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Old Enemies, Old Scars
By nightdragon0
“Now that was certainly convenient.” Jade panted. “Our two biggest enemies nicely spilling out the whole story right in front of us. Although it certainly wasn't intentional.”
“As much as a pain they are, I don't think those two are really our biggest problems.” Kris replied.
“What do you mean by that?”
In response, Kris gestured towards Nightslice, who was running in front of her, using her eyes.
The two humans and two Pokemon were making their way down the corridor at full speed. An intense scene had unfolded right in front of them, or rather on the security monitor. But since the Prophet had decided to blow the camera apart, Kris' party was now left in the dark.
And the only way to find out what the heck was going on was to go to the room itself. Somehow, that could've been what the Prophet actually wanted.
It can't be true. He can't really be back. Nightslice cursed silently. After all I went through…after all we went through…no…I thought I was free of him.
As if sensing his friend's distress, Firestorm remained silent, but kept in step with the Scizor.
It's right around here…Nightslice noted as a figure suddenly leapt from the shadows.
A Donphan, a smaller gray, elephant-like creature with a trunk and a pair of tusks, came spinning towards him. Nightslice blocked the Rollout attack and skidded back, bracing himself against the ground. The Ground-type Donphan broke into another roll, only this time Nightslice was better prepared.
“Hyper Beam!” The Scizor raised one of his pincers and fired off a powerful ray of energy. Not directly at his opponent, but at the ground. That knocked the Donphan into a distorted state, so much that it was a simple task for Nightslice to knock it out cold by ramming it into the wall.
“RRAARRWWW!” Firestorm spewed his fiery breath down another hallway, with many screams and howls arising from that direction. “Panic's completely taking over. All the Pokemon, Dragons, whatever…they're attacking anything in sight!”
“If we take this chance to escape, they'll never know…” Jade began.
“No, I've got to see for myself.” Nightslice muttered and continued running.
“Nightslice wait for us!” Kris called. “You're…”
A little too late, Nightslice realized that a laser tripwire was right in front of him. Reacting on instinct, the Scizor jumped, and then rolled beneath a second one. However, the floor was apparently pressure-plated, with a heavy set of doors responding to his intrusion.
“Whoa!” Firestorm screeched to a halt.
Unfortunately, another defense mechanism was activated, releasing a couple of spherical bombs. The Charizard immediately blew them apart with his flames, but the force of the explosion still threw the Fire type onto his back.
Firestorm suddenly found a ceiling-mounted machine gun pointed down towards him, until Kris stepped in front and brought out her sword. Whirling the blade faster than eye could see, Kris deflected the volley of bullets right back, blowing the automated gun apart.
“Thanks.” Firestorm panted. “Haven't lost your touch, eh?”
“You've really spent too much time away from me.” Kris helped the dragon up. “Remind me to get you back into shape after this.”
“We won't be getting past this way.” Jade noted, gesturing towards the door that Nightslice had disappeared behind.
“Hmmm…” Kris looked around, spotting another corridor. “We'll try this way! Come on!”
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
All that greeted Nightslice was shouting and screaming, but it was enough to tell him that a big fight was underway. Approaching the corner as silently as he could, Nightslice pressed his back against the wall and peered out, gasping at what he saw.
There was Raguragi, ferociously pounding away at a horde of Pokemon. Amongst them were several Zangoose, Manectric and Marowak, all of whom were thrown away by Raguragi's Earthquake strike.
Those were definitely Raguragi's troops. I remember Bahamut and Lombadra fighting them earlier. Nightslice frowned. So, why are they attacking their own boss?
“Garrggghhh! Damn you!” Raguragi cursed.
The Swampert fired off a Hydro Pump, a powerful jet of water into a couple of humanoid Shadow Drakes. He whirled around and tackled another one before moving on to a blue scaled Aqua Dragon.
Nightslice soon noticed the serpent-like Pokemon, Rayquaza, hovering nearby. Clutched in the Prophet's claws was a purple colored crystal that shimmered with an odd energy. The dragon himself seemed to be deep in some sort of incantation, mumbling softly to himself.
