"Don't worry, Sasami," Ryoko began. "The important thing is that you got the chance to relax."
"And I had so much fun, too," Sasami exclaimed, not taking notice as Ayeka glared towards Ryoko. "Oh I wish you had been there, Ayeka! Me, Ryoko, and Ryo-oh-ki went to this planet called Tenrei, and-"
"Don't you ever take Sasami anywhere ever again," Ayeka interrupted, yelling at Ryoko. "She is a member of the Juraian Royal family, and you have no right-"
"What in the hell are you talking about, Ayeka," Ryoko interrupted. "The reason I took Sasami is because it's what she needed. She needed a break."
"You don't know what Sasami needs," Ayeka yelled.
"Ayeka," Sasami began, "I wanted to go with Ryoko."
"Let's go, Sasami," Ayeka stated, grabbing Sasami's hand and ignoring her statement. "Lord Tenchi will be happy to see that you've returned." Ryoko watched as the two walked away. Sasami looked back over her shoulder, giving Ryoko an apologetic smile. Frowning, she disappeared, phasing in front of them. Ayeka stopped, glaring at Ryoko again. "Move out of my way!"
"Get off your high horse, Princess," Ryoko stated in a low voice. "Which bothers you more? The fact that Sasami had fun with me, or the fact that I pay more attention to her than her own sister does?" Ayeka rose a hand in the air, smacking Ryoko swiftly across the face.
Sasami's hands flew up to her mouth and she gasped. She vaguely noticed as Azaka and Kamidake pulled her away from her sister. Blinking in surprise, she slowly shook her head. "Ayeka," she whispered. "Why are you acting like this?"
"I've had enough of you, Ryoko," Ayeka stated, as energy began to gather around her. Ryoko looked around as miniature logs began to appear around the two, and she narrowed her eyes.
"Is that so," she challenged. She clenched her fist shut, and her energy sword formed in her hand.
"You should have stayed in outer space, you monster! You should have never returned here." Ayeka's Juraian battle suit appeared suddenly on her body and her energy continued to build.
"I don't suggest that you fight me, Ayeka." Though Ryoko stood with a hand casually at her hip, there was a competitive gleam in her eye that didn't go unnoticed by Ayeka. Screaming, Ayeka charged at Ryoko.
"Ayeka, stop this," Sasami cried. She tried to run towards her sister, however Azaka grabbed her arm, pulling her back. "No, let me go, Azaka! I have to stop them!"
"I can't do that, Princess Sasami," Azaka replied calmly. "If you get involved, you may get hurt." Tears pooled in Sasami's eyes and she buried her face in his robes, sobbing quietly.
Ryoko nimbly dodged Ayeka's attacks, swiftly batting away the miniature logs, which advanced towards her, with her sword. "You won't get me in your field this time, Ayeka!" Ryoko spun around as she continued to dodge the logs, laughing tauntingly.
"I've got you!" Ryoko turned back towards Ayeka, just as she held out her hand, blasting her with a powerful burst of energy. Smiling slightly as Ryoko screamed, Ayeka began gathering energy again.
"You…you bitch," Ryoko breathed heavily, winded by the sudden attack. She knelt down on one knee, taking in deep breaths. She gasped as Ayeka's energy crackled in the air, and miniature logs surrounded them both.
"Ayeka, please stop this," Sasami cried once again. Ayeka chanced a brief glance at Sasami, and the distraction was all Ryoko needed.
Leaping into the air, Ryoko swung her sword down upon Ayeka as she looked back in Ryoko's direction. Bringing her hands up quickly, Ryoko's sword met with her powerful shield. A power-struggle ensued, as Ryoko's sword slowly began to penetrate the shield. With a loud yell, Ryoko poured her strength into a powerful thrust, tearing into the shield and dissipating it. Raw energy struck both girls, causing them both to fall to the ground.
It was Ryoko, who stood first.
Standing on shaky legs, Ryoko grasped her side in pain, and shuffled towards Ayeka. As she reached her, she offered a hand. "Are you ready to stop this now, Ayeka," she asked. The answer she got was another, much weaker energy blast, which caused her to stumble back. Gritting her teeth, she looked at Ayeka, disbelief expressed on her face.
