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Aftermath and Shocks

By nightdragon0 (nightdragon0@hotmail.com)

"Asiyu! Are you all right?" A voice called. "Wake up!"

"Ughh..." Moaning, the Ice Dragon opened her eyes to find Kris standing over her.

"Thank goodness..." Kris gasped. She didn't look too well off either, clutching her side in pain.

Jade was a little further behind, with scars all over and various rips in his clothes. The battle had not gone well for the party.

"At least, we're still in one piece." Jade nodded.

"Yusia?! Where is she?!" Asiyu sprang up.

"They...they took her." Jade said dejectedly. "I'm sorry..."

<Oh no...> Hazuki gasped.

"I don't know if Yusia is the reason they didn't finish their dirty work." Kris spoke. "But that brings another question to mind. What would they want with her?"

All this while, Asiyu had been lying there on the ground, clenching her claws. The images of the battle were replaying themselves in her mind, over and over again. The images of how she'd failed miserably to protect the young girl.

And suddenly, Asiyu let off a loud roar of anguish that startled everyone.

"No! Why?! How?! How could I let them take her?!" She yelled.

"Asiyu, calm do...urgh!!" Kris was roughly shoved away as Asiyu took off running.

<Kris!> Hazuki called back.

<Whoa! Where are you going?!> Gwyen's voice added in.

Unfortunately, the two souls who made up Asiyu's physical form were powerless to stop her from running off in her despair. It didn't help that she spread her wings and took off, quickly disappearing from view.

That left Kris and Jade standing there, staring blankly at the sky.

<Now, this sucks.> Bahamut's voice broke the silence.

"I don't think we can handle this alone." Jade decided. "We'd best try to contact the others. Didn't Storm and Nightslice have a communicator between them?"

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"Storm! Storm!" It was Nightslice's voice. "You there buddy?"

"Ugh...ow...it hurts..." Storm moaned.

"Wait, don't open your eyes!"

"Huh? Why?" Storm asked, though he was too dazed to disobey. "Hey! What the?! I...I can't move!!"

"That's not the worst thing. Take a deep breath and try not to scream..."

Unfortunately, the moment his eyes opened, Firestorm couldn't help but cry out in utter panic. For one, he somehow knew that he'd been brought down to a fraction of his normal size. The other thing was that he was no longer his Charizard self any more.

He'd been turned into some sort of plant. It was like a nightmare come to life.

As Firestorm glanced over himself in horror, he could make out roughly the shape of his real body. From where his legs should've been and downwards were roots instead, and his tail was gone too. Around his 'waist' level were a series of fern-like leaves.

His entire body had turned green and Storm remembered the vines that had entangled them earlier. It was the same surface, as if the vines had literally melded into his scales, merging them into the plant's outer structure.

There was puddle of water nearby, giving Firestorm a look at the reflection of his 'upper' body. It wasn't much to look at either, with the same green coloring and his wings and arms missing. Though the vines had completely wrapped themselves around his head as well, Storm could make out the rough shape of his Charizard head at the 'top' of the plant. It too had taken on the green coloring of the plant, with only his eyes and mouth remaining. That was without any teeth in his mouth though.

Storm had some movement in his neck and a little of his upper body. But other than that, he was firmly rooted to the spot.

"I...I warned you." Nightslice muttered.

Turning his head, Firestorm saw much of the same punishment had been inflicted upon the Scizor. He too had lost whatever limbs he had, and had roots at his 'thigh' point, along with the same circle of fern leaves at his wait. The vines too had melded with his outer body, leaving just the green, plant-like surface. Storm could make out the shape of his friend's head and eyes, but not much else that wasn't a plant now.

"What the...?! What's the hell's happened to us?!" Firestorm cried out.

"You think I know?!" Nightslice snapped. "I came to just before you and found myself like this. I'm surprised that you didn't wake up when I was screaming like a lunatic."

"Are we still in that, garden or whatever, where all the vines came in?"

"I think so, cause look over there."

Some distance off to their right was the gigantic tree they'd seen earlier. The one that had triggered all the vines in the first place.

"These scared fields don't take intruders lightly." A stern voice said. "Especially not ones who enter with our own devices."

Startled, the two turned their heads to find a Bulbasaur was standing behind them, holding up a glittering key in his vines....the Grass Key.

"Who are you?" Nightslice asked.

"Silence! I'm asking the questions around here!" The dinosaur snapped. "Where did you get this key? It's a scared item only made available to a chosen few."

"Hey, some thug was trying to use it and we knocked him out." Firestorm protested. "Then it sorta activated itself."

