Princess Mononoke Fan Fiction ❯ The Chronicles of Princess Mononoke ❯ Abduction ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It was late into the night; the moon was polishing brightly with a glossy white light gleaming down upon the dark forest, the leaves lay silently on the soft brown earth and the wind sang tenderly within the lunar sky. The group was sleeping soundlessly in their beds; Ashitaka and San together in their cave, Motoko and Sasuke together in one room of the house. Little Kaya sleeping with San's brother and Kaya alone on one room in another house beside Motoko's and Sasuke's. Ashitaka's sister began to feel restless and tired, but her eyes were still awake, she looked forlornly on her side as she stared at the ground, with her blanket wrapped tenderly around her back.
Ashitaka began to toss and turn again. What is it this time? Is it another bad dream? Is it another message? What is it this time?
Little Kaya felt the same as well; tireless, shivering, and twitchy. She clenched her fists slightly as she crouched into a fetus position.
Ashitaka bit his lips slightly when he groaned deep down in his throat, and small droplets of sweat started to trickle once again.
The wind then suddenly took a change of course; brewing up a deep and louder hollow through the air. The leaves began to rustle. The branches initiated dancing. Something's coming.
Ashitaka became restive and rustier as his motion had befallen to be more intact. His activity bustled and shivered with every reflex he encountered with. His groans came out from his throat, as the sweat continued to drip.
Kaya began to moan too; her sweet voice trembled softly to the winds that fermented more loudly, and more violently.
Ashitaka gritted his teeth quite intensely as he clutched onto his pelt.
Kaya quivered from the coldness of the breeze and the rustling of the leaves. But then…

Her eyes then suddenly became fully awake when she heard the noise coming from her door. The slide opened, and the blue neon rays came rushing through into the room, as the leaves encircled within the dancing of the wind.
“Ashitaka? Is that you?” She lifted her upper half and opened her eyes. But the figure she saw in front of her couldn't be recognized as Ashitaka; the overcrowding shadows merge him into a silhouette. And the figure didn't even look like Ashitaka; he was tall, with thin, feathery hair, with quite a muscular body. “Who are you?” She secretly sneaked her hand under the sheets to reach for her sword, but suddenly it dashingly rushed out from her hands and slammed across the room. Kaya began to panic. She tried to get up but she couldn't move. Some kind of telekinetic force was pulling her down. She tried to lift her hand sup but she couldn't. She tried to move her feet but she couldn't. All she could do was struggle. The figure came closer and closer to her. She couldn't lift her body up. Sweat was seeping into her clothes. Her eyes bulged. Her lips quaked. Her tension was rising. “Please stay away!” Kaya implored. But then the figure reached out his hand towards her. Kaya tried to back out. But she was suddenly pulled in. “No…! No….! No….”
The extremely loud scream woke up Little Kaya up first with her body giving itself a shock, and then Ashitaka had the biggest impact when then he nearly jumped from his side. His eyes were broadened and his breathing became loud and intense. San woke up as well and looked at the sky with a fright.
“Did you hear that?” She panted out. But Ashitaka didn't reply.

He then storm out from his bed and ran down from the cave without his kimono on, as San tried to follow behind.
“Ashitaka! What's wrong?!” San yelled out in a frantic tone, yet Ashitaka failed to reply once again as he was rapidly sprinting down the hill and to the houses. He then managed to get to the house where Kaya was sleeping, slammed the door open viciously, but found nothing; just an empty blanket, with a sword swung to the side. Ashitaka gasped in heavily when he saw that Kaya wasn't there.
“Where is she?!” he cried out stridently. And then Motoko ran behind him.
“Someone must have taken her!” Ashitaka ran pivoted back and ran through the forest, rushing pass bushes and jumping over rocks and trees.
“KAYA! KAYA WHERE ARE YOU?!” He kept screaming out his sister's name but there was no answer from the young girl's voice.
“Kaya!! Kayaaaaa!!!” Another masculine voice came from a far distance, and then Ashitaka recognized it, and then leaped himself onto a boulder.
“SASUKE! Can you find her?!”
“No she's not here!” Sasuke replied with a shout, yet Ashitaka continued to sprint with all his might. Running and running. Running and running. When then, rapidly, he stopped right on the spot and Little Kaya in front of him.
Something was wrong.
Her innocent pink kimono was tainted and stained with a curious macabre of crimson soaked on her fabric. The cherry liquor wasn't blurred all over, it was just a one mediocre patch on her torso; the real mess was on her hands. Her eyes couldn't help but looked down on this morbid fluid running on her palms; all bug-eyed with terror, and then she looked up at Ashitaka; whose heart began to race by the sight of the tarnish.
“Kaya…why is there blood on your hands?” His voice trembled.
“I-I-I came running…because I heard a scream…I tripped and my hands…felt…” Kaya resumed her observation down upon her hands; she just couldn't help but look.
Ashitaka hands quaked and quivered at that second, but then, just at the corner of his eye, he saw a shady figure; a tall masculine figure and it looked like he was carrying another person with him under his arm. Only she was shorter than he was, and more recognizable.
“KAYA!” Ashitaka yelled out a cry it brought San and the others to his attention, unfortunately it brought upon the figure's attention, and so he began to run, with Kaya attached to his limb. Ashitaka began to sprint again as fast and as hard as he could, but the figure was just that little bit better than he was. He then reached the river, where then the wind was just making the current even worse than it already was; crashing the ripples down tough yet breakable, enough to kill a man. Somehow when he stopped, the figure was standing on a huge boulder with broken trees snapped in its surroundings.
“No…” Ashitaka whispered out, but the figure refused to listen, and dived into the water with the unconscious Kaya in his arms, causing a large whirlpool where he leaped into. Ashitaka tried to jump in, but was held back by Sasuke through his arms and shoulders.
“What are you doing?! I need to save her!”
“The current's too strong; you'll drown and you'll crush your heart!”
“No! But…!” Ashitaka struggled to breathe to this kidnap that just occurred; he could tell that this figure wasn't human; who else would have created such a storm in the waters?
“You'll die if you dive!”
“NO! KAYAAAAAA!!!” His voice strained as he tried to break free from Sasuke's grasp. His legs then suddenly gave way, and his body knelt to the floor, with his head hung low. Sasuke loosened his grip a little, but to found out that Ashitaka tried to dive in once more, yet the prince knew that Sasuke was also clever, when he was still restrained strongly.
“Ashitaka don't push yourself!”