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Pokemon Quest
Note: Sorry for any confusion by the people who read chapter 3 before I edited it. I was originally intending on the new girl's name being Izy, but I accidentally changed it to Stacy for some reason, but now it's officially Izy. I also noticed that I accidentally called Jacob Jacob is chapter 2. I'm way too used to using that name for my original characters.
It had been quite the morning for Jacob and Izy as they walked through the woods hoping to reach town soon. Neither had even gotten a chance to eat, so they were starving.
Then Jacob saw something in the corner of his eye. It was a tree with fresh apples growing from it. Jacob looked back to how his mom would bake apple pie every now and then and just had to get a bite.
“Hey, Izy,” he said as Izy turned her gaze to him and saw him pointing at the tree. Her stomach growled and thus, the two agreed that they needed food.
Jacob was up on Izy's shoulders reaching for the apples when he felt something smack his hand. He blinked and reached for another apple only to feel that sharp pain in his hand again. He grimaced and reached to grab the apples again only to have the same result.
“What's the hold-up?” Izy asked as Jacob grunted, “Something's guarding these apples.”
Then a rather large creature fell on Jacob's face as he and Izy collapsed, Jacob rubbing his head until Izy shoved him off of her, an irritated look on her face. She looked ready to hit him for losing his balance when she noticed what had caused it flying back up into the tree, a pair of wings sticking out of a hard shell.
Her look turned from anger to wonder as she smiled wickedly saying, “If it can fly, it's mine.”
“NO, WAIT!!!” Jacob snapped, climbing back up to his feet and looking up into the tree wide-eyed, “That's a Heracross!”
“And…?” Izy asked tapping her foot while Jacob replied, “I have wanted a Heracross all my life! You cannot rob me of this opportunity!”
Izy looked at him rather cross, but seeing the determination in Jacob's eyes, she sighed and figured she may as well give the boy his chance. Jacob smiled and threw a Pokeball towards the tree top as a small monkey Pokemon emerged.
`Finally, a chance to use Chimchar,' he thought with a grin as Izy simply blinked, thinking, `It's weird enough that he has a Riolu, but how did he acquire a Chimchar?'
A rather large amount of hard blows could be heard from within the tree as soon enough, Heracross emerged with Chimchar in its arms flying towards the ground and ramming the monkey's head into it. The beetle seemed to have at least suffered some damage, but not a whole lot whereas Chimchar already had a few wounds on its body.
“Alright, now that we can see our opponent, this should be easier,” Jacob said, “Insects are vulnerable against fire, so use Ember!”
Chimchar opened up its mouth releasing small fireballs that resembled bullets as Heracross dodged to the right and charged at the monkey, horn lowered. But Chimchar, like Heracross, was certainly not a slow Pokemon. It's a monkey. What can you expect?
As such, Chimchar dodged the incoming Horn Attack and sent a series of fireballs to Heracross' back hitting it dead-on and creating small explosions. The fire was just enough to make Heracross weak as Jacob grinned and pulled out his Pokeball, hurling it at the large beetle.
The Pokeball opened up as a light emerged and the ball consumed its target. The Pokeball shook back and forth for a while, but stopped as Heracross had been caught fair and square.
Jacob threw his hands in the air dancing in celebration of his first capture while Izy sighed, happy for him but also disappointed that she couldn't catch Heracross herself. The disappointment turned to embarrassment when Jacob hugged her and shouted, “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALLOWING ME THIS CHANCE!!!”
Izy smiled nervously, patting him on the back and let out a simple, “Uh… no problem…”
So after that awkward display, the two were back on the road to Rowerberg. While they continue their travels, let's take you to a familiar girl from chapter 2.
Roxanne was ironically in these same woods and had just finished a battle with a bird Pokemon known as Pidgey. Her Turtwig had been defeated rather easily, and it only made sense. Plant types were weak against flying types. Sure, strategy could turn a disadvantage into nothing serious, but Roxanne wasn't exactly the most intelligent person in the world.
“MY LITTLE TURTWIG!!!” she shouted running over to him and rubbed his cheek up against hers, “Are you okay!?”
Sure, the loss had been quite painful, but all this unwanted attention was making Turtwig even more uncomfortable. In fact, it's making me uncomfortable. Let's go back to the characters we actually care about.
After quite some time, Jacob and Izy finally found Rowerberg. Upon entering the town, Jacob spotted a young teenaged girl approaching them. She looked really beautiful and Jacob couldn't help but stared, hearts in his eyes while Izy rolled hers.
“Hello, are you here to challenge the gym leader?” she asked with nice soothing voice. Jacob nodded as the girl giggled and said, “My name's Anna. I wish you the best of luck.”
As she skipped merrily away from them, Jacob took off his dopy smile and asked, “What was that about?”
“Who cares?” Izy asked, “We need to get our Pokemon to the Pokemon Centre, remember?”
Once again, Izy was right, so a few minutes later the two entered a Pokemon Centre, which was basically a hospital for Pokemon. There a young nurse waited by a counter for people who needed their Pokemon to be treated.
“Welcome,” she said with a calm smile as Jacob set down his three Pokeballs asking, “Can you treat my Pokemon, Nurse… uh…”
“Just call me Nurse Sincerity,” she replied with a friendlier smile, Izy handing her Pokemon over as well. Something that might be good to note is that all nurses were named after some kind of emotion or personality.
Meanwhile, a few feet outside of town, Donavan and Jenna sat on a log, sighing a sigh of discontent. Their failure had not exactly left a good impact on them.
“We were so close,” Jenna said with a sniff while Donavan replied, “We'll never be able to face the boss after this.”
