Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ Blast from the Past ( Chapter 54 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Pokemon Quest
Things had gotten difficult now. Janette had her Luxray out and Jacob had lost the one Pokemon with an advantage over it. But wait, maybe there was another way.
Then the answer hit Jacob like a rock. Infernape would actually be a very good choice. First of all, Infernape wasn't weak against electric attacks, but she didn't necessarily have an advantage over them either. However, Luxray was fast and Infernape was fast. Jacob grinned knowing what he could do.
He whipped out a Pokeball and shouted, “GO GET HIM, INFERNAPE!!!!” the monkey taking form.
Luxray growled before charging towards the monkey, his fangs opened wide. Luckily, Infernape was ready for this as she leapt to the side, punching the wolf hard in the waist area, Luxray tumbling across the ground while groaning in pain.
Izy and Harold both cheered for this amazing comeback, but Anna didn't seem so sure. It all felt just a tad too easy in her eyes.
Luxray got to his feet with fury in his eyes only to find a ring of fire trapping him in place. This was a result of Infernape's Fire Spin attack.
“Way to go, Infernape!” Jacob shouted, but Janette seemed to still have confidence in her Luxray as she simply nodded towards him, the wolf grinning wickedly.
Much to everyone's shock, the wolf let out a loud howl before charging straight towards the flames. Everyone gasped in shock when Luxray ran straight through the ring of fire. Sure, his body had a few burns on it, but he seemed to easily ignore this while Infernape was too shocked to do anything.
“DON'T JUST STAND THERE!!!!” Jacob spat while Izy watched with her eyes wide open and her jaw dropped, Luxray jabbing his fangs hard into the monkey's shoulder, blood trickling down Infernape while electricity surged through her body.
Jacob could do nothing but watch with his eyes wide open. Due to the battle's rules, he couldn't return the monkey, so Infernape had no choice but to put up with it.
Moro's eyes went wide as the man shouted, “Did you see that!? That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen! That Luxray could have killed himself!”
All Nurse Boredom could do was roll her eyes and say, “I'm just glad he didn't,” while Moro glared at the nurse and grumbled once again.
However, Jacob wasn't going to let his partner lose so easily. He then remember his previous battle with Sampson and how Floatzel had ignored a Thunder Fang attack herself, overpowering it and dominating her opponent. Then the answer hit him.
“INFERNAPE!!!” he shouted while the monkey cried in pain, “Ignore the pain! I know it's hard, but just try! Use Luxray's grip on you to your advantage!”
Infernape's eyes went wide at the sound of that as the crowd watched with curiosity. The monkey nodded and placed her hands up against the side of Luxray's head, lifting the wolf up high. She then allowed her body to drop toward the ground, Luxray's back hitting the ground hard causing the wolf to let go, his eyes now closed.
Janette simply stared at the scene for a few seconds before smiling and saying, “Well, congratulations. You actually beat my Luxray,” returning the wolf to his Pokeball seconds later while the crowd cheered heavily.
“That boy still amazes me,” Izy said with a sigh as Moro let down tears saying, “It just does my heart so good to see him do that with the Pokemon I gave him!” Nurse Boredom burying her head in her own arms.
Roxanne waved her arms wildly in the air shouting, “GO GET HER, JACOB!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!” Izy resisting the temptation to sick her Noctowl on the hyperactive girl.
“That was a very smart strategy,” Janette said with a smile, “It's been a great battle so far, Jacob.”
Jacob grinned and replied, “You've been a great opponent so far yourself.”
With that, Janette sent in a purple moth-like creature with green wings and small red legs along with yellow eyes with three spots on each. This was known as a Dustox.
This seemed like an odd choice. Infernape, being a fire type, had an advantage over bug types, which Dustox was. Then again, Janette often picked what most viewed as the wrong Pokemon for these battles and always seemed to win no matter what. Jacob needed to be careful.
Let alone that fact, Infernape wasn't looking so well. After that Thunder Fang, she didn't look like she had much in her.
“Infernape, do you think you can still fight?” Jacob asked as the monkey turned to him and sighed, the boy smiling and returning her saying, “I'll save you for later.”
That said, the boy sent in the next best thing. Why not fight a bug type with another bug type? As such, Heracross was the Pokemon to replace Infernape.
