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When Angels Fall
Chapter 4
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As the parents continued to berate from their frozen positions—as Cologne had been kind enough to hit their paralysis points to keep them from interfering—the former fiancées began to prepare for the arrivals of Usagi and her family.
Enough snacks to feed a small platoon were laid out; the assumption being that it was a Saotome blood trait to need more food than you weighed.
The parents were off to a corner, still trying to change the minds of the women. Soun was trying to convince his daughters that they needed to be strong and demand that these children of Ranma help unite the schools, while Genma cried about how dishonorable his son was to cheat on his loving and gentle fiancée with this blond outsider.
Nodoka remained silent, simply watching, and trying to decide which instinct she should follow. While part of her still mentally danced for joy that she now had grandchildren, part of her was finally beginning to realize what she had lost with the passing of her son. Never again would she behold him, talk with him, comfort him when the stress of his life got to him.
Not that she did such things anyway. Ranma never cried before his Mother, knowing it would be seen by her as unmanly.
Were the girls showing disrespect to their elders? Yes, but Cologne had hit the points, not the Tendo girls themselves, and Cologne was also helping prepare for the arrival, not admonishing the girls for lack of proper decorum and acknowledging the superiority of their elders in such matters. Nodoka wasn't sure if the ancient Chinese Amazon was helping because of some sense of loyalty to Ranma, or if she was interested in acquiring one of the children of Ranma and Usagi for the tribe. But she did still believe that the girls should have followed her beliefs, no matter how hypocritical they actually were, when she expected them to obey their elders, but did not offer the same services herself to her elders, let alone make hold her husband to account for his own dishonorable actions. Then again, she had no troubles with her son dishonoring other women by having children with them outside of marriage.
Part of her was still debating words heard from the Tendo girls last night while they had first learned of Ranma's demise, as well as the words said while the group was preparing for the arrivals of the others when Nodoka and the fathers had arrived early this morning. Not much had been said in the morning when they had arrived as Cologne had hit those spots to paralyze their muscles, as well as one to keep them silent, before the parents could even think to berate their children for not immediately bowing to their wishes.
“The dishes are prepared,” called out Kasumi, as she brought in a tray, followed by Ukyo and Shampoo. “Oh, I do hope we've prepared enough food. If they are blood kin to the Saotome line, then this may not be enough.”
“Everything looks nice outside,” said Akane. She had spent the time since she had awakened to clean the outside and prepare the dojo, should she perhaps earn the right to learn from Ranma's children. In truth, she hoped they had at least one daughter to train her, as part of her was still upset that Ranma had never taken their sparring matches seriously. She knew now that she had done very little to warrant such treatment by the children of the man she had loved. She didn't expect them to be open to her; a sign of her past behavior coming to haunt her. But in time, she hoped to prove she had changed, and was not the same little girl who had malleted Ranma so often.
Nodoka studied the youngest Tendo, trying to figure out where things stood with her. Despite what one would expect, Akane seemed…happier than yesterday. She had no idea that the girl had cried out her old hang-ups last night, surrounded by family and friends. She had no idea that this Akane had found some peace; one which she was ready to test against the woman who had been with Ranma. Part of her was still resisting the idea that she was not in control, but a growing part of her wanted to learn of the life her son had led, despite how she had been treated by the woman her son had chosen to bore his children through.
Nabiki came downstairs with the albums, as well as copies of…legal…photos of Ranma, since she doubted his children would want to see the racier ones.
Those were reserved for his wife, if she so wanted them. Hey, with three hundred years of free time, even his mate must have had that curiosity once. Otherwise, the former Ice Queen could think of no other reason how Usagi and Ranma had had only five kids. Unless Usagi had a staggered time in-between periods of ovulation, she had a large gap to cover. And only the union between her and Ranma-chan would explain such times.
That is, of course, unless there had been some deaths among the children due to the beast. In which case, all of them had agreed not to broach such topics unless started by either Usagi or their children. The last thing they wanted to due was add to the distress the groups on either side were feeling.
As they sat down, they prepared mentally for the arrival.
Kasumi smiled first. “Now, no one will play rough with Ranma-kun's family, will they?” She knew they had all agreed not to, but it never hurt to remind them all at what they had promised each other.
