Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ Jacob vs. Jenna ( Chapter 40 )

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Pokemon Quest
Jenna gritted her teeth and glared at Jacob. How could her Dugtrio Pokemon lose to someone weak against him? She had hoped so much to get her revenge on Jacob. Nevertheless, she needed to keep her cool.
Pulling out another Pokeball, she wound up for a shot shouting, “GO, GIRAFARIG!!!!”
From the ball emerged a giraffe with one half brown and a tail that had a fiendish grin attached to a ball on the end of it. Izy and Anna were once again shocked. They didn't think Jenna was good enough to catch a Girafarig. Nevertheless, Jacob knew what she had this time and was prepared.
“Manectric, return!” he shouted, returning the electric wolf. He proceeded to hurl another Pokeball into the area summoning his proud and strong Heracross, the Hercules beetle posing for the crowd.
Some people weren't all that impressed. Unlike Jonathan, they didn't think too highly of the chipped horn. Rather than considering it cool, they saw it as a weakness.
“You must be an idiot for doing that!” Jenna exclaimed, laughing wickedly as Jacob grinned stating, “I know Heracross is weak against psychic attacks, but don't forget that Girafarig is weak against bug type attacks!”
Jenna's eyes widened, her jaw dropped as the crowd applauded Jacob for his decision. That was certainly smart thinking on his part. But as the boy had said, Heracross was weak against the giraffe's specialty.
“GIRAFARIG, USE ZEN HEADBUTT!!!” Jenna spat as the giraffe stampeded towards the beetle, but Heracross simply leapt to the side, ramming his horn hard into the giraffe's side.
Izy and Anna clapped as Jacob grinned saying, “Your Girafarig may be fast, but Heracross is fast too. And by the way, that wasn't Horn Attack he just used.”
Jenna was worried now. Girafarig felt very weak from the blow. It must have been Megahorn to have dealt that much damage.
“HERACROSS, FINISHER HER OFF WITH NIGHT SLASH!!!!” Jacob shouted while the crowd cheered. Not only were bug types an enemy of Girafarig, but dark type attacks were also just as effective, and since Night Slash was an easier attack to land, Girafarig would have trouble dodging this.
However, things were not going to be this easy. Jenna scowled and shouted a command as Girafarig opened her mouth and unleashed a bright beam hitting Heracross hard in the gut, the beetle flying into a wall.
Izy bit her lip as Anna had her neutral look on. Heracross had just taken in a Psybeam. As mentioned earlier, he was weak against psychic attacks, so this left him feeling very weak. However, due to his endurance surpassing Girafarig's and Psybeam dealing less damage than Megahorn, he at least had more stamina left than the giraffe did.
Jenna's eyes widened as Heracross climbed back to his feet, a grin on his face. She had really hoped that Psybeam would finish the beetle off for good.
“Way to hang in there, Heracross!” Jacob exclaimed as the beetle grinned toward him, giving him thumbs up.
“Don't think this is over yet!” Jenna snapped with anger in her eyes as she shouted, “GIRAFARIG, USE PSYCHIC!!!”
The giraffe narrowed her eyes as a purple aura surrounded Heracross, the beetle crying in pain. As the attack subsided, Heracross fell on his hands and knees, breathing heavily. Jacob opened up a Pokeball saying, “I should have gone with Cacturne,” but as the beam shot towards the beetle, Heracross shook his head and leapt to the side, avoiding the beam.
The crowd was shocked as Izy's eyes went wide. Anna's neutral look was replaced by a smile as she said, “Heracross has enough strength to win.”
Jacob bit his lip, tears running down his face as he asked, “Heracross, are you sure you can continue this battle?”
The beetle turned to the boy with confidence in his expression, Jenna just standing there, silent and wide-eyed. Jacob smiled and nodded as the beetle opened up his shell exposing his wings and soared towards the awestruck giraffe, his arm forming a dark aura around it. As the Night Slash landed, Girafarig cried out in pain and fell on her side, not moving a muscle.
The crowd cheered as Jacob let out a sigh of relief and returned his Heracross saying, “That was truly amazing, old buddy.”
Donavan slapped his forehead as Jenna gritted her teeth. So far, this was going completely against her original plan. Well, she did have one option left. She could pick on her new Pokemon or she could choose an old favorite of hers.
“COME ON OUT, PURUGLY!!!” she shouted as the fat cat stood tall and proud. Donavan gritted his teeth thinking, `What's she thinking? Dragonite would have been a MUCH better choice!!'
Lucario tugged at Jacob's pant leg as the boy looked down, smiling. Lucario would have been the best choice for this. After all, Purugly's only weakness was fighting type attacks.
“Go get her, Lucario!” the boy shouted as the infant stepped forward, confidence in his expression. Many people in the audience were surprised to see a Lucario of all Pokemon.
“Let's see how the little guy holds up without his powers,” Kevin said as the other gym leaders nodded. Lucario was no longer the powerhouse he was in his previous life, but that didn't necessarily mean he was weak.
Purugly charged towards Lucario, preparing a scratch attack as the infant simply leapt to the side, dodging the attack and planting his palm into Purugly's cheek. The cat hissed and glared as Lucario dealt another Force Palm. However, despite taking in two fighting type moves, Purugly was not only still standing, she looked as if the last two attacks meant nothing.
`Of course,' Jacob thought, `Purugly's large body protects her against physical attacks.'
While this was true, that didn't mean Lucario hadn't dealt damage. It just meant that defeating Purugly would be a slightly more difficult task.
Lucario charged at the cat, preparing another Force Palm only to take a large scratch to the stomach. The infant was now wide open as Purugly unleashed an onslaught of scratches known as Fury Swipes. Being part steal type, Lucario absorbed half the damage, but he was still unable to find an opening as a swift strike from the cat sent him flying into the wall.