"Haha, I highly doubt that's true. Just another bunch of thieves looking to plunder the sacred field's treasures."

"It is true! I swear!" Firestorm yelled. "We're sorry if we intruded on this place, but let us go and we'll leave peacefully!"

"Too bad that can't be done." The Bulbasaur growled, tossing the key about. "No outsiders may leave the scared lands, especially after gazing upon the Ancient One."

"WHAT?!" The two exclaimed.

"You're gonna spend the rest of your lives here, as the plants that you are." The dinosaur laughed as he begun to walk away.

"You...you can't do this to us!" Nightslice yelled.

"That's the way it is here, and there's nothing you can do about it outsiders." Bulbasaur took a couple more steps before he stopped, and glanced towards the huge tree. "Yes, Ancient One?"

"The tree?" Firestorm wondered.

"Seem like it." Nightslice replied.

Whatever it was, Bulbasaur seemed to be engaged in a private, telepathic conversation. It was a while before he turned back to the duo.

"Well, the Ancient One has allowed you two to be moved closer to his glory. Consider that a privilege which you'd get no more of if I had my way."

Firestorm and Nightslice could do nothing but stare at each other and gulp.

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"Come on this thing has got to work!" Nala muttered, fiddling with the buttons on the communicator.

"Let me take a look." Alken sat down beside her and took the device in hand.

A few hours had passed since their battle with the Registeel golem and Nala had finally managed to talk her new Dragon form, Erizar, into de-melding. Riot and Abetos looked on as Alken returned the device to Nala.

"Kris? Anyone? Come in!" She tried again.

Suddenly there was a burst of static, before a faint voice came over the communicator.

"Nala?! Finally! Where in the world have you been?!" Kris asked excitedly.

"Well, me and Riot sort of went out on our own. Then we ran into this strange teleportation device see? And well..."

Nala begun to tell Kris about everything that had happened, along with information about her own Dragon form and Alken. Eager to join in the conversation, Riot moved towards her and started talking as well.

That left Alken to sit down beside his partner, Abetos.

"So, everyone else is here after all?" Abetos queried.

"Yeah, the whole lot of us that went out on the boat that day." Alken nodded. "They're having some problems right now, but oddly, it's like an old reunion for their team. They've been together, handling these sorts of things way before us."

"Makes you feel rather out of place, doesn't it?"

"A little, but..." Alken reached down and touched his weapon, which contained the spirit of the Darkness Dragon, Skiar. "What is it? Something else you want us to see?"

As he blinked, an image flashed into his mind. It was the circle of strange symbols Nala and Riot had seen when they'd first teleported into the cavern.

"Something with those symbols?" Alken whispered.

<It's hard to tell what he's thinking. Especially since he won't talk to anyone.>

That was the voice of the newly awakened Erizar, whose spirit was held within the dual pistols Nala had placed beside her other equipment at the small fire they'd built.

<Even until death, I always thought he was a blindly loyal fighter.> Erizar continued. <We were old comrades who fought on the same side during the wars. He was pretty different then actually, until he got that mask over his face. That thing isn't just for show.>

"Then what is it?"

<I think he'll tell you that when he's ready.> Erizar said quickly, as if some private exchange had gone on between the two Dragon spirits.

"Hmmm...thanks." Alken then tapped Abetos on the side, indicating for his partner to follow.

The two walked all the way into the cavern and stepped into the circle of symbols.

"Doesn't seem to be working." Abetos commented.

"Or is it?" Alken wondered, kneeling down to touch the symbols. "Hm?!"

All at once, the symbols and his gun began glowing with a strange purple light.

"I see. Well, we've had no luck in contacting Firestorm or Nightslice either." Kris was saying. "Jade and I are on our way back to the Alenky Labs, where we left Zian remember?"

"Yeah, I might get Alken and head back there too..."

"Uh Nala, teleporter's acting up!" Riot warned.

"Whoops, Kris I gotta go!" Nala flicked off the communicator.

Grabbing her equipment, Nala dashed down the tunnel towards the place where Alken was standing. In a blinding flash of light, Alken and Abetos vanished.

"Whoa! Whoa!" Nala skidded to a halt, just in front of the circle.

Unfortunately, Riot wasn't as fast to stop and accidentally slammed into Nala. That sent the two tumbling forward, straight into the glowing circle.

If anyone could've seen the scene from the sky above, they would have seen two separate rays of light flying off. One headed towards the East, and the other to the West.

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<Erm...Asiyu?> Hazuki asked.

