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Goddesses of a Different Kind
A Candidate for Goddess Story
Becca Cooke
I own only of which my mind can create on it's own terms.
Goddesses of a Different Kind
**** Normal P.O.V.****
The five Goddesses were the first to arrive at the asteroid field. Ernest was the first to spot RM and Eva, floating back to back in the center of the field.
“They are down there,” Ernest said as he pointed at RM and Eva.
RM and Eva were back to back in the center of the battlefield. RM was looking right at the five Goddesses while Eva on the other hand was watching the Giseisha approach. A light blue Ingrid hovered above the asteroid field. She watched as the eight Gundams approached the battlefield.
“RM there's someone coming. It's another Ingrid.” Eva said to RM.
“Good. Reinforcements are here.” RM smirked never letting her gaze wander from the other Goddesses.
“You mean Zela is back from…” Eva trailed off as she watched the Giseisha stop.
“Zela. Where ever you are we have no allies now.” RM said to on one.
“I knew that. I got that impression from a friend. Besides, Eva wouldn't be glaring her eyes out at the Giseisha if we were still allies.” A link popped up of the shaded person on both RM and Eva's screens.
“Good. You know the Giseisha the best so you should be the first to attack them. Chi! You attack the Gundams. And Rena if you're out there attack the fourth Goddess.” RM ordered. Two more links popped up. One was Chi and the other was Rena. Rena had dark red hair that went down to her butt. Her eyes were a piercing Green and she had a smirk on her face.
“K. Just a warning or full out?” Chi asked RM.
“Full out on the Gundams but just a warning on the Goddesses. They are after all one of us.” RM said with a smirk.
“What about the Giseisha?” Zela asked.
“You can do what ever you want to them they are now our full on enemies. No one kills fifteen of our units and gets away with it. Especially not now.” RM said as her voice lowered dangerously.
“Was she one of the fifteen?” Zela asked.
“Yeah…” Rena quickly answered before RM could yell at her.
“Oh. That's why… I shall avenge her death!” Zela bowed slightly then her link was cut.
“Alright” Rena and Chi said at the same time. The two links were cut and everyone prepared for battle. After a few seconds, there was a large explosion from one of the Gundams. One of the Gundams was missing a head and half of its leg. Almost at the same time a large hole was blasted through the Giseisha and a light blue Ingrid was floating with a large cannon perched on it's shoulder.
Suddenly the Fourth Goddess of the Five Goddesses was hauled backwards and was unable to move. He tried to break free but was unable to move.
“What's wrong with Rio?” Gar yelled.
“I-I-I I can't move!” He whispered back.
“Of course you can't.” A voice said. “You might want to stop squirming because that last time I did this I pulled it's arm off. It was really weird.” Rio continued to try and break free.
“Who are you?” Ernest said.
“Just call me Rena. Master Escape Artist.” The Voice said.
“You're that stray Person who we caught sneaking into the base!” Gar yelled as he looked around frantically for the voice's source.
“Maybe… I did follow you all the way here. If you stop struggling MR. I might let you go!” Rena yelled at Rio. Rio continued to struggle. He wouldn't be caught dead surrendering to a girl!
“You asked for it MR. Pride is every thing!” She said as something started to crush Rio's Goddess.
“She's right behind him!” Ernest yelled to Yu. Yu charged at a space a few yards behind Rio and rammed something. Some how Rio was able to move again. He turned around and looked for his attacker.
“Damn it! How'd you do that!” She yelled as a blood red Ingrid appeared. It had green eyes and two hilts attached to its sides. The others all stared at her for a second. Teela suddenly gasped and stared wide-eyed at her. Rena just looked at them while trying to figure out how Ernest had found her.
“How did you do that? You couldn't do that a few days ago! I know you couldn't because I was following you then to! It was Tune wasn't it! Ou I'm gonna get her for that!” Rena yelled. She twitched slightly as she got a hard core glare from Ernest. “I WAS JUT KIDDING!” she shouted back. She covered her face with her hand; “I'm dead now.”
“How do you know her?” Ernest demanded. Rena flinched as she looked at him.
“Rena!” Rena looked behind the Goddesses and stared. RM came to a halt behind the Goddesses.