Johnathan simply grinned at the sight of this, but that could have just been due to that look of his being permanent. But aside from that, Janette was fairly impressed as well.
The battle started up with Dustox flapping her wings with incredible strength, strong winds emanating from them. This was known as Gust, and as Heracross had a bigger weakness to flying type moves than Dustox did, this would not end well.
The Hercules Beetle took the gust hard to the face as Jacob shouted, “TRY AND RESIST!!!” while the beetle opened up his shell, revealing his wings and trying to fly through the gust of wind. However, the wind proved to be too powerful as the Hercules lost control and flew fast and hard into the wall, a crack starting to form.
Jacob's eyes went wide as the boy asked, “Are you okay?” while Heracross shook his head and gave the boy thumbs up with a grin. However, when he tried to get up, a pain filled his body as he knelt down on one knee, breathing heavily.
“This is bad,” Izy said with a look of concern, “Even though he's beaten two of her Pokemon, Jacob's chances aren't looking very good.”
However, Anna had a smile on her face as she said, “Well, I think he may just win this after all, but I can't be too certain.”
Heracross did all he could to ignore the pain, but while the beetle attempted to get back to his feet, Dustox soared towards him with a fire in his eyes. The moth was only moments away from striking her target when Heracross finally shook off the pain, a grimace forming as his horn glowed, the beetle swinging it at his pray and hitting Dustox hard in the face, the moth flying toward the other side of the arena, seeming to be unconscious despite having no weakness to an attack like Megahorn.
However, it didn't end there. Jacob's eyes sparkled as he shouted, “Finish her off with Aerial Ace!” the Hercules beetle nodding while flying towards Dustox, his body ramming hard into hers while he forced her up against the wall, his horn still touching the moth's chest.
All was silent as Dustox coughed up a bit of blood, some of it drenching Heracross' horn, Heracross removing it while the moth slid down the wall and fell to the ground, unconscious.
The crowd broke out into heavy cheering while Janette chuckled, returning her Dustox and saying, “That was truly amazing, Jacob. Your Heracross is very well trained.”
Heracross blushed while rubbing the back of his head as Johnathan laughed and said, “That boy's still got it!”
Izy sighed with relief with a smile on her face saying, “It looks like he may just win this after all. I think your prediction may be right, Anna.”
Anna's eyes went wide as her look of shock soon turned into a smile. Who knows? Maybe her intuition had returned.
However, this battle was far from over. Jacob may have beaten three of Janette's Pokemon, but one had to remember, the rules clearly stated that each trainer had to use all six partners for this battle. Jacob had done quite well, but there was a problem. Both Heracross and Infernape were badly injured from their battles, and he knew that he would have to use them again at some point. But now was not a time to worry about that. He needed to stay focused.
Janette smiled and said, “You've been a fantastic opponent so far, but let's see how you deal with this,” the girl throwing a ball into the arena as a large creature appeared, everyone's eyes going wide.
“Is that what I think it is?” Moro asked as even Nurse Boredom's eyes were wide with shock, the professor snickering briefly at the sight of the nurse finally showing some enthusiasm.
“I didn't think those existed,” Donavan said as Jenna's eyes sparkled, the woman saying, “I knew they were real.”
An uproar started in the crowd while the gym leaders started taking photos while Aragon bit his lip sniffing, “I've always wanted one of those! This is so unfair!”
Izy's eyes sparkled, which was a rare sight from her, the girl saying, “They are real! I can't believe my eyes!”
Anna's eyes were also sparkling, but that was normal for her. Meanwhile, Harold's body was trembling as he groaned, “Oh god, all my nightmares are coming true! They actually exist!”
Perona stroked her chin with an intrigued look as she said, “Very interesting. I thought they were wiped out.”
Jacob's eyes went wide as he asked, “Is that really a...” while Roxanne looked back and forth asking, “What's the big deal? That thing's not cute in the slightest.”
Everyone else in the crowd including Jacob glared at the girl shouting, “WHAT ROCK HAVE YOU BEEN UNDER YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!!!!!??”
The Pokemon Janette had chosen was a large winged lizard with gray flesh. This was a dinosaur known as Aerodactyl.
