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Pokemon Quest
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Pokemon used in this or any of the characters from the games who might make an appearance in this. By the way, this takes place in a completely made-up continent, meaning I'm not using any of the locations from the games.
We start off our story in a small town known as Redwood. Here, people lived peacefully with Pokemon. What's a Pokemon?
A Pokemon is a creature that people capture inside little balls that can fit into one's pocket. They were often used as partners for humans. Some kept them as simple pets while others would use them for battle or contests, in which Pokemon would show off their good looks and talents.
I can't describe what Pokemon looked like without listing all of them, and there are over 450 in existence, each with a different appearance. Pokemon are also split into classes, most representing an element of some kind. Some had the powers of the trees. These were known as plant types. Others had the power of water, and were rightfully called water types. Some could fire flames from their bodies and were known as fire types. The list goes on but that's the basic gist of it.
People who captured Pokemon were known as trainers. These people often built up their Pokemon's stats to make them worthy of showing off to the public. Oftentimes, trainers would have them battle with other trainers, and Pokemon also needed strength to help their trainers capture more. See, Pokemon couldn't be caught without being weakened first or intentionally joining the trainer.
Now that I've gotten that out of the way, it's time to introduce our main character, Jacob. He was a young boy with short brown hair, a simple build, green eyes and the fashion sense of a typical 14-year-old. Now, he had always been interested in Pokemon and wished he could become a trainer like others, but alas, his mother was overprotective and would not allow him to do so.
Jacob lived a normal life, at least as normal as it could get. He had a few friends in Redwood and spent a lot of his time studying Pokemon and learning about them. He felt that there was nothing he didn't know about Pokemon.
“Please, mom!” he begged one day as his mother just rolled her eyes and replied, “I'm sorry, but I do not wish for you to pursue the life your father took.”
“But why not?” Jacob remarked as his mother froze, eyes wide open and tears running down her face.
See, Jacob's father, as mentioned, was a Pokemon trainer and had left his family to pursue such a life when Jacob was 5, promising he would return in a little over a year. As the years passed by, Jacob's father never returned from his journey and for a few weeks, the mother kept telling herself that he was just a little late.
But months past and there was still no sign of Jacob's father, but one day a bird-like Pokemon known as Staraptor flew in through the window with a letter. The letter told of how this Staraptor belonged to Jacob's father and how the boy's father had discovered an ancient tomb which was believed to hold one of the world's greatest Pokemon, one told of in legends named Giratina. Apparently, he'd sent his Staraptor with the letter to inform his family that if he didn't return, it would mean that his life had been claimed by the beast.
This was the very reason Jacob's mother couldn't allow her son to wander off into the world as a trainer. She refused to allow him to befall the same fate.
“Go to bed,” she said as Jacob snapped, “Mom, it's only 6:00! I'm not a baby, you know!”
“DON'T TALK BACK TO ME!!!!” his mother retorted as Jacob grunted, walking up the stairs to his room and muttering under his breath.
He lay on his bed looking out the window and sighed. How he wished he could go out and see the world. His normal life was just… you know… normal. There was nothing more to it. He lived like every normal kid lived and he didn't like that. He wanted to go off and see the world.
Suddenly, something really strange happened. A bright light came out of nowhere, almost blinding Jacob as he quickly closed his blinds and backed away from the window, panting heavily. After a few seconds, he opened the blinds again and sighed with relief now that the bright light was gone, but when he turned to his bed he saw a very strange sight.
A large egg had appeared on his bed. What could this mean? Then the answer just came to Jacob.
The boy pulled out a guide to Pokemon and flipped through the pages when he found what he was looking for and smiled. Just as he had figured, this was a Pokemon egg. Jacob was too excited to care where it had come from or how it got there in the first place. This seemed like a sign from God that he was to become a Pokemon trainer. But first he would have to hatch the egg, and he couldn't let his mother know he was doing it.
He searched high and low for a place in his room where he could hide it. He perked up when he saw his closet. That seemed perfect. It was so messy in there that his mother wouldn't dare look in it. He would keep the egg in there and cover it with articles of clothing to keep it warm. This was perfect.
For 3 weeks, the egg remained in Jacob's closet, his mother none the wiser. Knowing that he would have to be there for when the egg hatched, Jacob left his room less but still left occasionally to attend to some of his hobbies so no one would be suspicious. He had also bought himself a few Pokeballs, which were the type of balls used to capture Pokemon. If he was to leave on his journey the second this Pokemon hatched, he'd need Pokeballs to capture more along with keeping his first one inside a Pokeball as well.
One day, he was watching the egg with his hands on his chin thinking, `When is it going to hatch already? This is taking too long.'
Then he heard the doorknob turning as he quickly closed the closet door and smiled innocently when his mother entered the room asking, “Jacob, can you head on to the grocery store and buy some milk?”
“Sure, Mom,” Jacob replied as his mother handed him money for the milk and he headed out the door.
His mother sighed with a smile and thought, `I'm so glad he decided to give up on that Pokemon training nonsense of his.'
But as Jacob was off to the store, something odd happened. Inside the boy's closet, the egg started to twitch before cracks appeared. Then it happened. The egg cracked in half as a small creature sat in there yawning. It was a dog-like creature with a blue tail, black ears and legs along with a black stripe across its eyes. The rest of its body was covered in blue fur and its legs and arms were long and slender. It also had 2 white patched on its wrists.
