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Chapter 4
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“Thank goodness for showers!” Though, Ranma had to admit, it wasn't as nice as soaking in a furo, allowing the excess heat to relax you after a hard day's training or, often in his case, a hard night's trying to sleep.
But it definitely made it easier to wash your hair. And it was nice to not have to wash himself as a female every once in a while.
I have to tell them, today, about the curse. There's no way around it. I know that the Jusenkyo magic is still with me. And even if I can spend more time as male now—assuming what happened yesterday wasn't a fluke or something weird like the magic needs some time to rev up the water magnet part—they'll find out sooner or later. I can't do the same thing I did at the Tendo's. They deserve to know about Jusenkyo.
And about the Neko-ken. Usa said she had a pet cat named Diana. And Hotaru said she had two friends with “friendly” pet cats as well. So, odds are I'll run into one of them soon—the Saotome luck for being screwed over by events is just waiting to get me.
However, Fate decided it had waited long enough.
Haruka quietly disrobed inside the bathroom. Michiru had left their room minutes before, saying she needed to get a bath, and Haruka was planning on surprising her lover in the shower.
How was she supposed to know that Ranma had beaten Michiru to the shower and that Haruka's lover was currently making breakfast?
So, Haruka slipped her hand past the shower curtain and shut off the hot water. She always loved hearing Michiru scream at that prank.
Unfortunately—or fortunately, depending on whose point of view we are looking at—Ranma was so deep into his thoughts that he didn't notice Haruka's presence.
However, he did notice when the water temperature dropped and he became a she. “WHAT THE HELL?”
That was enough to snap Haruka out of her early morning stupor, to rip back the shower curtain to reveal a naked redhead, covering herself and who was currently giving Haruka the evil eye—the same evil eye, oddly enough, that Ranma had practiced after learning it from his mother.
The two stared at each other—Ranma at her face and Haruka at Ranma's...assets.
“PERVERT!” Ranma ripped the curtain closed again, and stood in the cold water, waiting for the perverted guardian of Hotaru to leave the bathroom. After a minute, she was tired of freezing. “You can leave now.”
“Sorry.” Haruka walked out in a stupor; her mind too busy trying to commit the hot redhead's body to memory, before going to find her lover to ask about the new...gift that she found in the shower.
After she left, Ranma turned the hot water back on, glad that the time she had spent waiting for Haruka to leave hadn't frozen her body solid. Now back to male, Ranma only had one line of thought. Gone were the thoughts and worries of revealing his curse and phobia to them.
Damn it, why is it perverted tomboys are always walking in on me?
Michiru was busy making a large breakfast, resigning herself to a quick shower after Ranma got out. He had returned last night depressed, saying, in the morning, he would tell them what had happened to him when he went to check in on his home and family.
Whatever it was must have been bad. I know Setsuna told us that he would never be able to go back. But still, what had he discovered last night that was so bad that he couldn't tell us? Is he afraid, like he said last night, that the trouble that hounds him will come and attack us?
Her musings were stopped short.
That wasn't anyone I know. She was a little worried about what had happened when her quick mind figured most of it out. Well, I did tell Haruka I was going to take a shower. How was I supposed to know she would need to be told it wasn't me in there? What if it had been Setsuna, Hotaru, or Ranma that she—
Yep, definitely Haruka's work.
It wasn't much longer after that, when her wayward lover came downstairs and quickly pulled her into a passionate kiss. “I don't know who she is, but I say we keep her. She looks...fun.”
Yep, whomever it was that had said it, was correct. Haruka is a pervert. “Dear, maybe we should first find out who this mysterious female is before you decide to invite her into our reindeer games.”
“I can explain that.”
Both girls turned to see male Ranma in a wet towel. “And before you start asking if I was sleeping with the girl in the shower—” He stopped speaking abruptly and moved to the sink. After filling a glass with cold water, he went back to the two girls and placed a hand from each girl on his pecs. “I picked up a curse in China—a shape shifting curse that is activated by cold water and deactivated with hot.” Ranma then proceeded to pour the water over his head, turning into his female form.
Both girls were very familiar with the Sailor Starlights. But they maintained their height when they became female, and that was only during the time they spent in Sailor form.
They were not used to seeing someone shrink and become female.
Ranma, however, was twitching. Michiru gave the breast that she found in her hand a slight squeeze, to make certain that what she saw and felt was real.
Haruka—being a perverted tomboy like Ranma thought she was—was currently testing it in every way possible with one hand. “Could you two please stop doing that?”
Michiru immediately dropped her hand, and then smacked Haruka's away.
Ranma filled the glass with hot water and changed back. “If you got any questions, I'll fill you in on the rest during breakfast. I'll understand if you don't want me to stay here.”
With that said, Ranma went back upstairs to finish getting dressed, while the two women stared at him as he left.
The perverted tomboy now only had one thought. If Hotaru and Usa don't want her, maybe Michiru and I can ask her to be our consort. So what if she becomes a he? It's not like I never wanted to have children of my own.
Yes, a very perverted tomboy indeed.
Breakfast was a somber affair. The young girls had only gotten a few names from Ranma to give to the Inners. They had decided to set this Ryoga Hibiki as Makato's future husband, and Tatewaki Kuno as Minako's. They had Mousse planned for Ami, and that Happosai person planned for Rei. But they were making drastic changes to the last one—the guy almost sounded like he was Rei's grandfather.
