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Salutations. This is Kuguroi. Of course, you should know that. I am just here to CLEARLY point out that Pokemon and its franchise do NOT belong to me. That is all. Thank you for your time. Please note, this chapter may be short, but it is merely a prologue. Enjoy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Moments of Pain, Eons of Revenge

By: Kuguroi

Chapter One: Born


Five speckled eggs lay in a lush patch of grass by a river. They moved not, and basked in the sunlight. Taillow called and Pidgey cooed, while Magikarp splashed about under the river's calm and transparent surface. One of the eggs stirred.

A pair of black-clad people waited outside a metallic foor in a building far away. Upon the door's opening, the marched, single file, into a dark room. The door closed and laughter could be heard.

Rattata played by the banks of the river, Tackling and Growling each other enthusiastically. Sentret and Pikachu frolicked nearby, swaying to the rhythm of a trio of dancing Bellossom. Another of the eggs stirred.

The metallic door reopened and the black-clad pair walked out of the dark room, smirking. They exited the building and walked down a dirt path, talking. The laughed and jeered, though their intentions were far from pure.

Two Eevee approached the eggs. One carried a bushel of Oran Berries in its mouth and the other carried a bouquet of daisies. The two set down their items, sitting down and waiting patiently. Another egg stirred.

As the pair travelled, the desolate landscape around them changed from dirt to vegetation; grass grew all around them, and flowers dotted the land here and there. Their destination was near.

Two of the eggs hatched at the same time, followed by another. Two eggs lay dormant, unmoving. Out of the eggs that hatched in unison toppled two Eevee, blind and mute. The only sound they were capable of making were little whimpers, which were acknowledged with nuzzles and licks. Another Eevee appeared from the egg that hatched by itself, joining the group in its welcome to the world. The dormant eggs hatched together as well, producing two more Eevee, who ambled over to the group.

Tiny trees appeared over the horizon as the two people travelled, closing in on their target location. Firs and bushes scattered the land they tread upon, and Ekans soon slithered about their feet, ignoring them completely.

The two bigger Eevee picked up a daisy with their mouths. Three were left on the ground. One daisy was tied around the ear of a baby Eevee, and another around the ear of a different baby Eevee, designating them as girls. Each baby was given an Oran Berry to enjoy, and they clawed at the food in unison, as if it were programmed into their minds to do so. With precision and sychronised timing, the babies bit and chewed, then swallowed and bit again. The process continued until the fruit was gone.

The pair frew closer to their point of intention, as the vegetation grew thicker and the air grew more humid. Butterfree and Nidoran littered the area--guardians of the forest. They prepared for attack.

The parent Eevee both looked at each other worrifully. They knew what was approaching. One called to a flock of Pidgeot. Three of the birds flew over, eager to help in any way possible. The other Eevee pleaded to the birds, asking them for help. The plumed creatures looked at each other, then to the Eevee and nodded. The parents nuzzled their young one last time before sending them off in the gentle talons of the Pidgeot. The babies watched as their parents turned about and dashed toward a commotion unknown. All was silent for a moment, then came a ghastly gashing sound, two loud cries, and two lifeless thuds. The Pidgeot took off with the babies. The babies were silent.