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When Angels Fall
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Queen Serenity VI looked at the decimated field before her, counting her blessings that the explosion had not happened nearer to the palace, as well as the magical barriers of the Moon Palace had directed the incoming energy to an area of her kingdom that was uninhabited.
She had no idea what this beast was or where it had come from. The energy pouring from it was beyond anything that the Moon Kingdom or the other kingdoms of the Sol System had ever encountered, even stumping Sailor Pluto as to their appearances as well as its existence.
As for names to call this dark entity that had somehow been forced into physical existence; the only title the seers would call it before passing out was Metallia. Sighing at how useless the current lines of thoughts being generated by this creature's existence, she raised the Lunar Staff, which housed the dual crystals of the royal line. “Metallia, though we know not where you have come from, we all sense the evil that taints your spirit. I hereby invoke the power of the Lunar Royal Staff and imprison you, so that your taint shall not corrupt this or any kingdom. BE GONE!”
As the twin glows of Darkness and Light formed, they soon shot from the staff, converging and consuming the beast now and forever known as Metallia, before it faded from existence.
Sighing, she straightened herself up, just beginning to feel the drain from the spell, to notice the one thing the guards and scouts had missed: under where the creature had lain, was the battered and bloody body of a male.
Running to him; her earlier exhaustion forgotten, she examined him as best as the remaining magic she had could.
His body was beyond the hope her magic or any technology of the Moon Kingdom could offer. His body was covered with burns, some to the third degree. Blood soaked the ground that he was laying on. Clothing was all but burnt off, and what hadn't been was still smoldering. Several limbs were contorted at angles she knew meant they were broken, and even if he would survive, they didn't offer much hope for ever working again. His eyes were swollen, not even hinting at their states below the eyelids. His hair was mostly gone, only a few wisps of grey and black remaining among the singed and bleeding flesh. It appeared that whatever had brought the mutated and solid form of Metallia to them had nearly killed the human who was with it.
“I...I cannot save you, warrior. I know you must have battled Metallia, and defeated the great monster at the cost of your own life, as your body and spirit seem filled with good. We could use more people like you, even in this day of peace.” She stood back up, tears trailing down her face, and no idea if he was even conscious enough to even hear her. “I can only ease your passage into the next life.”
Holding the staff again, she summoned her powers, trying to do one last bit. “I shall send your soul to Earth, where I can hope you will be reborn as a hero again; perhaps even a Senshi.”
As his body began to fade, his heart crystal forming in its powerful brilliance, he said one last thing, though his voice was too weak to carry it even to Queen Serenity herself.
As the heart crystal approached the Earth, the planet's power lanced out at it, trying to understand the soul that wished to be part of it. Sensing such great power within the crystal, the Earth suspended it within its heart, studying the gem, and beginning to forge the Sailor Seed within it.
But, as the Earth prepared to send the soul into the world to be reborn, the various magics within the heart crystal caused it to split into two as it was sent off.
One heart crystal was later reborn as a Prince Endymion, slated to marry Princess Serenity.
The other was reborn as Princess Beryl, of the House of Nova.
Beryl looked out from her balcony, her mind still torn.
She knew she was meant to be with Prince Endymion. Whenever she looked upon him, her very being demanded she get closer to him, embrace him in ways that unites souls, and binds them for eternities. For her, it felt as if they were meant to be this way, and the fates had been kind enough to show her the soul mate she would marry.
But, more confusing, was that the feelings appeared as well for the blond princess of the Moon.
“These emotions make no sense!” she screamed. It just wasn't possible to have two people that were soul bonded to you. She knew the ways of the soul, of the magic of Earth. Nothing could explain why she felt the way she did for both Endymion and Serenity.
Slumping into a chair, she sighed. “It was so much simpler when I had never seen one or the other.” She had always known something was different about her, but those thoughts had only been that: thoughts, until she had seen Endymion.
She felt weak just thinking of him, the way he moved, those blue eyes, the wavy black hair. He was the perfect specimen she had ever seen.
But then she had seen him courting Princess Serenity, and her feelings went across the board.
Envy...that he was with her, and that she was with him...and that she was with neither.
She felt her darker emotions surge, not understanding why she felt the desire to be with both of them.
“IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!” she screamed.
Her words fell on deaf ears, as no one was around to listen.
But one being was. It sensed her confusion, her despair, her anger... And Metallia seeped into her soul, giving her the clarity that it deemed necessary for its goals.
From that day, Beryl only cared about securing Endymion for herself.
Beryl felt Metallia fully infused in her body, the truth of things coming back to her. Her earlier confusions surged, and the sudden need to protect this reborn Serenity grew.
Then, the life passed from Endymion, her heart sank, but her soul felt...complete? Examining herself, she noticed that her soul was larger; memories of the life of Mamoru Chiba flooded her being. Is this why I felt for Endymion? Is this why I felt for two people: because one was...me?
Soon, memories that belonged to neither her nor Mamoru began to trickle in, scenes of the reborn princess and a pigtailed male sitting on a rock, looking at a sunset. Soon the image was replaced with Serenity in bed with a redhead with blue eyes.
What do they mean? What is going on?
And then her heart fell through, as she saw her own body used to attack the Princess. USAGI!
As Serenity fully emerged, she summoned the Ginzuishou and dumped her life force into it.
NO! Not like this! I can't lose her again! Beryl had no idea where the voice had come from, but she knew it was male, and familiar. It wasn't her or Endymion, but it felt one thing she could identify with: it wanted to save Usagi/Serenity.
So, as Metallia used its own energy to beat back the power of the Ginzuishou, Beryl threw her own in to defeat the monster once and for all.
As the light passed through her, she felt the pain as the beast was lanced from existence. I wish...I wish I could be with her the way she needs me to be. That is all I want now.
And thus, when the world was reset, Beryl of the House of Nova no longer existed. Only the now completed soul of Endymion: known now as Mamoru Chiba existed.
Mamoru sat in his room, confused.
He knew he loved Usagi, part of him would never deny the feelings he had for her.
But he felt...weak...undeserving of her. In all their battles, he was almost useless baggage. During the fights, he felt helpless, as if he was the one needing saving.
But his mental picture of Usagi never matched with reality, as though he was seeing two different versions of the same woman.
The only other woman he had felt like that with was Rei. Somehow, when they had dated, he could always get glimpses of an image that seemed to fade between sight and memory. He could see Rei, but also saw a girl with short blue hair.
Such things tore into him, like his mind and soul couldn't agree on what it was that he was seeking.
As a horn honked, he stood up, looking out his window to a cab waiting to take him to the airport. Usagi, when I get back from Harvard for vacation, I will tell you...everything.
He had no idea that Galaxia wouldn't give him the chance.
Author's Note: Thus ends the tale of Ranma Saotome. In the end, he has always been with, and will always be with Usagi Tsukino. In the end, the truest loves will always survive. If you didn't get it, when Ranma's soul was sent to Earth in the hopes of sparking a new Senshi, the power of Earth itself split his soul between yin and yang, which grew into Beryl: a possibility for Sailor Earth, and Endymion: a possibility for Earth's Kamen. In effect, Beryl never wanted Endymion as a partner in love; she wanted to be united with the other part of her soul.
And thus ends the saga of When Angels Fall. In the end, Ranma has always been with Usagi, just that she doesn't know it...yet.