“What the” Gar said as he quickly turned around and stared at the new arrival. The Ingrid was dark green with dark blue here and there. It looked to be slightly taller then the first one. I had piercing red eyes and a strange looking thing attached to its back.
“I'm taking on the Rena… Alone.” Teela said. Rena smirked and took of the other way in a flash with Teela right on her heels.
“Oh shit… 4 v 1… nice odds,” RM said sarcastically as she looked at the four Goddesses in front of her. She laughed nervously then took off into the center of the asteroid field. RM looked behind her and saw the four goddesses split up. “Shit” she muttered before pulling the thing on her back off and transformed it into a large sniper gun.
**** Litana & Stacy****
“How much longer should it take?” Stacy asked Litana.
“About an hour or two. Why?” She replied as she worked on the final touches to the armor of Evin.
“Just kidding. Just give me a moment and I'll be done…” Litana said quickly as she finished off the repairs. “DONE!” she yelled to Stacy.
“Eva get your butt over here! We finished the Repairs!” Stacy shouted gladly to Eva. Suddenly Robin, Eva's Goddess appeared and a Red faced Alli came flying over to Evin. Evin's Cockpit door opened and Alli fell into it.
“I CAN BREATHE! YAY!” She shouted as she connected to Evin. Eva quickly sped over to the Gundams to help Chi out.
“Litana. Go help RM out with the Goddesses. Alli go help Eva and Chi fight the Gundams. I'll go help Zela with the Giseisha.” Stacy ordered and she looked at them. They all nodded and flew off over to the separate parts of battle.
Litana quickly found one of the Goddess. It was blue and it had a large gun. Litana giggled and tapped its shoulder. It quickly turned around and Litana established a link with it.
“Hello Mr. Can I interest you in a game of tag by any chance?” She asked innocently. The guy inside glared at her and fired a shot from his gun at her. Litana jumped a little to the left and dodged it. “Ops. You missed me,” Litana said quietly giggled. She quickly turned around and flew off with the Ingrid following closely behind her. Litana giggled as she cut the link just as he was about to say something. “RM I got one for ya!” She yelled at her commander.
RM looked up and saw Litana being followed by a second Ingrid. She Smirked as she aimed right infront of Litana and said, “Bring him right at me. I'll sucker punch him right in the head.” Litana quickly veered to the right leading Gar directly to RM.
“RM! He- He's speeding up! He's going to fast! Get out of the way!” Litana warned RM.
“What do you mean?” RM asked but before she got an answer Litana flew past RM and Gar went crashing into RM.
Gar and RM went hurdling into an asteroid, knocking the air out of both pilots. RM lay there for a moment trying to breathe. Before she knew it she was pinned aginst the asteroid by a smirking Gar.
“I wouldn't move if I were you” Litana said as she lined her sword along Gar's neck. Gar froze instantly as if he was waiting for something. Suddenly an arm snagged around Litana's waist and a new sword was placed at her throat.
“Return your sword” Yu said from behind Litana. Litana looked down at RM and saw her nod. Moving her sword away from Gar's neck, and she returned it to her side.
“Nice timing Yu” Gar said.
“Watch out!” Ernest yelled. The asteroid that RM and Gar were on shattered forcing all of them to be forced away and RM was forced into Gar. RM gasped then fell limp in Gar's arms. Gar looked at her then at the asteroid.
“HOW DARE YOU!” Litana yelled as she tried to break free from Yu's grip. “LET ME GO!” She yelled but Yu just tightened his grip on her. Gar and Yu looked behind them and saw a blue and red gundam with a sword in hand. The Gundam quickly turned around and stared at the Goddesses. Zela and Stacy quickly flew over to Gar, Yu, Litana, and the unconscious RM. They stared at the Gundam and froze.
“TODAY YOU DIE!” Zela shouted as she charged at the Gundam. It dodged Zela's attack and flew off with Zela in hot pursuit.
“WAIT! Argh! Too late…” Stacy sighed as she watched Zela chase after the Gundam. Stacy looked around the field and noticed Alli flying towards them.
“Houston we have a problem!” Alli yelled. “There's five Gundams left! Sorry to say but they're really good a dodging, and on top of that they have unusually think armor!”
