Petite Princess Yucie Fan Fiction ❯ My Life As A Princess ❯ prolouge ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


The clock had finally chimed twelve and Yucie stopped her pacing for a moment as she heard the familiar footsteps of her dad as he walk up the steps to her bedroom. Every day at precisely twelve Arc would come by and take her away on another adventure. Last times had been especially pleasant as it was to the coast which he had used a bit of magic to get her there and back at home on time. Fathers orders.

At first he was hesitant to let me go anywhere with Arc but now it seems that he=s lightened up a lot.

She smiled at her dad=s protectiveness and even at his habit of always fighting with Arc over her protection though she always came back safe and sound. Plus they hadn=t done anything dangerous since the dragon hunt with Glenda and her friend, what was his nameY Yuki? Ah well it didn=t really matter, she was just happy that Glenda had finally found someone to keep her wild nature down to at least a non-hurtful one. She sighed at her thoughts of the last time she had seen Glenda and Yuki. Glenda had begun to grow and was almost a foot taller than her self.

After their platinum princess run all five girls had begun to grow and even get much more mature and fuller bodies, but Yucie was still looking like that of a thirteen year old. True she looked more feminine than her ten year old self but she still was hoping for a slightly better and faster process of growth. After all she was eighteen now but she still was very young. Too young for her comfort. Everyone around her was always telling her that she should enjoy the pleasures of childhood a bit more for when she finally did take on responsibility and looks of an adult she would miss it sorely. However she felt a different way, she didn=t want to enjoy the pleasures of childhood, she wanted to enjoy the pleasures of adulthood. An adult who could be useful and pleasing to Arc, that and the fact that he could happily show her off instead of always wanting to hide her away from the world because people>s first impressions of them being together was always scandalous.

She shook her head not wanting to remember any of the unpleasant details that came with hanging out with an >older looking= guy and society. Besides Arc didn=t seem to care much about it anyways and if he didn=t than why should she care what others thought. The man she loved, loved her back even in this small body, though she could never do anything with him but cuddleY another subject she shook from her mind.

As her father paused at the door she couldn=t help but try and pick up on his thoughts, he was probable thinking that perhaps if he didn=t knock and tell her that Arc was waiting down stairs than perhaps he could have her stay for the day. She sighed again and looked in her silver mirror one last time to make sure she was presentable. She was wearing her favorite pink blouse and white fluttery skirt that swayed with ever step. She did a twirl to make sure and slipped on her black boots than without thinking or waiting any longer for him to open the door, she did it and as she did, she managed to kiss him goodbye and rush down the stairs to where her prince was waiting.

Her princeY her mind felt all tingly as she thought this and happily smile as he looked up from where he was sitting on his beautiful black stallion, Kotare. She remembered her first ride on the beautiful stallion and even better she remembered her arms wrapped around Arc=s waist as they rode across the beach near the sunset. He had told her that he had loved her then and the same blush came creeping up her neck to her checks at that moment, came to her again.

AWell, I know I look good if I can make you blush that red at merely seeing me.@ he smiled at her making her smile fad away and rather quickly too.

His voice came out smooth and quick making her flush receded and her anger to burn. He always had to go and ruin the moment didn=t he. Though it was true he did look good in the light blue shirt with the silver trim and as always he wore the tan cape so no one would try and stop them for anything that might require a princes help.

AHow do you know that I am not admiring the landscape or how beautiful Kotare look=s today, hymn?@ she poked at him.

He looked at her with a hurtful face that he knew always got to her and she sighed, he was just to cute for her to handle. Though the face was as low move, Yucie had many times given it to him when ever there was something that she wanted to do.

“right well lets be going now, I don’t want to be late…” he said pulling her up onto the horse easily.

He had placed her in front of him so it was easier for him to do what he was going to do next. One moment she was looking up at his blue eyes that seemed to be shining with mischief and the next all she saw was his chin.

“Arc, don’t.“ she said trying to delay the kiss but he wouldn’t have it.

He placed his lips on her forehead and she sighed remembering that she had wanted bangs for this reason, but secretly she enjoyed the attention. Besides she was so use to it now. He would always do it at the strangest of times or whenever she got close enough for him to reach her. She smiled and she leaned down onto his chest and he parted their beings.

“Hymn, got’cha.“ he said happily.

She pretended to be exasperated as they rode off into the distance valleys below. Her heart was racing as they went. Whenever she was this close to him her heart would always be beating like this and she could never think right around him, all she could do was lay back into the comfort that was always surrounding him. He brought her peace when she needed it the most and she loved him for it.