Everyone knew what she was really asking. While Kasumi never admitted to knowing what was occurring, she did know that the proper decorum needed to be observed, and she would be damned before she let the children Ranma had while imprisoned be ignored and treated as outcasts, or worse, as pawns in the games that the parents—including Cologne—had used towards their own gains.
Ukyo smiled. “Nah, I don't think I'll play anymore.” While she had yet to fully accept that Ranma was gone, she had at least accepted the fact that he would not be coming back. Deciding that she had no care for her Father's misguided sense of revenge; she chose to at least honor her fiancé and friend by making his family…feel welcome.
Shampoo as well as the Tendo sisters nodded. “Shampoo be good.” She also had no quarrels with Usagi or the new family her Airen had. While true she had often dreamt that such things were hers with Ranma, she would accept that he did what he felt he needed to do. If they liked her, all the better. But her great grandmother had assured her that she was safe, and that these people should be held in high honor.
Cologne was still deep in thought. While she had helped the girls start to work past their feelings for the death of Ranma, she was still hoping that perhaps a possible son of the pigtailed savant would find Shampoo a desirable mate. After all, a treaty would only get you so far, but the bloodline itself would get you farther.
Not that she would press such matters, deciding that perhaps that pursuit itself was what had poisoned Ranma from siding with the Amazons and wedding Shampoo. Sure, she wouldn't force such an issue, but she could still help things along...as long as it didn't lead to her invoking their wrath.
As the group discussed their up-in-coming questions about what to ask the Tsukino clan, their discussion was interrupted by the sound and eventually showing of the two Kuno children being sent through the outer wall.
“Well,” Nabiki said, “it looks like they've met the full members of this little event.”
Akane nodded, finding some small joy—well, actually a large amount of joy—that the Kuno clan would soon fall.
Tatewaki Kuno: Age 17: The Blue Thunder of Furinkan High, had thoroughly enjoyed the week since his “banishment of the foul sorcerer, Ranma Saotome” from Nerima.
Though the spell had not worn off the fierce tigress yet, he was not worried, as he still had to find his beloved pigtailed girl, who was still missing after the banishment of Ranma.
He was currently heading over to the Tendo Dojo, to purchase information from Nabiki Tendo about the location of his pigtailed goddess.
That was, of course, until she appeared before him, walking with a group. “Pigtailed Goddess! You have returned to me!” he screamed, before lunging towards her, waiting for her to leap into his loving arms.
What he got was a kick to the stomach and a hand wrapping around his throat, lifting him up from the ground.
Apparently, the pigtailed girl was still under Saotome's spell.
Ranko looked at the filth she had in her hand; the filth that had led to her Father's death, something she felt she would gladly trade her existence for to know he was still around.
Her anger grew, feeding a blood red battle aura. For years inside the NPP, she had always fostered deep hatred for those that put her Father and Mother there. It didn't matter that without those same people, she might never exist: her Father more disposed to the confused Tendo heir, and her Mother disposed towards a confused Tuxedo fighter. In her mind, she always had dreams about finding certain members of the so-called Nerima Wrecking Crew, as her Father called them. She had dreams of frying Mousse, shoving the bokken up Kuno's ass, selling Ryoga for a pork dinner, placing Happosai on an island with nothing but homosexual males, etc…
Now…here…she had one such irritant in her hand, and was determined to enjoy it. “So, this is the sorry baka who killed my father because his cursed form preferred only women.”
“What?” asked Kuno, breath still allowed to flow, since Ranko wanted him to suffer more. “Surely, my brave and noble self saved you from the foul sorcerer's ministrations!”
She grinned an evil grin. “You use magic to send my Father to his death, and yet you blindly refuse to understand the fact he had a curse that changed him into your fucking pigtailed girl at the application of cold water.”
“Nay, such things cannot exist!”
Her response was to bury her fist into his stomach, forcing his breath from him. “Don't be so fucking stupid!” she all but screamed. “You don't want to admit that a girl doesn't love you, so you blame any male who doesn't bow to your foolish ass, and your stupidity led to the death of my Father!”
“OH HOHOHOHOHO! So, my dear brother is being taught a lesson by the very girl he seeks to covet!” said the deranged Kuno daughter, as she twirled her ribbon, while wearing her leotard. She then changed her glare to Ranko. “But while I enjoy the sight of you dispensing the justice my foul brother claims to represent, I cannot allow you harridan, to continue to chase my beloved Ranma-sama.”
