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Seeing Red

“We need to find a  power source to make Power Rangers,” said Lord Zedd.
“There may be a power source, but I'm not sure that it exists,” said Alpha.
“What is it?” asked Rita.
“It is the Deius Crystal,” said Alpha, its supposed to be in the Nedor Mountains. It powers Power Rangers. It may be all that we have.”
“It may be the only chance that we have,” said Lord Zedd, “Tommy, are you willing to go with me to check this out?”
“Yeah!” said Tommy.
“Then, let's go!” said Lord Zedd.
They teleported to the foot of the Nedor Mountains and began climbing. What they didn't know is that Palor and Neor were climbing on the other side. They met in the cave in the mountain. They all charged for the crystal. Palor and Neor managed to knock Tommy and Lord Zedd out of the way. Neor lunged for the crystal, and the crystal emitted an electrical charge that knocked him against the cave wall.
“Let me try!” said Palor.
Palor lunged for the crystal, and the same thing happened to him. The crystal emitted an electrical charge that knocked him against the cave wall.
“Let me try!” said Tommy.
Tommy lunged for the crystal, Tommy picked up the crystal, and it glowed intermittently in his hands.
“Whoa!” said Tommy, “I guess that the crystal can sense between good and evil!”
Palor and Neor became angry. They blasted the ceiling of the cave.
“If we can't have it, nobody can!” said Palor.
The cave began to cave in, and Tommy and Lord Zedd made it safely out of the cave. They climbed down the mountain and made it safely back to the base.
“Did you bring the crystal?” asked Divatox.
Tommy presented the crystal to Divatox. Divatox smiled.
“Okay,” said Alpha, “we need to start with three rangers. This base is equipped with a ranger database. It has data on any ranger past and present.”
“I guess that I'd better get on it!” said Tommy.
Tommy got on the ranger database and found his three ranger candidates.
“Now,” said Tommy, “I would recommend that you three change your names. You might scare someone.”“I'll be Carol,” said Divatox.
“I'll be Chuck,” said Lord Zedd.
“Rita isn't that scary,” said Rita.
“Good,” said Tommy, “now, I'll go and find the three ranger candidates.”
Tommy went to the Shiba house and knocked on the door. Jayden answered.
“Hi!” said Jayden.
“Hi! I'm Dr. Tommy Oliver,” said Tommy, “I believe that I'm looking for your sister.”
“I'll be right back,” said Jayden.
Jayden went upstairs and knocked on his sister's door.
“Yes?” asked Lauren.
“Someone wants to see you!” said Jayden.
“Tell them I'll be right down!” said Lauren.
“Okay!” said Jayden.
Jayden went back down the stairs.
“She'll be right down,” said Jayden.
“Thanks!” said Tommy.
Lauren went down the stairs.
“I'm Lauren Shiba,” said Lauren, “what can I do for you?”“Let's go outside,” said Tommy.
Tommy and Lauren went outside on their front porch.
“How would you like to become a ranger again?” asked Tommy.
“Again?” asked Lauren, “how do you know that I was a ranger before?”
“When you became a ranger, your data was stored in a ranger database,” said Tommy.
“I see,” said Lauren, “okay, what do I do?”
“Take my elbow,” said Tommy.
Lauren took Tommy's elbow, and they teleported to the base. Lauren was astonished by the technology of the base.
“This place is amazing!” said Lauren, “okay, where's the Power Ranger stuff?”
“I have to find two of your teammates,” said Tommy, “I'm going, now!”
Tommy went to Miranoi. The place was populous. He bumped into someone.
“Oh, sorry,” said Tommy, “I didn't mean to bump into you.”
“You don't look like you're from here,” said the stranger, “my name's Maya. How can I help you?”
“The name's Tommy,” said Tommy, “I'm looking for Kai Chen.”
“I know him!” said Maya, “come with me! I'll take you to his house!”
Maya took Tommy to Kai's house.