The Legendary Ice Dragon had been flying at full speed for a long time. Finally, she'd stopped, landing on a rocky cliffside beside the sea. Hazuki and Gwyen had figured it would be best to let Asiyu gather her thoughts for a while. However, curiosity had finally gotten the better of her.

"I'm...I'll be all right..." Asiyu muttered. "It's just that...I couldn't help her..."

<Hey quit blaming yourself about it!> Gwyen yelled. <Nobody's going to be there to do anything about it if you just keep mourning over it!>

<How do you think I feel about it then?> Hazuki asked. <I know they have her, but I'm depending on you to help save my sister.>

"You two..." Asiyu managed a smile.

"Now what do we have here? A little icy Dragon invading out ground?" The pathway shook as a large Rhydon stomped onto the scene.

"Now, we're going to have to do something about that, eh?" He was joined by another brute, an Aggron.

<Uh-oh!> Hazuki whispered.

"Yeah especially since we're working under Kaiser now! So we get to do all sorts of..."

"Uno! Shut up!" The Aggron hissed. "You're not supposed to tell anyone that!"

"Erm...sorry Sano..." The Rhydon scratched his head.

"Kaiser's troops?! So you're with Raguragi then!" Asiyu roared.

"Ah well, he did mention about having to take care of you." Uno the Rhydon grinned. "Horn Drill!"

The rock beast lowered his head and charged, forcing Asiyu to jump backwards. That was when Sano came at her with a fully powered Body Slam. The force of the Ice Dragon slamming into the Aggron's steel body easily threw her forward again, just in time for Uno to smash her into the wall.

"Arrghh...ughh..." Asiyu moaned in pain.

"She's mine!" Sano yelled.

"No, mine!!" His partner, Uno, responded.

At the same time, the two stomped on the ground, unleashing their Earthquake abilities. The force of the two attacks converged and caused the cliff beneath Asiyu to break away. With a long scream, the Ice Dragon plunged headfirst into the raging waves of the sea below.

"Doh!!" Both the dinos groaned as Asiyu disappeared beneath the waves. "Now we don't have a trophy!! This is all your fault!!"

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Humph, consider yourselves lucky I even moved you here." Bulbasaur growled, patting the soil down around Nightslice's roots.

"Come on, please! This is a big misunderstanding!" Nightslice begged. "We're not the bad guys here!"

"Don't bother pleading, it won't get you anywhere. What has to be done, has to be done."

"But..." Firestorm started.

Bulbasaur suddenly fired off a Razor Leaf that slice off Firestorm's 'jaw' section. All the startled ex-Charizard could come up with was a muffled cry as the Bulbasaur simply walked away.

The two had been uprooted and moved closer to the gigantic tree in the center of the area. There were definitely more different plants around the inner part, which wasn't exactly very comforting to Firestorm or Nightslice at the moment.

"Don't mind Garrick, he's a major grouch at times, but he does his job well. He's the caretaker here, the guardian if you want to term it differently. And don't worry, your parts will easily regenerate." Another voice came from close by. "Turn a little to your left and see if you can make me out."

What the duo saw was formerly a Flygon, though he'd been put through the same plant transformation process as them.

"You're stuck here too?" Nightslice asked him.

"Yeah. Wasn't my choice at first, but I don't mind it now really." He responded. "Oh, I'm Vance. I was a thief about 5 years back or so. Sorta got myself into trouble for coming here, and well, I guess you two have had a personal experience."


"The peace and tranquility of this place is just wonderful." Vance continued to talk. "Just look around you."

Indeed, the scenery was beautiful. It was the picture perfect image of a garden with colored flowers, a huge tree in the center and a small stream nearby. Around the area were dozens of plant varieties.

Nightslice realized some were actually Grass Pokemon like Oddish and Bellsprout, who were lying still and enjoying the surroundings.

Further behind were the larger forms of odd looking Dragons. Those had roots as their feet, which dug firmly into the ground beneath them. Each one was also somewhat similar to a Venusaur, with a blooming flower on their backs.

"Those are Terra Dragons." Vance explained. "They're the Grass elemental dragons of these regions."

<Remember I told you about the Legendary Grass Dragon, Grix, whom I once met? Those Dragons look a lot like him.>

"Huh? Storm? That you?" Nightslice asked, starting as the voice came into his mind.

<All of the inhabitants here seem to be able to do it. Give it a try.>

<Now this is weird...> Nightslice directed his thoughts towards Firestorm. <Ok, I know we do this mind-speaking thing when we Dragon Meld, but this is plain weird.>

<Tell me about it! That little b**tard cut my mouth off!> Firestorm muttered. <That Vance guy seems a little strange too.>

<Yeah, we have got to get out of here man.> Nightslice agreed. <Somehow....>

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Still nothing?" Kris asked.

