Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Outlaw ❯ One-Shot

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I am an outlaw. I'm not the kind that does anything for cash, I have a conscience and he doesn't let me forget it. I work alone and always have. Well I haven't always but I would prefer to forget the time. (Shiver) Let's just say it was a bad experience. I am writing a log for just out of boredom and for the sake of if I die and someone finds this. Witch is unlikely but hey I ride on luck most of the time. This is basically my heroic life. Well you judge it if you don't believe it. My day consists of me waking up and eating, showering, changing clothes and checking messages. If there aren't any I go back to sleep. I live in my ship it is called `Starchild' but she is high maintenance, so I have a lot to do to keep her in shape. Even though she is the best money can buy all ships need work every once in a while. It is a big ship in the sense that I am the only person in it. It has space for five more people so I can take passengers if need be. Some missions call for that kind of thing so I like to have the room. I may be just an outlaw but I pack some serious heat. I have a few swords and knifes for close in battles but I have plenty of guns and enough ammo for them to be firing for days. My main arsenal consists of my favorite sword, a couple knives, two pistols under the arms, an assault rifle on my back and my two light shields on my hands. Handy things those light shields. Mine are the best compact ones. I have a nice helmet with enough sensors to outclass some ships. One thing I have grabbed on my travels. I have a protective, snazzy green; vest with a short red cape with a hood. I have a nickname too. Just call me `Star cruiser' Ryan is my name though. I don't have a last name. So don't ask. I have been on my own a lot don't even know my parents. I usually stay at Sentinel 5 as a nice place to stay. I have a nice apartment there above a bar I sometimes work at when times are tough. I actually was heading there now.

"Life is boring." I said to myself.

"You said that three minutes ago." My ship told me back.

"It was then and it is now Mel." I replied. I have gotten used to how my computer acts. The only thing I wish is that she had an actual body.

"So how close are we?" I ask.

"We are in the air space." She replied.

"Great chose a dock and let's get in." I said.

"I'm sorry but all docks are filled." She replied regretfully.

"How? There are over two hundred docks?" I asked.

"There are over two hundred ships." She replied with some humor.

"Forget I even asked." I said.

"There is another ship approaching. From the left. It seems to be a grappler ship. It is hailing us." She said.

"Well bring them up." I said. I sat up in my chair.

"Hello Ryan. How is it going?" Jean asked me.

"Jean? Man where have you been? It has been boring around here with out you stirring up trouble." I said.

"Yeah it's me. I have been around the southern area. How about you? I heard you made a name for yourself." He said smiling.

"Yep I'm called `Star Hopper' Ryan. I have been doing some local things and I finished one. So I am going home. What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"Checking up and settling back in. So what's the hold up?" He asked me.

"I asked Mel that and I got that there is a ship in each dock. I see your ship is holding up well." I commented.

"Yeah. Hold up a second. What is it Jim? What? What do you mean? Hey wait a second…" He said trying to do something.

"Hey Ryan what's up? I see you are well." He said still fighting Jean.

"Hey Jim. Seems like you are holding Jim down again Huh?" I said.

"Yeah if it wasn't for me he would be in pieces back at Blue Haven." He said. I shook my head.

"So do you guys need a place to stay? My house has plenty of room." I offered.

"Well we have some additions to our team." Jean said.

"Yeah I heard. But it sill has enough room. Only as long as some shares a bed." I said.

"That's no problem." He said. "Well once some docks open up we will meet you at your place." He said.

"See ya." I said.

"Farwell." He said waving.

"I see he hasn't changed." Mel said.

"Yep. Good thing too. Means more work for me." I said.

Two docks opened up and I got a spot and so did Jean. I left Mel in the dock for some repairs then to be shipped to a landing area. That way I wasn't in the way of the docks. I left for home. I had a mini version of Mel at home. A link to her main computer on the ship. More of a back up then anything else, but I get lonely at home so I talk to her a lot. I got home and waved to the bartender. I got up stairs to see Jim waiting at the door.

"Where is every one else?" I asked Jim. Jim looked ticked off.

"Jean went with the women to check out a few things." He said annoyed. "Well I will let you in and you can pig out on my fridge. I will set something up for them." I opened the door and went back down stairs. I talked to the bartender and a few friends. I went back upstairs to see Jim acting his age of thirteen by watching TV and eating ice cream. He was like my little brother. He was only six years younger than I am. I sat down and turned on my computer. Mel walked over. Or really treaded in. She was in a small robot with treads and small wheels.