“Here you are!” said Maya, “see you later.”
Maya went on her way. Tommy knocked on Kai's door, and Kai answered.
“Hi!” said Kai, “what can I do for you?”“I'm Dr. Tommy Oliver,” said Tommy, “I was wondering if you would like to become a Power Ranger again.”
“Sure!” said Kai, “if that's possible.”
“Well,” said Tommy, “it is.”
“Okay,” said Kai, “what do I do?”
“Take my elbow,” said Tommy.
Kai took Tommy's elbow, and they teleported to the base. Kai was also astonished by the base's technology.
“Okay,” said Kai, “where's the Power Rangers stuff?”
“I just have to find one more teammate,” said Tommy, “I'll be right back.”
Tommy went to the Mariner Bay firehouse and knocked on the door. A firefighter answered.
“Hello,” said the firefighter, “how may I help you?”
“Yeah,” said Tommy, “I'm looking for Carter Grayson.”
“I'll be right back,” said the firefighter.
The firefighter went to find Carter.
“Carter,” said the firefighter, “someone is at the door for you.”
“Oh, really?” asked Carter.
Carter went to the door.
“I'm Carter Grayson,” said Carter, “what can I do for you?”
Then Carter remembered something about this guest.
“You're Tommy Oliver!” said Carter, “I remember you! You were there went we went to fight Serpenterra! It's so good to see you! What can I do for you, man?”
“How would you like to become a Power Ranger again?” asked Tommy.
“Sure!” said Carter, “what do I do?”
“Just take my elbow,” said Tommy.
Tommy and Carter teleported to the base.
“Now, that everyone's here, we can get started,” said Tommy, “we are facing the Wadon Empire. Cenogog is the head of the empire. He can be dangerous. Palor, Neor, and Quator are the generals. The Planet Patrol are the soldiers. They can even pilot small spacecraft. Now, each of you will be red rangers and have the power of fire. Carter, you have the Lion Zord. Kai, you have the Ox Zord. Lauren, you have the Eagle Zord. Together, they form the Fire Megazord. It wields the Fire Saber. Carter, you have the Lion Sword. Kai, you have the Ox Ax. Lauren, you have the Eagle Bow. Together, you have the Fire Defender. It is a weapon that freezes monsters in their tracks. Are there any questions?”
They looked at each other and said nothing. Alpha gave them their Element Coms and Element Morphers.
“What are these?” asked Lauren.
“The watch-like devices are your communicators. They will allow you to communicate between home base and each other. They will also allow you to teleport. The Element Morphers will allow you to morph into rangers. Put the two pieces together, and say, 'Extreme power', and you will morph into Power Rangers.”
“Wow!” said Carter.
The alarm sounded.
“What's that noise?” asked Lauren.
“That's the alarm,” said Tommy, “it sounds when there is trouble! Right now, Planet Patrol soldiers are causing trouble in Angel Grove. You can take things from here.”
“Right,” said Carter, “it's morphin' time!”
“Extreme power!” said all of the rangers.
They morphed and arrived on the scene. At first, they were having trouble fighting the Planet Patrol soldiers, but then Kai saw two Planet Patrol soldiers collide and disintegrate, so Kai tried an experiment. He put two Planet Patrol soldiers together, and they disintegrated.
“Hey, guys!” said Kai, “put them together, and they will disintegrate!”
At first, they had trouble discerning his message, but then they got the picture. They defeated all of the Planet Patrol soldiers.
“Don't go away mad, just go away!” said Carter.
“Who are these freaks of nature?” asked Cenogog.
“They call themselves the Power Rangers,” said Palor, “they fight for good! I can't stand them!”
“Whatever!” said Cenogog, “I will conquer Earth even if there are a thousand of them!”
“Good job, Power Rangers,” said Tommy, “now, everyone knows the ranger code of honor, right?”
They all answered affirmatively.
“Good!” said Tommy, “make sure that you follow it.”
The rangers went to Adele's to eat.