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The Statue
Pierce Park was one of the dirtiest parks in Angel Grove. Some volunteers, including Lauren, decided to help clean it up. They cleaned it up so that children could play there once more. The volunteers were pleased with their efforts.  Then, the volunteers began to congregate around a certain statue. Lauren began to investigate why they began to congregate around the statue. Then Lauren noticed that the statue's eyes glowed red.
"Oh, no!" said Lauren.
Lauren hid in a bush. She made sure that no one could see her.
"It's morphin' time!" said Lauren.
"Extreme power!" said Lauren.
Lauren became a red ranger. She approached the crowd.
"Okay, everyone," said Lauren, "break it up. It's not as it seems."
Most of the volunteers left the scene, but some of the volunteers lingered.
"You heard me!" said Lauren, "leave!"
Then the remaining volunteers left the scene. Lauren made sure that there were no people around the area. Lauren drew her blaster.
"You can fool them, but you can't fool me!" said Lauren.
Lauren blasted the statue, and there was a gargoyle monster inside.
"I knew it!" said Lauren.
Lauren got on her Element Com.
"Hey, guys," said Lauren, "we have trouble in Pierce Park!"
"We'd better get going!" said Kai, "it's morphin' time!"
"Extreme power!" said Kai and Carter.
They arrived in Pierce Park.
"Where's the monster?" asked Carter.
Lauren pointed Carter in the direction of the monster.
"Oh," said Carter.
Right away, the gargoyle monster flapped his wings, and the rangers flew backwards and hit trees hard.
"Man!" said Carter, "that hurt!"
"Yeah!" said Kai, "we can't let that happen again! We need a plan!"
"I have an idea!" said Lauren, "let's take out his wings!"
"That might work!" said Carter, "let's do it!"
Carter and Kai blasted his left wing, and Lauren blasted his right wing. The rangers got up. The gargoyle tried to flap his wings but he had trouble doing it. The gargoyle monster charged towards the rangers. The rangers drew their small swords and hit the gargoyle monster, and as a result, the gargoyle monster fell to the ground.
"Let's finish him!" said Carter, "let's form the Fire Defender!"
Carter, Kai, and Lauren combined their weapons to form the Fire Defender.
"Ready," said Carter, "fire!"
The blast knocked the gargoyle monster unconscious. Cenogog noticed the situation, took his staff, restored the gargoyle monster, and made him giant.
"Whoa!" said Kai.
"We need the Fire Zords!" said Carter.
The Fire Zords came to the rangers, and the rangers hopped inside all of them.
"Let's form the Fire Megazord!" said Carter.
The rangers formed the Fire Megazord.
"Alright," said Carter, "let's do this!"
The gargoyle monster flapped its wings and caused the Fire Megazord to fall to the ground. The rangers felt the hit.
"Maybe we should do what we did last time!" said Kai.
"Yeah," said Carter, "one wing at a time!"
They shot flames at the left wing, and then, they shot flames at the right wing. Again, the gargoyle monster had trouble flapping his wings.
"It worked!" said Lauren.
They delivered some punches to the gargoyle monster, and then, they realized that he had had enough.
"Fire Saber!" said Carter.
They hit the gargoyle monster a few times with the Fire Saber, and then, realized that he had had enough. They then fired up the Fire Saber and thrust it through the gargoyle monster, and then, he fell backwards, exploded on contact with the ground, and was no more. The rangers then briefly celebrated.
"Good job, guys!" said Tommy, "you did well!"
Those who saw the statue wondered where it went.