"It took you long enough." She told me.

"Hold your horses." I said. I relaxed and checked messages there were none. I already knew that. Slow week. I looked over and saw Jim eating food. I heard a crash.

"Jean is here." I said to Jim. I walked down stairs to see Jean against the wall.

"Hey Jean what's up? It's okay guys I know this pain in the butt." I called out to the bars inhabitants.

"Told you." Jean said shrugging them off.

"You know I had no problem with you guys knocking some sense into him though." I said and walked upstairs. I opened the door and Jean followed me in.

"You could have told them I was coming." Jean said.

"Actually I did. I told them to hold you up." I said over my shoulder.

"Hey Jean what took you?" Jim said grinning.

"You set me up?" He said surprised.

"Call it payback for not coming yourself." I said. "Beer?" I asked him.

"Why I ought to! Sure." He said. He took a step forward and stopped.

"I should warn you though the teammates I have are a bit out of the ordinary." Jean said.

"Aisha Klan-Klan and Starlight Susuka right?" I asked.

"You did a back up check on me right?" He asked.

"No your team. I already know too much about you. But I have an updated version of your police report." I said but in truth I had the largest database on all outlaws. I tossed him a beer. He sat down on the couch.

"What no ice cream for me?" He said.

"What no beer for me?" Jim countered.

"I give." Jean replied.

"So where is the rest of Jean's company?" I asked.

"Well Susuka said she had errands. Aisha said something about checking up on her family and Melfina is shopping." Jean said.

"I thought you said we should stay near her at all times." Jim said.

"Well you don't watch a girl when she is buying under wear." He countered at Jim's throat.

"You bypassed a chance to see her in her underwear?" Jim said laughing.

"Well actually I was told to beat it in a kind way." He said rubbing the side of his face.

"I can guess what happened." I said. I sat down with a soda and relaxed. I heard a knock. I got up and opened the door. I saw two women and a katarl-katarl standing there.

"Yes?" I said.

"Is Jean here?" The short one with black hair asked.

"Yeah. He is on the couch." I said opening the door all the way. They walked in and went to different parts of the room. I closed the door and sat back on my chair. I saw Susuka look around and analyzed my house. I saw the short one with black hair, sit down next to Jean and lean against him. The one I was guessing named Aysha sit next to Jim.

"You had ice cream?" Aysha asked.

"Yeah Ryan let me in and gave me ice cream," Jim said happily. He rested his head against the back of the couch. I could see that they were tired.

"Well there are three extra rooms. So you can stack them out. But two of you will have to sleep together. The rest of you can do what you want. The one with the red tape on it is my room so don't use that one but the rest are free." I said. Susuka got up and walked down the hall. I heard a door open and shut.

"Is she always that quiet?" I asked.

"Yeah but she opens up once she knows you. But even then she still is quiet," Jean said. I got up and turned off my computer and left for my room. I was bushed. Catching the guy I needed to catch was tougher than I thought it was going to be but it had been worth it. I opened my door and took off my t-shirt and fell on my bed and went to sleep. I woke up to see Mel opening my door.

"I'm up don't worry." I said to her.

"Well lazy bones move it. I got breakfast done and it's getting cold," she said. She pointed a mechanical finger at me.

"Move it buster!" she said to me.

"I'm going, slave driver." I said to her as I went passed but not before I grabbed a shirt. I sat down at my table and ate my breakfast of pancakes and toast. I lay there for a second and thought. I shook my head and got up. I left in search of my newspaper. I opened my door to see the bartender coming up with my paper in his hands.

"Looks like that guy you caught got away from them." He said reading the headlines.

"Not my problem unless someone hires me to catch him." I said taking the paper from his outstretched hand. "I will see you tonight Bill." I said closing the door. I sat in my chair and read the paper. I heard a door open up and saw Jim come out of his room. He yawned and almost hit the wall.

"Whoa. Forgot I'm not on the ship anymore." Jim said as he turned to the kitchen.

"If it took you that long I think Jean is going to get a bruise from the wall." I said. As if on cue Jean walked into the wall of his room. I heard a curse, loud crash and another curse.