“We're surrounded!” Rio yelled as he and Ernest flew over to the others.
“They're going to try and take us out all at once just like they did to the other couple hundred of us.” Stacy said. She looked around at the others and stopped on Alli. “What happened?” She asked her.
“Like I said… They're really good a dodging…” Alli said quietly. Her knee was rather worse for ware.
“Wait… You mean that there was a bunch of you. Dang…” Rio said.
“Well yes but they were Gundam Pilots. Trainees and Pilots. We were the last resorts but that's not important now. We must get to them before they get us. Sense Zela's on her own we had better get to the other four. It's gonna take all of us to take them on. If only Rena was here… Oh well. Where's Eva?” Stacy said as she looked around.
“I'm here… slowly but surely wins the race,” Eva said as she floated up. “They're waiting for they're last to get into position but I'm afraid it'll take a while.” She said with a smirk.
“Let me guess. You took out his back and in trade, he wrecked your shoulder again. They really like your shoulder don't they?” Chi said as she giggled quietly.
“I guess. We have a few minutes before we have to attack. In fact If we-“ Eva stopped when an explosion came from behind her.
“Sorry it took me so long. I just had to have a little fun with `im.” Chi said as she flew away from a Gundam that was in three pieces. Chi appeared infront of Yu, moved his sword away from Litana, and yanked Litana away from him. “Thank you very much. You alright?” Chi asked Litana.
“Yep. But still…” Litana said as she dashed behind Chi. “Save me!” She peeped as poked her head out from behind Chi's shoulder.
“Rena and Teela are returning right now… They should be here and a few moments. Until then, it's a free for all. Attack who ever ya want but leave Zela to fight that one. You don't want to see her angry.”
“What about her?” Gar asked as he motioned to RM who was still in his arms.
“Leave her here. Chi. You make sure nothing happens to her. You after all are the only one here who can't be seen.” Stacy said as she took off to fight the Gundams. Gar looked down at RM, let her go, and went off with the others. Chi sighed and engaged her invisibility program. She glared at Stacy's back then sighed and sat there waiting.
**** Gar & Eva****
“Get out of my way!” Eva shouted at Gar as she charged from behind Gar and locked Swords with the Gundam. She only had one arm she could use so she was having a little power struggle with the Gundam.
“Move it NOW!” Gar shouted as he fired at the Gundam. Eva quickly moved out of the way and looked at the Gundam.
“YOU MISSED YOU IDIOT!” She screamed at him.
“IF I MISSED THEN WHY DOSE HE HAVE ONE LESS ARM!” He shouted back at her. Eva looked over at the Gundam and sure enough, he only had one arm left.
“OH SHUT UP!” she retorted as she pulled a second sword from no where. She quickly came up behind the Gundam and sliced its other arm off with her sword. Gar and Eva soon started to fight over who was going to finish it off. After fighting for a few minutes the Gundam blew up on it's own.
Zela was having a hard time keeping her cool as the Gundam continued to dodge her attacks. She was about ready to blow him to pieces but RM had to be awake in order to do that. She looked over her shoulder and saw a red form heading her way. She sighed but she didn't realize she let her guard down. She gasped as she felt cold steel slice it's way through her skin and across her stomach. She tried to breathe but the pain was too hard to bare. Before she blacked out, she saw a white light and then the stars…
Rena looked down at Zela's Goddess and sighed.
`At least she won't die in there…' She thought as she looped Setha's arm around her neck and dragged her over towards RM.
“Chi. I'm gonna go and help Stacy. Stay here and Guard Trin and Setha. I don't want to have to repair RM any more then I have to.” Rena said as she flew over to Stacy's aid. After a few minutes, everyone returned to the center of the asteroid field and Chi reappeared.
“So how'd it go?” Chi asked everyone. Gar and Eva were glaring at each other and Litana was hiding behind Rena. Rena looked over at Chi. Chi sighed and grumbled something about gory nightmares. She flew over to Trin and sighed. She then took a big breath and disconnected with Denza. The cockpit door to Denza opened and Chi flew out. Trin's cockpit door opened and Chi stuck her head in the cockpit. Chi quickly pulled her head out and pushed off of Trin and back into Denza's cockpit. Both door closed and Chi re-connected to Denza.
