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Chapter VII
Music: Symphonie Fantastique—Dream of the Witch's Sabbath
Hermia had been fervent with her practice since she graduated. She knew that the Elki Troupe would be through in a week's time, and she wanted to be ready. She stood a good chance of being able to join the troop, with Lysander willing to help with the set work, putting his art to good use while pursuing his fiancé. She had often been permitted use of the dance hall after hours so that she could hone her abilities, with Frau Von Trapp putting in some time to help her gain her goals. Often, Von Trapp invited her to be a student teacher during the day, that she might aid the younger students in aiming for high goals, and inspire them. Many companies would not take a dancer that was as tall as she, but her skill help override a lot of bias, and she stood a good chance with the Elki Troupe. However, there was one girl that did not seem to agree. Mausi was only one year behind her, and was near graduation herself. However, she thought that Hermia, who she only saw as a gangly girl with no real beauty because of her height, did not deserve the spot. She was just not built right, and she really did not fit the role of a prima. She might be a good corps worker, but she was nothing more than that. However, she kept silent, because everyone else seemed to think that she was the best thing since sliced bread. They said that her personality, attack, care for people, and overall good spirit put much into her dance, and she would make a good prima, and change a lot of bias in the world of ballet. It was Mausi that Helmut was watching intently. If he could cast a spell on her, she might be able to cause mayhem. He might just get two birds with one stone, in that, she could take care of this Hermia, and maybe, cause her to become so depressed in the act that she might take her own life. Yet, her behavior was also not unnoticed by her peers and her teachers. It was certain that her dance was being affected by her jealousy, and in fact was hurting her chances at a future rather than aid them. Freya definitely paid attention to this, and took note to tell the others that there may be trouble.
Ballet class had ended for the day, and all the students were heading for lunch. Joe flew from the music hall to join Freya. He may be a cockatoo, but that did not mean that he could not be near her. He landed on her shoulder, and they pecked. They could not help but notice the conversation brewing. Ahiru, Lillie, and Pique had formed a friendship, but not like before. It seemed the “princess” had become a peer leader amongst the girls, especially with the other two. They were together so much that people got to calling them the Terrible Trio, (and not for a bad reason.) They were hot in conversation with Mausi, who seemed like she was not in the mood to talk. Pique was saying, “C'mon, Mausi, you just have to focus! You'll get that series of steps!”
“Oh, the poor thing,” said Lillie, “a promising ballerina, cut down in her prime. Don't worry, there are plenty of people in mediocrity to keep you company. At least you won't be alone!”
“Now, now, Lillie,” said Ahiru, “We need to be a bit more positive.”
“But what fun is that,” she asked, “You can't console people when they're happy!”
“Is that all you think about?” asked Pique.
“Well, someone has to console the sad masses,” she said, “I know that I can be the best.”
“Mausi,” said Ahiru, “You can't lose focus. You have to look at what you need to get done. Lack of concentration hurt me for years, but now…”
“Don't give me that,” snapped Mausi, “You're a princess. My apologies, but, how could you have ever known what it means to compete against other dancers. It doesn't matter if this fails for you; you just go back to your palace. I have noting if this falls through.”
“Mausi, I think there's more there than you're letting on,” said Ahiru.
“That's it, your highness,” said Lillie, “Dig deep and get at the root of the depression! To think, I get to console her when she hits rock bottom. It's so sweet, I can't stand it.”
Ignoring her, Pique continued, “Honestly, I just think you're bothered when Hermia helps out. I've noticed that you seem to lose the most focus when she's around.”
“That's true,” said Ahiru, “and, when I see that she really wants to help you, you shy away. Why?”
Mausi's face went pale, and then went flush, as she said, “You don't know anything! How could you know how I feel!” and she stomped off. “Yep,” said Pique, “I think you hit a soft spot there, your highness!”
Joe whispered to Freya, and said, “Wow! Who piddled on her Post Toasties?”
