Prince Of Tennis Fan Fiction ❯ Birthday Cake ❯ Chapter 1

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

"Birthday Cake"

A _Price of Tennis_ Fanfiction

By Andrea Readwolf [andrea_readwolf]

Chapter: 1/1

Rating: PG

Pairings: Jackal & Bunta

Genre: Sap & Fluff

Warnings: uneaten birthday cake.

Spoilers: none

Summary: Jackal and Bunta curled up together on the couch.


Disclaimer: Tennis no Ohjisama, characters and settings are the property of Konomi Takeshi.


Date Started: September 19, 2004

Status: complete

Word Count: 498



"Birthday Cake" by Andrea Readwolf


He shifted on the couch, more to move his arm in an attempt to keep the limb from falling asleep on him. Jackal really didn't mind, but he knew in a matter of minutes the arm would hurt like a bitch. Still--


His companion groaned in protest at his movement, and smiling, he went back to rubbing the other boy's stomach under the large white tee shirt. The shirt was actually his, but he wasn't going to complain. He had had a long while to grow accustomed to his partner's habit of stealing his clothes, regardless of the fact that Jackal's clothes were a few sizes too large for the other boy's smaller frame.


He hid an affectionate smile amongst the fresh scent of strawberry colored hair and murmured, "You shouldn't have eaten so much at dinner."


Bunta grunted, looking away from the TV that was showing some stupid movie and turning his head into Jackal's shoulder instead. Inside his belly, his stomach was performing acrobatic feats as it struggled to digest all the food he had delightedly feasted upon earlier. He was sure the other boy could feel it doing somersaults beneath his palm.


"But your mom made it," he reminded Jackal, pressing closer to the warm body of his doubles partner. Was it just him or was the apartment chilly? But Jackal was always so warm... "It would have been rude not to eat such yummy food."


"Yes, but you didn't have to eat to the point where you make yourself sick," Jackal teased. His hand settled over Bunta's stomach and only his thumb continued its gentle stroking. "Now you don't have any room left for cake."


"There's always room for cake," Bunta protested sleepily.


"Tomorrow," Jackal answered, eyes glued more to the image of his partner than the TV screen.


Bunta's face puckered into a pouting frown. "But it's birthday cake. You gotta at least cut your cake...."


"It can wait till tomorrow," he repeated. "Right now I have everything I want right here."


Bunta sighed, but didn't try to push the matter. He was too tired, and it was still a little chilly in the room, and frankly it was just too comfortable lying where he was. "You're such a sap," he muttered instead, smiling just a tad at the deep rumble that reverberated through Jackal's chest and against Bunta's back.


"Ah," his partner agreed. "Now shut up and finish watching the movie."


He did shut up, but Bunta didn't bother trying to keep his eyes open to watch the movie. Instead he just snuggled closer and eventually fell asleep.


A little while after that, Jackal reached over for the remote, plunging the room into near darkness save for the street light the filtered in through the curtains. Then he reached for the blanket over the back of the couch to drape over both him and Bunta before wrapping his arms just a little more tightly around his partner and closing his own eyes.


~The End~


Author Ramblings:


This short little drabble is especially for Bunny (a) as the first of her birthday presents and (b) she was kind enough to {virtually} rub me tummy when I had a stomach ache the other night. It should be viewed more as a "snapshot" fic--a fic that should be a picture written by a writer for an artist. ^___^ So, short, hopefully sweet. Not really sexual, although you can definitely read it that way, if you wish. Hope you enjoyed the reading--

As Always, C&C is appreciated.