Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Oops! - When one trained too much. ❯ The Mousse edition ( Chapter 6 )

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>When one trained too much. -The Mousse edition- <
By Hiryo

Begin: 22.02.2005
Revised: 26.02.2013 (Spelling errors courtesy of TheDevian.)

Author Notes:
An idea I came up with a talk with Lord Rance. You can thank Daniel J. Gibson for the betterment of this fic. The disclaimer you can find on my profile-site here on ff.net with other goodies like my website. :)

Chapter 6 – 6th try to . . . .

o0o0o Tokyo, Nerima o0o0o

Mousse had finally enough. It cannot continue like that. An ignorant outsider beats him a proud warrior of the Amazons. He can't let that continue to happen like this. He packs his things and leaves behind a letter, which says that he will come back in a week. Well aware that Cologne won't be happy about it and he will risk being the next Peking-duck menu . . . but for Shampoo, it is well worth the strains he will be enduring.

On the way out of the city, he sees behind of a laboratory some things he could use for his training. Like that wonderful metal-staff, the lenses as well that test tube with that wired green sparkling stuff inside of it. Some minutes later he raids a clothing manufacture. Those scissors and fabric he can use very well. That garbage dump besides the clothing manufacture is for him worth one's weight in gold. Nearly out of town, he sees a baby-turtle outside of a pet-shop. An evil plan forms in his mind, which involves the turtle, duck-tape, itching powder and Ranma's ass . . . .

"That's the last thing I need for my plan to be successful!" shouts Mousse in the air and away the turtle is in Mousses Hidden-Pocket-Space.

o0o0o Outskirts of Tokyo, Forest o0o0o

Hours later, deep in the forest outside of Tokyo Mousse trains for the fight with Ranma. He even creates his own weapons that he has created especially against Ranma's fast speed. He used nearly every part of what he has deliberated from before. That both his thumbs were glowing with a bright red light he ignores by distracting himself with training in an entire new style of fighting. All the while, he trains with Ranma's style and behavior in his mind.

Finally! Mousse finished his newly developed style and training in his newly created weapons. He managed that all inside of a week!!! We see as a shadow jumps behind a tree.

Shadow calmly "Saotome cower before the might of an Amazon." The Shadow jumps up to the top of the tree and we see Mousses silhouette who shouts, "So if you cower and act like a chicken you are I fight you like one! Face the might of the 'Wicked-Rubber-Chicken-Fu'!!! HahahhahahhahahahGAHAHHAHHWAHHA!!!" We see Mousse in a ridiculous Rubber-Chicken costume complete with a beak, cockscomb, and claws on his feet. Mouse in all his moronic glory managed to look even loonier than Kuno when he had the 'Phoenix' on his head. KRACKS and down Mousse goes 'til he hangs from the trees branch by his new clothing on the newly broken stump of the tree. The broken tree branch lies below his feet. That laughing made the tree branch he stood on break. What a way to train for the real thing . . . Mousse doesn't want to damage his self-created clothing and wills it back in his Hidden-Pocket-Space. Only one problem . . . . He forgot that the tree branch also is connected with that Rubber-Chicken costume and is also sucked in his Hidden-Pocket-Space. He then remembers what his master said to him before he was allowed to leave the practice grounds.

Master of Mousse in a stern voice "Never and I mean never ever try to place anything living in your Hidden-Pocket-Space and then afterward put any living plant that is rooted to earth in your Hidden-Pocket-Space . . . you wont like the results of that!"

Mousse then remembers the little turtle he put in his Hidden-Pocket-Space. Slowly he turns to the tree he hangs and sees it in time lapse how the tree is sucked in his Hidden-Pocket-Space.

Only one word escapes his mouth full of horror "Oops!"

Mousse eyes widen as he sees that the suction doesn't stop at the tree and now sucks the ground under his feet is also sucked into his Hidden-Pocket-Space. From one second to the next he sees the stars so bright since . . . since never. Because now the earth is gone . . . not gone but in his Hidden-Pocket-Space and now he stands alone in space. Only that a human cannot live in space and he only can admire the deep space with its stars like the astronauts. Then he explodes as all things explode in a vacuum.

Seconds pass. Then motes of light shimmer where Mousses form were seconds ago. Then there is a second explosion. Much bigger then the last and all the things Mousse put in his Hidden-Pocket-Space flies away from the point of the explosion. Like the metal-stick, he put there some time ago as well the rubber-live-size-doll that resembles Shampoo very much. That one he was given as a distraction by Shampoo. It worked too . . . Then also, we see three really big pieces. Two blue-green-brown pieces that resemble earth and a really big shiny green piece that is as big as the other are and that we can't identify . . . .

o0o0o Unknown Outer Space destination o0o0o

There deep deep in space we see a big star-turtle named Great A-Turin. We always will ask us if it's a male or female as well were it came from and were it goes to. On Great A-Tuin there stands upon it four elephants that hold on their big shoulders the Discworld that was once called Earth . . . .