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>When one trained too much. -The Saffron edition- <
By Hiryo

Begin: 22.02.2005
Revised: 26.02.2013 (Spelling errors courtesy of TheDevian.)

Author Notes:
An idea I came up with a talk with Lord Rance. You can thank Daniel J. Gibson for the betterment of this fic. The disclaimer you can find on my profile-site here on ff.net with other goodies like my website. :)

Chapter 5 – 5th try to . . . .

o0o0o China, Quinghai Province, Bayankala Mountain Range o0o0o

Saffron abruptly sits up in his bed. Pale from another nightmare of loosing against one Saotome Ranma. Every time and then he dreams that in a slightly different way. This time it's enough for him. He will do something against it so he can set his fears to rest.

"Kiima! Come here this instant!" he shouts out.

The big doors to Saffron's bedchamber open and Kiima comes in.

Kiima modestly "Yes my Lord. What is your desire?"

"Bring me the best magicians that can immunize me against water and cold" Saffron tells her his wish like royalty speaks.

Kiima’s eyes widen "M.. mm my lord?"

Saffron now a little annoyed "NOW!"

Kiima fearful, "Y.. yes my lord."

Since that day, quite a lot of wizards walked through the halls of Saffron's Phoenix Mountain. Quite many lost their life because they failed and hurt Saffron in the process of their profession. Now not many come to Phoenix Mountain. Mostly, because nobody came back from there. Today the famed fanatical sorcerer Magnus comes to Saffron. Sure, of himself and with an elevated head he strides through the doors to Saffron's throne chamber. As he stands before Saffron and wanted to start to speak he is interrupted by Saffron.

Saffron "As you know when you can do it. You gain access to our library, three magical objects of my possession and a favor to ask of me. If not . . . ." he roams with his right forefinger fingernail from the left side to the right side of his neck. "You still want to have a go?"

Instead of answering to that question, Magnus simply waves with his hand and a table appears. On the table is a flat object that is hooded by a black piece velvet fabric and a little beautiful decorated blue-violet box.

Saffron curious "So with what manner of magic do I have to do this time?"

Magnus with a simply smile "Its alchemy. In the box there is the 'Flask of binding' to make the change finite and under the piece of fabric is the 'Cenedril lond Danbel' or roughly translated 'The mirror that leads to Contra Power'. Do you want to begin now or after dinner?"

Surprised answers Saffron "Now would be fine. The earlier the better."

Magnus nods and opens the little box. Inside of it, in-between a scarlet red velvet fabric and other soft fabrics, there lays a flask in the form of an Egyptian god Ra, which is bound by some kind of ribbons that looked too weak to hold such a personality. With the utmost care, Magnus takes out the wonderful piece of art and carries it to Saffron.

Magnus softly "Drink it and you will make the next step to the first Dual-Phoenix permanent."

Saffron without hesitating takes the flask and downs it with one gulp. It surprises him that it tastes like ambrosia or at least that is what he thinks of it.

With eager eyes, Saffron says "And the next step . . . how will that happen?"

Magnus softly "We need a dark room."

Saffron winks his hand and the servants close the shutters, thus darken the room "Is that to your liking?", and raise an eyebrow.

Magnus softly "That's just fine. Now stand up from your throne and stand before the table . . . ." After Saffron does, so Magnus raise the mirror so, that the mirror-side looks to Saffron and lift the velvet piece fabric. We see now a mirror with silver border with elves on each side that point to the middle of the mirror. "Now look where the elves point and you will receive what you want."

As Saffron does so he doesn't feel anything different till he stumbles from the pain still looking in the mirror and seeing how some of his plumage turns blue, while others turn from yellow to red. He stands still and endures the pain as a royalty does. After five gruesome minuets, the change is accomplished. Saffron feels the power experimentally he let out his own flame . . . strong as ever.

Magnus again hid the mirror-side by the same velvet piece of fabric and after moving the hand in a certain way the table with it's contains vanish to were it came from. He looks then to Saffron with his magical eye. He gulps. The shock is deeply written in his facial manner.

He can only think which fool gave Saffron the Soul of Kagura. A jelly like blue shimmering egg that has a golden seed in it. Especially that Kagura was an Ice-Phoenix. Now Saffron's Ice-Power is out of control . . . even nastier is that because of that potions the other magicians gave him his immune system breaks right before his eyes. And the 'Flask of binding' potion made that permanent. The sure sign, that the situation with Saffron degrades showed in how his plumage wanted to turn to yellow but turned more often then not to gray . . . . A dying phoenix . . . . Then he sees how Saffron tries out his cold power.

Magnus frightened shouts "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" During his scream, he tries to break the accumulation of Saffron's cold power. But too late.

A bright blue light eminates from Saffron away that shines through even the thick walls where the phoenix-people live. It extends and extends 'til it surrounds the entire earth.

o0o0o Same place, 1000 year later o0o0o

A very beautiful tourist guide talks brightly to the crowd "Here we are where the great 2nd ice-age began. As we see, there is the frozen form of the deceased King Saffron. Legends say that he is a Phoenix . . . bla bla bla. Fortunately Sailor Moon could rescue Tokyo from that sudden 2nd ice age. Now when you would follow me to Jusendo were another legend lies of that era . . . ."