Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Visions of War ❯ Chapter 2

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Visions of War

Chapter 2

Ranma was travelling on the road to Tokyo when all of a sudden he was
ambushed by a group of ninjas dressed similarly to Ken (1).

The first to attack did so in a flying kick but was interrupted by
Ranma's spinning kick to his midsection. He was sent flying.

Ranma then had to duck to avoid a thrust to the head by a sword-weilding
foe, then swept his feet from under him, sending him to the ground. The
masked man quickly got up to his feet ready to swing his massive katana
but was sent back down to the ground by a fast punch to the nose.

Seeing two of their friends quickly defeated, the others decided to
attack simultaneously. Together, they got into a stance that promised
a dificult manuever to dodge.

Ranma smirked.

The ninjas rushed him in an intricate pattern, not allowing any escape.
They never took Ranma's skills into account.

Through years of training and experience, Ranma dodged, sidestepped, and
basically avoiding the enemies' lethal attacks and returned in earnest,
an attack of his own.

He lunged towards his enemies and every time he attacked, a body would
drop to the ground.

It was over in 7 seconds flat (2).


Ranma walked on the road to Tokyo.

On his back was a huge pack designed to hold many things. Indeed it
carried many things. Such things were a sleeping bag, sets of clothing,
some provisions, and 400kg (3) of weights.

One would think he was travelling light and they would be right. Ranma
was not one to travel with lots of stuff making him rely on his pack.
He would instead like to travel and not have to worry if his pack was
stolen or left behind because it did not carry anything valuable.

However, one thing that was important to him was his memories. Memories
of his mother, father, and sister. Memories of his friends. Memories
that would not, could not afford to lose.

At this moment he was thinking of the time that he first learned he
would have a sister...


"Mommy, why is your belly so big?" Asked a 7 year old boy. "Are you
getting fat?"

Nodoka suppressed the urge to smack her insolent son on the head for
that remark.

"No son," replied Nodoka in a gentle voice. "You are going to have a
little baby sister soon."

Little Ranma just looked confused and after a little bit of thinking,

"I thought babies came from storks?" Nodoka stiffled a laugh but smiled
all the same.

"Whoever told you that Ranma?"

"Father did." Nodoka sighed at the news.

"Yes he did Ranma."

-------end flashback

An older Ranma sighed and was depressed, knowing that he would never be
able beat up his father like he used to.

Then his thoughts turned to the matter of finding out who killed his
little sister, Ranko (4). Then he remembered the strange symbol he found
on Ken's foot.

'I wonder what that upside-down crescent moon stood for?'

He had enough of this thinking business and set his sights on the
yellow brick road to the wonderful city of Tokyo (5).

(1) Refer to Chapter 1 for information regarding Ken.

(2) I'm assuming Japan had a way to tell time.

(3) How else is he supposed to get stronger? Genma had lots of strange
ideas for training and its only fitting that Ranma learned this from
his father.

(4) Your probably thinking 'How obvious can David get?'. Too bad. I like
the name so I stuck with it. Got any problems with that?

(5) I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. I just had to put in a reference to
The Wizard of Oz. ;)

End Chapter 2