When it saw the dark space it had been born in, it looked around wondering where it was. Well, who does expect to be born in a closet?
When the Pokemon tried to stand up, it lost its balance and fell forward, its head knocking the closet door open. The creature got up, rubbing its head and lets down small tears, a whimpering sound escaping its mouth. But before it could turn into loud crying, the Pokemon's eyes perked up when it saw a beautiful room with light entering the area. Unlike the dark closet, this was refreshing.
The creature curiously looked around the room and marveled at the sight of things like a computer, posters and a nice comfortable bed. Then it saw an opening in the wall that led outside.
The creature skipped merrily towards it but ended up bumping its nose against a strange force field, better known as a window. The Pokemon let down tears, but then noticed a handle in front of the window. The creature touched it, unintentionally pulling on it and opening the window as its eyes sparkled and it jumped out landing on its bottom.
Confused as to where it was, the creature looked back and forth before wandering off into town. When it saw all the people surrounding it, it started to tremble with fear.
“Hello!” a little girl said to it, waving with a happy expression as the infant Pokemon ran away from her. It seemed to have a fear of humans.
Jacob had just arrived home with the milk as he placed it in the fridge and ran up to his room only to find a shocking sight. His closet was wide open and his window was open, but worst of all, he saw egg shells inside of his closet.
“Oh no, it hatched without me!” he shouted as he bolted towards the door, but just as he was about to leave, his mother held his shoulder and said, “Jacob, I'd like to thank you for buying the milk for me.”
“Oh,” Jacob replied, “It was nothing, mom! I just realized I need to be somewhere! Bye!”
He sped out the door and away from the house as his mother sighed, shaking her head. Kids had such strange habits.
As the baby Pokemon continued to walk through town, it looked all around as if it was looking for someone. After so long of searching, it sat down on its rump and let down tears. It was only natural. A baby shouldn't have been wandering around on its own.
At this moment, two suspicious-looking people had heard this sound and followed it, hiding behind a bush and watching the small Pokemon.
“Do you see that?” asked a boy with red hair, a scar across his left eye, a black T-shirt and black wristbands.
“Yes, Donavan, I do,” replied a girl with long blue hair, a somewhat revealing top and a tattoo on her shoulder.
The boy, known as Donavan, smirked and said, “That's a very rare Pokemon. The boss is going to love it, Jenna.”
The girl, known as Jenna, nodded with a grin and said, “Yes, that particular one is just what Team Advent needs.”
Since this Pokemon was the baby, the 2 figured it would be easy to capture, so Donavan pulled out a net and snuck up behind the creature swinging it downwards and trapping the Pokemon within it.
At this moment, Jacob was walking by and saw the man with a Pokemon trapped in a net, laughing evilly. He ran over and shouted, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THAT POKEMON!!!!??”
Jenna grimaced and asked, “Donavan, who is that?” as the man simply blinked, scratched his head and said, “I have no idea.”
“Uh… I wasn't abducting it, little boy,” Donavan replied nervously, “I was just… uh…”
“Save your breath,” Jenna remarked, “He's just a kid. There's no way he can do anything to us, anyway.”
Jacob charged at the couple only to be sent reeling into a wall. The small Pokemon finally stopped crying to notice the boy who had tried to save him. Its eyes sparkled as if it knew Jacob. Then its eyes glowed violet as its hand formed a claw made of dark energy, slashing the net's material open.
Donavan looked at this with fear as Jenna grimace, asking, “What is that doing out of the net!?”
But before the girl could scold Donavan, the small Pokemon leapt at them with its dark claw forming again, slashing them both across the face.
Donavan trembled with fear as blood ran down his cheek while Jenna simply grimaced shouting, “We'll be back!” the two taking off into the distance.
Jacob hadn't lost consciousness from the collision with the wall, so he saw the whole thing. His eyes went wide as the creature ran over to him.
Jacob trembled asking, “What are you going to do to me?” the creature licking his face.
Jacob laughed and tried to push the Pokemon off of him, and after the licking assault ended, Jacob sat down next to the Pokemon and asked, “Are you the Pokemon from the egg in my closet?”
The Pokemon simply nodded, Jacob feeling very happy. He then pulled out a Pokeball from his pocket and asked, “Are you ready to be my partner?”
The Pokemon trembled at the sight of the ball as Jacob simply put it away. He was familiar with the fact that some Pokemon preferred to stay out of their Pokeballs.
He sighed and said, “Well, I can't hide you from mom if you won't go into your Pokeball. In that case, I'll just leave on my journey right now. That way she can't stop me.”
But before doing so, Jacob had to gather supplies for his journey. He prepared himself a backpack with the essentials, his guidebook to Pokemon and a good set of clothes. Of course he also brought camping equipment. Luckily, he had managed to avoid his mother seeing him but nevertheless, he still felt obligated to at least let her know where he was.
The boy sighed and pulled out a pen and paper writing a note that told of how he was starting his journey. He sighed and headed out the door and soon he was on the road.
“Alright, before we start getting into serious territory,” Jacob said, pulling out his guidebook, “I must know who you are.”
He scrolled through the pages before coming across the picture of his new Pokemon as his eyes went wide. He couldn't believe that the Pokemon he had received completely by chance was a Riolu. See, Riolu were quite rare and very powerful. He felt like the luckiest person on Earth.
He simply smiled at his new partner as the two ventured off into unknown territory, and thus the journey had begun.