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The Beginning

"That first takeover was a breeze!" said Cenogog.

"Yeah!" said Palor.

"I have never seen anything so easy in my life!" said Cenogog, "so, where should we conquer next?"

"How about the planet Earth?" asked Palor.

"Hmmm," said Canogog, "you might have something there. I think that that will be our next target! Planet Patrol! Go and attack Earth!"

What they didn't know is that someone was spying on them. She heard enough, so she quickly left, but she wasn't undetected.

"Hey, boss," said Quator, "I swear that someone was spying on us."

They looked in the direction of the spy and saw no one.

"I wouldn't worry about it," said Cenogog, "soon, their kingdom will be ours anyway!"

"Of course!" said Quator, "why didn't I think of that before!"

The spy was Divatox. She went to find Rita and Lord Zedd, and then she found them. Rita noticed that Divatox was coming frantically towards them.

"Look, Zeddy," said Rita, "Divatox is coming, and she looks worried!"

"Where?" asked Lord Zedd.

She pointed Lord Zedd in the direction of Divatox. Then Divatox appproached both of them.

"Divatox?" asked Rita, "what's wrong?"

"Cenogog wants to conquer the Earth," said Divatox, "it wasn't our fault, but we have to stop him somehow!"

"You're right about that," said Lord Zedd, "we have to stop him somehow."

"I have an idea," said Divatox, "come with me."

"Where are we going?" asked Rita.

"Just trust me," said Divatox.

They went to Reefside High and were greeted by a friendly receptionist.

"Hello," said the receptionist, "how may I help you?"

"Yes," said Divatox, "we're looking for Dr. Tommy Oliver. It's important."

Lord Zedd and Rita smiled at each other.

"I'll be right back," said the receptionist.

At the time, Tommy was teaching on human DNA, and then the receptionist came to his doorway.

"Yes?" asked Tommy.

"You have guests in the lobby," said the receptionist, "they say that it's important."

Tommy sighed.

"I'll be down in a second," said Tommy.

Tommy proceeded to leave his classroom.

As he left, he said, "You guys behave yourselves while I'm gone!"

After he left, the class became unruly, but then another teacher came in, and the class quieted down. Tommy went to greet his guests in the lobby.

"I'm Dr. Tommy Oliver," said Tommy, "what can I do for you?

"Can we go somewhere where it's quiet?" asked Divatox.

"Sure!" said Tommy, "we can go into the conference room. Follow me."

Tommy led them into the conference room, and they sat down in comfortable chairs at the long, wooden table.

"So," asked Tommy, "what's going on?"

"It's us," said Lord Zedd, "Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and Divatox."

Tommy became apprehensive.

"What are you up to?" asked Tommy.

"Hear us out," said Rita, "when we were born, we were good, and a villain named Darkonda turned us evil, and when Andros blasted Zordon's tube, we were turned good again."

"How do I know that you're not lying to me?" asked Tommy.

"It's the truth!" said Rita, "please trust us! We're not lying to you!"

"Okay," said Tommy, "I'm going to trust you, but don't let me down!"

"Promise!" said Divatox.

"Anyway," asked Tommmy, "so, why are you here?"

"A villain named Cenogog is trying to take over the Earth, and we want to help stop him," said Rita.

"I guess I can trust you," said Tommy, "let me tell the receptionist that I'm leaving because there's something that we need to do at my house."

"Okay," said Lord Zedd.

Tommy left the conference room and approached the receptionist.

"Roberta," said Tommy, "I'm going to be gone for a while, so I'm going to need you to line up a sub for me."

"No problem, Dr. Oliver!" said the receptionist.

"Thanks, Roberta!" said Tommy, "you're the best!"

Tommy went back into the conference room.

"Ready to go?" asked Tommy.

They all got up from the table, followed Tommy to his jeep, and hopped inside. Tommy drove to his house.

"We're here!" said Tommy, "come inside. There's something I need you to see."

Rita and Divatox were a little uneasy about going into Tommy's house, but they decided to go inside anyway. They followed Tommy to his basement.

"Tommy," asked Rita, "you don't plan on us making a base out of your basement, do you?"

"No," said Tommy, "I brought you here because we need to make an important call."

"Oh," said Rita.

Tommy used Hayley's computer to contact Aquitar.

"Aurico, here," said Aurico.

"Hi, Aurico," said Tommy, "some friends and I were wondering if there were any bases that you knew of so that they can start a Power Ranger team."

"Yes, there is," said Aurico, "it's one of Zordon's old bases on Eltare. It is in rough shape, but if you can clean it up, it's yours. I can teleport you there if you want."

"Would you?" asked Tommy.

Aurico teleported Tommy, Rita, Lord Zedd, and Divatox to the outside of the base. Lord Zedd placed his hand on the door, and the door opened. They walked inside the base, and there were wires everywhere. Then Lord Zedd accidentally stepped on a droid, and the droid turned on the lights.

"Intruder! Intruder!" said the droid, "oh, I thought that you were the Decons! I'm Alpha, nice to meet you."

"Alpha what?" asked Tommy.

"Tommy," said Lord Zedd, "this may be the first Alpha ever made!"

"Oh," said Tommy.

"This place is a mess!" said Alpha, "let me clean it up really quickly!"

Alpha moved at blazing speed and cleaned up the base. The base was in good condition. Tommy, Rita, Lord Zedd, and Divatox were amazed.

"Now, this looks like a real base!" said Tommy.

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