Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Outlaw star II ❯ the rescue ( Chapter 14 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
chapter 14 the rescue

heheh genes dead and the outlaw star is mine. dont count on it. GENE!? thats right mcdoogle. HOWED YOU SURVIVE! lets just say i can hold my breath for a long time. then gene shot the mcdoogle and sent him into space. ok now.... brother i got her!
hey your not my brother no hes....busy. rrrrrrrrr well i got your melfina here with me. what leon should have killed you. but he didnt did he gene? (melfina started to yell for help in the background) you bastard where is she!? right here with me on my ship. heh so that means your leaving sentinal. dont worry melfina im on my way! hmmmm i think ill have my way with her. HARRY YOU BASTARD Get AWAY FROM MY WIFE! bye gene hahahah!

DAMN HIM! well i cant fly the outlaw star so ill take it with me. hmmm guess i gotta fly the eldorado. hmmm i dont see him wait a sec. his ship? crap hes got it to look like a tugboat. dont worry mel just hold on a little longer. gene made the eldorado crash into harrys ship. what the hell was that. count yourself lucky melfina. ill be right back. gene busted through the door of harrys ship. Melfina where are you!? hi gene. hehe . harry give me back melfina. no! shes mine. gene punched harry in the face. OW! damn you! harry tried to hit gene in the gut but gene doged and kicked harry out of the ship. happy drifting!. then gene closed the ships door and went to find melfina. mel where are you!? gene im in here. with that gene smashed the door in. melfina did he do anything to you!? no but if you didnt come when you did he would have thank you melfina began to kiss gene. dont mention lets get these ships to sentinel. ok gene.