That's Psychic power! So, the Prophet is using psychic energy to manipulate Ragi's troops. Sneaky plan, but I'd better not…
“Rarrrgghh!” Too caught up in his thoughts, Nightslice had failed to notice the figure sneaking up behind him until he was grabbed around the neck.
His opponent was Citraz, a Gale Dragon, with Wind or Flying elemental properties. One of Raguragi's many soldiers, this was a green scaled dragon that could almost be mistaken for a cross between a human and a Flygon.
The blank look in the dragon's large red eyes told Nightslice that he'd been hypnotized as well.
Unfortunately, the assessment didn't help the Scizor's position much. Nightslice found himself shoved out from his hiding spot and next to Raguragi, right in the center of all the chaos.
“What the?” Raguragi snarled. “How did you manage to get out?”
“Worry about yourself before you start asking me questions!” Nightslice snapped. “Duck!”
The two dropped to their stomachs as a Hyper Beam flew right over their heads. Immediately after, the two jumped up and retaliated with their own Hyper Beams, blowing more of the hypnotized troops away.
“Humph, I wasn't expecting you here so soon.” The Prophet looked up, seemingly taking note of Nightslice for the first time. “However, I'm afraid that you're in the way this time. Myollnir! Where are you?”
“Right here.” The feathered thunder dragon stepped out of the shadows.
“Good, it's time to carry on with the…”
“No, I'm afraid I'll have to pass.” Myollnir suddenly interrupted.
“What?” The Prophet gasped, obviously not having expected that reply.
The thunder dragon suddenly tossed a small canister onto the ground, which exploded in a black cloud of smoke. Startled, the Prophet lurched back and begun coughing as the dark mist filled the room.
“What have you done?” The Rayquaza growled furiously.
“Betray you. Isn't it obvious?” Myollnir laughed. “This cloud is a dark elemental mist that interferes with psychic abilities. Even ones generated from that Spirit Crystal of yours.”
“You fool!”
“What the? Ugghh…where am I?” Citraz dropped to his knees, groaning. “What's going on?”
“His psychic powers got you, that's what.” Raguragi moved over and pulled the Gale Dragon to his feet. “All the troops are down, so you'll have to help me out.”
Just what the heck is going on? Nightslice wondered as he dashed out of the way. This war is getting more and more complicated.
“Stay out of this!” The Prophet turned his head and launched a Dragon Breath. Being a Dragon-type move, it wasn't affected by the psychic damper and easily blew the pair off their feet.
Raguragi and Citraz flew across the room and lay there moaning, stunned into submission by the blast.
“Zap Cannon!” Myollnir dropped to all fours and pushed her wings forward, sending off a wave of electricity that shocked the Prophet while he was distracted. She immediately sprang to her feet and shot a Thunderbolt from her fists that further dazed the Rayquaza.
Even though electric attacks were not effective against dragon types, the paralysis effect still took hold, leaving the green dragon to hit the wall with a howl of pain. His body crackled painfully with the electrical charges as the Prophet tried to get up.
“Still caught up in your delusions, I see.” Myollnir folded her arms. “You'll never be able to inherit Kaiser's power. That not for you, or for anyone to control!”
“Grrr…I should've guessed that you had this planned from the start!”
“Maybe, but because I'm powered by a Spirit Crystal too, the psychic crystal's powers don't nearly affect me as much. Or should I say, my partners and me.”
“That Dragonite! I never should've given her the Thunder Crystal!” The Prophet fumed. “But I sensed that second soul within her body…it was too good an experiment to pass up!”
A Dragonite? Nightslice's heart skipped a beat. A second soul? Could it be?
“So now I'm just an experiment huh? I'm insulted.” The Legendary Thunder Dragon huffed. “Well your `experiment' has just gotten out of hand. I'll thank you for awakening me, but now that I've gotten everything I needed from you, I'll just be on my way…”
“What the? Garrgghhh!” Myollnir howled as a Dragon Breath attack slammed into her unprotected back. The thunder dragon's yellowish feathers flew everywhere as she violently crashed into the wall.
