Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Visions of War ❯ Chapter 3

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Visions of War

Chapter 4

Gosunkugi took a slighty warm damp cloth off Ranma's forehead and
replaced it with a cooler damp cloth.

Ranma stirred awake.

Ranma sat up, blinked away the rest of his sleep, and took stock of the
environment around him. He was in a bright room with white plaster
walls and a rice paper door. He noticed the various dressers and the
table that sufficed as an eating plane. It was not an opulent room, but
it wasn't a shack either.

"I see that you have decided to return to the land of the living."

Ranma quickly got up and backflipped into a fighting stance.

"Who are you?"

Gosunkugi put up his hands in a warding gesture.

"Don't hurt me! I'm the one that you almost attacked before when those
ninjas took that little girl."

"Not you. You."

Ranma overlooked past Gosunkugi. His gaze was towards the shadow behind

The shape moved from out of the shadow to reveal himself as...

"Hello Ranma. I see that you have recovered from your ordeal with those
women." Ranma narrowed his eyes.

"You were the one who just had to use me as a scapegoat didn't ya?
Well, no one uses me like that without a beating!"

Ranma leaped towards Happosai with the intent of kicking ass.

"I don't think so Ranma." With that Happosai took out a flask of liquid
from the fold his clothing, uncorked it, and splashed Ranma with it.

When he was hit with the water, Ranma felt very disoriented. His center
of balance was off. His chest felt very heavy and very constricted. His
head felt lighter.

So it was no wonder that he lost his balance in mid-leap and fell down
on his face.

Still unknowing of the full horror of the liquid that he was splashed
with, Ranma exclaimed, "What did you do to me?" For some reason his
voice sounded very high-pitched.

Openly leering, Happosai replied, "Why, I only made you a better sight
to behold!" He leaped for Ranma. Or more accurately, his chest.

When Happosai landed, Ranma felt a strange feeling on his chest. He
shivered at a the touch and almost afraid of looking, he reluctantly
glanced down. He had breasts.


Ranma grabbed the old freak and proceeded to beat the shit out him.

Happosai, didn't like the feeling of being beat up. He took out his
pipe and tapped Ranma on the forehead and infused a bit of ki into it,
resulting in throwing Ranma off of him and into the wall.

Miraculously not showing any signs of damage, Happosai sat down on the

"Maybe now you'll listen to me."

Ranma couldn't move a muscle.

'Happosai must've hit one of my paralysing pressure points.'


Seeing that he would not receive any banter from Ranma, Happosai

"I have the power to see the future." Happosai paused.

"In it I see that you are engaged in some sort of war and in it I
foresaw that you would need the curse of Jusenkyo. As to what Jusenkyo
is, it is a valley located in the Qinghai Province in China. In the
valley, there is a clearing spotted with small springs. However, they
are no ordinary springs. Each spring has the power to curse the person
that falls in it. The curse is to turn into the body of the last thing
to drown in it. Thing is, the curse is triggered by different
temperatures of water. The water I splashed you with is from the spring
of drowned girl."

Happosai stood up and walked over to Ranma-chan.

"In the future you had the body of a cat."

Seeing Ranma tense Happosai knew that he was on the right track.

"I know you received the cat-fist training. You have the markings of
it. I decided to give you a human form instead of the animal that you
fear most. So, in fact you should be thanking me!" Happosai pounced on
Ranma's chest again.

Feeling the strange, unwelcome sensation again, Ranma forced the
paralyzation out and punted Happosai through the roof into LEO.

"Oh god that felt wierd!"

Shivering in revulsion, Ranma thought back on what the old man said.
Looking around she spotted Gosukugi trembling at a corner of the room.

"Can you get me some hot water?"

Gosunkugi did as she asked.

Ranma poured the hot water on herself. Immediately Ranma felt the
change. His chest felt like it was being crushed, his head felt like it
was swelling, his hips felt like it was being squeeze really hard, and
finally the familiar sensation between his legs.

Ranma patted himself down to make sure the old freak was not lying. He
stopped at his manhood because he was sure by that point.

He turned to Gosunkugi.

"Thanks for your help, man."

Ranma left for the door.

"Wait!" Ranma stopped.

"Let me go with you." Ranma turned towards Gosunkugi with a questioning

"Why?" Switching his eyes to the floor, Gosunkugi answered.

