Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ Torterra the Terrible ( Chapter 55 )

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Pokemon Quest
Torterra let out a fierce roar as the battle began. Jacob needed to think carefully about this. Torterra was a powerful adversary and with Floatzel weak against his attacks, this battle was going to be tough. However, there was also a big flaw Torterra had. The tortoise was slow, really slow. He was one of the few Pokemon out there that became drastically slower every time he evolved.
“Floatzel, hit him with Sonicboom!” the boy shouted as Floatzel nodded and performing a front flip, her tails unleashing a mass amount of energy. The energy soared fast and hard into Torterra's face, but much to Jacob's dismay, the tortoise remained with the same facial expression as if the attack had done nothing.
Izy looked at this with concern and thought, 'I really hope he knows what he's doing.'
Torterra let out a deafening roar as the leaves atop the tree on his back started to rustle much like they were blowing in the wind. After only a couple of seconds, leaves started to fly from the branches, each being replaced by a new one in less than one second. Floatzel did all she could to dodge the incoming projectiles but in the end there were too many.
Floatzel cried out in pain as the Razor Leaf attack started to put small cuts all over her body. Blood was dripping everywhere as the weasel fell to her knees and started to breathe heavily.
“Floatzel, are you okay!?” Jacob spat with his eyes wide open.
Floatzel's body started to twitch as she gritted her teeth, doing her best to stay on her feet. It looked like she was going to pass out... and yet she continued to stand. After a few more seconds she managed to fight through the pain before turning to her master and holding her thumb up for him to see.
Jacob let out a sigh of relief and asked, “Are you still willing to battle?” as Floatzel nodded, a look of confidence on her face. It would take a lot more than sharp leaves to get this weasel to give up.
Janette smiled at the sight of this and said, “That Floatzel of yours is very strong. You've clearly trained her well,” while Floatzel blushed, rubbing the back of her head.
The crowd cheered as Moro's eyes went wide, the professor shouting, “Did you see that!? Even with all that pain, that wonderful Floatzel can still fight!”
Nurse Boredom simply glanced over at the professor before saying, “You're making it even harder for me to sleep, you know that?” Moro grumbling curses under his breath.
But there was one problem that still remained. What could Floatzel use against Torterra that would work? Then Jacob remembered something very important: Torterra was weak against ice, even more than he was against fire.
“That's it!” the boy shouted with a look of confidence on his face, “Floatzel, hit him with Ice Fang!”
The weasel's eyes sparkled as she charged towards the tortoise. But, of course, Torterra would not let the weasel get that close to him. As such, he slammed his foot hard against the ground as the entire arena started to quake. Even the bleachers were vibrating while the audience members did their best to stay in their seats. Even Jacob and Janette had a bit of trouble standing after that.
“Next time, could you make Torterra use a less effective technique?” Jacob requested as Janette chuckled and replied, “I'll consider it.”
But much to everyone's shock, Floatzel wasn't even on the ground. The crowd's eyes were wide when they noticed a weasel high above the arena floor as she dove downward, ramming hard into the Torterra's skull and sinking her fangs into it, a cold mist emanating from them.
Torterra cried in pain as Floatzel held on tight. The tortoise did all he could to get the weasel off of him until he ultimately gave up and started shaking his head around. A few more seconds would surely do him in.
“WAY TO GO, FLOATZEL!!!!!” Jacob shouted while Izy and Anna cheered, Harold speechless at this sight.
“That's more like it!” Jenna spat as Donavan threw his fist forward shouting, “That's the Jacob we know!”
Roxanne cringed at the sight of this saying, “As much as I want Jacob to win, I can't stand to see a Torterra in so much pain.”
However, mere seconds before the tortoise was about to give up, five of Floatzel's wounds opened up as the weasel cried in pain, releasing her fangs from Torterra's skull. The weasel fell in front of the tortoise on her back and started rolling around as Torterra opened his mouth, a green energy flowing from the weasel's body into his mouth.
Jacob's eyes went wide at the sight of this as he thought, 'No!'
He had all the reason to worry. This attack was known as Giga Drain and not only was it a fairly powerful move, but it absorbed an opponent's vitality. This meant Floatzel's remaining energy was being used to remove some of the damage previously dealt by the Ice Fang.
And that was it. Floatzel lay on the ground motionless and Torterra's victory over the weasel was official. To make matters worse, half his strength had returned to him.
“He was so close...” Izy said before lowering her head and letting out a disappointed groan, Anna smiling and saying, “It's not over yet. He still has two other Pokemon.”
Jacob let out a disappointed sigh, returning his Floatzel to her ball and said, “You did an excellent job out there,” as he pulled out another ball and sighed, “I guess you'll have to do.”
Lucario pulled on the boy's leg as the boy smiled and shook his head saying, “Sorry, but I'm saving you for last.”
