Ragnarok Fan Fiction ❯ Side Swords ❯ Fond Memories ( Chapter 1 )

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Ragnarok Online Fan Fiction

Story of Kojiro Sasaki


This story includes the following characters.

Panda - Merchant

Uohana - Crusader

Kojiro Sasaki - Swordsman

Anthony - Crusader

Miroku - Acolyte

Miyamoto - Thief



Born in the land of Amatsu, Prince Kojiro was raised in wealth and leisure. Spending his time wondering what the rest of the world was like while being isolated on this small island nation. A day came when the Prontera Calvary appeared on the horizon in a ship mistaking Amatsu for the port city of Alberta.

Trade began between Amatsu and the Main lands in no time, and many of the Amatsunese People decided to leave for the main lands to search for wealth and happiness in this foreign land. During this time Prince Kojiro was having a wondering heart and asked Emperor Tsunetomo Sasaki for leave to go to the main lands and see the world of these foreigners. Emperor Sasaki allowed his son to see the world but to return as a man and no long the boy he is. Two years has pasted since the day he left Amatsu, and today is Kojiro's induction test into the Swordsman Academy.


Running up to the doors of the Swordsman Association, Kojiro looks at the satellite city of Izlude.

"Man this place is so different from home."

Kojiro turns and looks at the Marina.

"It's been awhile since I got off that boat."

Kojiro thinks back to the day he got off the boat and walked to see the busy satellite city with people in such foreign armors with weapons that seemed so beautiful that he must have one.

Kojiro walked a bit gazing at the foreign architecture when tripped over someone sitting on the side with a cart.

"Ouch" Kojiro looked at his leg as this person walked over and wrapped his scar.

"Sorry...I didn't see you there." said this female merchant.

Kojiro stood up and dusted himself off stated, "No Madame it was my fault."

Kojiro looked up to see a beautiful young female merchant who was blushing from her folly with him.

She covered her face and softly whispered, "My name is Panda. I am from Alberta."

Kojiro stood there in awe with this beautiful merchant. Panda's face got redder from this man's lost eyes.

Kojiro shook his head hard and began to rub the back of his head, "My name is...ahhhh...Prince...no...Kojiro Sasaki of Amatsu." Kojiro bowed to Panda as she stood there confused at the customs of this polite and awe stuck male.

Panda leaned down and kissed Kojiro on the cheek and said she must be off, but he heard none of what she said but stood there thinking to myself, "Does she like me?"

Kojiro walked down the streets of Izlude gently touching the place on his face where the beautiful merchant kissed until he bumped into a man clad in armors beyond his imagination.

"Gomen..." Kojiro bowed and repeated, "Gomen."

The man looked at him and walked by.

Kojiro looked up at the man to see the words that he mouthed, "Holy Cross?"

Kojiro walked to a bench and sat down, "This place is already different from home." He touched his cheek, "Kissed by a beautiful girl." he leans back and looks up, "Different buildings...different people. Oh, this is going to interesting."

Sudden a bird flies over head and poos on Kojiro's face and he lunged forward and yelled "SHIT!!!"

Kojiro stopped thinking of that day since it was spoiled by remember that moment.

"I haven't since her in two years? I wonder if she is married to anyone." Kojiro looked down and sighed to himself, "If I see her I will ask this time."

Suddenly someone came up behind Kojiro and put him in the full nelson.

"So are you daydreaming about that merchant again Ko?"

He turned around to see his closest friend Miyamoto standing there.

Kojiro twisted his hair and said, "Well I have a taste for sweet women."

Miyamoto stood there and laughed, "Gawd man you turned down so many females from Amatsu that I was starting to worry about you. But hey next time you see her if she hasn't already found herself a sausage then give her this."

Miyamoto handed Kojiro a flower laced ring.

Kojiro looked at Miyamoto, "Where did you get this?"

Miyamoto smiled and gave Kojiro a thumb up.

Kojiro's face went blank, "Who did you sleep with to get this Miyamoto?"