"Ever since I was a little boy, I always wanted to experience magic. I
always believed that magic always existed. And today, I saw it for the
first time." Gosunkugi lifted his head and looked at Ranma fiercely.

"For the first time today, I saw magic. Now that I know that magic does
truly exist, I want to learn more about it." Ranma was puzzled.

"So why do you wanna go with me then?"

"I don't know but I have this feeling like we were destined to travel
together. Will you take me?"

Ranma considered it.

"No." With that he walked out the door.

"Well, if it isn't Ranma Saotome."

Ranma had just exited the house when he was confronted by a male that
seemed to be in his age group. He had a white streak in his hair and
wore scaly armor. However, his most destinguishing feature was his
eyes. The man had cat-like eyes.

After a long pause, Ranma sighed.

"Why am I so popular all of a sudden?" He muttered.

Herb facefaulted.

"I mean, did I piss off some Kami? Did I do something in my past-life?
Did I..." Ranma was cut off by a blast in the face. He was blown back
into the wall of the house and fell in a heap.

Herb lowered his smoking hand.

"I grow tired of your babbling. I was sent to kill you by Nabiki


"Are you too afraid to say anything? Well, you should be. I am death


Herb looked more carefully at the fallen man and noticed that Ranma was
out cold. Herb facefaulted once again.

"Kaiki kuso... (1)"

Herb was about to speculate even further if it weren't for Happosai
bursting into the scene by falling on his head. He lost consciousness
almost immediately.

"Thanks boy, for breaking my fall like that. Oh, I see that you fell
asleep. Oh well, time to give you a gift." Happosai left a small ball
wrapped with what looked like brown paper and with a small sparkling
wick coming out of it.

He took out a pail of water and splashed Ranma with the water.

Ranma-chan stirred.

"Oh man, did anyone catch the flag insignia of that ship?"

Ranma-chan shook her head to clear it. She spread her senses out and
felt a powerful yet familiar ki presence near her. She look up and
bared her teeth.

"You again! I'm gonna kill you for cursing me like that! Die!" Ranma

Happosai simply jumped up, took out his pipe and casually flicked Ranma
into the air.

"I'll get you old mannnnnnnnn...."

"Hmph! Do someone a favor and what do you get? Insolence..."

It was at this time that the bomb exploded. What was left after the
explosion was an impact area with black sooty marks spiking out on the

Gosunkugi saw all of this from the safety of his windows. He was
staring at the little shrunken old man.

'Wow! It's him! That's the old man who changed that rude guy into a
girl. He must a black magic user! Now if only I can persuade him to
teach me some magic...'

Under Gosunkugi's eyes, Happosai dissapeared in a blur.

"Wha...?" someone tapped on his shoulder. Gosunkugi stiffened.

"*Gulp* W-Who is t-that that?" Gosunkugi quickly looked over his
shoulder. He saw nothing. He then turned back towards the window and
was looking at the most wrinkly face he ever saw.

"AAAHHHH!! It's a troll!" Gosunkugi received a rap on the head by
Happosai's pipe.

"Who's a troll! And here I was, about to offer you an apprenticeship in
magic too..." Gosunkugi eyes lit up.

"Really!? Will you?" he grabbed Happosai into a hug with tears
streaming down the sides of his face.

"Ack! Can't...Breathe..." Happosai was turning an interesting shade of

Noticing the lack of comfort in his benefactor, Gosunkugi let go of
Happosai. He got down to his knees and bowed to Happosai.

"I await you're command, Master."

On the other side of the city of Tokyo, Kuno was strolling down the
street, his all-female-plus-one-male fan club following him waving
banners of his greatness around. People quickly swerved to the side
afraid to cross paths with the undefeatable (except for one time)
samurai and his equally terrifying fan club.

The lone male fan ran to catch up with Kuno while the women were giving
him the evil eye.

"Master Kuno! I love you!" he glomped Kuno. However, he was smacked
across the head before he could.

"Begone demon! No man would proclaim his love for another without the
stain of the devil upon him! I shall smite thee!" Kuno proceeded to
beat Sasuke up and punted him out of stratosphere.

"I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..."

Sasuke continued his trajectory until he crashed into a red-headed girl
with a pig-tail. He was knocked unconscious immediately.

