Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Outlaw star II ❯ the big day ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
chapter 12 the big day

oh god.. the days come.... jim i cant do this. what oh come on your just gettin the wedding jitters. i cant breath! GENE your hypervenalting whats that mean!? (sigh) just take a deep breath and then breath out come on you can do this. ok got it ready. did you forget your vows. no. ok good your all set. your lucky you have me as your best man. thanks jim. ok . gene look out the door. WOW everyone i know from sentinal is here. dont puke gene. well theres fred. you think hes jealouse? hahahaha nah i hear hes engaged with the strongest woman in the universe. he relized we didnt like him like he thought we did. hahaha. nows your cue gene get up there. (ok here it comes the big day. gulp i hope i dont throw up.) (the wedding music begins to play) (wow
ive never seen melfina like this) gene reached the alter where melfina was waiting. after the vows and the I dos mel and gene kissed for 5 minuits. hey uh gene you can stop now jim said while tapping on his shoulder. oh yeah heh sorry. after melfia and gene danced melfina went to susuka and aisha to talk. so gene whats it like to be married. doesnt feel much different jim. fred paied for your honey moon. oh crap what did he pick? terani hot springs. bad memorys there hahaha. yeah you saw aisha naked. yeah and i almost died trying to get that footage for my caster shells. hahahhaha. gene and mel flew away on the outlaw star. well there goes gene and mel....said jim dissapointly. heill be back in a week i guess. why are you so dissapointed jim? asked leon. because....i gotta do all the work. oh come on me and sheena will help. ok thanks.

well gene were married now huh. yeah feels weird huh? yes it does mel agreed. these hot springs are relaxing. (melfina began to snuggle gene) (gene began kissing melfina)

back at jim and hawking.... hi jim said sheena. oh hi sheena. um leon gave me your present to me today. oh (jim began to blush) he did? yeah thanks for them they smell really nice. well i grew them myself. really you can grow flowers? yeah (jim and sheena began to talk for hours)