Miyamoto waved his hand to Kojiro, "Dude I got it in Lutie cause this hottie in a red and white coat was talking about some dude Snowman and warming him up. But I wanted to warm up her bed with her back."

Kojiro looked at Miyamoto look he was trash, "Did you at least get some?"

Miyamoto looked away and said well I advise you not to go to Lutie for awhile.

Kojiro put his hand over his face and mumbled, "I still don't see how we are friends."

Miyamoto was born of the First House of Noble with direct bloodline to the Imperial Family of Amatsu. He himself was always a very mischievous child getting himself and Kojiro in trouble on a regular basic. Miyamoto was recently inducted into the Thief's Guild unbeknown to his family back in Amatsu.

Miyamoto smiled, "Come on now...you are dang gone near my cousin. But you know I have a knack for these foreign women. I just talk and the panties fly off."

Kojiro sat right there, "Oh Gawd you're an adulterer too."

Miyamoto laughed nervously, "Well kind of but hey the getting is good. Oh on that note don't use the Kapra here. Millie is kind of looking for me. I kind of sort of spent the night with her and these two dancers, and one thing led to another."

Kojiro bluntly stopped Miyamoto, "Dude I don't need to hear anymore than that. I need to go take my test now anyways."

Kojiro stood up and dusted himself off and started walking to the door when a crowd began to come as Miyamoto yelled from the top of his lungs, "Now you do well for us now, HONEY" Miyamoto blew a kiss.

Sweat went down Kojiro's face and he walked in the Swordsman Association with a red face.

Going inside Kojiro looked at they applicant's in the room and walked around listening to conversations of those who dreamed since a young age to be Paladins or those whose dreams lay with the Lord Knights of Prontera.

While walking around the Swordsman Master came out with a man named Leo Van Frisch of Prontera. They began to lead the applicants into the testing room and a Knight walked the room with them and sat in the back corner.

Sir Frisch began to walk to the front of the room as he gave his speech, "Today a select few of you will become swordsmen on the path to whatever you choose. The life of a swordsman isn't their life. It is the life of the people's. You are to protect and serve no matter if you are outclassed or not. The sword is your way of expressing love to the world. Midgard needs only those with a pure heart willing to sacrifice themselves for the peoples of any land. I this you?"

A loud roar from everyone in the room except Kojiro who was looking around in amazement, "Yes SIR!!"

The Knight in the back of the room stood up and put his hand Kojiro's shoulder, "Sir Frisch we have someone unwilling to die in the name of others."

Frisch turned to the Knight, "Is this true Sir Blma?"

Rubbing Kojiro's shoulder gently as Kojiro's head slumped down, "It might be that he doesn't understand our language or that he isn't even suppose to be here."

Kojiro looked up at Sir Blma with a fire in his eyes, "I fully understood you, but I am still new to your customs and I would die for anyone willing to live."

Shifting his weight Sir Frisch smiled to the Swordsman Master, "This one has a familiar fire."

Everyone looked at Kojiro as Sir Blma asked, "So amateur what is your name?"

Kojiro stood up and bowed, "Kojiro Sasaki of Amatsu, the Island Nation."

Sir Blma said frankly, "I thought you were from Gonryu or Payon but hey." Blma sat back in his seat, "Continue Frisch I was wrong." Blma thought to himself, "Sasaki could he be?"

Sir Frisch wrote on the board behind him, "You have ten minutes to get through the Swordsman's Dungeon and back here. Death is an automatic failure, because the dead can't become anything but Zombies. Don't Fall." Sir Frisch turns around, "If you can read this then you understand the importance of making sure you follow them. I will have three examiners down there along with Spear Knights. If you are not willing to do this then talk to them and they will send you back. Good luck."

Everyone in the room stood up and Kojiro was the last to walk in the door right behind them looking back at Sir Blma.

Sir Blma stood up and walked over to Sir Frisch, "You realize if that boy dies in there then King Tristan III will have more problems then needed."

Sir Frisch leaned forward onto the podium in front of him, "The Prince of Amatsu drops in our lap what are we going to do? Just stop him? It's his decision."