Her assailant, a Salamence, came charging out of the shadows. This was a quadruped dragon-type Pokemon with blue scales and red leathery wings. However, she was also badly bruised and battered. Her body was covered by many cuts and wounds, many of them fresh and bleeding. Her right wing was twisted as an odd angle while the other had several tears in it.
“Dammit Tanya…” Myollnir panted. “I though I finished you off!”
“I don't die so easily.” Tanya the Salamence roared as she stabbed both her front claws into the fallen Myollnir's stomach.
The latter howled in pain, but Tanya didn't let up.
Snarling, the blue dragon withdrew her bloodstained claws and knocked Myollnir onto her back. Tanya clamped her claws around the wounded dragon's neck, intent on strangling her. While Myollnir fought back as best as she could, her opponent still had a stronger position.
Then, the thunder dragon turned and shouted at Nightslice.
“There's…no time…” Myollnir coughed. “He'll awaken…if we…don't…hurry…”
“Awaken?” Nightslice gasped. “Who? What?”
“That would be me.”
Everyone in the room froze and turned towards the source of the voice. But it was Nightslice who was most deeply affected.
Not only was he shocked, but utterly horrified as well.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
To anyone else, the ominous figure would seem like a black colored Scizor. While that was considered an uncommon sight, it would certainly not be enough to make a normal person stare in disbelief. But that was how Nightslice reacted, for he knew that this was no ordinary Scizor.
“So nice to finally see you again.” The newcomer grinned. “Of course, I was watching you back at the harbor, on the day you first entered this realm. You saw the all the illusions I created as I fought with Zian. But I suppose those don't really count as seeing you face-to-face.”
“No…” Nightslice muttered, automatically snapping into a battle stance. “You…you're dead! Firestorm and me…we saw to that!”
“You're correct in the sense that the original Kaiser is dead.” The black Scizor laughed. “But I'm not exactly him in a sense. I am you…the part of yourself that was once the Knight Blazer.”
No…Nightslice took a step backwards. In that final battle, I severed all links to my Forbidden Powers! But he…he's like a clone of me! Created from the conversion of those energies I cast out from my body!
“Sure I was weak initially, but at the scene of the final battle, a Spirit Crystal lay there, just within my reach.” The `copy' continued.
“Kel' Tharus, the Ghost Dragon.” Nightslice muttered. “He helped us in that battle and was slain by Kaiser. No…you…you used the powers of his spirit Crystal to restore your strength!”
His group hadn't known about the Spirit Crystal back then, and Nightslice mentally cursed Zian for not having the insight to tell them.
“Correct.” His opponent chuckled. “Once I had that one, it led me to the others. First I took those belonging to the already dead Legendary Dragons, then I went on to those that were still living. Sure they struggled, but all their efforts were in vain…”
“Bastard!” Nightslice growled.
“Then Zian got in the way and messed up all my plans, bringing you lot into this. He managed to open the portal to this alternate world during his fight with me, and the Spirit Crystals were lost within…thrown back into the past of this world. I tired to follow, but I couldn't go nearly as far back as the crystals were thrown.”
Raguragi and Citraz had recovered by this time, walking over and bowing at their master's feet. Tanya and Myollnir had stopped fighting for the moment while the Prophet looked on.
“These fellows helped me and seeking out the Spirit Crystals became our priority.” Kaiser gestured. “I've been weakened and asleep for so long. But now, with so many gathered here together…my power grows once more! The original Kaiser may be gone, but I will become a new one, stronger than ever before!”
So many crystals? Bahamut and Lombadra! Nightslice realized. When Bahamut walked past those double doors earlier, he felt something strange within. That must've been Kaiser!
“Well not if I can do anything about it!” Nightslice yelled, firing off a Hyper Beam from his right pincer.
“Humph!” Kaiser responded by waving a pincer and raising a Reflect, creating a wall of light that absorbed the blunt of the attack.
Raguragi and Citraz rose to attack, but Kaiser held them back with a gesture from one of his claws.
“I'm about to put you back where you belong!” Nightslice roared, spreading his wings and breaking into a charge.