“It's been obvious to me, baby,” said Freya, “that she is jealous of Hermia. She was such a good student last year, and she deserves her shot at the Elki Troupe. She became so much better when she finally sought love for herself, rather than try to solve the problems of others, especially when she and Lysander hooked up. Mausi wants to do this too, but she feels that she is not as good a dancer, and is jealous of what Hermia has accomplished. I must tell Duck about this.”
She called Ahiru, (Duck,) over, and said, “Duck, I think that we may have to watch her.”
“How so?” asked Ahiru.
“If the warlocks were going to act, she would be a good target,” said Freya, “Jealousy is brimming out of her, and I don't know what she would do if pushed in the right way.”
“Well,” said Joe, “She seems to be heading towards the flower garden. Maybe this would be a good time to water them.”
“I agree,” said Ahiru, “and I'll come along. I'll let you two talk while a watch her reaction.”
When they got to the garden, Mausi was sitting staring at the flowers as Freya fetched the watering can. She began to dance and water as she prayed for her flowers. She looked at Mausi, and said, “Aren't they pretty?”
Mausi calmed a bit and said, “Yeah I guess so.”
“I love this place,” Freya said, “because, when I am sad, they make me feel so happy. They're so colorful, and fragrant.”
“Makes me feel good,” said Joe, as he began to break into the Flower Song from Carmen, and Freya began to dance. All the while, Ahiru sat at a distance, watching the whole thing. She was holding the smooth diamond shard, rolling it back and forth between her hands, pondering the scene. She then heard Adelheid's voice, which said, “Put the stone up to your eye, and look at Mausi.”
She did, and she saw her aura. Adelheid then said, “That aura you see is jealousy. That could be trouble.”
As she observed, she heard Freya trying to encourage Mausi. “You are such a great dancer,” said Freya, “you do not have to be better than anyone. Be yourself.”
Mausi was coming around, but then it happened. As Ahiru watched, she saw a red silhouette of a man come out of nowhere and slip up to her ear. The man seemed to be whispering in her ear, and Mausi said, “I deserve that spot more than her!”
“Oh come now,” said Freya, “you still haven't finished school. You have more yet to learn. That's why she's so good. She finished all the way through, and has worked hard. You don't think it all just came to her, do you?”
“No!” snapped Mausi, “She has to be doing something special. It's either that, or they're giving her special favor, because of the way she is.”
“Now you're sounding silly,” said Freya, still smiling, “Just work hard, and you'll have a chance next year.”
“No, I won't!” she popped, “She'll still be there, and I'll always be in Gigantia's shadow.”
“Now you just must stop,” said Freya, “She was in the Advance Placement class with me last year, and she is not like other tall girls. She is a hard worker, and very graceful.”
“You're like all the others!” she said, “I'm gonna try out this year, and I am gonna make it!”
“Honey,” she said, “Finish school first, or you may regret it.”
Mausi just scowled at her and left. “Well, that worked,” said Joe.
However, Ahiru approached, and said, “There was someone with her.”
“Was it…” said Freya, and Ahiru cut in and said, “Yes it was,” and Adelheid added, “That was the warlock Helmut. He is a danger indeed.”
“What can he do?” asked Joe.
“If she allows it, she can allow a place for him in his heart, and then he can act through her.”
“Then we must keep a close eye on her,” said Freya, “because jealousy can cause the most benevolent to become destructive, and that is scary.”
As Mausi made her way, she said, “They could never understand.”
“Of course not,” said Helmut.
“I wish I could just make all this go away,” she said.
“I can help,” he said, now weaving his spell on her.
“How?” she said, now in a bit more of a dreamy state, as she began to yield to the spirit.
“Just let me find a lodging place in your heart,” he said, “and I shall guide you in what you should do.”
By this point, she was under his spell, and she said, dreamily, “Yes, my master, come in,” and he entered into her heart. When this happened, her skin paled a bit, and she began to affect an evil demeanor to her face. A wicked grin overtook her, and she said, “Now we'll see who gets in!”
