Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Carry On, Blissey ❯ Pregnant Mew ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Gardevoir felt a lot better, so she and Sparkles headed straight for Room 31. I suspected it was the patient I recognised when I was slapped by the tail. I knew that Gardevoir was in for a blow because she may not have seen a legendary pokémon before. If Nurse Joy was about, I might have gotten into trouble for not attending to the patient first. We had to attend to the rarer pokémon first. So if there was three bidoofs and one dratini, we'd have to treat the dratini first. This was the one rule that I've always broken, but in the end, I will have my say and the human nurses would understand.

The patient and I go back a couple years. It was the same Mew that I saw in the Kanto Clinic I used to work for all those years ago. They took her DNA and used it to make her pregnant. After many still births, she gave birth to a hybrid. They named the child: Mewtwo.

The biological father was a psychic arceus they created in the lab. The way they separated Mew away from her child like that was cruel. The company that owned the clinic was so profit-minded that they neglected care. I couldn't do my job properly.

I don't think Mewtwo ever saw his own father. He won't be able to see him either; the arceus perished in an explosion. I warned the scientists it would harm Mewtwo's welfare if they confined him to the lab. They wouldn't listen to me because I wasn't human. Oh well, it's not my fault they died. I have no sympathy for any of them apart from the poor pokémon that suffer in their hands.

Mew rolled on the bed in agony. It was obvious to me what the cause of pain was: a pokémon egg trapped. Her eyes clinched tight and she lost the ability to control her her body's functions. The company have not changed one bit since I left.

"Have you ever seen a Mew before?" I asked Gardevoir.

"No," she replied.

"Well this is the real thing! She has a pokémon egg trapped inside her body. What do the tests say?" I knew the answer, but I needed to test Gardevoir.

"That there is a foetus inside the egg and there are no bad egg tumours detected in the ultrasound."

"What species is in the egg?" I asked. Sparkles and Gardevoir rushed to study the ultrasound scans.

"It looks like a Mew," Gardevoir answered. "Although I can't see it's tail. It looks like it has some huge arms and hair. This could be excess skin or possibly a hybrid of Mew and Dusknoir."

I confirmed, "It's a hybrid between Mew and a Darkrai! I urge you both to keep this patient's identity confidential."

"Yes Matron," they said in unison.

I leaned over to get some eye contact with Mew. "Do you remember me?" I asked curiously. Mew nodded. When Mew's water had broke, I could tell that Gardevoir really wanted to faint. Sparkles was the first to notice the baby bump breaking it's shape. The hybrid had hatched inside Mew. Mewtwo also hatched inside of Mew when he was born.

"I'm Mummy," Mew crackled. Normally, pokémon lay eggs. If the egg hatches before its been laid then labour or a caesarian would be the best choice.

"I'm going to support Mew's back," I said to Sparkles. "You and Gardevoir can check what's coming out of Mew."

It was throwing them both into the deep end, but the hard lessons will stick with them. They deserve to be working here and I refuse to let anything make them feel otherwise.

"The egg shells are coming out Matron," Gardevoir confirmed.

"Remove them at once Sparkles," I warned, "The hybrid might get stabbed."

"Is it out yet?" Mew asked. She was still just as childish as she was before. It was as if history were repeating itself.

"It's just the egg shells at the moment," Gardevoir replied. "Keep pushing... Okay I think the head is coming out. It's covered in blood."

"Keep pushing," I requested to Mew. "You're doing very well."

Mew gave out a massive roar so loud it would make an exploud sound like a feather. After what felt like an earthquake to my ear drums, Mew had expelled the newborn hybrid from it's body.

"Can I hold it?" Mew asked me. "They never let me hold my babies before."

My heart sank. No mother, regardless of species should ever have to ask that question. She was not the first and won't be the last. Gardevoir picked the hybrid up and gently wrapped a towel around the wiggling child.

"Be careful," Gardevoir warmed. "The bones in the arms are very underdeveloped."

As Mew held her new born baby in her arms I injected pethidine mixed with a full restore. We would need to scan the baby for any more complications considering the hybrid had an abnormal birth. For the time being, I watched over the mother and child with a warm smile attached. Watching new life be born was one of my favourite parts of my profession.

Mew giggled. "I shall name it Swiss!"

Swiss wasn't a name that I was expecting, but if that's what the mother wants to call it, then so be it. Poor Mew, she's got training difficulties because of her down syndrome and they continued to experiment on her.

The things humans sometimes do to pokémon drive me insane.