His opponent did likewise, both their pincers clashing and bouncing off. The two skidded and bounded off the walls, colliding again in the center of the room. Sparks flew as their steel-like pincers met at high speeds, blocking and parrying each other's strokes to perfection.
“Gaarrgghh!” Nightslice managed to knee his foe in the stomach.
The response he received was a similar strike, although it was to his lower jaw. Nightslice was flipped head-over-heels and slammed onto the ground. Ignoring the pain, Kaiser stomped down, barely missing as Nightslice rolled away.
A quick sweeping kick had the black Scizor stumbling as Nightslice sprang to his feet.
“Silver Wind!” Nightslice threw his wings forward, calling forth a gust of silvery wind.
Kaiser dropped to one knee, bracing himself against the ground. Then, the dark Scizor looked up with an evil grin.
“Shadow Storm!”
“What?” Nightslice gasped, never having heard of that attack before.
A dark twister suddenly materialized in the room, literally sweeping away Nightslice's attack before catching the Scizor himself in its wake. Nightslice was tossed and spun before being thrown into a wall, leaving the dented impression of his body in it.
“Shadow Blitz!”
Nightslice's mind had barely even registered the pain before another attack came. This one was in the form of an energy arrow that made contact with Nightslice's body…and exploded. The Scizor screamed as he was engulfed by flames and finally dropped roughly onto the floor.
“You're so much weaker without my influence.” Kaiser snarled. “How pathetic. You could've become so much more…”
“Grrr…damn…” Nightslice hissed, struggling to stand.
“It's time to take back what's mine.” Kaiser formed up a ball of dark energy in each of his pincers.
“Nightslice!” Firestorm barged into the room, followed closely by Kris and Jade.
“Guys! Watch out!” Nightslice warned.
However, as Kaiser unleashed the shots, it quickly became apparent that he hadn't been aiming for Nightslice or any one of his party. Instead, the shots curved about…and pierced right through the body of the Prophet.
Several of the energy balls also sprayed around Tanya and Myollnir, throwing up huge clouds of debris.
The serpent-like Rayquaza went down with a hideous howl and a huge spray of blood. A burning stanch of charred flesh quickly filled the room as the lifeless body dropped with a dull thud. A purple colored shard, the Psychic elemental Spirit Crystal, rolled across the floor and stopped by Kaiser's foot.
Grinning, the dark Scizor picked it up in his pincer and swallowed it whole.
“This is just the first of many.” Kaiser growled.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
“Who is this guy?” Firestorm snarled.
“The Knight Blazer, reborn.” Nightslice muttered as Kris and Jade helped him to his feet.
“Your dark side?” Jade gasped.
“So, your instincts were right all along.” Kris nodded darkly. “He's been the one behind everything, hasn't he?”
(Whatever he is, we'll take him!) Bahamut's voice sounded.
(Yeah, I'm ready!) Lombadra agreed.
“Hargghh!” Kaiser abruptly fired off the dark shots again, forced Firestorm to quickly counter with a breath of flames.
The dark and fire elemental energies met in the center of the room, shoving desperately at one another. Firestorm begun to sweat as the Charizard struggled to maintain his flames.
“Help him!” Nightslice grunted.
“Jade, your sword!” Kris ordered.
The two humans rushed forward and crossed their swords in Firestorm's flames. It took some of the pressure off Firestorm, but Kaiser only forced his dark energy harder and harder.
(Dammit! How can he be more powerful than the two of us?) Bahamut snarled.
(Don't ask me…garrrgghhh!) Lombadra howled.
Suddenly, the convergence of energies simply exploded, throwing the group backwards. Moaning, the four looked up to find Myollnir hovering in front of them with her arms held out.
“Bahamut, Lombadra…focus your Spirit energies on the teleport point below and you'll be able to activate it from here. I'll lend my own energies to help.”
(What makes you think we're running away?) Bahamut demanded.
“You can't win this battle here. It's still too early.” Myollnir replied.
(You're giving us orders?) Lombadra was equally unhappy.
“Swallow your pride a little and do it!” Kris snapped, realizing the point of Myollnir's argument.