That evening, all the girls began to remark about the change in the demeanor of Mausi. She suddenly wanted to keep to herself, and no amount of convincing could get her to come out and socialize. This did not escape the notice of Ahiru, and she decided that she was not about to let her out of her sight for one instant. The next day, Hermia was to be in class, and Ahiru wondered what was going to happen. As the class progressed, Mausi danced well enough; however, she could not take her eyes off Hermia for one instant. Hermia saw Mausi struggling a bit, and she went over to help. Mausi snarled at her, saying, “Get away from me!”
Hermia was quite taken back by this, not quite knowing what to say. She then said, “Honey, I only want to help you.”
“Oh, sure you do,” she said sarcastically, “You just want me out of the way!”
“I…I don't understand,” said Hermia, now deeply hurt, “I just want you to be a good dancer. You have a great future.”
By this point, everyone had stopped, and began to watch the commotion. “No, you just don't want me to take your spot in the Elki Troupe! You know I'm better than you!”
“Why are you talking like this?” asked Hermia, now very confused, “This is just not like you. I'm sure that, when you graduate, the Elki Troupe would love to have you.”
Hermia giggled a bit, and said, as friendly as she could, (to try to take the edge off things,) “I would love to have you as my `partner in crime' in the ballet world!”
“NO!” she shouted, “You'll just make sure I can't get in.”
With that, she reached out and slapped Hermia—hard! The smack echoed across the room. Hermia, instead of getting angry, just ran into Frau Von Trapp's office in tears. Even when assaulted, she did not have it in her to retaliate. A thunderous silence filled the room. Frau Von Trapp was livid, “Young lady!” she thundered, “That was inexcusable! I would have you march right in there and apologize to her if I knew you would mean it. You sit one step away from expulsion, young lady! Go to your dorm room and do not leave there, do you understand! Your meal will be delivered to you, and you will stay there until it is decided what is to be done with you!”
“I KNEW IT!” she screamed, “YOU ALL HAVE IT IN FOR ME! YOU ALL HATE ME! I WANT TO DIE!” and she ran out crying.
Ahiru started after her, but Frau Von Trapp said, “Your highness, I'm sorry, but she is to be isolated. I am afraid you will not be able to speak to her until it is decided what should be done. I do apologize.”
She then went to the office to console a now sobbing Hermia. This hurt for Ahiru. She did not want to let her out of her sight, but now she was proverbially handcuffed. There was no telling what could happen next. She then had an idea. When Frau Von Trapp emerged, she said, “Ma'am, if it is permissible, I would like to bring to her lunch, if that is okay?”
“You truly are a princess,” said Von Trapp, “Despite her evil act; you still want to console her. You must see something good in the girl.”
“I think there's something beyond what happened today, and I think I know what. Maybe I can get her past it, and get her to apologize. Would that help?”
Frau Von Trapp thought for a moment, and then said, “Well, she would still have to face a suspension, but, if she were to do so sincerely, we could be lenient on her.”
“Thank you,” she said, “Then I shall tend to it as soon as class is over.”
Mausi was under the spell of an uncontrollable rage, not knowing that it was Helmut that was controlling her thoughts. All this was being watched with delicious relish of the other four and Drosselmyer. “This is so much better, Felix,” said Dolph, “We can act, and none can touch us here!”
Drosselmyer just rocked in his chair, watching the tragedy unfold before him, happy for these five. They could provide tragedy for centuries if he liked. The story was sealed and locked away. Once Fakir was out of the way, none could finish the story, and the beautiful story could go on forever, tragic and sweet. They watched as she heard Helmut telling her, “That's right: harbor the hate! Let it grow! Relish in it!”
Mausi began to contemplate what to do next. She knew that Hermia always passed through the flower garden when she left, and she figured no one would be there at that time. That would be the perfect chance to act. “Yes! YES!” said Helmut, “Take her out, and you can have Elki all to yourself.”
