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Divide and Conquered

"I have an idea," said Palor.
"Yeah?" asked Cenogog, "what is it?"
"Why don't we send a bunch of Planet Patrol soldier soliders to three different locations, and the rangers will be overwhelmed and will have more than they can handle?" asked Palor.
"Hmm," said Cenogog, "that might be a good idea! I think I'll do that!"
Cenogog sent many Planet Patrol soldiers to the city hall, Pierce Park, and Hanscom Park in Angel Grove. The alarm sounded three times, and the rangers came as quickly as they could.
"What's going on?" asked Kai.
"Yeah?" asked Lauren, "and why did the alarm sound three times?"
"That's because there are Planet Patrol soldiers in three different locations," said Chuck.
"How can we be three places at once?" asked Lauren.
"I guess we'll have to split up," said Carter, "I'll go to the city hall. Kai, you go to Pierce Park. And, Lauren, you go to Hanscom Park."
"Right!" said Kai and Lauren.
"It's morphin' time!" said Carter.
"Extreme power!" said the three rangers.
They went to their assigned locations. They were overwhelmed with Planet Patrol soldiers. They tried asking each other for help.
"Kai," said Carter, "I could use your help down here!"
"No can do," said Kai, "I have enough Planet Patrol soldiers to deal with down here."
Then Carter tried to contact Lauren.
"Hey, Lauren," said Carter, "I could use your help down here."
"Sorry," said Lauren, "I have enough down here!"
Then Lauren tried asking Kai for help.
"Hey, Kai," said Lauren, "could you help me down here?"
"No, I can't," said Kai, "I have enough Planet Patrol soldiers to deal with down here."
They all signed off.
"I feel bad," said Tommy.
"Why?" asked Carol.
"I feel like we have given them as sheep to wolves," said Tommy.
"Yeah," said Carol, "I see what you mean. We need to do something."
Pieces of the Deius Crystal began to glow.
"Look!" said Tommy, "three pieces of the crystal are glowing. Maybe we can form three more rangers! I'm going to the ranger database."
Tommy went to the ranger database and found three ranger candidates.
"I've found three more people who can be Power Rangers," said Tommy.
"Well," said Carol, "we have to call them in on an emergency basis."
"Yeah," said Tommy, "I know."
Tommy went to the computer and teleported the three candidates in. They came in and were a little shaken up, but slowly recovered.
"Aisha, Lily, and Flynn," said Carol, "sorry, we had no choice but to teleport you in on an emergency basis but we need your help."
Aisha saw Tommy.
"Tommy?" asked Aisha, "what's going on here?"
"You know him?" asked Flynn.
"Yeah," said Aisha, "we fought on the same Power Ranger team together."
"That's what this is about," said Tommy, "we need your help. We had no choice but to call you on an emergency basis. We were wondering if you guys would like to become Power Rangers again. We have another team who is fighting but they are overwhelmed. We need your help. Will you please help us?"
"I guess," said Flynn.
"Okay," said Lily, "but no more surprises."
"Sure!" said Aisha.
"Great!" said Tommy, "let me tell you what is going on. The leader of the Wadon Empire is Cenogog. His generals are Palor, Neor, and Quator. His soldiers are the Planet Patrol. They are soldiers and can pilot small spacecraft. All of you will be orange rangers. You will all have the power of wind. Flynn, you have the Tiger Zord. Lily, you have the Leopard Zord. Aisha, you have the Cheetah Zord. Together, you form the Wind Megazord. It wields the Wind Daggers. For weapons, each of you have the small swords and blasters. Flynn, you have Tiger Daggers. Lily, you have Leopard Tonfas. Aisha, you have Cheetah Nunchukas. Together, they form the Wind Defender. It is a weapon that freezes monsters in their tracks. Are there any questions?"They looked at each other and said nothing. Alpha gave them their Element Coms and Element Morphers.
"What are these?" asked Lily.
"The Element Com is your communication device. It will also allow you to teleport. The Element Morpher will allow you to morph. All that you have to do is say 'Extreme power!'  and you will morph." said Alpha.
"The Fire Team needs your help," said Rita, "I suggest that you get going!"
"Right!" said Flynn, "it's morphin' time!"
"Extreme power!" said the three wind team rangers.
They arrived at the city hall and helped Carter defeat all of the Planet Patrol soldiers in that area.
"Thanks," said Carter, "whoever you are!"
"Do you have friends in danger?" asked Flynn.
"Uh, yeah!" said Carter.
"Then, let's get going!" said Flynn.
Carter and the wind team went to Pierce Park to help Kai, and they defeated all of the Planet Patrol soldiers in that area.
"Thanks," said Kai, "who are these guys?"
"We'll tell you later," said Flynn, "for now, we need to help your other friend."
"Okay," said Kai.
Carter, Kai, and the wind team went to help Lauren, and they defeated all of the Planet Patrol soldiers in that area.
"Thanks!" said Lauren, "who are these guys?"
The orange team began to take off their helmets, and the fire team did the same.
"I'm Flynn," said Flynn.
"I'm Lily," said Lily.
"I'm Aisha," said Aisha.
The fire team also introduced themselves. Then Carter's Element Com sounded.
"Yes?" asked Carter.
"I need all of you to come back to the base," said Tommy.
"Okay," said Carter.
Carter signed off and faced the other rangers.
"They need us to come back to the base," said Carter.
"Well," said Kai, "what are we waiting for? Let's go!"
They all teleported to the base.
"I see that you have all met the wind team," said Tommy.
They all smiled at each other.
"Keep your identities as a secret. Work as a team. Fight fair. And don't use your powers for personal gain. Can you do that?" asked Tommy.
They all answered affirmatively.
"Good," said Tommy, "then welcome aboard!"
They all went to eat at Adele's.