The two dragon spirits did comply however, causing a black swirling vortex to appear behind the group. Raguragi and Citraz had backed out of the room while Tanya continued to look on in a state of shock and confusion.
All of the various Pokemon and Dragon soldiers had awakened by this time and long since fled the building in panic.
“Rarrgghh!” Myollnir was still holding back Kaiser's blast with her claws.
“Myollnir!” Nightslice called. “Come with us!”
“This is…draining…all of my power.” The thunder dragon grunted. “You must…put Kaiser down again….once and for all!”
“How? You know, don't you?”
“My partners…they'll tell you…” Myollnir said softly. “They were the ones…who convinced me that…you and your world…was worth fighting for…”
(Myollnir! You can't hold Kaiser's attack back like this!) Lombadra called. (You'll get yourself killed!)
“I am…already dead…sorry Lombadra.” Myollnir looked back and grinned. “I wish we could've spent more time together after so long…but…fate has other things in store…”
“Finish this.” Myollnir closed her eyes as the dragoness' entire body begun glowing with electrical energy.
“Not good…” Raguragi muttered from outside the room. “Citraz! The window! Now!”
“Got it!” The Gale Dragon grabbed Raguragi's shoulders in his talons and spread his wings, smashing out through the window.
“Let's get out of here!” Kris screamed over the din, dragging her companions through the portal.
“Raging Phoenix!” The wave of electrical energy around Myollnir formed into the image of a Phoenix, rising and spreading its wings.
“Rarrrggghhh!” Kaiser let off a long howl as the blinding light engulfed him.
It was good to come back into this world…and experience life one more time…Myollnir smiled inwardly. But now…I have to go back to my eternal slumber. My partners…thank you for making it…all worthwhile. Dracia…Serac…
The explosion came slowly, but drowned out everything else in its wake.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
“I'm very sure now that this is Mount Moon.” Alken remarked, taking a glance at the midnight sky. “We're still on the Eastern Side of this strange world.”
“I still don't smell any dragons around.” Abetos informed him.
“Yeah, from the looks of this place, it's been deserted for years. I suppose no one comes here any more.”
After their last battle on the Cinnabar Islands, Skiar had found a teleport point for them, but it had ended up bringing them here, to this desolate mountain. Apparently the Dark Elemental Dragon wasn't used to doing this sort of thing, plus the recent battle had worn him down significantly.
Skiar had fallen into silence, his spirit quietly resting within Alken's gun. And with no real way to tell where they were, Alken and Abetos had taken to exploring the mountain range they'd been teleported into, although cautiously.
The pair had encountered nothing living during their two days of exploration, but found dozens of Moonstones embedded in the rocky walls of the various tunnels, leading them to believe that it was indeed the Mount Moon of this realm.
Still troubled by his vision of Nala being in trouble, Alken hadn't slept well in the previous days, and it was clearly showing on his body, even if Abetos couldn't see it.
“Still worried about her?” The Houndoom asked as they walked back to the cave that served as their camp.
“Yes I am.” Alken admitted. “I know, it sounds rather odd of me. Nala's quite capable of taking care of herself, but…”
“I understand.” Abetos replied. “But you really do need to rest. It's no point to keep worrying and end up not having the strength to take action once the time comes.”
“You're right. I just…huh?” Alken glanced over to the circle of symbols carved into the floor. Those symbols represented the teleport point and the pair had set up camp in the same cavern, just to be prepared.
Now, the circle of symbols was glowing with a yellowish energy.
“Something's strange…” Abetos muttered, tensing up.
A blinding flash caused Alken to look away in reflex, but Abetos, being blind, simply moved forward. When the view did clear however, the black haired man gasped at what he saw.
Lying there on the teleport point was a Salamence. It was badly wounded, burnt and bleeding all over, but nevertheless was still alive and moaning softly.
Abetos approached cautiously and sniffed at the dragon type Pokemon, giving Alken a nod once he was sure that it was safe.
“Wonder who she is?” The Houndoom muttered. “Where'd she come from?”
“Who knows?” Alken knelt by her side. “Looks like she's badly hurt, but we might be able to save her.”