“RM's bleeding pretty badly. She's unconscious and needs medical attention. I'll go and check on Zela's Condition.” Chi said as she floated over to Setha. After checking on Zela she flew back into Denza and re-connected.
“The Gash only went through her stomach muscle but she will die unless something is done pronto. Now excuse me while I try to clear bloody images from my head.” Chi said as she disappeared.
“Didn't the scanner cut out?” Teela asked Rena.
“No. When our Goddess is wounded, we are also affected. We are damaged the same exact way… well almost. I'm obsessed with going over people's limits…” Rena said with a faint smile. “I know it sounds kinda barbaric but it works.” She said as she nodded.
Stacy was floating there bandaging her arm up and was on her way to getting to a large gash on the side of her right leg. She looked around at everyone and sighed. `Maybe we shouldn't be here. I mean we are always getting into fights that we can barely win. The Gundams… the Giseisha… and we can't forget the other Goddesses… at least they don't know that we were their enemies. On the good side, Rena has some connections with Teela. But still… The others don't know that… Not even the other Pilots… Heck only Litana and Rena and my self know that. At least Rena knows them… even the Repairers. Yayness… *sigh* who am I kidding… We are the lost people of the first planet… well at least Rena, RM, Zela, and my self are… and Chi…Oh well…' Stacy thought as she finished dressing her wound.
“Obviously Teela hasn't been injured in battle or she would have had the same effects.” Litana said quietly as she floated over to Setha and examined the wounds. She started to drift off in her thoughts as everyone went silent.
“Hold on a sec. lets say you had your arm chopped off in battle. You would lose and arm, right?” Rio asked.
“No you would just have your arm skinned. But you would most likely die because of loss of blood. One way or another you would die. Infection, Loss of blood, the Goddess blowing up. Need I say more?” Rena said in a darker voice. She paused for a second. “Sorry some times my mouth runs away from me…” She said in her normal voice. “But that was why most of us were Gundam pilots. That way we might be able to bring back a damaged Gundam and actually have a living Pilot inside.”
“I thought that the Gundams were your enemies.” Yu said quietly.
“Well now they are. But it's only the Pilot that is your enemy. Not all people want to fight you know” Rena said as she looked over at Zela and RM. “If you will excuse me we must tend to RM and Zela's wounds.” Rena turned around and flew over to RM.
“You will come with us back to the base. You will be treated there.” Teela said as Rena turned around. The locked eyes for a moment.
“Fine” Rena said as she looped Trin's arm around her neck. She then placed her arm on Trin's back.
“We must hurry” Teela said. She turned and took off towards the base. Rena bowed her head and took off after her with Trin at her side. Litana was the first to move, and followed her big sister. The others looked at each other and took off after them. Alli stayed a second longer only to grab Zela. She then followed the others.
“How long do you think she'll be down?” Litana asked her sister as she caught up to her.
“I don't know Little Ana. Most likely only a week but she is a very quick healer.” She answered as she adjusted her arm so that it wasn't touching the damaged area on her back.
“Really? I thought she'd be up and about as soon as she woke up.” Litana said in deep thought.
“Nope. Because we're not going to let her.” Rena said with a smirk before picking up speed and catching up to Teela. Litana sighed and followed Rena until she came up to Teela's side.
****Stacy, Chi, Eva, and Alli****
“They know we're alive… There was someone watching us that weren't there…” Chi said as she appeared next to Stacy.
“Yeah I could sense it to. They seemed to appear after we took down that Giseisha.” Stacy said.
“I didn't sense anything,” Eva said. Chi and Stacy flinched slightly.
“Well ya know ya just get the feeling in your gut that you're being watched.” Chi quickly reacted. Chi and Stacy laughed nervously then sighed in relief.
“Whatever” Alli said.
“I still can't stop wondering how they managed to pin point Rena when she was invisible. I mean not many people have that ability. Only Chi and Litana can do that and that's only because Chi has the same ability and Litana is her little sister.” Eva said as she looked at Chi and Stacy.
“It was the fifth Goddess Luhma Klein piloted by Ernest Coure. That one found her. He's in charge of finding the target and operations. “Stacy said as she looked ahead of them at the other Goddesses.
