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Bottled Up
"I need a monster that will get rid of those monsters!" said Cenogog.
Cenogog thought to himself for a while.
"I have the perfect idea for a monster!" said Cenogog.
Cenogog took a few steps backward, took his staff, and formed the Trollster monster, a troll with a bottle.
"You know what I want you to do, right?" asked Cenogog.
"Yes," said Trollster, "I do!"
"Then, get down there and do it!" said Cenogog.
"Yes, sir," said Trollster.
Trollster went down to Angel Grove and began imprisoning people inside his bottle. The alarm sounded in the base, and the rangers came as quickly as they could.
"What's going on?" asked Kai.
Carter quickly noticed what was going on.
"That troll is taking people inside his bottle!" said Carter, "we need to stop him! It's morphin' time!"
"Extreme power!" said the three rangers.
They morphed and arrived on the scene.
"That's enough!" said Carter.
Then Trollster began to pop the cork of his bottle, and Carter noticed it.
"Run!" said Carter.
Unfortunately, Carter and Kai were caught inside the bottle, but Lauren was outside. She hid in a tree.
"Oh, little girl?" asked Trollster, "where are you?"
Then Lauren came out of hiding.
"Here I am!" said Lauren, "and I'm the ranger that's going to take you down!"
"We'll see about that!" said Trollster, "anyway, I leave you two choices. You can join the league of evil, or you can join your friends in this bottle. It's up to you."
"I pick neither," said Lauren.
"Suit yourself!" said Trollster.
Trollster began to pop the cork of his bottle, but Lauren was faster. She took her blaster and zapped the hand that carried the bottle. As a result, the bottle fell to the ground and shattered, and as a result, everyone was set free, including Kai and Carter. Kai and Carter returned to the battle scene. Carter placed his hand on Lauren's shoulder.
"I don't know what you did," said Carter, "but thanks!"
"Yeah!" said Kai.
"No problem!" said Lauren, "now, let's focus on the monster, okay?"
"RIght!" said Carter.
Carter removed his hand from Lauren's shoulder. They noticed that the hand that carried the bottle was sore, because Trollster held it in his opposite arm.
"Look!" said Lauren, "he's injured! Now's our chance! Let's form the Fire Defender!"
"Right!" said Carter.
The three rangers combined their weapons to form the Fire Defender.
"Ready," said Carter, "fire!"
The blast caused Trollster to become unconscious. Then Cenogog noticed the situation, took his staff, restored Trollster, and made him giant.
"Whoa!" said Kai.
"Here's the plan," said Carter, "we will attack him separately until he pops the cork of his bottle. When he pops the cork of his bottle, the first one who notices it will knock the bottle from his hand, and then we will attack him with the Fire Megazord. Everyone with me?"
"Yep!" said Kai.
"Sure am!" said Lauren.
"Then, let's do it!" said Carter, "fire zords, now!"
The fire zords came to the rangers, and the rangers hopped inside. The attacked and surrounded Trollster to the point that he could not focus, so, he began to pop the cork of his bottle, and Lauren was the first one who noticed it, so she shot fire at the hand that carried the bottle, and as a result, Trollster dropped the bottle, and this time, there was nothing inside of it. Again, his hand became sore, and like last time, he held his sore hand in his opposite arm, and the Power Rangers noticed this.
"Look! He's injured!" said Carter, "let's form the Fire Megazord and finish him!"
The three fire zords combined and formed the Fire Megazord. They delivered a few punches to Trollster, and he had enough.
"Fire Sword!" said Carter.
The Fire Sword came to the Fire Megazord, and the Megazord grasped it with its right hand. They powered it up and thrust it through Trollster, and as a result, Trollster was no more. The rangers then briefly celebrated.
"Oh, well," said Cenogog, "there's always next time!"
The rangers went back to the base.
"Good job, rangers," said Chuck, "you did well."
They all smiled and went to eat at Adele's.