Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ My Brother's Keeper ❯ Food and other problems ( Chapter 4 )

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My Brother's Keeper- Part 4

Konichiwa minna-san! Here's the 4th part to the story. With Fanfiction.net being down all the time and the fact I haven't been able to get into my account on fanfiction, I haven't been able to post in a while. Same rules as always apply to flashbacks and thoughts with the exception that Mel's thoughts are /pppp/, okay? Oh, and here is a question for you, does Mel think? I mean I know she has AI and all, but can she really and truly think, hope, wish, and love? This is a personal opinion question… in my mind she can, but I want to know what you think, there is no reason to flame me for it. Ya can email me with your answers or put them in your reviews. On with the chapter. Oh and I uploaded ch.3 twice didn't I. Opps. I'll fix it ASAP.

Gene stood in Jim's doorway. He had been talking in his sleep. ~ And yet I wonder if he meant what he said.~ he sighed and was about to turn away when he heard him whimper a bit. He turned back around and walked over to the bed. Jim whimpered again, and Gene reached over and hugged him. Whatever it was that was bothering him stopped, and he fell into a deep sleep. Gene stayed there for a moment, just thinking. ~ Things can get better, they have to… I don't know what I'd do if they don't. We can work this out. We're brothers. ~ Over and over again.

Jim opened his eyes to find Gene fast asleep, sitting next to the bed his head resting on the side of it. He was a bit surprised. * He stayed… even when I asked him to leave he stayed… maybe I'm being the cold one now. Maybe its time we pulled past this. *

Gene woke up. Jim was lying on his bed, his hands underneath his head, staring up at the ceiling. Jim realized that Gene was up and sat up in bed.

" Jim, I know you asked me to leave you alone, but I can't do that. You're my brother, and even if it took me this long to realize that it doesn't change that fact. We need to pull past what happened, and move on, as a family." Gene said in one deep breath. Jim looked at him for a moment.

"I know, Aniki I know." Jim sighed. Gene was a bit surprised to hear him call him that again, he hadn't for the past three months and it was reassuring.

" Ya want some coffee?" Gene asked.

" Yeah, sounds good, " he replied. Gene made some coffee while Jim got some cups and cleared off the table.

" Oh, Jeez, you were supposed to call Mel today, weren't you? It's almost 3:00…" Jim started to say, but Gene cut him off.

" I think she'll understand." Gene said and put the two cups of coffee on the table. They sat down and talked for the first time in three months.

About an hour later the phone rang. Gene got up and answered it.

" Hmmm mmm. Yeah I know… I couldn't, sorry. No actually… yeah, it did… hmmm mmm. Yeah you to. Bye," was all Jim heard of the conversation.

" Who was it?" Jim asked, curious.

" Mel, she had something to do today and couldn't come over today. " Gene replied. He sat back down, and the conversations they had resumed.

Even three hours later they were still just talking and hanging out. Jim finally noticed the time and they finally got things together and made some diner. Mel walked in about an hour later, crept silently to the kitchen to find Gene and Jim trying to make diner, she looked in the garbage and realized that this wasn't their first attempt. She let out a laugh that gave her away, scaring the hell out of the two boys. Gene jumped a mile high and Jim slipped on the wet floor, clutching his chest like a girl. / I guess they made up. Good, I was getting sick of the silence. / She laughed again and helped Jim up. She walked over to the stove, now covered in a thick brown crust, set some of the cleaner of the pots on it and made something more edible then what they had been trying to do. She set it on the table along with some plates and silverware. Both boys watched in a stunned silence. Jim blushed and threw a glance at Gene, and he returned it.

" Well, are you hungry or are you just going to stand there," she said, still laughing on the inside at their shock.

" Hungry" Gene mumbled as he sat down at the table.

" Starved," said Jim as he too sat down.

Things had defiantly returned to normal in the Starwind and Hawking household, and would hopefully stay that way…but we are talking about the crew of the Outlaw Star, and things are never to be predicted with them.


Yep, that's the end folks. Hope you liked it. I might not get a chance to post for a while because of school, but I'll try. Until next time, Shadow Spinner says Ja ne!