“Sheesh he must be like Psychic or something to do that. Not just anyone can find Rena when she doesn't want to be found.” Alli thought out loud.
`You don't even know the half of it…' Stacy thought.
**** RM's P.O.V.****
I was lying on my back in the middle of a meadow. Fire was blazing around me but it never seemed to dare to come closer. The sky was blue with out a trace of smoke or cloud in sight. I sat up and looked around. There were no animals in the meadow but a large leafy tree stood proudly in the center of the meadow.
Suddenly the sky turned to night and the fire disappeared. The meadow disappeared soon after leaving me floating in space. I tried to say something and I knew I did because I could feel my throat vibrate. I just couldn't hear anything at all. Everything was silent.
I started to believe that I had lost my hearing but then I heard things at didn't make sense at first.
“She will die.”
“Who are we?”
“What's going on?”
“Look at me!”
My eyes widened into saucers as I heard the last one. I looked around and watched, as the stars became a dark red. One by one, they each exploded until they were all gone. I waited for what seemed to be like forever until I finally called out.
A light blue figure appeared in the form of a hawk with glowing green eyes. I stared at it for a while, I was really pretty, and all shinny and blue like. I couldn't move I could only stare.
The blue light started to turn dark red and like the stars, it to blew up. I closed my eyes as I flew backwards. I imagined my self in the field and opened my eyes. Light poured into my eyes and I quickly shut them.
****Zela's P.O.V.****
My mind flew past every major thing in my life. From the hospital to the lab to the dying boyfriend to the planet blowing up to RM.
Another image showed up, It was Setha and the others. Denza Goddess of the Waters, Luna Goddess of Darkness, Trin Goddess of Life, Sola Goddess of Wind, Evin Goddess of Nature and all things Pure, Tymoko goddess or the Burning flame, Robin Goddess of Light, and my Goddess Setha Goddess of ice.
We were all standing side by side and determined to win. But there were two others who you could only see the shadows of. Reicu and Rachel were their names. Rachel was one of the top pilots. The only other one who could defeat RM in battle other then Rena and myself. Her Goddesses name was Veela Goddess of the Undead.
Reicu was the leader of the fifteen that were killed by the Giseisha. That's not the only thing she was. She was RM's little sister. RM's last family was killed in that battle. Reicu's Goddess was very similar in shape to RM's Goddess but the opposite type. Rin, Reicu's Goddess was the Goddess of Death and was meant for close combat instead of ranged attacks.
Looking around I could see a faint shadow of the pilots and a bright reddish light behind them. I was a falcon with beady black eyes.
****Stacy's P.O.V.****
`Hey Robin?' I thought
`'Yeah `' Robin said
`Can you tell Eva that Ernest is Telepathic… I don't want to keep her in the dark… But make sure she doesn't tell anyone… Alright?'
`'Okay… I'll tell her… Have you talked to the others yet? `' Robin asked.
`Not yet… I have to get closer…' I thought back.
`'Okay hurry because I want to know who the Pilot of that blue one is `' Robin smirked as she stared at the blue one ahead of us.
`Love sick puppy…' I thought as I sped up to the other goddesses.
;: Stacy. Can I pull a prank on that blue one…? Ya know to get its attention. ;: Luna asked me.
“Why ya asking me?” I said.
;: because you're the pilot:; She said
“Fine” I said as I finally caught up to them. I watched as a small object disappeared I wait for a second before realizing what Luna was doing. Suddenly the blue Ingrid stopped instantly. “Holy crap! Luna did you just kill him or something” I said then burst into laughter. Four links popped up and on each of them was a different guy. “Um… Hi” I said as I gained control over my laughter. “I'm Stacy… Nice to meet you” I smiled nervously. “Um… I'll just be going now… and you should watch out for small meteors… they really hurt…” I turned around and was about to fly back over to Eva and them.
“What's your name?” One of them asked. I paused for a moment before turning back around.
“I'm dead…” I whispered to my self. “I'm… Stacy… and… uh… I didn't do it! IT WASN'T ME I SWEAR! IT WAS LUNA! IT WAS HER FAULT! NOT MINE!” I yelled as I turned hysteric.
“You're the only one here… It was you” Gareas said as he rubbed his head.
