Psych Fan Fiction ❯ Of the Children ❯ III ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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The bright, fluorescent lighting looked strangely dim to him. In fact, everything seemed less vibrant with the knowledge that he might never see his son again. Various sounds meshed together into a distant hum. The only things his ears could clearly identify were Madeline's dry sobs and Detective Richards' questions. “How old is he?” the man asked, hoary hair slicked back.
The question buzzed in Henry's head for a few moments before he replied, “Ten.” The sound of pen scratching on paper sent an unbidden chill down his spine.
Richards looked up after recording the last response. He took a moment to push a box of tissues in Madeline's direction. “We'll do our best to find Shawn,” he said, eying the other man. Henry gave a curt nod. However, the detective's gaze never left him. “You know you have to stay out of this,” he continued. It wasn't a question.
Henry's jaw clenched as he nodded again. His ineligibility to conduct an investigation only seemed to make his wife sob harder. His hand discreetly met with hers.
The detective watched him for a moment longer as if judging his veracity. Finally, he nodded and rose from his seat. The grieving couple followed. “If you think of anything else…” Richards trailed off.
“I know.” Spotting his partner watching him from the corner, Henry excused himself to talk to her. Madeline followed a few steps behind him.
“I'm sorry,” Karen told him as soon as he was close enough. “You're not going to stay out of this, are you?”
The man merely sighed. “Would you?”
The policewoman looked down at her own belly as if to imagine that she had a child. “Just,” she started, searched for the right words. “Just don't get caught. You wouldn't want anyone to get off on a technicality.”
Henry bobbed his head slightly, all the while thinking of where to search first. Shawn had gone missing on his way to school, during a time when other kids were making the same journey. If anyone saw anything… He checked his watch. 3:30. There would be plenty of minors to interrogate at the arcade.
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