Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 1: Chap 4. Clash of the Powers ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Clash of the Powers
Dateline: Angela broke up with Gary because she saw him kissing on another girl. And now she is going try and hook up with Ash.
"Grace, have you finished your problem yet?" asked Rosebush-san. "Yes ma'am." said Grace. "Well, what is the answer?" asked the teacher. "Uh... which problem are we on again?" the princess asked. "We're on problem number thirty-six." said Rosebush-san. "Oh! Then.... I... I... I don't know the answer." said Grace. "What? But you said, that you had finished that problem." said Mrs. Rosebush. "I do but, I couldn't get it." said Grace. The teacher fell to the floor. "Uh... Rosebush-san? What wrong?" asked Mimi When she got back up, she said: "Class, why don't we all take a nice break for a few minutes?" Then the students stood up and took their break. Then Rosebush-san looked out the window and saw dark rain clouds. "Hmm... It looks like it's going to rain." she said. But Grace looked out the window she saw something different. "That's not a storm. That's trouble." she thought. She and the other two girls knew who it was.
Outside, there were the children in the middle of serious battle to see who is strongest immortal. The girl, whose name is Jessi and the power is life, was hit in the face and pushed up against a thick stone wall by her twin brother, whose name is Jimmy and power is death, using his skull blaster on her. "Is that all you've got?" she asked bravely. "You bet!" yelled Jimmy. Then Jessi got up off the ground. "Well, I've some tricks of my own!" she yelled back. Then she stretched out her arms and put the palms of her hands together. A small white ball of light was forming. "Soul Twister!" she yelled. Then the ball got bigger and then it began flying towards him. He tried to dodge his sister's blast, but it kept following him around. Finally, it shot him in the stomach and he fell to ground on his stomach. "Not Bad." he said as he tried to get up. Grace and the others followed the loud nosies that the twins were making. "They over.... in that direction." said Grace as she pointed to the pine woods. "How do you know?" asked Takeru. "Uh.... I don't know." she said. "You've gained your immortal sense." said Mitch. "I have?" she said. Then it took her a few minutes to figure out what he was saying. "Oh! That!" said Grace. "Come on! We have no time to waste! We have to stop them!" yelled Nina. "They? Who are they?" asked Joe. "Jessi and Jimmy." said Venus. "Who are they?" asked Tai. "Just two more kids like us except they are more trouble." explained Grace. "Immortal like you?" asked Takeru. "Yes." said Grace. Then Matt's opal and a pink tourmaline started glowing. He took them out of his pocket and looked at them. "Matt!" yelled Grace. Matt looked up, put his gem away, and ran to catch up with the group.
They follow the bright lights until they were out of the woods. "Skull Blaster!" yelled Jimmy. "Soul Twister!" yelled Jessi. Both of their attacks hit and sent blasts everywhere. The blasts hit and destroyed the trees. "Hey you guys up there!" yelled Grace. But Jessi and Jimmy couldn't hear her. So Nina and Venus flew up to them. "You guys! Wait!" yelled Grace. Then Mitch grabbed her by the waist and flew up into the sky to catch up with Venus and Nina. "I've really got to teach you how to fly." said Mitch. "Hey you guys there!" yelled Grace. Jessi and Jimmy turned their heads to see Venus, Nina, Mitch, and Grace. "You are destroying Tokyo with your battle!" yelled Grace. "I want to get rid of them!" said Jessi. "No! I want to!" said Jimmy. "Prepare to battle!" yelled Nina. "All right..... but what should I use?" asked Grace. "Use your bloodstone. Meatball!" said Venus. "Huh?" said the little princess. That she looked down at her gem. It began to glow. Then she snatched it off her bow and yelled: "Bloodstone Disk!" Then she threw it at Jessi and it turned into two glowing ropes and pined her against a tall tree. "That's it! Vine whip of the dead!" yelled Jimmy. The vines were flying quickly towards Grace. "Seashell whip!" yelled Nina. The whip of seashells destroyed the black vines. "You saved me!" said Grace. "Yeah well, I couldn't live with watching getting destroyed." said Nina. "I'll take it from here!" said Venus. Then she turned to Jimmy. "Hearts rope!" she yelled. The rope wrapped around him. "Now what do we do with them?" asked Nina. "Let's take them to my mommy." said Grace. "All right." said Venus. Megan punished Jessi and Jimmy by making them clean up the mess they had made.
The End