The most evil and enraged look overcame her, and she headed straight for the flower garden instead of the dorm. When she got there, she looked around, and found an axe. “Oh!” said Helmut, “This IS getting good.”
He encouraged her, and told her to fetch it and hide. “Oh, yes,” thought Helmut, “There will be blood today.”
Ahiru went to the dorm with Mausi's lunch, and knocked on the door. There was no answer. She grabbed the handle, and instead of finding a locked door, it opened easily. “Mausi,” she said, “Your lunch is ready.”
However, there was no one there. Her books were not even there. Ahiru set down the tray, thinking the worst, not sure what to do. Then she remembered what Adelheid had said: put the stone to her heart, and think about becoming what she could be to aid the situation. Knowing that there was not much else that could be done, she reached into her pocket, and put the stone to her chest. She began to rise off the floor, and glow a golden glow. Golden feathers flew all around her, forming a golden egg, which turned transparent, revealing a crouching ballerina inside. The egg popped like a soap bubble, and the stone formed into a clear, crystal version of the butterfly amulet that Tutu once wore. She spun around, hands above her head, palm over back of hand, feet in the fifth position, and she dropped to the floor in this way. She spun around to look in the mirror, and she saw, with all the joy she could muster, that Princess Tutu had returned—indeed, had been reborn. She was off like a shot, letting her heart guide her straight to the danger.
In the meantime, Hermia was walking alone, still rubbing her face from the sting of the slap, wondering what she had done to hurt the poor girl. About this time, Freya came to the garden to water, hoping to run into Hermia, and console her as best she could. As Hermia got halfway down the walk, Freya stared to approach. This is when Mausi emerged, with a blank expression on her face, dragging the axe behind her. “It ends now,” she said blankly, yet with a confidence that reflected the attitude of someone that had made a grave decision. She swung the axe in front of her now in a “port arms” position, and it was obvious to all what was to happen next. Yet, before Hermia could scream, Joe came out of nowhere, landed on Mausi's hand, and bit hard. She screamed a scream that would curdle milk, and shook off the bird. He was fortunate to land in the flowers, thinking, “God, remind me to thank Freya again for her care of the flowers!”
Mausi regained her composure, and brought the axe up again, blocked, and then knocked down Hermia, who had tried to make a run for it. Freya then jumped in front of her, and grabbed the axe handle, trying to wrest it away from Mausi. As they struggled, she did not realize the time that she and Joe had bought for Hermia. She tossed aside Freya, and raised the axe! At that precise moment, everything but the flowers, people, and Joe took on a white outline, and everything else went black. Leaping between the two was Tutu. “Princess Tutu!” said Freya and Hermia, both quite surprised. Vines shot up all around Mausi and secured the axe from her. “You must stop this!” pleaded Tutu, but Mausi answered, “Stay away! The sow is mine!”
“That is not you speaking,” said Tutu, as she hoisted Hermia off the ground in a vine bed, and said, “Sleep now, dear Hermia, and all you will remember of this is a bad dream, nothing more.”
Hermia drifted off into a deep sleep, and Tutu turned her attention back to Mausi. “You've let in a bad spirit,” said Tutu, “Let me set you free!”
At this, she took off the amulet, and began to reach out to Mausi. Helmut realized what she was extending was actually the diamond shard, and he then knew what this Tutu intended. “No!” said Helmut through Mausi's mouth.
“You've caused enough trouble, Helmut,” said Tutu.
“How do you know me?” he said.
“I have good sources,” said Tutu, “and it is time your evil meddling stopped for good!”
She took the amulet, and touched the chest of Mausi. “NO!” was screamed, and it trailed off as a red arc of light went to the park, and embedded itself in the diamond in the rough. Now Mausi was terrified. Now that she had returned to herself, she remembered what she was about to have done, and was shaking like a leaf. “Why did I do this? I am a bad person!” she said.
Yet, Tutu smiled, and said, “No, you're not!”