"Nope, no reading yet. Nala's communicator must still be jammed from the teleportation you mentioned." Zian said, looking at his screen.

"Storm and Nightslice?"

Zian brought up another screen by tapping it with the electronic pointer he held between his front teeth.

"Nothing either." He mumbled. "Their communicator might be damaged...or worse."

"Great..." Jade sighed.

Kris and himself had doubled their pace to make it back to the lab. But as they now stood in Zian's room trying to figure out a course of action, most of their options had run dry. Almost that was, because the screen suddenly lit up with a message.

"E-mail?" Zian wondered.

As the disabled Dragon brought up the message, all present stared, mouth-opened at it.

'Greetings friends. I know you now seek out the lost Spirit Crystals, and I do believe I can be of some assistance. There are two places where you must search: one is the Charisific Valley within the Johto Region and the other is the center of the City Saffron. You'll do well to remember these.'

"No return address and I can't seem to trace it." Zian remarked. "Hmm...incoming transmission?"

Yet another screen popped up, this time of an unpleasantly familiar face.

"Ah, I see you're all up and running after that beating." Raguragi laughed arrogantly.

"You!" Kris glared furiously. "What have you done with Yusia?!"

"Oh the little girl is fine, for the moment that is."


"I'll make this nice and simple." Raguragi grinned. "I demand the surrender of all the Spirit Crystals you have to me, or else...the kid gets it."

"Damn, you are sick! I swear...!!" Jade growled.

"Come on guys, it's a simple choice isn't it?" Raguragi waved a finger.


"Why? Can't...huh?!"

Raguragi's screen suddenly fizzled out and was replaced by that of a hooded figure. Even with the cloak and the dark background, the draconic nature of the facial features could be seen.

"Raguragi cannot harm your friend." The hooded figure spoke in a deep, reverberating voice. "She is far too essential for them to lay a finger on her."

"Great, we don't need more weirdoes cutting into our business!" Jade fumed.

"Oh but I am already involved you see. I trust that you'll take that e-mail I sent you a little more seriously now."

"You sent that e-mail? Why would you help us?" Kris demanded.

"Just remember me as the Prophet for now." The shadow continued calmly. "I am neither friend nor foe, but an observer. Remember that your contact will be Myollnir."


"Farewell for now then..."

The screen than flashed and changed back to Raguragi.

"Grrr...that damned Prophet! Always butting in and revealing all my secrets!!" The Swampert banged his console in frustration.

"So, it is true what he said then." Kris pointed.

"Yes! I mean no! Dammit! I wasn't supposed to be back at your screen yet!" Raguragi panicked. "Gargh!! I'll get the last of the Spirit Crystals from you! I swear!!"

"Hey boss, we were trying to say that we fought that Legendary Ice Dragon." A voice came from off screen.

"But see, she accidentally fell into the sea, yeah?"

"Uno! Sano! Shut up!!" Raguragi screamed as the screen suddenly flickered and died.

"I'm sorry but that's the longest I could allow the conversation to go up to." Zian cut in. "They must've picked up our signal somehow, probably because we were scanning for the other's communicators. I just kicked them off and encrypted our signal, so they won't be able to trace us back here."

"Well, that's one relief. Nice job." Jade nodded. "You're getting pretty good at doing things with just your mouth and that little pointer."

"Don't remind me." Zian sighed. "I'd rather be out there fighting alongside you guys."

"First Yusia. Then Asiyu, along with Hazuki and Gwyen." Kris shook her head.

"I don't think we can do anything about them for now." Jade put a hand on her shoulder.

"I know. I'm worried, that's all..."

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Elsewhere, three figures stood around a table in a nearly pitch dark room. Almost, except for the glowing light of the crystal ball on a stand in the center of the table.

"It has been done." The Prophet declared, running his claws over the crystal ball.

"Hmmm..." Nodded the second cloaked figure. This happened to be the same one who had followed Kris' group from their home world to this one, and had been spying on them since.

"Where do we come in then, Master?" The last of the figures, a female Salamence asked.

"Soon my dear, very soon." The Prophet replied. "I want the troops of Kaiser destroyed as much as the avatars of the Legendary Dragons do. However, we shall not intervene too much yet."

"I see. So we are waiting for our enemies to attack each other?"

"Something like that. I know you thirst for battle my dear, but hold than back just a while longer." The Prophet raised a claw. "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen. You are both dismissed for now. I comment you for your hard work so far."