“We don't even know who she is! She could be some enemy spy or something!”
“True, but if we don't help her, we'll never know.” Alken started digging into his belt pouch. “Besides, I'll feel bad just leaving someone to die like this.”
“Yeah, true.” Abetos admitted, although he was obviously not too hot about the idea. “Need anything?”
“Some water from that spring we found would be good.”
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
“Uggh…oww…” Jade moaned, opening his eyes.
“Jade!” Kris' voice sounded again. “Come on! Get up!”
Jade felt another tug on his shoulder and opened his eyes to find himself looking up into Kris' face.
“Thank god…you're all right!”
“Damn, my head…” Jade muttered, sitting up. “I'm alive at least.”
He then noticed the surroundings were very different from the building they'd been in earlier. How ever the teleporter worked, it had certainly done its job of bringing them out of the collapsing building. Jade and Kris were now kneeling inside a dimly-lit cavern, and a damp one for that matter.
The blond haired man realized it was because of the huge underground lake nearby. He'd been lying on the edge of a cliff, not too far off from the edge. Despite the ominous feel of the dark water, it was strangely calm and still.
Poised above them were the looming statues of two serpent-like dragon heads, barely illuminated by a couple of flaming torches nearby.
“What is this place?” Jade glanced around in awe.
(It's a sacred dragon ground from ancient times.) Bahamut answered.
“I'm guessing that this is around where the Dragon's Den is in our world.” Kris explained. “In other words, we're near Blackthorn City.”
“Storm…Nightslice…did they make it too?”
“They did. And so did an old friend.”
“Old friend?” With Kris' support, Jade shakily got to his feet.
He quickly spotted Firestorm and Nightslice close by, both crouched over a third shape lying on the ground. Jade gasped as he looked over the dragonoid figure with orange scales. It was a large, broad shouldered one with a small pair of leathery wings and a set of `antenna' on its lizard-like head.
A Dragonite…and one that Jade knew very well. For the two of them had lived and grown up together…seemingly so long ago.
“Dracia!” Jade gasped.
“Hello Jade…” Dracia replied weakly. “It's been a while.”
Dracia looked completely drained of energy and very pale. Kris had obviously worked on her earlier, for Dracia had a bandage wrapped around her left shoulder and a large, blood-soaked one going around her stomach.
Jade was no doctor, but even he knew a dying Pokemon when he saw one. However, he did his best to avoid that subject for now.
“What are you doing here?”
(She was Myollnir.) Lombadra spoke. (Or at least Myollnir's bonded partner, like Storm and you are to me.)
“H…how? Just you Dracia?”
(She had me too.) Another female voice responded. (That's why we were able to awaken Myollnir by working together.)
A semi-translucent image of a tall blond haired woman flickered into view, startling those present. Dracia touched the golden pendant hanging around her neck and smiled.
“How could we forget?” Nightslice looked over to the woman's ghostly figure. “Your soul's been within Dracia's body since that…accident…”
That was another sensitive matter from one of the group's previous encounters that they did their best not to talk too much about. Everyone knew that Dracia's emotions had been hurt badly by it, mostly because the Dragonite felt she was the cause of the accident that had gotten Serac killed.
(I guess the spiritual energies in this realm are different.) Serac nodded. (Myollnir taught me how to manipulate them a little better so I can appear like this.)
“What happened to you guys?” Jade knelt over and stroked the side of Dracia's head. “We haven't heard anything from you two since Nala and Riot saw you the day after the final battle.”
“We've all been wondering where you'd gone and all.” Firestorm added in. “Especially me.”
“You're sweet…as always…” Dracia laughed. “I've been traveling around, reflecting…I couldn't go back to face you all…after what I'd done. But Serac was always there for me.”
(At one point, we paid a visit to our old comrade, Lugia.) Serac continued in a more steady tone, for Dracia's physical injuries didn't seem to hamper her voice. (He had sensed an odd disturbance and asked if we wanted to check it out, something we agreed to. None of us knew it then, but it was in fact the re-awakening of the Knight Blazer that he sensed.)