With that, the vines sank away, and she did the mime for “dance with me.”
Mausi took her hand, and they began to dance. “Mausi,” said Tutu, “Your dance is so beautiful! Why are you so jealous?”
“It seems so easy for her!” she said, “I've worked so hard.”
“Is that truly how you feel?” asked Tutu, “She has worked hard too, and you know that.”
“It just seems like everything has been handed to her,” reasoned Mausi.
“Is it that it was handed to her, or is there something else that dwells in your heart?” asked Tutu, “Please, tell me.”
She could contain it no longer, and finally began to admit in tears, “I am so sick of trying and falling short. I hurt. I am always sore and tired, and it seems that nothing comes of it!”
“Dearest Mausi,” said Tutu, “Nothing worth having ever comes easy. When you work for a goal, there will always be setbacks and failures. Yet, we can only go as far as our last failure. Look at Hermia: I am certain you know of times where she struggled and thought there was no hope. Yet, she persevered, and decided to learn from her mistakes. She also had many friends around her to encourage her, like you have, and she found strength in that. Besides all this, victory is all the more satisfying when it comes at the heels of a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Know also, that such will not end for Hermia. She will then have to work even harder to remain in the troop should she make it. Girls like you that are not her friends will always be coming behind her, trying to take from her all that she fought for. I am sure that, if you do all you can to help her make it, your struggle will not be all that hard, and she may even help you to overcome some roadblocks. When your chance comes, you will have a friend that may help you into the troop, instead of a rival. Give her a chance, and give yourself a chance. Don't try to be someone else—be yourself.”
The dance ended, and Tutu was now hugging a sobbing Mausi. “I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.”
“Go ahead to your room,” said Tutu, “There's a hot meal waiting for you. I believe that, if you apologize with all your heart, you may get a second chance.”
“Thank you,” she said, and with that, she practically danced her way back to the dorm. She then turned to Freya and Joe, curtsied, and left, as the vine bed slowly descended and set Hermia on the ground.
The next day, Mausi stood before the whole class in tears, sincerely apologizing for her behavior, and flat out admitted her jealousy. She also said that she knew she deserved expulsion, and she would accept any punishment that was handed down. However, she also did plea for a chance to make it right, and asked if she could do what she could to help Hermia make it into the Elki Troupe. At this Hermia stepped forward, having no memory of what had happened the day before, save for a bad dream, and said, “Please, do not suspend her. I will accept your kind offer, and maybe we can help each other.”
They embraced, and all was forgiven. The class all applauded, and everyone danced at the top of their game that day. Freya was still amazed at the emergence of Princess Tutu, and could not wait to tell Ahiru what she had seen.
Meanwhile, shock and anger filled the realm of Drosselmyer. “What was that?” they all demanded, “What kind of a scheme do you have going, Drosselmyer? Are you going to sacrifice all of us?”
There were only four left now, and the reemergence of Princess Tutu was not expected. “Who was the girl in pink and white?” they demanded.
“That was an unexpected wrinkle in things, gentlemen,” said Drosselmyer, “I didn't expect to see her again. I though I quite took care of that.”
“Who was that?” demanded Felix.
“That was Princess Tutu,” said Drosselmyer.
“Princess Tutu!” exclaimed Heinrich, “What's she doing in this story?”
“I have no idea,” he said, “But you must take this into account from now on. You saw how easily she defeated Helmut. You must be cautious from now on, because Tutu is very resourceful.”
“Can't you do something about her?” asked Dolph.
“Fakir sealed off the manuscript,” said Drosselmyer, “the story is now writing itself. I no longer have control of it. All I can do now is provide you safe haven here, and advice. Pick your targets well, gentlemen. It was my intention that things could go so that you could do this forever. Tutu will try to bring this tale to an end if you do not stop her. Be careful, gentlemen, she is trouble.”
At that, they went back to their observing, hoping to be more careful in all that they did. They also wondered how it could be possible to confront Tutu directly, and put an end to her.