Both figures bowed and left, leaving the Prophet along in his dark room.

"Soon, very soon indeed." The Prophet moved, throwing back his cloak.

In fact, the piece of cloth only covered the top part of his body. The rest of his serpent-like coils unwound as he carefully slipped out from beneath the table. Longer and longer spanned his body, reaching a full 23 feet.

The Prophet was a Dragon too, a Rayquaza. Carefully stretching his cramped body, the long Dragon brought up a glowing crystal in his claws.

It was the shimmering energy of the Psychic Spirit Crystal. The crystal that rightfully belonged to Zian.

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bashaamo opened the iron door and stepped into the cell.

Hidden deep within their cavern base, the cell was simple in design. The only furniture there was a cot in one corner, a small sink and toilet in the other. Besides that, there was a single window and the door, which she'd just entered through.

However, this cell was currently occupied by the human child Raguragi had insisted on capturing. She was there now, lying in the corner of the cot.

The girl shrank back upon Bashaamo's approach. Silently, the Blaziken walked forward and placed a tray of food at the edge of the bed.

"That's for you." Bashaamo gestured towards her.

The girl still seemed too frightened to move even as Bashaamo turned to depart.

"Thank you..." Yusia suddenly whispered.

Bashaamo paused and shot a quick glance backwards before slamming the door behind her. She was about to return to her personal quarters where her ears picked up voices from down the hallway.

Recognizing them as Raguragi and Juncan, Bashaamo carefully snuck up at stopped at the corner before them.

"So it's the thing about having all 16 crystals and the Mediator?" Juncan was asking.

"That's why I kidnapped her. I sensed the power within her during the battle." Raguragi replied. "She has to be the one."

"So important that you need to have our deadly female mercenary babysitting her?"

"She's hired help, so make use of it as I always say." Raguragi chuckled.

Bashaamo had the urge to walk up to the two and punch the living daylights out of them. However, she stayed hidden as the pair left the prison cells.

Instead, Bashaamo found herself drifting back to the little girl. After making sure that no one was around, she moved back to the girl's cell and watched her through the open slot in the door.

How that reminded so much of her...

Bashaamo blinked as the image of a small Torchic flashed over the figure of the human girl.


Images came back into her mind. Memories of that seemingly normal, peaceful day in the village. It was, however, the day some Dragons attacked, burning down everything in sight.

Bashaamo saw herself there, again, amongst the burning ruins. She was desperately crying out...calling for her son. Her son who would never answer again.

As much as she tried to hold her emotions in, the hardened warrior shed a single tear, which dripped onto the cold stone floor.

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Damn, I don't think I've ever done so much begging in my life." Nightslice muttered.

"You think we pissed them off?" Firestorm glanced towards him.

"Maybe. That Garrick fellow seems to be engaged in another private conversation with the ancient tree."

It had been almost a week since the two had been turned into plants and trapped in the 'secret' garden. Things hadn't been going well for them. Despite their constant pleas, Garrick hadn't been the one to listen much at all.

Added to the fact that he'd been pretty nasty towards them. Both in attitude and in things like not throwing them water at times.

Finally, Garrick walked back towards them.

"Humph, the Ancient One had decided that you can join him after all. Perhaps you'll quieten down after this."

"Join him?" Nightslice asked.

"All the inhabitants here link themselves with the ground and the earth." Garrick explained. "It's a circle that keeps the 'chi energy' flowing throughout the lands, the energy that keeps nature moving. That's done by linking with the Ancient One's energies, allowing them to flow through you as part of the cycle."

"Meaning...?" Firestorm stared.

"Oh you'll feel it in your roots soon." Garrick smirked. "Just relax."

"Huh? I..." Nightslice started. "NO...I...I feel...garhh...!!"

"Nightslice?! Urrghh....I..." Firestorm's eyes went wide for a second.

He'd felt it, the roots of the great tree reaching out and touching both his and Nightslice's. There were several tense moments of futile struggling, but gradually, Firestorm begun to feel calmer and calmer.

It was as if all his anxiety and fears had suddenly vanished.

What...what was that I was thinking about? Firestorm asked himself. Leaving? No, it couldn't have been...

This place...its aura is simply fantastic. Similar thoughts had hit Nightslice's mind. I could just...no...I want to...stay here...forever...

Garrick simply stood watching as the frightened expressions of the two transformed Pokemon vanished, replace by drowsy-like 'joyful' state.

"We won't be getting problems from these two anymore, Ancient One."