Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan III ❯ Part One, Volume One, Chapter One: How it All Began! ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

How it All Began

Dateline: The crew got lost into a dream world. But Travis (and Sunshine) got them out.

A wise old man looked down onto the Earth and saw a face with displeasure. So he called one of his children.

A young girl with sea green and amber eyes came to him and said, “Yes my master.”

“I looked down today and saw a face in unhappiness. I need you to bring cheer to him,” the old man explained. The young girl smiled.

“I won't let you down! said she.

“That's the spirit my child,” he said. Then the girl descended down to Earth.



Ash took another blow to the cheek by the school bully, Marcus. All of the boys and girls in the seventh grade were crowded around Ash and Marcus in front of the school. This was the eighth fight that Ash had been in this month.

“Give it up Marcus! You don't have a chance!” yelled Ash as he got back off the ground. The fight continued until a teacher came out and stopped them. Then the other students left them. Angela waited for Ash.

“You got into another fight,” said Angela. Ash nodded.

“What happened now?” asked she.

“Well… I borrowed Marcus' Gameboy,” Ash began. Angela didn't believe him. Ash could see it in her eyes.

“All right, I took it off his desk. I was going to give right back,” said he. Angela frowned at him like she knew that he was leaving out some details. Ash could tell she knew it wasn't the whole story.

“All right, I was going to give it back later,” he said.

“How later?” asked Angela.

“Uh… like a week or so,” Ash said sheepishly.

“Uh-huh,” said Angela sarcastically. No sooner had the couple started to leave the schoolyard, a teacher ran over to them.

“Ash Ketchum! You better not leave! You have detention today!” she yelled. Ash fell down, groaning.

“What?!” yelled Angela.

“I forgot,” he said. His girlfriend became angry. Then Angela walked home without Ash. But she turned back to the school to see Ash being dragged by his ear into the building. Then she continued home.


“Hey teach! Ouch, that hurts! Let me go! Stop! Stop!” yelled Ash as he was being dragged down the hall by his ear. The teacher took him to a classroom where Marcus and three other boys were sitting in desks. The others glared at him.

“Why am I here again?” asked Ash.

“For failing tests and getting into fights,” the steamed teacher barked. Then she let go of his ear and slammed the door behind her. Ash stood there staring at the boys.

“Hi guys,” said he. The other males just ignored him and got back to work. Ash just took a seat close to the door and looked at the board. He read it to himself.

Let's see, write a two and a half page paper about why I am here, sweep the hall, clean the boys' bathroom, pick-up trash, clean cafeteria, and clean the classroom. Boring! he thought. Then he sighed and pulled out a sheet of paper and a pencil.


It was six p.m. by the time Ash was done writing. He sighed as he dropped his pencil onto the desk in stress.

With that crap out my way, I have to do the other crap. Let's see, Marcus has cleaned the boys' bathroom, Frank picked up the trash, John cleaned the cafeteria, and Mark cleaned the classroom. Looks like, I have to sweep the hall. Damnit, this is not what I want to the do tonight, Ash thought. Then he sighed again and got up from the desk to get the broom and dustpan from the hall closet.


Ash was sweeping in the middle of the hall when he heard a young girl giggling. He looked around. No one was there.

Okay, Marcus and his buffoons went home, so who's here with me? Nah! I must be hearing things, he thought. Then Ash got back to work. Then he heard the young girl's laughter again.

Who is that?” he thought. Ash decided to go and investigate the sound. He searched around the halls and as he looked, the echo grew louder and louder. The closer he looked, the more creped out he was.

What if it's a succubus or a witch?! I'm in trouble!” Ash thought. He shivered in fear about that thought. Then the girl laughed again. Ash screamed and ran father down.


“What can I do? What can I do?” Ash panicked. He looked around. The hall was dark but he could see a little bit. He would've used Charmander, but the school banned the use of Pok�mon.

Damn the school! he thought. He looked nervously around again. Ash saw an axe in a glass box on the wall. BREAK IN CASE it read below the box.

“Well this an emergency!” he thought. So he rammed his fist into the glass box and pulled out the axe. Then the girl laughed again. Ash held the axe close to him.

“All right! Who are you?! Come on out and show yourself!” he yelled.

“Okay,” said the girl. Ash trembled. Then a girl then looked like she was ten or eleven years old jumped out in front of him. Ash screamed out loud. The girl looked confused.

“Why are you screaming?” she asked. The boy stopped screaming and staring at her. She had sea green hair, fair skin, and amber eyes.

“Are you a succubus?” he asked the kid. The girl shook her head.

“My name is Sammi!” she said.

“Oh. But one question…” Ash said.

“Yes?” asked Sammi.

“Why are you here?” he asked.

“I came to help you,” Ash was confused.

“Uh… Okay,” he said sounding uncertain. Then he looked at the half-finished hall. Ash remembered that he had sweeping duty.

“Aw drat!” he yelled.

“What's wrong?” asked the little girl.

“I was supposed to sweep the hall and…” he began.

“Not to worry. I'll get it!” she yelled. And with that, Sammi was away with work! It took about one minute for her to finish cleaning the hall. Ash was stunned.

“What are you?” he asked.

“I'm immortal,” she answered. Ash fell speechless.

“Anything else?” Sammi asked him with a smile.

“No… no,” he managed to answer.

“Well… let's go home!” she said cheerfully. Then Sammi walked down the clean hall. Ash just stood there confused.

“Aren't you coming?” she asked.

“Uh… right.” he said. Then Ash ran straight after her.

To Be Continued…