They fell to the ground. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how
you look at it), Kuno caught Ranma before she hit the ground. Sasuke
wasn't as lucky.

"Who is this goddess that doth fall into my arms?"

The Kuno fan club got to their knees and started crying.

Kuno looks up with tears streaming down his face.

"The heavens hath doth graciously granted me love! I must hurry to my
state to prepare the ceremony!"

With Ranma still in his arms, Kuno trooped off home.

The fan club wiped their tears and got up. They had angry looks in
their face.

"I never like that @$$hole anyways!" they said in unison. However, they
took their banners and rushed to the Kuno manor proclaiming Kuno's

Sasuke was left inside his self-made crater.

Ranma woke up with a splitting headache. She sat up and the first thing
she noticed was that she wasn't in her own clothes. She was wearing a
silk purple nightgown (2). You could see through the material very
easily. Whats more was that she was wearing bras and panties.

"What the hell!?" she proceeded to rip them off. She was left naked and
when she looked down at herself she developed a nosebleed.

A servent chose that moment to enter the room. Thankfully, the servant
was female. She looked to be 19 years of age. She had long brown hair
tied back by a white ribbon in her hair.

"Oh my!" exclaimed Kasumi. She hurriedly dressed Ranma into clothes
again much to Ranma annoyance.

"Hey!" Ranma now wore a red kimono. She ripped this attire as well.

"I ain't wearing no girly clothes!" Kasumi didn't let the comment faze
her and got out another kimono.

Ranma had a plan, a plan that did not include wearing women's clothing.
She was planning on trying to become a man again.

"Wait!" Kasumi stopped, perlexed, "Why?"

"I'm a guy! I ain't no girl!" Kasumi was confused.

Usually when she becomes confused, her mind shuts down and her body

"Oh my!" With that she exited the room.

"Hey, where're ya goin'?"

Kasumi came back in with a plate of cookies.

"Would you like a cookie?" Facefaulting ensues.

"Kaiki kuso..."

After many explanations, much of which included the answering of
whether Ranma was really a guy or a girl, Ranma tactfully got Kasumi to
get him some hot water. He did that by telling Kasumi that she had nice
hair and that he would appreciate it if she could get him some hot

Ranma upended the kettle of hot water over his head and felt the change

Kasumi's mind shut down again.

Ranma didn't notice the change in Kasumi, but neither could anyone else
in the universe. Maybe, it was the smile on her face...

Ranma spied his backpack in the corner of the room and took out a spare
set of clothes out of it.

After dressing, he looked back at Kasumi and noticed that she hasn't
moved. She still had that smile on her face. However, when he looked
again, he thought he saw a bit of drool in the corner of her lips. He
looked once again, but it wasn't there.

"Must've imagined it."

Ranma left the room and Kasumi.

Kasumi was able to move three hours later. She had a blush on her face.

"Oh my!"

Ranma was walking down the hallway when he some conversation around the
corner. Pressing his back to the wall, he crept some slowly towards the
voices trying not to make a sound.

"...tice that the word demon sounds so much like a creature from
Digimon? And that Digimon sounds very Jamaican? Actually, I think that
Digimon was created by Jamaicans!"

"Um... Hiroshi?"


"What's a 'Digimon'?"

"Um...Now that I think about it, I don't know."

"What about 'Jamaican'?"

"The author just had me say that to confuse the readers." Ranma sported
a huge sweatdrop.

"Um...I think it worked Hiroshi."


"Uh...Yea...I think I'll just stand right here." Ranma heard some feet


"By the way Hiroshi, have you heard that Kyoto was complete
destroyed?" Ranma perked up.

"Are you serious?"

"Yea. I heard there weren't any people left alive from that massacre.
Not even the children."

"Oh man. That's harsh."

"You said it."

"Any clues on who did it?"

"I heard the Imperial Army did it."

"Huh. Oh well, did you get a look at that hot red..." Ranma left to
ponder the conversation he just overheard.

'Imperial Army eh? Heh. They must have been Idiots to have picked Kyoto to
destroy. Now they have me to deal with. I will have my revenge.'


(1) I got that word from Messed Up! by Hawk49er. Means "Wierd Shit"
according to him.

(2) The one that Nabiki dressed him in when he was smacked by Akane.

End of Chapter 4