Ranko could only smile, as her day had just gotten better. “Well, well. It looks like I just won a two-for-one special.”
As the group stepped through the destroyed wall, with the only shock of surprise being on the faces of the brother and parents of Usagi, they stared at the bloody and unconscious forms of the Kuno siblings.
Walking over quickly, her chest still heaving in attempt to gain control over her rage, Ranko reached inside the outfit of Kuno, using Chestnut speed to pilfer anything and everything that the deranged samurai wannabe had on his person. “Let's see… We have assorted pictures of what I'm hoping is Dad's girl form—ewwww—and…” She held an item up, giving it to her mother. “And we have a portion of the artifact. I guess they split it up afterwards to keep a double-cross from happening.”
Ranko was fighting her inner demons for all she was worth, using her inner light to stave off the need to simply kill the Kuno children now. No, they deserve to suffer more, and while alive, I will make them suffer in ways that would even make Wiseman and Beryl lose their lunches.
Nodding, Usagi turned towards Raiden and Ryoko. “Can you two drop these...deluded simpletons off at the hospital? We shall file lawsuits later for assault.”
Nodding, her children vanished, taking the bloody and broken figures of the Kuno siblings with them.
“We have one person left for punishment,” said Keitaro, his eyes scouring the scene for the often disastrous pervert.
“Oh, you mean Grandfather Happosai,” said Kasumi, who disappeared into the kitchen, bring out said diminutive pervert, who was currently clutching his stomach
“Kasumi?” asked Happosai as he clutched his rebelling stomach. “What was in that platter you left for me? It…HURTS!”
“Oh dear,” she said, sounding as she always did, only her faltering smile showed any malice. “It appears I accidentally covered Akane's food from last week with my food from this morning. How silly of me.”
No one bought it, but did enjoy seeing the pervert grounded by his own greed and trust for the one person no one could believe would ever harm an innocent.
Ranko looked upon him with demented glee. Her demons once more began screaming for blood, but her honor holding them back. After all, she had promised her mother that the old pervert was hers and hers alone to deal with.
Usagi smiled, walking up to Happosai, and using her speed to loot the Grandmaster of Anything Goes of his ill-gotten gains, promising herself to search his room before she left for anymore items that would cause trouble should they fall into the wrong hands.
Her search did yield one thing she had been looking for: the other half of the artifact that had sent her and Ranma to the Null Point Prison. Placing the artifact together with the bloody one Ranko had pulled off Tatewaki; she looked at the crouching pervert. “Happosai, you are hereby charged with abuse of innocents for prideful reasons, abuse of power, abuse of privacy of others, and of sending Ranma Saotome to the Null Point Prison to die for simply being better than you. What have you to say in your defense?”
“Um…you wouldn't hurt an old man just trying to have fun, would you?”
Usagi was not amused. “But you would harm anyone who got in the way of your fun.” She stood back, pointing the artifact pieces at him, watching as everyone cleared away from the doomed soul. “By overwhelming and undeniable proof, I find you guilty.
“As punishment for your numerous crimes,” continued Usagi, putting the two pieces of artifact together, she pointed its now completed form at Happosai, “I sentence you to the Null Point Prison that you placed Ranma and myself in. But I set your challenger to be your inner self. Only when your inner light has decided that you have truly changed, will you be released. There, you will have no one to gleam energy from, no people to bother, and no one to push around.”
Before Happosai could utter a word, he vanished, much like Ranma had when Kuno and Happosai himself had used it on the pigtailed boy.
Sighing, Usagi placed the artifact inside her personal subspace pocket. As the portal had opened, she had cast her senses into it, hoping that some long shot odd had placed Ranma inside the prison again.
She found no strong life force. Ranma was not there, and neither was the energy creature.
Seeing the concerned look on their faces, she elaborated on what she did. “His own inner light will judge him. If he never finds his inner light, and truly becomes a person of good character…”
Cologne cackled. “Then the old letch will never leave that place.”
Nodding, she sat down. “Well, as we wait for Raiden and Ryoko to return from dropping off the Kuno siblings, shall we start?”
The gathering went uninterrupted after that.