Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Visions of War ❯ Prologue

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Visions of War - A Ranma 1/2 Alteverse Fanfiction


A man walked. Normally this would be nothing to be concerned about. In
fact, there is nothing disconcerting about in this.

However, this man was walking through an apocalyptic ruin of what once
was a city.

There were broken alabaster pillars lying on the ground in a state of
ruin. Skeletons littered the ground in an eerie sort of way. Arrows,
swords, shields, and many other equipments of war were almost casually
strewn about. Death was upon this city.

None of this had an effect on him. What did effect him was the sight of
a child-sized skeleton gripping a small teddy bear in its skeletal
hands. Tears came to his eyes at the sight before him.

So engrossed was he by this horrific sight, that he did not notice that
his body was shrouded by a chaotic and sickly green aura. He looked
like a demon from the deepest depth of Hell.

He moved his hand slightly to the side pointing to the ground.

A beam of green light burst from the aforementioned hand to create a
crater. He picked up the small skeleton and the little teddy and
tenderly placed them in the newly created grave. He carefully covered
the grave with dirt and knelt.

Ranma wept.

He cried out his sorrow to the heavens, yet they would not answer.

For hours his heart and soul poured out for the child that perished in
the slaughter.

At the end of his private mourning, he stood up and stood still.

He vowed that he would never let what happened to Ranko happen to any
other.He vowed to avenge his sister. No one kills Ranma Saotome's
sister and lives.