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(change of POV)
Skills/Spells (when some one shouts them) or Shouting
Chapter 2:
“Novice Academy”
A sound was heard from a comfy yet old bed
"huh?" a pink haired woman knight walks up to a small but comfortable looking bed
another sound was heard again this time even louder
"Will?" the woman said both curiously and concerned
"5 more mints pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." said the brunet haired novice trying to cover himself with his sheets when he was cut of short
"GET UP!!!" the knight said ANGRILY now
"WHAAA! yes mam" the novice was now on his feet and saluting like a scared rok lee ^naruto^
"I cant believe you look a the time its 8:45 am the academy registration closes at 9:00 and its a 10 minute run you haven't brushed your teeth...” (an: um I think we should skip that part)
"yah yah yah... don't worry Ritz (an: as in the biscuit and the girl in ffta) the test isn't till Monday..." now he was again trying to fall back asleep
"WILL!!!" The knight replied even more angrily "TODAY IS MONDAY"
"What!!!" the novice looked in the calendar it was Monday alright "NO WAY!!!" he said shocked as he raced downstairs of the house and readied himself putting on his clothes taking a bath, half of it actual... blah blah blah and raced down the streets like he had agi up + slepnir + cart boost + a person riding a peco peco who just finished gulping down a berserk potion + the speed of 100 assassins put together + a student who is friggin late for school worrying he will flunk the final exam and will have to stay another year… fast enough?
"I'm late I'm late!!!" by the time he reached the castle gate
“hey kid signing up?" a guard asked him from the side
"yah give me a sec" will said tiredly panting in between words I wouldn't blame him though he made a 10 minute run in 5 minutes
"C'mon kid" the guard said "registrations almost over you got 2 minutes left"
"Oh c'mon" was said whiningly by Will running off again to the registration area “I'd like to sign up for the exam pleas" said will out of exhaustion
"Ok Mr. William Robert" (AN: how did she know his name!!!) "the first test will be in the right to test how much you know about rune midgard"
When he entered the room he saw a dark blue haired novice wearing a blue bandana as a head band answering the test questions so fast the proctor dint even ask the question yet and he answered them "intelligence, jelopy, 1,539,983 Z, ca..."
"Ok ok, you pass" the proctor said scratching his head confused how a person can talk that fast even answer questions before they were asked
"Humph…!" said the novice being given a back pack, which is full of items and equips, teleported to the next room
"Umm... hi are you the question person?" said will
"Yah why?" was the rude reply of the proctor
"id like to take the exam ple.." he was cut of when the proctor said "no, no, no, no, NO!!! You pass I don't care I cant take this any more!!! here take this with you and go" he handed will a piece of paper and a bag similar to the other novice earlier and teleported to the next room as will entered the room he looked around the room it had 45 sets and he took the only one left the seat, in front of the novice earlier...
"OK guys settle down" a man wearing clothes similar to a novice yet different... "I am Patrick your orientater now keeping the introductions aside who here knows what they will be their jobs?"
will turned around looking at the other novices a few novices as he thought `yah yah yah… I know what I want to be my life long dream is to be a swords man… to fight evil and kick some ass!!!' will thought to him self imagining himself fighting a horde of orcs
"I will be talking about the different possibilities of a novice for example me a super novice kind of a jack of all traits..." said the strangely dressed novice with messy green hair and a nut shell helm "ok the basic components of..."^skip again^
A snoring sound was heard again "huh what?-Who?-Where?-When?-How?"
"hay..." Patrick said disappointed "I go through this every year"
"oh well... everybody go back to your seats that means you too" he pointed to 2 novices who were moving around the classroom and talking "I want you to fill these" he said while distributing some papers "these are personality tests to those who don't know what they want to be they will help you decide on what jobs your best suited for when your done give them to me and wait in the next room"
'Ok let's see... I see a shirt in the street what do I think first... a .yay a new shirt, b. I wonder who owns it, c. what brand is it?, d. nothing because I ignore it...' ^yet another skip^ "f..i...n..i..sh...ed" William said exhausted "here it is"
"uhu, ok, i see" Patrick said checking his paper
"So what am I?" William now made a cute chibi face with flowers in the background and pretty butterflies (A.N.:something like in ouran, the little kid)
"Oh you're not getting the results now you get them after the last test"
"Oh man..." he sighed
"Common go already wait in the next room for the next test"
(30 minutes later)
"ok everybody here?" Patrick put up his finger and started counting "1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 42, 43, 44, 4... Hey where's 45!!!"
"...here..." the blue haired novice said in the corner “if you're done, lets get this over with..."
"Ok the last test is..."
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Game analogy:
Agility (agi) up - an acolyte skill that increases movement speed and agility
Slepneir - a legendary foot wear that increases your movement speed, life, mana and regeneration rate
Cart Boost - a merchant skill that give the user a boost in movement speed if he/she has equipped a cart
Pecopeco - a giant bird like creature that knights and crusaders ride they look like chokobos
Berserk potion