That said, the boy released his Pokeball summoning Infernape. Unfortunately, her shoulder was still bleeding and she hadn't regained all of her energy. But she was in good enough condition to keep fighting.
“Infernape, I'm counting on you,” Jacob said as the monkey grinned, nodding her head.
Now he had more of an advantage. Infernape was strong against Torterra. The only downside was that she'd previously taken in a lot of damage. But Jacob had confidence in the monkey and he wasn't going to lose now, not after coming this far.
“Infernape,” the boy commanded, “start things off with Fire Spin!”
Before Torterra could even respond, Infernape surrounded the tortoise in a ring of fire. Torterra's eyes, for the first time, had a worried look to them as the monkey proceeded to shoot a series of small flames for an Ember Attack.
Janette had to admit, she was a bit worried. Normally, she could trust her Pokemon to function fine without her guidance, but at this moment, Torterra had no idea what to do.
While the tortoise was distracted, Infernape rolled up into a ball, flames surrounding her body for a Flame Wheel. She then proceeded toward her opponent. When the Flame Wheel touched the flames, it absorbed that particular section of the ring thus growing bigger in size before ramming hard into Torterra's face.
Izy rose her fist into the air and shouted, “NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!!”
Roxanne covered her eyes in response to this. Sure, she was happy to see Jacob winning, but to see a Torterra being tormented like that was painful for her.
Perona simply chuckled and thought, 'Now why couldn't have have been that good when he fought me?'
Moro let down tears of joy and cried, “It just means so much that-”
“He's doing that with the Pokemon you gave him,” Nurse Boredom remarked while rolling her eyes and adding, “Stop saying that, please!”
Moro grimaced and folded his arms muttering, “Killjoy...” while the nurse let out a yawn.
The tortoise cried in pain as Infernape set up her fist for a Mach Punch. But as the fist headed towards Torterra's jaw, the tortoise opened his mouth wide before closing it in one the monkey's hand, silence filling the stands.
No one could believe what they were seeing. Even Janette was amazed. In a last minute attempt, Torterra had actually bitten into Infernape's hand. To make matters worse, he proceeded to shift his head upwards, releasing the monkey as she flew into the air. Torterra then proceeded to unleash a mighty Leaf Storm, Infernape unable to dodge as her body was now covered with cuts.
The monkey descended towards the ground, her blood flying into the air as she descended. As she fell face-first into the ground, her blood started to rain down on her while Jacob just stared in shock with his eyes wide open.
She had come so close to beating Torterra, and yet Infernape had lost in the end. Jacob sighed and returned her to her ball and said, “You did an amazing job,” before turning to Lucario and saying, “Alright, buddy, you're up.”
The infant stood tall and proud as Izy bit her lip. She was now worried. Jacob was down to his last Pokemon and that Torterra seemed unstoppable.
Anna had a neutral look on while Harold bit his fingernails. Everyone else in the crowd was starting to doubt the boy's chances now. However, Jenna, Donavan and the gym leaders had not yet lost hope. They knew Jacob. He had gotten out of far worst situations than this before. Surely, this Torterra could be beaten.
“Get him with the best thing you can,” Jacob said as Lucario nodded, charging towards the tortoise. However, Torterra was not going to simply let his opponent hit him. As such, he unleashed an onslaught of Razor Leaves towards the incoming dog-like creature.
Lucario saw this coming and whipped out a series of bones, hurling them at the leaves and causing them to fall to the ground on contact. Torterra grimaced and let out a deafening roar before slamming his foot hard into the ground, but just like Floatzel, he simply leapt into the air and dodged the incoming Earthquake.
Torterra attempted to hit the infant with another Razor Leaf attack, but just like before, Lucario was prepared with his Bone Rush. But since he was throwing them downwards toward the tortoise this time, some of the bones landed hard on Torterra's skull after causing the leaves to fall with them.
The crowd cheered while Torterra was distracted, Lucario planting his palm hard into the tortoise's skull. Torterra groaned in pain before separating his legs out and falling to the ground, his eyes swirling. That was that. After all that trouble, Torterra had finally been defeated.
The crowd broke out into heavy cheering as Lucario ran over to Jacob, the boy embracing his partner. Janette smiled and returned her Torterra saying, “You were wonderful out there.”
Izy and Anna embraced one-another, Harold once again feeling like an outcast while Donavan and Jenna gave each other a high five. Roxanne did feel sorry for the Torterra, but she applauded Lucario's victory all the same.
However, in all the excitement, they had forgotten one simple factor. The battle wasn't over yet. Janette still had one Pokemon left, and everyone knew who it was.
Janette smiled compassionately while pulling out her last Pokeball saying, “Jacob, throughout this whole battle, you have truly been the best opponent I could have ever asked for. This battle has been a lot of fun and you deserve to win this. However, I'm not going to hand you this victory, so I hope you can stand up to my pride and joy.”
