Psych Fan Fiction ❯ Of the Children ❯ I ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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I actually wrote out an outline for the entire story. Maybe this way I'll finish it in a decent amount of time. :D
I have been watching/reading way too much true crime.
Henry eyed his son critically over the top of the newspaper. Shawn's eager face gave him an overly bright smile, somehow enhanced by his deliberately mussed hair. The policeman was sure that if he were to look at his son's bouncing feet, they would be covered with the usual worn high tops, embellished with marker additions. “Shawn,” he began, “it's too dangerous for you to walk to school on your own.”
The boy's nose wrinkled in distaste. “It's only five blocks.”
“A lot can happen in five blocks.”
“Please? It's not like I'll be the only kid on my way to school.”
Taking a sip of coffee, Henry weighed the decision. After a moment, he responded, “Walk with Gus.”
“He's sick. Has been all week,” Shawn replied.
“That's too bad,” the officer mused, “I'm walking you.” Seeing his son readying a protest, he added, “Don't even think of mentioning what other parents allow. None of them has a policeman as a father. None of their parents know what kind of sickos are out there.”
Shawn scowled. “I'm not an idiot, Dad. I know how to keep myself safe.” He continued, muttering under his breath, “Not like you'd ever let me forget.”
Henry heard this and frowned. “It's my first day off in a long time, Shawn. I'd rather not spend it looking for my wayward son.”
“You won't have to. I promise.” The boy held up his hands for his father to see, revealing a lack of any crossed digits.
The man sighed as he felt himself give into the pleas. “Straight to school. No detours. And I'm picking you up after school.”
Shawn's face lit up and he threw his arms around his parent in an excited embrace. “I love you, Dad!” he proclaimed before running out the front door, swinging his backpack over his shoulder on the way.
Henry stared in the direction that his son had just left. An odd, melancholic feeling settled in the pit of his stomach as he softly responded, “I love you too, Shawn.”
An hour and a half later, Shawn's school called to inform the man that his son had never arrived. Henry, used to his antics, merely sighed and retraced the boy's route to school. Chances were that Shawn had gotten distracted somewhere along the way. Whatever the case, he would be sure to give his son an appropriate punishment.
Less than two blocks into the journey, the officer slowed his pace. He was out of the residential district now, and one side of the street was filled with shops staring out into the ocean. And there, in an alley between a bookstore and a small restaurant, was Shawn's backpack.
Alarms sounded in Henry's head as he approached the area. Academy training took over as he scanned the premises. The backpack had been cast onto the ground in a careless manner. Surrounding it was a telling arrangement of trash and footprints. The man's could feel his heart sputter, threatening to stop. “Shawn?” he called out as he eyed the signs of a struggle. “Shawn!”
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