Then it hit them. They didn't exactly have to face the boss again. They could just keep trying and return to him when they actually had the Riolu in their grasp. It was brilliant.
After Riolu had been healed, he jumped into Jacob's arms crying into his shoulder, clearly not satisfied with the fact that he'd been trapped in a small space for quite some time. Jacob simply patted his back and said, “I'm sorry, Riolu, but I had to.”
And so noon came and after the group had eaten a good lunch from the Pokemon Centre, they marched towards the gym. Izy smiled at Jacob and said, “Best of luck to you in there.”
“You mean you're not going to join me?” he asked as Izy shook her head and said, “There's supposed to be a contest held in this town. I want to join it before it's too late. See ya later!”
The girl took off as Jacob shrugged. He'd really wanted Izy to see him win the gym badge, but it didn't matter. Just as long as he got it in the end, that was good enough for him.
He and Riolu entered a big building with a ground covered in sand with a few rocks added in as props while a young girl appeared before him. Jacob's eyes went wide. This was the same girl he had met when he entered Rowerberg. Riolu just looked up at his master with a confused look.
“Oh, hi Anna,” he said waving his hand, “Are you here for a gym battle too? I don't think the gym leader's here.”
Anna giggled and replied, “You're so silly. I am the gym leader.”
Jacob couldn't believe this. Why was such a young girl in charge of a gym? Well, that didn't matter. All he wanted to do was earn himself a gym badge and he would stop at nothing to do so.
Anna smiled her friendly smile and said, “I will use Pokemon for this battle, but you can use as many as you feel you need. Whoever runs out of Pokemon first loses.”
That last part was obvious to Jacob, but he was quite relieved not to be limited to a certain number of Pokemon. Anna then said that Jacob had to choose first as the boy felt a little discouraged now. See, sending out one's Pokemon first was a bit of a disadvantage as one could send out anything and not know what the opponent had.
Nevertheless, he hurled a Pokeball into the arena shouting, “GO HERACROSS!!!”
He figured this was a better time than ever to give the beetle Pokemon a shot. Riolu's eyes went wide. Where had this Heracross come from? Couldn't Jacob have waited until Riolu had gotten better? The infant wanted to know these things, after all. Anna giggled and said, “That's a nice Pokemon, but it's nothing compared to my Geodude!”
The young girl threw her ball into the ring as a floating boulder with arms appeared. This was a rock-type Pokemon, which had a good advantage over most Pokemon who relied on physical attacks. Rock types were also immune to electric attacks, so an electric type would be helpless against one. (Seriously, am I the only one who's noticed that the vast majority of first gyms are rock types?)
Jacob was a little bit alarmed by this, but he had confidence in his new Pokemon as he shouted, “HERACROSS, GO IN FOR A HORN ATTACK!!!”
The beetle rammed its head hard into Geodude only to deal slight damage to its horn while dealing minimal damage to its target, a small portion of its strong horn chipped off already. Jacob felt rather ashamed of himself for allowing that in the bug Pokemon's first battle.
`There must be something I can do,' he thought, `But what other attacks does a Heracross know? I wish I had a Pokedex like Roxanne does.'
But he had little time to think this over as Anna gave the command for Geodude to ram its body into Heracross sending skidding across the sandy floor. This was a very simple beginner attack known as Tackle. Many strong Pokemon knew it by nature.
As things looked helpless for the beetle, Jacob remembered seeing a documentary of Heracross on the news once. The speaker listed the attacks that Heracross generally started with. He knew which effective move a new Heracross could use.
“HERACROSS, USE LEER!!!” he shouted.
Anna had to admit, he was impressed that Jacob would suggest this while Heracross' eyes glowed, glaring into Geodude's eyes. Leer was a move that Heracross could use from the very start. What it did was lower the enemy's defense.
With Geodude's rock body weaker, the battle wouldn't be so tough for it anymore, so Jacob gave the beetle a command as Heracross unleashed its own tackle on Geodude ramming its head into the boulder.
Geodude was now in much worse pain for Leer had the power to cut a Pokemon's defensive properties in half for that battle. Anna saw that she needed to get more serious and said, “Good job sustaining the blow, Geodude. Now use Rock Throw!”
Geodude picked up one of the gym's prop rocks and hurled it at Heracross who was unable to dodge it in time. Now, against a normal flying type, Rock Throw would have been a major threat, but Heracross was a bit different from your typical flying type, so the blow wasn't quite enough to take him down.
“Alright, Heracross,” Jacob said, “I think it's time we ended this! Use Night Slash!”
With that, Heracross flew at Geodude who was unable to dodge in time to avoid a large slash to the face. The slash had actually created a mark on Geodude as he fell to the ground in defeat, Jacob grinning while Riolu breathed a sigh of relief. That battle was really intense for the little guy.
Anna simply blinked then smiled warmly saying, “That was really good, Jacob! You are more than worthy to face my next Pokemon!”
Jacob smiled but noticed that Heracross was feeling a bit weak from that battle, so he sighed and returned the beetle Pokemon saying, “You did a good job, Heracross.”
Anna held up her Pokeball with a much more serious look than before and hurled it into the battle field shouting, “GO, NOSEPASS!!!”
Jacob and Riolu's eyes went wide as a large totem pole head with legs entered the sandy arena. See, Jacob had a deep fear of Nosepass. This wasn't a childhood trauma or anything. These giant stone monsters just scared him senseless.
Riolu held onto Jacob's leg trembling, clearly afraid of it too. Not for the same reason Jacob had, but because Nosepass was at least 20 times the infant's size. This was going to be a hard battle now.