That said, the girl threw her Pokeball into the arena as a large bird made entirely out of metal emerged. Everyone marveled at the sight of her Scarmory. The bird let out a loud crow and glared at Lucario. This was going to be tough.
“Don't disappoint me now,” Janette said as Jacob grinned with confidence saying, “Don't you worry about a thing. Lucario and I are going to beat that Scarmory of yours no matter what!”
Izy felt a bit worried right now. After all of this, Jacob couldn't lose, but what if he did? What if that Scarmory was too strong for him to handle?
No, there was no way he would lose. She knew Jacob better than that. The boy was far too determined to win, and he'd gotten out of far worse situations than this. After all, that Lucario of him defeated a Spiritomb. How could he lose to Scarmory at this point?
Anna had a smile on her face. She had confidence in the boy as well. She knew that after all of this, Jacob wouldn't go down so easily. Godly powers or not, Lucario was still Jacob's strongest Pokemon. There was no way the creature would lose to a bird, even if it was made of metal.
Donavan and Jenna simply gritted their teeth while Jenna shouted, “Anyone who's beaten me as many times as that kid has doesn't deserve to lose!” as Donavan nodded in agreement.
The gym leaders were also hoping for Jacob's victory, but they weren't allowed to show it. All in all, this was going to be a battle for the ages.
Scarmory started things off as she soared towards Lucario, her wing turning silver. Lucario grimaced and leapt towards the incoming bird, his claws becoming silver as well. Soon enough, both attacks collided with one-another, sparks flying from the arm and wing.
This could be anyone's game now. Both were fairly strong against steel-type attacks. However, Steel Wing was more powerful than Metal Claw.
Lucario gritted his teeth as his arm started to bend back. Jacob's eyes went wide as he started to tremble. He knew what this meant. Scarmory's wing had overpowered Lucario's claws. As such, Lucario was sent reeling hard into the ground, his body skidding across it as the infant groaned in pain.
Jacob had a look of concern as he asked, “Lucario, are you alright?”
Luckily for him, it would take a lot more than that to defeat Lucario. The infant slowly rose to his feet and shook off the pain as his look of confidence returned. There was no way Scarmory would beat him that easily.
Of course, Scarmory wasn't going to allow Lucario to win either. As such, he soared down towards the infant as Lucario stood his ground, Jacob with a look of confidence.
“What's he doing?” Izy asked, “Shouldn't Lucario move out of the way?”
“I think they have a plan,” Anna said with a smile as Harold nodded while saying, “Of course. That must be it. There's no way Jacob would let himself lose.”
Seconds before Scarmory could land a blow on Lucario, the infant leapt up into the air and landed on the bird's back. Janette smiled with admiration at the sight of this as Lucario started to throw an onslaught of punches to the back of Scarmory's head, the bird crying in pain and falling to the ground.
The crowd broke out into heavy cheering as Jacob threw his fist forward shouting, “WAY TO GO, LUCARIO!!!!! YOU'VE GOT HIM NOW!!!!”
But just as Lucario was ready to deliver more damage, Scarmory's eyes started to glow as the bird took to the skies again, dragging Lucario with her. Unfortunately, Scarmory was flying so fast now that Lucario couldn't even take advantage of this, and soon enough, Scarmory was flying too fast and Lucario ended up releasing his grip on her.
Jacob's eyes went wide as Lucario descended towards the ground. As if that wasn't bad enough, Scarmory flew downward towards Lucario and planting her wing up against the infant's chest. With that, she applied her weight to the fall thus causing Lucario to take in even more pain when his back hit the ground.
The infant coughed up a ton of blood as he lay on the ground. All was silent around the arena. Had Lucario just... lost? No, he couldn't. Not after Jacob had gotten this far.
“Lucario?” he asked as the infant remained motionless, “Are you okay?”
Scarmory returned to her master's side as Janette smiled and said, “Well, Jacob, you were an excellent opponent. You shouldn't feel too bad about losing.”
However, that silence soon turned into heavy cheering when Lucario slowly shifted his arms, placing them against the ground. Then with a bend of his knees, he planted his feet firmly against the ground. The crowd went wild when the infant pushed himself back up to his feet, breathing heavily with a look of confidence in his eyes.
Jacob let down a tear as his eyes sparkled, the boy saying, “I knew you wouldn't lose that easily.”
Izy and Anna hugged one-another, Harold rolling his eyes and embracing the two. Roxanne lifted her arms in the air and shouted, “GO GET HER, JACOB!!!!!”
Jenna and Donavan did a happy dance while Perona simply chuckled and said, “I knew that wouldn't be enough.”
Moro let down tears of joy shouting, “THIS IS ALL SO INSPIRING!!!!” while Boredom sighed, patting the man on the back saying, “Whatever you say, professor. Whatever you say.”
Jacob grinned at Lucario and asked, “So, what do you say, buddy? Do you think you can win this?”
Lucario grinned at his master and nodded. There was no way he would lose at this point.