"Never, Ryoko! I'll never give up!"
"Fine," Ryoko screamed, her energy sword appearing in her hand once again. "Have it your way, then!" She waited as Ayeka found the energy to stand, and the two faced off once again.
"Stop it!" The two combatants turned to see Tenchi running towards them. When he finally reached where they had been fighting, the look on his face caused them to drop their guard immediately.
"Lord… Tenchi," Ayeka stated weakly. She began to fall over, weakened by the battle, and Tenchi rushed forward to catch her. She rested in his arms, and her battle suit vanished, reverting back to her normal clothing.
"Ayeka," Ryoko exclaimed, stepping forward. "Are you alright?"
"Just stop it, Ryoko," Tenchi snapped, causing her to stop. She felt as if she had been smacked, and her heart began to ache.
"I don't want to hear it! I don't want any of your excuses," he interrupting bitingly. "First, you cause trouble by taking Sasami, and now you're causing trouble by starting fights! When will it stop? I'm tired of it!"
Ryoko blinked back the tears that began to form in her eyes against her will. "I didn't start the fight, Tenchi," she exclaimed, one hand flying to her chest while the other gestured in the air. "It was Ayeka, who started it!"
"I don't believe you." The look Tenchi gave Ryoko was enough to send the tears she held back streaming down her face.
"That's not fair, Tenchi," Sasami exclaimed, pulling away from Azaka. "It was Ayeka who started the fight! She was mad because I went off with Ryoko."
"Then why is it that Ayeka can't even stand on her own," he demanded. He looked down as he felt a hand against his chest, and saw Ayeka staring up at him.
"It's because I used too much energy to fight Ryoko, Lord Tenchi," she stated weakly. "I started the fight, and it's because…" A sob caught in her throat, and tears began to slide down her face. "It's all because… I-" Her sentence trailed as she began to cry, and Tenchi's throat tighten. Swallowing hard, he looked up…
And Ryoko was gone.
"Ryoko," Sasami exclaimed, looking around for her. "Ryoko, where are you!" Her voice carried in the wind, however Ryoko did not return. Sasami turned an accusing glare on Tenchi, and he lowered his head slightly.
"Sasami, everything will be alright," Tenchi stated, grunting slightly as he helped Ayeka stand up. "Ryoko will come back, and I'll-"
"I hate you," Sasami screamed, cutting him off. "And I hate you, Ayeka! I hate you both!" She spun on her heel, and ran towards the house, blue streamers of hair trailing behind her.
"Sasami, wait," Ayeka exclaimed, fresh tears beginning to fall down her cheeks as she watched her sister run. "Wait!"
Tenchi sighed, running a hand through his short, dark hair. "I shouldn't have said all those terrible things," he stated, his guilt coming over him. "Azaka, Kamidake." The two wooden guardians appeared, and Tenchi turned towards them. "Take Lady Ayeka into the house."
"Of course, Lord Tenchi," they exclaimed, as a bubble surrounded Ayeka.
"Come along, Princess Ayeka," Azaka spoke, his blue gem flashing. "You need to rest."
Tenchi watched as they carried Ayeka away, and then he turned towards Sasami's two guardians. "I'd better go and find Ryoko," he stated. "Please, go and find Sasami, and comfort her." Shaking his head, Tenchi began to walk towards the forest.
"It's getting late, Lord Tenchi," Azaka spoke. "Perhaps you should wait until daybreak."
"I owe it to Sasami to find Ryoko," Tenchi replied, turning back slightly, as he continued walking. "Don't worry about me."
"Princess Sasami was lonely." Tenchi stopped, and turned towards Kamidake, who had spoken. "That is the reason Lady Ryoko took her away on an impulse. Princess Sasami needed someone to be there for her, for a change, and Lady Ryoko was there to comfort her." Tenchi watched as the two guardians walked away, and buried his hands in his pockets.
"What have I done," he groaned, beginning to go towards the forest once again. "I'm sorry, you two. I'm sorry." As he disappeared into the forest, high above him, a star seemed to streak across the sky.
To Be Continued . . .