"I think he's up. Hope he didn't break anything valuable." I said worried.

"Knowing him, it was worth a fortune." Jim said shaking his head. Out came Jean with a bump on his head and a cut on his hand.

"Ouch is all I'm going to say." He said.

"What did you break?" I asked him.

"My back." Was his response. He scrounged in the fridge and came back with a glass of juice and some bread with butter, bacon and eggs. I continued reading when I heard some rustling of sheets then the girl with black hair came out of Jean's room.

"Good morning Melphina." Jim said. I waved and she smiled.

"Good morning Jim." She said. She set herself to cooking some breakfast for herself. I was amazed at her. She had proficiency up the Yin-yang. Cyborg navigator huh? Man was Jean ever lucky. Actually he seemed to live on luck. She came over a little while later and put down a plate of healthy food in front of Jean. Jim was given some toast with Jam and she didn't eat anything more than an egg. I looked at Jean he ate the healthy food diligently. He didn't look like he enjoyed it though. I heard another door open to see Aisha come out like a sleepy kitty. She dragged herself out and opened my refrigerator. I watched as she raided my fridge grabbing all the seafood I had. She then put it all in a pot and added water. It started to boil as gave off a horrible stench.

"I'll be right back," I said paling a little. Jim and Jean had already held their noses shut and were looking the opposite way from Aisha. I made my way to my computer and emailed a friend.

`You decent?' I typed.

`Shirt,' I got back. I rolled my eyes.

`I need you to get over here. I need your help with some guests of mine,' I typed.

`I told you before I ain't sleeping with you,' I got back.

`Don't flatter your self,' I typed smiling.

`What you want me to do oh master?' I read.

`Just get dressed in something decent and get over here pronto,' I typed.

`Shirt and underwear?' I read.

`Add pants nimrod,' I typed rolling my eyes again.

`Sorry for being a free spirit, not many see me out of my house. But I make an exception for you,' I read.

`Well then get your butt moving and get over here,' I typed.

`On my way,' I read. I smiled and checked my mail.

"No jobs. Man it is slow around here," I commented stretching and walking to my door.

"Three. Two. One," I said opening the door. A girl about Jim's age walked in with shorts and a tight t-shirt that didn't leave much to the imagination.

"What you need me for?" she asked staring right at me.

"I thought I told you to wear something decent," I said closing the door to shocked faces in the apartment.

"This is decent," she countered gesturing to her clothes. I rolled my eyes and sat down on the couch.

"Listen. Jean over here needs some relaxation time and I want to get some bounty hunters off my back. Think you can handle that?" I asked the girl as she pulled out two computers and started typing really fast.

"Money," she said glancing at the group. Susuka was up now and acting her normal quiet self.

"Give me a break. Get it done and I'll pay you," I told her firmly.

"Ryan please explain something to me," Jean said looking at the young beauty sitting on the recliner.

"Think of her as my version of Jim," I replied glaring at her.

"I save his butt almost every mission," she commented ignoring my glare.

"Well who is she?" Jim asked looking at her computers.

"Everyone meet Jackie. Jim let me put it this way. She is a hacker that hires herself out as that but most of the time she works for me and gets me out of more sticky situations than I can count," I said as Jackie typed on her computers.

"Four hundred thirty two times I have saved you," Jackie said grinning.

"She also has a sarcastic wit and no decency," I said sighing.

"I can see the no decency part," Aisha said eating her seafood. Jim was watching her computers with a lot of interest.

"Jim you stare any harder and you'll light the computer on fire," I said to him. He didn't hear me because he kept staring.

"Encryption codes with backdoors, firewalls and the microprocessor speed of a jet. Not bad," Jim said watching the screen. My jaw dropped, as did Jean's.

"You an read the speedy typing she does on that thing?" I asked blinking in surprise.

"Yeah it isn't hard for someone who does the same thing," Jim said looking up. I held up my hands in surrender and leaned back on the couch.

`This is going to be a long day,' I thought staring at the ceiling.

"Jackie is finished," Jackie said hitting the enter key.

"That means?" Jean asked.

"No more bad bounty hunters," she said smiling. I rolled my eyes at her childlike attitude and fished in my pocket for some money.

"I'm going to hang here for a while. My home base is not a safe place at the moment," Jackie said sitting down on top of my chest.