“How did you get a Pokemon that's supposed to be extinct?” Jacob asked while the audience listened with much interest, the girl chuckling and saying, “He was my first Pokemon. My dad dug up an old fossil of him and brought him to life.”
Everyone nodded in response to this. The story did check out. However, there was just one problem. Who would Jacob use against such a fearsome beast? Sure, Heracross could fly, but in his condition, he really wouldn't have stood much of a chance. However, the boy didn't seem to have much of a choice.
“Heracross, how are you holding up?” he asked as the beetle gave the boy thumbs up, Jacob letting out a sigh and saying, “Alright, go in there and show that dinosaur who's boss!”
Heracross soared towards the large dinosaur as Aerodactyl soared downward towards the beetle, his wings set up for a Wing Attack. This didn't look promising at all, but then Jacob realized something. Heracross was much smaller than Aerodactyl. While that may have seemed like a bad thing, to the best of the boy's knowledge, this may have been good enough to help.
“HERACROSS, DODGE HIS ATTACK AND HIT HIM IN THE BACK!!!!” the boy shouted as Heracross grinned, stopping his Aerial Ace to fly over Aerodactyl's head, the pterodactyl flying too quickly to respond as the beetle delivered a fierce Night Slash to his back, the dinosaur crying in pain.
His back was now bleeding, however, it was only a small bit of blood as Aerodactyl turned toward Heracross. Seeing the beast's face so close to his made Heracross start to tremble. He was more scared than ever before.
“Heracross, do something!” Jacob shouted, but the beetle was unable to do a thing as Aerodactyl opened his mouth, unleashing a Hyper Beam, which sent Heracross flying into the wall, the beetle now out cold.
Jacob sighed and returned the bug to his ball saying, “Don't worry about it. You did the best you could.”
That didn't change the fact that Jacob was in trouble now. Janette now had the upper hand against him. What was he to do?
Just as it all seemed hopeless, the answer suddenly came to him. Aerodactyl was weak against water type attacks. The boy now knew just who to use as he whipped out a Pokeball sending Floatzel into the battle.
“Why would he use Floatzel?” Izy asked as Harold trembled saying, “He must be desperate for ideas.”
Anna shook her head and explained, “Aerodactyl is not only a flying type but also a rock type. That means water attacks are the best to use against him.”
Roxanne's eyes went wide as they started to sparkle, the girl shouting, “OH MY GOD!!!! I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN MYSELF A FLOATZEL!!! THAT'S SO CUTE!!!!”
Aerodactyl seemed unfazed as he soared towards the weasel, Jacob shouting, “Don't be intimidated, Floatzel! Roll to the side and hit him with Water Gun!”
Floatzel nodded her head and rolled out of the way just in time to avoid Aerodactyl's Wing Attack, however, the wind emanating from him causes Floatzel to roll into a wall. Nevertheless, the weasel shook the pain off, opening her mouth as a blast of water soared towards the pterodactyl, the dinosaur crying in pain while the water hit his back.
Not only had the water done that, it also splashed a little, a bit of it getting on Aerodactyl's wings. As such, the dinosaur was too busy trying to shake off the water to notice another Water Gun, this time hitting him in the back of the head as he fell to the ground, his eyes swirling.
Everyone in the crowd cheered at the sight of this as Floatzel posed for the women in the crowd. This was truly a sight to behold. The idea that such a tiny creature could defeat a dinosaur Pokemon so easily was truly astounding.
“Way to go, Floatzel!” Jacob shouted with a grin, “I'm very proud of you!”
Janette returned her dinosaur and smiled saying, “You truly amaze me, Jacob, but I doubt you can beat this next one.”
The crowd gasped when a large tortoise exited the next Pokeball. This tortoise was green with a tree growing out of one half of its shell, jagged rocks coming out of the other. This was Torterra.
Roxanne had a worried look as she said, “I don't know who to route for. I love Torterra, but I also like Jacob.”
Jacob was also a bit worried. The only Pokemon he had with an advantage over Torterra was Infernape, and she was weak after her battle. Perhaps his best bet would be the weaken the tortoise first, so he simply looked at Floatzel who nodded back at him with a grin. As such, the boy decided to allow the weasel to continue fighting, but it was risky. After all, grass types had an advantage over water types.