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(change of POV)
Skills/Spells (when some one shouts them) or Shouting
“First End”
clashing of steel was the only sounds that were heard from the once malevolent gory throne room.
"Ahh..." The Knight in a broken blood stained armor, who was leaning behind a pillar for about a minute, was now heavily breathing and close to exhaustion ''damn, I cant keep this up any longer sooner or later he's going find me...''
The pillar suddenly slashed through revealing a goat like creature holding a scythe big roar was let out by a giant goat like creature ,who was now eyeing the knight
Preparing to strike, the knight trying to stand
“Foolish human do you think that you can beat ME?!? The great baphomet! (an: whats the real spelling of `baphomet') then you must be crazy" he laughed maniacally
"I am gonna… ahh… take YOU down if it's the last thing I DO!!” BOWLING BASH!!!AHHHHH!!!” the knight jumped at the baphomet and swung his sword with his last bit of strength but to no avail the baphomet wasn't even scratched.
It laughed at the knight, who was now kneeling breathing heavily gasping for air, "you call yourself a knight? a hero? a king? HA! look around you.... you shall suffer the same fate..." the
knight look at his fallen comrades... but was caught of when the baphomet punched him towards the wall" all have tried and failed you think that your any different besides the fact that you are a so called king and even a hero! Hehehe… look at your self what a hero..."he said
"What did we humans ever do to you monsters? why are your doing this to us?" said the knight gasping for air in between words
"ALL humans are the same they're sinful and impure thinking they are so great, calling us monsters when you are the monsters... Hahaha… Any Last words John?" with that he prepares his scythe readying a deadly strike.
John grabs a bit of energy to stand "g..o... T..o… He..." the baphomet swings his giant scythe at him then every thing becomes white yes he is dead boho
(baphos POV)
“bwahahaha foolish mortal" said baphomet walking away but then “gyahhh what's happening to me GHAAAAA!!!” a seal with the devil star appeared on his stomach "Damn... times up i guess..." slowly but surely the large goat turned to a small wisp and flew to a cave just outside of prontera "for I shall rest when the hero falls" `what a deal I ma...'*ZZZZZZ*
(John's POV) (warning: corny speech up a head)
when he regains his sight he finds himself in a blank room with 3 sides on his right was a door colored white which has a seal of a Cross in a sword facing upwards and on his left was a black door which had a seal of 2triangles put together like the devil star, (an: like the one on dark lord) and was colored red. and in front of him was a goldish jewel ,the emporium, and beside it were 12 other jewels the Opal, Sapphire, Zircon, ruby, etc...
'Where am I? How did I get here? What's happening?'
then out of nowhere a figment appears in front of him a young woman who looks like she is around 5 years old dressed in a gown of both black and white holding a silver spear and on the other hand was a shield of gold, she had the wings of an angel that was colored black.
"Whe... Where am... I?" John stuttered in a confused voice
In a childish voice “over there” the kid poited to the spot where he was at
“huh?” john sayed confused
"any way your dead and Odin said for me to open the gate for you” she sayed holding her spear up towards the white door slowly opening
“what wget me out of here I have a son to raise and… and the baphomet” john knelt crying
"I'm sorry... I cant help you much but… well I'll take care of your family" she said closing her eyes
Angrily john said in response "yah like what can you do?”
"I cant do anything directly but I can let one of my freinds do it"
"How can she protect him its not like she can just wave her hand and it will die just like that"
"she can't but your child William you see... he is one of the chosen ones to free rune midgard from this suffering" she said Raising her head "they'll be fine I promise... the baphomet and his legion of minions used up their powers fighting you and need to Rally they're powers... in other words there going to take a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG nap"
"How long?" said the knight calming down a bit
"They take different times but the baphomet will take exactly 15 years from this day... the rest are different… any way rest now for you have entered Valhalla..." with that the white door opened
"Go I promise… he will live”
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