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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

The day was brewing to a close and the sky was getting darker and darker by the minute. Now, it was only a matter of seconds before the final preparations is ready.
More or less 12 years has already passed since Tezuka Kunimitsu graduated from his middle school days. He was now already a full-pledged successful businessman but in between days, he still finds tennis as a hobby and played at a nearby court together with his old middle school friends.
It was actually quite reminiscing, as he had always thought, for at that same worn down court was where he had declared his love for tennis and dreamt afterwards of becoming the top tennis player someday. Disappointing that he didn't but being content of what he has now proved to be important to him.
Being near 30 wasn't exactly how he meant by old but as to how his coworkers and friends teased him, he was becoming wary of that conclusion.
Most of them say that with his gruff expression he could scare away anyone who doesn't know him mainly no women would be interested in him in which he didn't actually care.
To his inconvenience, they really did take the effort of getting him one. They set him up on dates which he only went to out of respect. It took months but everyone he dated was neither too open on the way she dresses or too flirtatious. In short, he didn't find one that took his interest.
They almost gave up on him. No, they did give up on him and left him to his choice. But instead of getting sad, he was quite happy about that though.
But not too long from their lack of patience on him, he found her.
He was about to enter the courts that afternoon when he saw a silhouette limping inside the premises. He knew it was a girl since her long hair was together in a loose ponytail and her physique told him that she was tall and slender.
Tezuka thought of coming to her aid but the last thing he knew when he came up to her was she wasn't in pain because of the injury but rather bloody furious on it.
“I'm fine.” She slapped his hand away from her and touched her knee from below. It must be painful, he thought.
“I don't need your help. Thank you.” She added in a sarcastic voice.
With that she walked away and grabbed her racket on the ground and continued practicing with wall.
Tezuka watched her, bewildered. He doesn't know what to say. Even though he tried to keep his emotions underneath, he was just too shock to keep up with time. He didn't know how many seconds or even minutes he stood there watching her play but he knew well that she noticed.
“Haaaa…” she sighed and caught the tennis ball by the hand as soon as it came flying back at her.
“Am I that pretty?” she looked at him and shifted her weight at her uninjured knee.
He looked at her with that devoid face of his and sneaked a glance at her leg as soon as she went back to her business.
It was bleeding alright.
“You might want to stop and clean that wound.” He turned around once he made that remark.
“I can't.”
He ignored her and continued in his pace until he reached his bag which was placed near the gates. He took out a fresh clean towel and a bottle of water out from it.
She looked at him walked towards her and saw that the man wasn't as cold as he looks as he is. Heck, he even tried to help her back then and slapped his hand even! She was being a complete jerk, she thought to herself.
“Either way, I don't want to feel responsible.” He said that as unconcerned as he can and knelt down.
“Well, you see, you're not res- What are you doing?” she looked down at him, asking the obvious.
He didn't answer.
“I said, what are you doing--- ahhhhhh!!” she was cut off when Tezuka accidentally, or rather purposefully, pressed the wet towel on the wound.
“What did you do that for?” she asked in a near shout.
“I'm sorry.” He said as he stood up. “I don't have any first aid kit with me so you maybe want to check on that later and apply some antibacterial if you still insist on playing.”
She noticed then that she was only leveled on his shoulders. She felt awkwardly inferior.
He was about to go back when she shouted at him.
He turned around and found her limping towards him.
“I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to insult you or anything, it's just that I had a bad day at work and home's no better.” She explained to him while gesturing every bit of words with her hands. She was oblivious as to how it was so irritating on his part to see her move those hands every second. “So I just want you to know that I--…?”
He finally caught her hands and said, “It's irritating.”
“Wha- If you think I'm irritating,” she said as she slid her hands out of his grasp and put them on her hips. “I shouldn't have apologized to you then.”
“I meant your hands.” She was quiet for a second and when she was about to let out another argument, he gave her what she thinks as a suppressed smile and walked on.
He made his way to his bag. At that same moment, she concluded that he was definitely an arrogant man. But not so long she changed her mind again when he hoisted his bag and shouted over his shoulders.
“Don't keep your guard down.”
And by the time she knew it, he was off.
She definitely let her guard down. And so did her. Not later than a week, they met again and they got their chance of knowing each other. Apparently, Hayasaka Umui was her name and was still a pursuing successful interior designer.
Nevertheless, after 2 years of dating, today, everything would change from a simple answer.
The day was brewing to a close and the sky was getting darker and darker by the minute. Now, it was only a matter of seconds before the final preparations is ready. It was only a matter of seconds before she came.
October 7.
He told her they were just playing to pass time but was entirely a different story on the other side.
As soon as they came to a finish, with Tezuka winning, she went to the benches to rest a little bit. Tezuka followed after.
But as soon as she got near her, he unexpectedly knelt in front of her.
“Kunimitsu…What are you—“
She never bothered to say the words but put her hands over her mouth instead the minute he took out a small blue box from his pocket.
“Will you marry me?” She was longing for those words after these years and it was a wonder why she hasn't fainted yet.
She was thinking to look at him there with a shock face and answer whatever was on her mind plainly but thought otherwise and jumped, hugging Tezuka tightly until they stumbled unto the ground.
“Yes!Yes!Yes!” she chuckled her heart out until tears were forming in her eyes.
He saw her smile and at that time onwards, he was the happiest man ever that he could not help but kiss her.