Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Visions of War ❯ Chapter 1

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Visions of War

Chapter 1

Lightning and thunder erupted across the landscape. The winds were
howling and the clouds hung low and ominous. The rain came down in

In the distance, one could see the focus of the storm in a clearing in
the middle of a forest.

Two men stood in the clearing locked in combat.

One man wore a light red vest, loose black kung-fu pants, wrist
bracers, and black lithe slippers. He sported a pig-tail that reached
just under his shoulders. His name, Ranma Saotome. The other man wore
the uniform black ninja garb. His name, Ken Inuyisha.

The one known as Ken lunged and in mid-air, flipped so that his feet
would strike his oppenent on his chest.

Ranma sidestepped and delivered a vicious roundhouse in the ninja's
stomach making him double over in pain. However, he did not stop there.
He continued sending ferocious attacks at his downed oppenent until the
man collapsed unconscious.

Stepping away from his enemy, Ranma speculated this situation. After a
moments thought, he picked up the fallen man by the throat and slapped
him. This had the effect of waking him.

"Who are you and why have you attacked me?" Ranma shook Ken.

"I don't have to answer to scum like you!" shouted Ken in defiance.

This angered Ranma. He started to tighten his grip. His opponent yelped
like the dog he was.

"If you don't answer me, I'll have to rip your head off." Ranma said in
a cold, clear voice.

It seemed like the point got through to Ken that he would die if he did
not do something quick. His supply of air was running out quickly.

"Alright!...I'll...tell you," Ken quickly said in desperation.
"Just...let me...down."

Ranma was suspicious, but he couldn't see any other way to make the man
talk. He let go the ninja's throat.

The person in question rubbed his sore throat in a vain attempt at
trying to sooth the pain.

"My name is Ken Inuyisha. My boss, Hiroshi, told me to get rid of all
the evidence of the massacre back in Kyoto. I thought that it would be
an easy job seeing as how there was reported no survivors." He looked
at Ranma. "Heh. I guess the spies were wrong."

"I traveled to Kyoto, and looked for any piece of evidence that would
indicate that our organization was the cause of the destruction when I
saw footprints leading in and out of town. The footprints stopped at a
little grave and I immediately thought that there must've been some
person that escaped the battle and returned to mourn the passing of
their loved one. One thing led to another to lead to you." He said
looking up at Ranma.

Ranma just looked back at him and asked, "Did you do anything to the

"I dug it out and ripped the toy out look...AGGH!" Ken was cut off due
to a hole where his heart used to be.

Ranma lowered his hand. " I don't really care for those who desecrate
burial grounds for the deceased. Especially my own flesh and blood."

He stooped over the body and searched for any signs of where to go
about finding out something about the killers of his sister. He came up
with nothing.

"Damn!" seethed Ranma, "This piece of trash is clean!"

He was about to walk away when he saw a brand on the body's foot. It
was a upside-down crescent moon that strangely looked as if it was
meant to be black.

"I wonder what that means..."

A figure looked into the a cauldron that viewed the recent events.

"Hm... Interesting," said the figure speculatively rubbing its chin.
"It seems we have a new player in this game. And from the looks of it,
he will be quite a nuisance to my design!"

The figure gave off a hideous laugh and threw its cloak to the ground
revealing the figure to be female.

"And so it begins..."

End Chapter 1