;: You realize that they're never gonna believe you. Right?:; Evin said with a smirk.
“OH SHUT UP IT'S NOT MY FAULT!” I yelled at her, completely forgetting about the boys.
;: You are my pilot so the blame goes on you for letting me do that:; Luna said with a smirk.
“BUT I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT YOU WERE DOING! AT LEAST UNTIL IT WAS TO LATE! EVIL LITTLE TRICKSTER!” I yelled back. The boys just stared at me like I was crazy but I didn't care… well kinda but not that much.
;: I wish I was you right now! I want to actually be able to see their faces!:; Robin said in a dreamy voice
“FINE GET EVA TO COME UP HERE SO YOU CAN SEE THE CUTE… shutting up now…” I blushed and sighed. “They probably think I'm a nut case…” I whispered to my self as I looked at the boys. “Yep… defiantly a nut case…”
“Are you okay?” Rio asked as he looked at me strangely.
“Um… yeah… Sorry… They're kinda confusing…” I said slowly as I tried to choose the right word so that they didn't figure out who I was yelling at.
“Who's they?” A grumpy Gar asked.
“I MEAN… I'm… confused” I inwardly sighed.
“You don't sound very convincing.” Gar said angrily.
“Well it's not my fault. It may seem like its my fault but that's just because you don't know everything…” I paused then quickly made a decision to run for my life and went a caught up with Rena and them.
“What happened to you. You're in a nervous wreck.” Rena asked.
“Um… well ya see Luna pulled a prank on Gar and now they think I did it and I kinda went a little off the deep end and well yeah… I was a little hostile…” I said as I played with my fingers.
“I'll say so… he looks like he wants to kill you… what exactly did she do?” Litana said softly.
“Well ya see she kinda um well “made” him run into a asteroid… thing… yeah…” I said as I made a pit bull with my fingers.
“And know he's mad at you. That reminds me of the pilots and Alli. They would always blame her when someone pulled a prank on them.” Rena said as she smiled.
“Just don't blame me if he's a little grumpy.” I mumbled as my knuckle cracked. “Ow…”
****Normal P.O.V.****
“There it is.” Teela said as she slowed a little bit so that she didn't go crashing into the base. Stacy and Litana floated there gawking at the size of the base. When the others arrived, they split up into groups. The five Goddess of the Zion forces went one way, Rena and Alli took Zela and RM another way and the others were stuck going the last way.
As soon as everyone docked most of the Kanshi headed to where they were told to. Stacy, Alli, and Eva were sent to the infirmary to have their wounds tended to. RM and Zela were taken to a separate wing of the infirmary for their more serious wounds. Chi followed RM and Zela because she was bored. Rena and Teela had disappeared to do some thinking. Gar and Rio both headed up to their rooms while Ernest and Yu went to the Mess hall.
****Rena's P.O.V.****
I followed the two guards that were leading me down some weird hall. Teela was walking right next to me. She knew where we were going but I still didn't feel right. We stopped infront of a door. The door opened after one of the guards entered a password. The guards moved to the side and allowed us to enter. I was told to sit in the chair infront of a desk with a man on the other side.
“State your name.” He said.
“Rena, Master repairer of the Kanshi.” I said confidently.
“Why did you break into our base a week ago?” he asked as he folded his hands on the top of the desk.
“Obviously you don't know who I am.” I said as I crossed my arms and closed my eyes.
“You are an Ally of the Giseisha,” He said angrily.
“No we are not. They are our enemies. We the Kanshi took an oath to never have allies that are not of our kind.” I said angrily.
“Then who are you?”
“I am the creator of Ernn Laties and Repairer. You should know this but I guess your government isn't as smart as I thought.” I said with a smirk.
“How can you be the Repairer and Creator? Ernn Laties was created before you were even born!” He stated.
“Wrong. Nothings impossible. With the last of us we can do anything.”
“The last of what?” He asked.
