Peace Maker Kurogane Fan Fiction ❯ A Little Cherry on Top ❯ a little cherry on top ( Chapter 1 )

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I sat on the stool in front of the well in the bath area. We had arrived at the barracks after the night's event and the rain is still pouring. *That kid really surprised me though, but I think it isn't worth my time thinking of him. He will back off eventually, for sure, after what happen just now. Innocence really didn't bode well with blood. **It reminded me of my lifetime regret. Shit, I hate thinking of pointless things!
Stripping the yukata to my waist, I start to clean myself. The water splashed against my skin, washing away the blood, sweat and dirt from it. It feels so refreshing. A cool bath after the night's killing; I'll have a good night sleep today… I guess.
“Hi-ji-ka-ta-san!!!” I heard his voice from behind me. I just closed my eyes.
“Souji… the water is cold. It's not good for you”
“Mou… it's okay. I won't get wet…”and I felt something soft and moist brushing my back. A washcloth.
“Souji, you don't have to. I'm completely capable of bathing myself. It's cold now. You should get a rest.”
“but. I don't want to. I want to bathe you” a soft sobbing pleading voice. I can simply imagine the big teary puppy eyes he made behind me. I sigh.
“but, Souji. You're..”
“but, Toshi…” he butt in, with that `don't-you-love-me-anymore' intonation. I sigh in defeat. This is bad. He knows all my weaknesses.
“Fine, but make it quick”
“Yay!” he cheered and hugs me from my back. I lost my balance from the stool and fell on his lap. I turn around, afraid if I might crush him, but I faced with a laughing Souji instead.
“My, my, you're getting heavier, Toshi.” He laughs, still clinging to my neck.
“And you stained your clothes,” I grunt in reply before quickly getting up. He looked down to his blood stain clothes and smile cheerfully, placing his finger on his lips. “Well, that means that I have to take a bath… with you!”
Sneaky Souji, very sneaky. I should have known.
I left the bathing area, to find somebody, anybody for the matter of fact. And I am lucky I spot somebody not far away from that area.
“You! Come here!”
That poor guy hurried coming to me, wearing a blank expression on his face. Maybe he was thinking what he had done wrong.
“Bring me 2 buckets of hot water, now! I want it as soon as possible!” I command him.
“Hai!” he stuttered and hurried to the kitchen. Well, he's kind of running, to be exact.
“ And bring it to the bath area!!” I shout before he gets too far.
“Hai.” He said before bowing and resumes his running. It makes me wonder, am I that scary? Hmm… it doesn't matter. Since Souji will be joining the bath, it's good to have hot waters on the way.
To Be Continued…….. jeng,jeng,jeng…
* That kid - Ichimura Tetsunosuke
** Hijikata's regrets - Giving Souji a sword when he just 9 years old. He really, really regrets it. But I still wonder, what are the reasons Souji took the sword? Anybody who knows, please tell me.
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