Now, Ranma had said he had to tell them a few things, but was going to wait to after their meal. They would still have plenty of time to get to school if they got a ride, and Setsuna was already driving Ranma in to authorize him to take the entrance exams.
After the meal was finished, and he helped Michiru take the dishes into the kitchen, he returned with two glasses of water.
“Okay, first off, I need to explain some of the weird stuff I've had happen to me. I'll do my curse first, since I want to be dry when I go to school. And please, no questions until I'm finished, okay?”
The girls all nodded their approval. “First, I have what's called a Jusenkyo curse. My idiot father—proving that you don't need a reason to be a complete idiot—took me to a cursed training ground in China with hundreds of pools. Each had something unique drown in them, so, if you're unlucky enough to get knocked into one, you pick up a curse and change into whatever last drowned in them.” He upended the cold water glass over himself, shrinking into his female form. “I fell in the Nyannichuan: The Spring of Drowned Girl.”
The others could only stare.
“First off, I don't look like the girl that drowned in the spring. I look like a younger version of my mom, so I guess it makes you look like what you'd've been if you'd been born that way. Second, I am a guy who changes into a girl, not the other way around. Third, I only like girls, even in this form. Finally, ain't no cure, so I'm stuck with this until I die or find some way to gain control over it; from what I've read on the subject, it should be possible. The curse is triggered by cold water and undone by hot water.” She upended the second glass over her head, becoming male once again. “Any questions before I move onto the next one?”
Hotaru meekly raised her hand. “So, you're the same person, no matter what the form?”
Ranma smiled at her, putting her at ease. He still hadn't decided if he wanted a relationship with either of the girls who expressed interest in him, but he still at least wanted her as a friend. “Yep, no matter what, I'm always Ranma.” Unless of course someone hits me too hard in the head and she makes another appearance. But they don't need to know about...that.
The others finally nodded their consent for him to continue.
“The second thing is I'm terrified of cats. My idiot father put me through some training called the Neko-ken. I'm trying to undo the damage his stupidity did to my mind but, until then, I'm barely able to be in the same room as a cat. Maybe in another month or two, I can stand to have one near me, but it'll take time. I won't explain how you're taught the Neko-ken, but the other option to learning it in training is to die. Maybe later, I'll tell you the rest, but you don't want those images in your head during school.”
They nodded once again, with Usa deciding that Diana would have to spend a while longer living with her Mom. Then she realized that she had to move back there tonight, herself, as she was only staying with Hotaru for the weekend.
“Finally, I...I can't go home. I just learned last night this isn't even my world, or my universe. Sailor Pluto explained it all to me, and said I could ask you for help. I can understand if my problems make you feel uncomfortable, and I'll leave if you want me to.”
“No, Ranma, we will not ask you to leave.”
He turned towards Setsuna. “Are you sure? I don't mind if you don't want the trouble that always follows me around. I can always head out and look for a way home.”
“Nonsense, Ranma, if we wanted peace and quiet, we wouldn't be living in Juuban.” Michiru stood up and gave the boy a hug. “So you have some problems; name one person who doesn't.”
The other girls followed suit, encircling him within a warm embrace. Michiru kept an eye on Haruka, who kept casting quick glances at her own cup of ice water.
For the first time in a long time, Ranma felt accepted.
Soon though, Ranma was feeling dejected again.
He accepted it when the girls told him he needed to go to school. After all, if he wanted to teach Anything Goes in this world, he needed to have a degree or two to prove he knew what he was doing. And interning again, like he had with Tofu, might not be an option.
He turned down the idea to go to some advanced high school like Michiru and Haruka had gone to; stating that his lack of knowledge would be flunking him out before the first week was through. He offered to go to Juuban High School if he could actually pull off some decent grades—which actually might be possible, since he could finally get some decent sleep. There'd be no panda keeping him up, no rival keeping him awake because he somehow was upset with Ranma, and no weird educators either draining his chi or throwing pineapple bombs at him.
The girls laughed at him, until he told some stories about Mousse, Pops, the Kunos, and Ms. Hinako.
One thing was certain to them; Ranma would have no problems handling the weird things that occurred in this world.
He had just finished testing at Juuban High for placement. But he spent those three hours straining his mind to the limits. Now the computer tabulated results were in.
“I'm in tenth grade...again.”
Damn irony. He was right back to where he started. First, a perverted tomboy walked in on him. Then he was dumped into the tenth grade in a new school.
Patterns, aren't they a wonderful thing?
Loki was busy, setting things up. His new interest was deemed to live an interesting life. If he worked hard—a relatively new concept for Loki: working hard at something that didn't involve a prank on someone else—he might be able to earn favors from the others deities and, perhaps, even a few demons.
“Let's see. He has a gender curse from some place called Jusenkyo. Hmm, must be from that other reality. It stinks of rogue chaos magic. Then we have his fear of cats. Maybe I should get Bast to visit him in his dreams. He has weird people always challenging him, and weird things happening around him. Now we combine that with the usual chaos around the Sailor Senshi and...”
Loki smiled. “I think we have the new Number One series for the Ethereal Television Network.”
And once again, Ranma's daily occurrences were to become public amusement for the gods and demons.
The only problem was that Loki had no idea what to call it. If it was just Ranma, he could call it Ranma