Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ Riolu Defeated? ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Pokemon Quest
Jacob and Riolu were back on the road heading towards the next town simply known as Rowerberg. There, they would face the first gym leader and take the first step to becoming true champions.
As they carried on, they soon found themselves in a dark forest. Here, the bushes had glowing yellow eyes within them. Riolu started to tremble and hugged Jacob's leg as the boy pet his head and said, “Don't be afraid, Riolu. We'll be fine.”
As they continued, they noticed a lot of bug types lying around. There were chrysalis Pokemon known as Metapod, caterpillars called Weedle, worms referred to as Wurmple and so much more.
Jacob had to admit, he wasn't scared like Riolu was, but he was a little disappointed. “I was hoping to see a Heracross among them,” he said with a sigh.
Heracross was like a Hercules beetle. Jacob always thought those were so cool and he wanted one very badly.
Suddenly, he heard a noise and peered through a bush as he noticed a young girl face-to-face with a bee Pokemon called Beedrill. Jacob watched this as Riolu trembled, hoping the girl was okay.
This girl had short brown hair and red eyes and looked very determined as she whipped out a Pokeball and threw it shouting, “GO HOOTHOOT!!!”
Out of the Pokeball came an owl Pokemon simply known as Hoothoot. Since it was a bird type, it had a good advantage of the bug type, Beedrill.
“Now use peck!” the girl shouted as the owl nodded swooping towards Beedrill, but the insect dodged to the side and stabbed the two stingers on its arms into Hoothoot's back, putting two bleeding spots on the owl Pokemon.
Jacob started to worry as the girl seemed perfectly confident. She seemed to mouth something without letting the words out as Hoothoot saw the lip movements and nodded.
Its eyes glowed as Beedrill seemed to stop in place. This was an attack known as Confusion and it sent a great pain through Beedrill's body as Hoothoot took full advantage of this delivering a well-aimed peck attack, Beedrill falling to the ground in a heap.
“Pokeball, go!” the girl shouted as she threw a Pokeball at the fallen insect and captured it. The Pokeball vibrated for a few seconds before stopping completely and the girl picked it up with a triumphant grin on her face. She had successfully captured the Beedrill.
“Wow, that was truly amazing,” Jacob said not realizing he'd said it out loud.
Riolu started to panic as the girl turned to them, a suspicious look on her face as she snapped, “WHO'S THERE!!!!??”
Jacob emerged from the bush as the girl pulled out a pocket knife and leapt atop the boy, holding the blade up to his neck with a grimace on her face. Jacob's eyes widened as Riolu's eyes glowed violet. Then, just like before with the Team Advent members, his hand created a dark claw made of energy as he leapt at the girl slashing towards the knife and knocking it into a tree.
The girl saw this, blinked and said, “No way…” before backing down.
Soon enough, all was cleared up. Jacob introduced himself and explained that he was simply heading towards the next town to face the gym leader and earn himself a badge. The girl introduced herself as Izy and the two decided to camp out together under the stars when night finally came. Riolu was still a little frightened of her but had calmed down a little bit.
“So,” Izy asked, “how did your Riolu use Shadow Claw? I didn't think that was possible.”
“That's the odd thing about it,” Jacob said, Riolu now asleep in a small sleeping bag Jacob had bought for him, “Riolu's managed to use it twice today, but he seems to have no control over it. I thought maybe I had imagined it the first time, but seeing him use it again and knowing that you saw it too proves that he can do it. He just doesn't seem to know that he can.”
Izy had to admit, this was all very complicated, but in a way, she understood. She sighed, setting up a sleeping bag for herself and said, “Sorry about trying to cut off your head earlier.”
Jacob laughed nervously and said, “Please, stop apologizing,” then something came to his mind as he asked, “Why are you traveling?”
“If you must know, I plan to be a great contest coordinator,” Izy replied, Jacob quite surprised by this. With her skill, she could very well be the champion of the Ultimate Pokemon Challenge and beyond.
“You might need some cuter Pokemon for that,” Jacob stated as Izy sighed, “I did consider that, but I'll be honest, I'd rather not be seen with cute Pokemon in my team. Also, I only want Pokemon who can fly.”
This was also a surprise so of course, Jacob asked why. Izy explained her theory of the whole thing, how a Pokemon with flying abilities would show far more grace than one who stayed close to the ground most of the time. She believed that since pilots could look so good while flying planes, flying Pokemon may as well look beautiful while airborne.
“After tonight, I think I'm gonna go my separate way again,” Izy said as Jacob nodded in understanding saying, “Well, goodnight.”
As the two slept, they failed to notice a certain pair of strangers lurking around through the night with evil looks in their eyes. Upon seeing Riolu asleep, they figured this was the perfect time.
Donavan held up a net and was just about to nab it when Jenna held his arm back and whispered, “I feel a little bad about this. I think we should capture it using our new Pokemon.”
Donavan felt a little disappointed to give up such an easy capture, but she did have a point. Why would they have the new Pokemon if they never planned to use them?
And so morning came as Jacob stretched his arms turning to Riolu who was still fast asleep, smiling at his partner. Riolu was just adorable when asleep. Izy awoke as well, yawning heavily and picked up her bag.
“You're going already?” Jacob asked as Izy nodded and said, “It was nice meeting you, but I must be on my way.”
Suddenly, two familiar faces climbed out of the bush with evil grins on their faces. Jacob recognized these two as the thieves who tried to steal Riolu the other day.
“It's you two again!” he spat as Jenna sighed, “Please, we have names, you punk child.”
“Who are these people?” Izy asked as Jacob shrugged. Jenna was a little frustrated until she realized that she hadn't even introduced herself last time, so of course the boy didn't know.