"Do you mind?" I asked a little annoyed.

"Not at all," she said smiling sweetly. I rolled my eyes and sighed giving up.

"You can take the couch. I am not letting you sleep in my room again. Last time I had to buy new blankets because of the small fire in my room," I said staring intently at her.

"My computer overloaded," she replied shrugging. I muttered something about 'I'll show you overloaded'.

"Jim how about you show Jackie your skills. I'm sure that would be interesting," Susuka said actually taking an interest. Jim laughed nervously and shook his head.

"No I think I'm fine as it is," Jim said backing up. Jackie stood in front of him and dragged him to the table where she handed him one of her computers and started typing on the other one.

"Try and see if you can hack into my computer," she said grinning. Jim put on some goggles and started typing on the computer.

"My money is on Jackie," I said watching the two.

"Ten wulongs says Jim beats her," Jean said tossing ten wulongs on the table. I placed ten more down watching the two type very quickly. I glanced at the clock and got up.

"Well I need to check on a friend. I'll be back later," I said walking out the door. I closed it and waved to the bartender as I walked out the bar door. I walked down the street looking at the scenery around me. I nodded to a few people as I turned the corner to an alley. I walked part way down and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" a cheery voice asked.

"It's Ryan," I responded looking around the alley.

"Oh one minute," the voice said, as locks were undone. I stepped into the house as the door opened. I closed the door locking it again. I turned around and a girl glomped me.

"Yeah nice to see you too," I said from the ground. The girl on top of me kissed me again and nuzzled against me some more.

"I missed you Rya," she said.

"I thought I told you not to call me that name," I said trying to pull off the katarl-katarl.

"But I like that name," she said squeezing me some more. I sighed and looked her in the face.

"Could you let me up now?" I asked a little annoyed.

"Oh fine," she said standing up and hugging me again. She let go of me and walked into the kitchen and finished her lunch making.

"I brought some more cash and got rid of some of the bounty hunters after you," I said dropping a few hundred wulongs on the table. She nodded and spooned some soup in a bowl and handed it to me. She then got herself some and sat down next to me. I started eating as she did too.

"Ryan why do you still help me?" she asked looking into her soup.

"I owed your father my life and when I saw him last he told me to take care of his angel. That and you also saved my life as well. I always repay my debts," I told her smiling. She blushed and tried to get rid of that look. She finally had to look away to keep me from seeing the blush. I gave her a hug and stood up putting my bowl in the sink.

"Can't you stay longer?" she asked giving me a puppy dogface. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"I left Jackie at my apartment hacking with a friend of mine alone. I'm afraid of what she will do if she loses," I told her grinning.

"What is her attitude about that anyway?" she asked me giving me a hug from behind.

"Well I'll see you later Cristy," I said opening the door and walking outside. I closed the door and she locked and bolted the door. I walked out of the ally and went back to the bar. I walked in waving to the bartender. I was about to walk up the stairs when a bar fight started. I walked over to the scuffling two and stopped them both.

"Listen you two. You want to fight I have no problem with it but take it outside," I said throwing them down.

"Who are you to talk?" the big bruiser asked menacingly.

"My name is Ryan. But people call me Star Hopper Ryan," I told the guy. He paled looking at me.

"I…I didn't know you stayed at a place like this," he said backing up quickly.

"I protect this bar because I need to feed myself when times are slow so either take it outside or leave," I said to the two. They scrambled out of the bar. I waved to the bartender again and walked up the stairs. I knocked on my door and Jackie opened it.

"So who won?" I asked. She glared at me and walked off.

"Congratulations Jim," I said patting him on the back.

"My fingers are killing me," he moaned putting them in some cold water. I laughed at this and sat down.

"It was a close one Ryan," Jean said sipping a beer.

"How close?" I asked.

"Jim almost lost because he didn't know the code but he found a back way in," Aisha said patting him on the back.

"Thanks Aisha," Jim said grinning at her.

"No problem Jim," Aisha said putting some more ice in the bowl of water. Jackie came back in and sat down on me. She smiled at everyone except me.

"You could have told me he hacked into so many systems and I wouldn't have gone easy on him," Jackie said punching my shoulder.

"Why don't you ask next time?" I told her rubbing my now bruised shoulder.