“The last of the survivors. Remember the first planet. Yes Earth. Everyone of the Kanshi was from that planet. Even you should remember the case where over four hundred people in their teens and younger disappeared around the world. They were all special and had talents and abilities like this EX you talk about. We the survivors were trained in the future to become gundam pilots. At least most of them were trained to become gundam pilots. Ten of us were picked out of the bunch to become Goddess pilots by RM. RM brought me to the past to help her pick the ideal pilots. We traveled around that world in search of them. When we had picked them we went around and confronted them. They all agreed to leave the world before it was destroyed. They all wanted to save the planet Zion. So, we took them all in one day. I had been working on the Gundams so they were already ready to be piloted. We started to train them right a way. Now that you know what we are may I please tend to our wounded.” I said slowly so that he didn't get lost. Teela already knew everything that I had just told him so she didn't get lost for even a second. After a few seconds, he nodded and I stood up. I bowed my head, turned, and left. Teela didn't follow me so I guessed that she had something to discuss with that man.
Stacy, Eva, and Alli were all sitting on the sickbay of the base. The nurse was currently tending to Eva's left shoulder behind a curtain. Alli was sitting on one of the beds with a slightly injured but numb knee. Stacy was sitting on a stool, trying to figure out how to just stand on her right foot with out a lot of pain.
“Isn't anyone wondering where the others are?” Alli asked as she poked her knee.
“They're with R OW… RM and Zela, Rena and Litana are Suposto be on their way back to the goddesses to determine how badly they are injured. OW!” Stacy said as she tried to stand.
The nurse walked out from behind the curtain with a try covered with bloody cloths and extra bandages. She walked through a door and disappeared for a moment. A few moments later she came back through the door with a tray full of white bandages and walked behind the curtain.
Alli and Stacy fell silent and waited for Eva to be completely bandaged up. A few little comments from the nurse like “Quit moving” or “this might hurt a little” were heard but not even a peep came from Eva. About a half-hour passed before Eva finally came out from behind the curtain. Her entire top half was covered in bandages but her black tank top covered some of them.
Alli almost burst out in laughter but Stacy reached over and smacked her on the head. Alli rubbed her head and sighed.
“Welcome back and here.” Stacy said as she handed Eva a dark green *pilots jacket.
“And how did you get this away from her?” Eva looked at Stacy suspiciously at Stacy.
“I stole it a few days ago. It's only fair because she stole my head set first. Besides she wasn't using it.” Stacy said with a smile.
“You are so weird.” Eva said as she draped the coat over her shoulders with her right hand.
“How bad is it?” Alli asked as she stood up and walked over to Eva.
“It only stings a lot but not much more then that…” Eva trailed off as she walked over to the door. “Let me guess. And escort…” She said as the doors opened automatically. Two men were standing out side the door and each side. `Good thing there is three of us… at least one of us can escape…' she thought.
“How can you walk with that ankle of yours?” Alli asked as she stood up.
“It's numb” Eva smirked evilly and turned around.
“You still shouldn't be standing on it. You might break it like Rachel did.” Stacy said as she smirked.
“Fine. I'll hop around like a one-footed bunny. Happy?” Eva rolled her eyes and walked back into the room. Before the doors closed Rena walked out of a room and the two guards followed her.
“Yay no more escorts,” Eva said darkly as she glared at the guard's backs. The door closed and she looked over at Stacy and Alli.
“Harsh.” Stacy said.
“Come on. We should probably head back to the docks. Does anyone know how to get back there by any chance?” Alli said.
“Don't ask me I'm going in Eva's direction not yours. You're on your own…” Stacy said with a shrug.
“Did Litana ever leave the Goddesses?” Alli asked.
“No. She went straight to check out Trin and Setha. It was really funny…” Stacy said. She giggled as she remembered what happened.
“And why was that?” Alli asked with a smirk.
“She hasn't gotten her gravity legs back yet. She kept losing her balance. She must have fallen over at least ten times.” Stacy said as she tried to hold that laughter back.
“That must have been funny,” Alli said. She to tried to hold her laughs back.
“Well Alli I guess you get to be my walking stick for a while. At least until we get to the splitting point.” Stacy said as she smiled sweetly.
“Oh Great…” Alli rolled her eyes as she walked over to her.
Pilot's Jacket: A Pilot's Jacket is a jacket that every Gundam and Goddess Pilot received when they had completed training or had been accepted by a goddess. Stacy has 10 jackets because she was able to pass every goddess's test. That's where all the extra jackets come from.
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