Izy's eyes went wide at the sight of this. Was this the same Jenna who would lose repeatedly to her? But despite this turn of events, Anna had a warm smile on as if she knew everything would be alright.
Lucario shook off the pain and glared at the cat as Jacob sighed with relief saying, “I knew there was no way that could finish you off.”
Jenna gritted his teeth, fuming at the head. She was fed up with Jacob's Pokemon frequently recovering from everything. No more was she going to deal with this. Lucario was going down no matter what.
Before anyone knew what was going on, Purugly leapt high above Lucario's head and fell upon him, her weight crushing him underneath. The crowd winced as Izy's eyes widened.
Jacob's eyes went wide as well as he asked, “Lucario… are you okay?”
Purugly licked her paw happily, slowly lifting herself up and trotting away from the infant. Lucario was lying face-down in the dirt motionless. That Body Slam was much more powerful than usual. How had Jenna's Pokemon gotten so strong?
However, all doubt turned to shock as Lucario's arm started to twitch. The infant planted his hands into the ground before lifting up his legs and doing the same with them. The crowd broke out into heavy cheers as Jenna and Purugly's eyes went wide, their jaws dropped.
Lucario slowly rose to his feet, prying his face out of the dirt and breathing heavily. Suddenly, his eyes started to glow blue, but this blue was brighter than the glow he'd gotten when performing Surf in his previous life.
The infant cupped his hands together as a blue ball of energy appeared. At first, everyone thought it was Aura sphere until it expanded in size. But how was this possible? Lucario didn't even have his powers anymore.
Jacob's eyes went wide as Izy and even Anna had shocked expressions. Lucario let out a loud cry and thrust his arms forward releasing a large blue stream of energy. The powerful wave blasted fast and hard into Purugly's face as the cat let out a loud shriek, an explosion appearing.
Soon the attack ended and silence filled the entire stadium. Lucario was breathing heavily as he passed out from exhaustion. Jacob's eyes were still wide as the boy was in too much shock to notice Lucario's state.
As the smoke cleared, Purugly was out cold, her paws twitching and foam coming out of her mouth. No one knew what power Lucario had used back there, but one thing was official…
“JACOB WINS THE BATTLE AND MOVES ONTO THE NEXT ROUND!!!” the announcer shouted as the crowd broke out into heavy cheering. Jacob finally snapped out of his shocked state and noticed Lucario lying motionless on the ground, running over and picking up his little friend.
“I don't know what you did back there,” the boy said with a smile, “but that was really something.”
Jacob exited the battle area while the crowd cheered wildly, Izy and Anna cheering the loudest. Moro stood up to the front saying, “That was truly a sight to behold! Lucario just used an undiscovered attack! (It also doesn't exist in the Pokemon games) That even made Nurse Boredom feel less bored!”
The nurse waved her hand slowly letting out a sigh while Moro slapped his forehead, shaking his head. It seemed nothing was ever going to make her feel truly alive.
While the other battles went on, Jacob took his Pokemon to be recovered with the assistance of a healing machine provided for tournament participants. While he waited for the machine to work its magic, Izy approached him slowly.
Jacob turned to see her coming and asked, “Shouldn't you be watching the other battles?”
Izy shook her head and said, “I came to check up on you.”
Jacob smiled and signaled her to come over to him so the two could talk. Izy looked at Lucario on the healing machine and said, “That was some attack, huh?”
Jacob nodded and stroked his chin stating, “I wonder what that attack was called. Moro said it's undiscovered.”
A smile crossed Izy's face as she said, “If it's newly discovered, that means we can legally think up a name for it.”
That was true. The girl had a point. While Pokemon names weren't chosen by humans the rather the way the Pokemon spoke, their attack names were always chosen by humans. But what were they going to call this attack?
Jacob needed to think hard about this. The position Lucario's body was in when he used the move and the way the ball formed in his hands was very similar to that of Aura Sphere. However, the resulting blast from it was like a wave of energy.
“How about Aura Wave?” he asked as Izy shook her head and said, “It doesn't sound very impressive.”
Then an idea came to Jacob. The attack had the force of many Aura Spheres as Jacob saw it, kind of like a storm.
“That's it!” Jacob exclaimed, slamming his fist against his palm, “We'll call it Aura Storm!”
Izy thought hard about it and said, “That actually has a nice ring to it. I like it.”
And soon enough, Jacob's Pokemon were healed as he and Izy went to the stadium. Unbeknownst to them, Anna had left her seat to search one of the stadium's computers for information on one of the trainers. Her usually calm expression wasn't on her face but rather a more serious look.
“Sampson…” she said to herself as she typed, “Sampson…”
She soon found the man's profile and studied it carefully. Her eyes went wide when a certain detail caught her attention.
`That dark Pokemon of his is a Spiritomb,' she thought as she proceeded to read a biography on it, `Only one exists in the whole world and its existence is said to be forbidden.'
Anna could do nothing but stare in disbelief. The biography told of ancient times when this ghostly creature performed terrifying acts against humanity, and as punishment for these acts, it was sealed away in the fissure of an Odd Keystone.
`How did Sampson get a hold of such a Pokemon?' she thought as she clicked on a link to a page telling of the theory behind reawakening Spiritomb.
`Once the keystone is found,' the words said, `it must be taken in the broken tower in the Sinnoh Region. There, a magical force will encompass the stone and Spiritomb will be released from his prison and swear loyalty to whomever frees him.'
Anna turned the computer off and looked down. What if Jacob had to face Sampson at one point? Would the boy stand a chance against a being as powerful as Spiritomb?