Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Oops! - When one trained too much. ❯ The Herb edition ( Chapter 4 )

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>When one trained too much. -The Herb edition- <
By Hiryo

Begin: 22.02.2005
Revised: 26.02.2013 (Spelling errors courtesy of TheDevian.)

Author Notes:
An idea I came up with a talk with Lord Rance. Again, you can thank Daniel J. Gibson for the betterment of this fic. The disclaimer you can find on my profile-site here on ff.net with other goodies like my website. :)

What would happen if the Jusenkyo guide didn't know the Saotomes? We shall find that out today.

Chapter 4 – 4th try to . . . .

o0o0o China, Quinghai Province, Bayankala Mountain Range o0o0o

The matriarch and the prince stand opposed with grim features to another.

Cologne with a stony expression. "We have done all preparation that we can. So let's move fast, so we can prevent it."

Herb only nods his head at the little army of the very best warriors of both Musk and Amazons are on their way to Phoenix Mountain. They have trained very hard for that moment. In fact, the matriarch and the prince have searched in their old history documents for any technique and any fighting style that could help them in this fight to stop the ruler of that mountain of his ascension. As well to stop him of becoming the dictator that he promised to be on his ascension day.

Already the little army passed Jusenkyo and reached the main entrance. Four well placed hits from Lime and the entrance falls inside with a heavy thud. In addition, there is the first welcome-committee to greet them.

Both armies meet another in the first battle with many screams. "AAAARGH, IIIIAAAAAH, IjaJajaJajaJajaJaja!"

All battles stops and all look at the Musk Creme of the Hyena lineage.

Creme embarrassed, "I read once that book of the American Natives."

Mint knocks Creme one the head with the flat side of one of his knives. After that, all resume the battle. The battle goes badly for the Phoenix warriors and the Musk and Amazon warriors advance very fast despite those many traps. After reaching somewhat fatigued the top were Saffron resides nearly a very hot fireball incinerated all. They have come too late. Saffron's ascension is finished.

Saffron asks them snootily "You thought I would tell you when I would have finished my ascension? Who would have thought that you're all really that stupid? I would say 'I told you so' but so you know I finished the ascension a week ago."

Herbs angry "Less talk, let's fight!"

Saffron raises one eyebrow "When you're that greedy to die early. . . ." he now flies to Herb with an already formed fireball that is as big as a Basketball "Your wish can be fulfilled quite easily."

But before Saffron can hit Herb with that ball his hand is hit by a stone that melted on contact with his skin. It was enough to steer the flight path of that ball away from Herb and over the horizon.

"Don't forget me Sonny boy" a very raspy voice is heard from the side.

And Cologne joins the fight. However, in the end it didn't matter how many they were and what techniques and fighting styles they knew. Saffron's fully ascension and therefore fully control of his powers was to powerful for them. All but Herb and Cologne lay dead or dieing on the ground.

Herb dips his head down and whispers, "Please all forgive me that I have to use that forbidden technique." He looks up to Cologne and shouts "Give me one minute!"

Cologne only nods slightly so that Herb knows she has understood this and with a harden look she fights against Saffron. With every second, her aura dims a little while taking more and more damage. Meanwhile Herb doesn't sit there idle. He stretches out his aura and feels for the life energies. He found them and sucks from all of them a little bit out but he knows that that isn't enough to beat Saffron. Therefore, he sucks them dry. He even seeks live energies from beyond to beat Saffron. We see now motes upon motes upon motes of light that streams to Herb like moth flies to light and Herb shines like the sun. Yeah he shines even brighter than the sun. Is it because he sucks in the motes of light, or is it because the sun is actually getting dimmer? That's hard to say. Nevertheless, it got Saffron's attention that he now totally ignores Cologne in favor of the higher treat. Saffron rips one wing out of him and swings it at Herb, which just now cannot be seen, in all the bright light he generates. The wing disintegrates upon contact with Herbs aura. When that happened Saffron unleashes his full might on Herb. Fireball upon fireball hotter than lava, bigger than a cart he sends to Herb in hundreds but it's for naught they all disintegrate to hot air upon contact with Herbs aura.

Inside the bright aura, Herb stands still in a meditation stance. His head lowered and both his fore and middle finger lies to another while the others are crossed. After he thought, he had gathered enough he lifts his head and all other see bright blue lights in his generated aura where his eyes should be. He looks like an angry mist-spirit.

Kingly Herb states, "It's done."

He pushes all the energy he had gathered to Saffron by striking a palm strike in the direction where the phoenix remains.

"Ha!" and the big great ball leave Herbs hand.

Only to miss Saffron by some meters. Herb still stars after the ball and ignores Saffron saying only one word "Oops . . . ."

Sweat drops form on Saffron and Cologne heads.

Cologne outraged "And because of that you wanted to distract Saffron?"

Herb still stares behind Saffron were the ball now detonates and he begins to shudder quite much.

Herb shocked "Uh ooh..."

Moreover, it detonates. Can you say Big bang? Because of Herb now the whole earth, the whole galaxy and the whole dimension is newly born. All that because of Herbs Big bang-attack, were Herb gathered too much energy.