“I am Donavan,” the man of the duo replied as Jenna grinned saying, “I am Jenna. You'd better remember our names because we are top members of Team Advent!”
Upon hearing the mentioning of that name, Izy's eyes went wide. Jacob looked at her with curiosity. Did she know this Team Advent?
“Who's Team Advent?” Jacob asked as Izy covered his mouth and said, “Ignore him, he's crazy!”
Then she glared at him and whispered, “Team Advent is a group of criminals bent on capturing strong Pokemon so their mysterious boss can take over the world.”
She then glared at the two and shouted, “If you want Jacob, you have to go through me!”
Jenna twitched in response to this. Who was this little brat to step in her way? Nevertheless, she couldn't turn down a challenge, so she grinned wickedly and drew her Pokeball calling out Glameow.
Donavan was about to join in when Jacob snapped, “Hey, two against one is unfair!”
“He's right, you know,” Donavan said, scratching the back of his head as Jenna rolled her eyes saying, “Fine, you can fight Donavan while I fight the girl.”
Neil saw that Riolu was still fast asleep but still felt confident as he had Chimchar… that was until Donavan hurled his Pokeball towards the ground summoning Corpish. This was bad. Corpish was a water type, which had a huge advantage over fire types.
But just as he was about to make the only choice possible, Riolu woke up and smacked his lips, rubbing his little eyes. He looked over and panicked when he saw his master face-to-face with one of the thieves.
Seeing Donavan filled him up with hatred as his eyes glowed violet and the shadow claw appeared once again. Riolu leapt at the Corpish and slashed it down the middle, causing it to flinch.
But after doing so, the claw vanished and Riolu once again had no idea how he'd used it. And for the first time, the threat had not been averted by a single slash. Corpish was still standing tall and able to fight back.
Jacob, not knowing any other moves for Riolu shouted, “RIOLU, USE QUICK ATTACK!!!” as Riolu charged towards Corpish, Donavan simply smiling and giving a command of his own.
Corpish opened up one of its claws holding it in front of him while Riolu carelessly ran into it. Blood started to drip down the infant's sides as it cried out in pain, stuck in Corpish's vice grip.
Jacob's eyes widened as the boy was now in panic. Meanwhile, Izy had managed to do some pretty good damage to Glameow with her Hoothoot.
But not all was looking up as Glameow waited for Hoothoot to swoop in for a peck attack. Then Jenna grinned wickedly shouting, “Dodge it and use Shadow Claw!”
Glameow got up to her feet perfectly as if Hoothoot's previous attacks had done nothing, using her spring tail to bounce above over the owl's head then created a dark energy claw like Riolu's, only a little bit less impressive. Glameow descended planting the claw into Hoothoot's chest going downwards. The owl's chest was now covered in cuts as blood came out and she fell to the ground, defeated while Izy's eyes were wide open.
“Yes!” Jenna shouted with much glee, “I knew these Pokemon would help us!”
“Don't count me out just yet,” Izy said with a grimace, “I still have one Pokemon left.”
This did worry Jenna a bit, but Izy knew this was risky. Beedrill had taken in a lot of damage from Hoothoot the previous day and even though she'd had a whole night to rest up, she still wasn't fully recovered. But what else was Izy to do? So she threw the Pokeball as the bee emerged at least looking ready for battle.
Jacob was in full panic mode as Riolu took in a bubble attack and looked like he was going to pass out. But it still tried its best to stay up as Jacob looked with concern.
“Riolu, please, you need to rest,” he said taking out a Pokeball, “Rest inside the Pokeball. You can't go on like this any longer.”
But Riolu refused as his palm started glow. Jacob knew what this was. This was an attack known as Force Palm. He had no idea Riolu knew such a move.
The Pokemon charged towards Corpish and dodged when the crab attempted to catch it in its claws again, planting its palm hard into the crab's face and knocking it out for good. There was no way, just no way. Donavan stared at the sight; eyes widened while he fell on his knees and returned Corpish to his haven of safety. He couldn't believe it. Corpish had been defeated.
Jacob breathed a sigh of relief until Riolu started to look rather woozy. Then the small Pokemon collapsed as Jacob realized what had happened. Riolu had overexerted himself and lost most of his energy. He was a baby. He shouldn't have had to deal with such torment. Jacob shouldn't have let Riolu fight in the first place. What was he thinking?
Jacob sighed and said, “I know you don't like this, but you give me no choice,” and with that, he opened up a Pokeball and allowed the light to take Riolu into it. He couldn't allow Riolu to take in such abuse.
Things weren't looking quite as good for Izy as Beedrill was pinned against he ground. Glameow was just about to deliver the finishing blow when Izy mouthed a command to Beedrill. The bee Pokemon saw the lip movements and understood as it jabbed one of its stingers into Glameow's incoming paw, piercing through the flesh. Then it used the other stinger to put a small hole in Glameow's belly as the cat coughed up a drop of blood and passed out from the pain.
Jenna sighed and returned the cat Pokemon shouting, “You haven't seen the last of us!” the two taking off while Izy shouted, “WAIT!” but it was too late.
Izy let down tears as Jacob asked, “What's wrong? You won, right?”
“No,” Izy said, “I won the fight, but I didn't win the battle. I wanted to capture those two and put them to justice!”
Jacob had to admit, he was very concerned now. He knelt down next to the girl and asked, “What happened between you and Team Advent?”
Izy wiped her tears and explained, “Team Advent killed my parents… I can't forgive them for that…”
Jacob's eyes widened as he nodded his head in understanding. At that moment, the two agreed to help one-another when Team Advent launched another attack on them, and so the two were a team now. They would be traveling together from now on.