“And the rest of us were simply blind to it.” Nightslice frowned.
(It was very subtle, even Lugia didn't know what it was. But Dracia went to that same place where you first entered this realm from and was sucked in. It was the Prophet, who'd been testing out a summoning spell of his.)
“So you two came into this world before we did?”
“Indeed, and I…worked under the Prophet's…wing for nearly a year.” Dracia explained. “That's why I seemingly…disappeared off the face of the Earth.”
(When the Prophet discovered the Thunder Spirit Crystal, he gave it to us as an experiment…and Myollnir was awakened.)
“I've been spying on…you all at times.” Dracia admitted. “Forgive me for…that.”
“Dracia…” Firestorm spoke up for the first time in a while. “We…I really wanted you to come back. But not like this.”
“There isn't…time to…waste.” Dracia coughed. “You must…destroy…Kaiser again…this time…for good…”
“Myollnir said she knew a way.”
(Kaiser's become completely dependant on the energies of the Spirit Crystals now. They're his last lease at life.) Serac's voice explained. (But even if they're hidden away, he can still tap into minute portions of their energy. The only way to truly stop it would be to remove the crystals from the world.)
“Remove them from the world?” Jade scratched his head. “You're not making any sense.”
“Are you talking about our world and this one as being two separate places?” Kris muttered. “So, if we were to trap Kaiser in this world and take the Spirit Crystals back into our world, for example, he would be powerless.”
(It's along that line, but things are more complicated than that.)
“We can't even get back to our world on our own.” Jade nodded. “How are we supposed to think of trapping Kaiser in another one?”
(There is one of your group who can. One that they called the harmonizer…a person with great psychic talents…)
“Yusia…” Kris muttered. “It's Yusia that he really wants!”
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
“How can you be so sure of that?” Jade asked. “Because of that time we were attacked and they took only Yusia?”
“Even so, what would they do with her talents?” Firestorm wondered.
“She is…a special type of Chimera…” Dracia whispered.
“Of course!” Kris nodded. “She isn't just a Lapras Chimera, but one of the ancient dragon ancestors which the Lapras descended from.”
(And that would be Asiyu.) Bahamut noted. (Because of that, there's no telling what kind of powers she could truly have.)
(A human who carries the blood of a Legendary Dragon…) Lombadra continued with a sense of surprise in his voice.
(Kaiser wants to use what powers she has to unite the energies of the 16 Spirit Crystals.) Serac's voice darkened. (That's what we managed to find out. If that happens…)
“We won't let it happen.” Firestorm growled. “We definitely won't. Right Nightslice?”
“Yeah…” The Scizor replied softly.
“Come on, show some enthusiasm! So what if your dark side is back?” Firestorm put a claw around his friend's shoulder. “We'll beat him back as many times as it takes. You have my promise on that!”
“Thanks Storm.” Nightslice managed a grin.
“By `remove the crystals'…” Kris rubbed her chin. “Do you mean for us to destroy them? If that's the case, what'll happen to them?”
For emphasis, the ninja held up the sword that contained Bahamut's spirit.
(That's what you'll have to find out.) Serac's voice was beginning to grow softer and softer. (We're counting on you guys!)
Dracia and Serac's image looked towards each other and smiled as the latter slowly grew fainter and fainter.
“Serac!” Jade held out a hand, but the ghostly figure had vanished.
Firestorm took hold of Dracia's claw and squeezed it tightly. Weakly, Dracia returned the gesture and lifted up her other hand to stroke the side of the Charizard's face. He leaned down and nuzzled the side of the Dragonite's head for one last time…before Dracia's body fell limp.
“Dracia…” Storm was letting his tears flow freely.
Pride didn't matter for now as there was nothing to hide. Kris, Jade and Nightslice were all weeping with him, mourning the loss of not one, but two long time friends and comrades.
(Hey…) Bahamut shot a private telepathic message to Lombadra. (Have you thought about it? Really…what happens to us after all this is over?)
That was a question even Lombadra had no answer for at the moment. However, the fire dragon's mind drifted to thoughts of yet another individual.
Even the Legendary Dragons had someone to mourn.