Rave Fan Fiction / Rave Master Fan Fiction ❯ School Life ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Disclaimer: The characters used in this fiction rightfully belong to Hiro Mashima, author of Groove Adventure Rave.
Summary: The Rave characters attend the Plue Secondary School.
A/n: My own version of the Rave characters leading a normal life. I know this theme is pretty much exhausted, but I still want to write it, so there!

School Life
Chapter 1
By Yuko Fuuko
The alarm clock will go off at three - two - RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!
Haru fumbled about on his bedside table, groaning. He knocked the red old-fashioned alarm clock onto the floor and there it lay, still ringing and vibrating violently.
“Haru! Haru, get up now!” Cattleya called, knocking on his door.
“Mnh!” Haru mumbled, burying his head under his pillow in an attempt to cease the endless ringing of the clock.
In the end, the silver-haired teenager got up and shut the clock up. Yawning and squinting against the light filtering through his window, he stood up, took a step forward and tripped over his clothes.
Thud. “Ow!”
His family below in the kitchen glanced up.
“Are you alright, Haru?” his mother, Sakura, called.
“I'm fine, mum!” Haru reassured her, sounding quite muffled.
Ten minutes later, he thundered down the stairs, all dressed up for school.
“Morning, mum! Morning, dad!” Haru greeted.
“Morning, son,” Gale replied from behind his newspaper.
“Here, eat it up while it's still hot,” Sakura said, placing a plate of fried eggs and bacon on the table.
“Where's nee-chan?” Haru asked, sitting down.
“She's on her way to school already,” Sakura said, piling the dirty dishes into soapy water. “She has - ah! - someone to meet.”
Gale snorted, turning a page of his paper.
“Coffee, love?”

Haru slid open his classroom door and slid it shut behind him.
“Ohayo!” he greeted.
“Ohayo, Haru,” his classmates replied.
As he made his way to the back of the class where his seat was, he stopped now and then to chat with his mates. Finally, he dumped his bag on the table, drew his chair back, sat down and looked around.
The occupant at the other end of the back row was buried in a history textbook with only his mop of blonde hair visible. Haru didn't bother greeting him - Lucia Rareglove was the school's bully and nobody ventured near him if they could help it.
But looking at the textbook now, Haru realised, in dismay, that Galein-sensei had announced last week of today's pop quiz.
“Oh, no!” he muttered, unbuckling his bag and pulling out his own book. Let's see, history lesson is third period, if he studied now…
“Ohayo, Haru!”
Haru jumped, dropping the book. Clutching his heart thumping wildly, he looked up at the brunette beaming in front of him.
“Elie!” he said. “You gave me a fright!”
“Sorry!” Elie said, still beaming. “What are you doing?”
“Trying to memorise chapter 3,” Haru muttered dismally.
“What for?”
Haru looked at her incredulously. “We have a quiz today, remember?”
Elie frowned a moment, then brightened up. “Oh, right!” she said, beaming. Her smile disappeared instantly. “Huh? It's today?”
Haru and a few others surrounding them (with an exception of Lucia) nodded.
“Oh, no! I haven't studied at all! And I didn't make notes! What do I do? What do I do?” Elie panicked, grabbing Haru's textbook.
“Calm down, El-”
The door slid open and shut. Everyone made a dash to his or her seat at once - Sieg Hart-sensei, no matter how handsome he is, is not one you want to cross with.

As the students headed towards the canteen, Haru sighed.
“I couldn't answer any of the questions,” he muttered.
“Really?” Elie said. “I thought it was quite simple.”
For someone who panicked over not studying a moment ago…
“Hey, Haru! Over here!”
Perking up at the familiar voice, Haru looked up to see his friend, a sixth grader.
Haru and Elie went over to the spiky-haired guy with three piercing above his left brow. His best friend, Hebi, and his gang were with him too.
“Your grandfather sets the toughest questions in history,” Haru sighed, flopping down.
Musica chuckled. “Hey, what did I tell ya?”
“Hello, everyone!”
Musica looked up and saw his girlfriend, Melodia.
“Hi,” Elie cheered.
“I brought some buns,” Melodia said, spilling several packets of them on the table. The Silver Rhythm gang seized them like beggars seizing morsels.
“You have luck when it comes to buying food,” Hebi said in between mouthfuls. Over at the cafeteria, a mob of students yelled at the cooks for something, waving notes of money in the air.
“Where's nee-chan?” Haru asked. His sister and Melodia were best friends.
“Oh,” Melodia said, giggling and blushing. “Let's just say she's spending time with teacher at the moment.”
Musica shook his head at Haru. “Don't ask,” he muttered.

“Oh, the beauty of the language! We must appreciate our wonderful mother tongue, for it is one of the most beautiful languages in the world.”
Sweatdropping, Haru glanced at his watch. Twenty more minutes of Iulus-sensei's rambling. Great! Settling down, he gnawed at the one end of the pencil, his chin resting on his hand.
Thack! Ow! Something hit him!
Rubbing his forehead, he looked down and saw an eraser wrapped in a piece of paper. Looking up, he saw Elie winking at him.
Slowly, he untied the note and read:
When can I come over to your house this friday night?
Glancing around to make sure nobody saw him, especially Iulus-sensei (“Imagine a world where everyone speaks Hokkien! What a tragedy!”). Quite certain that everyone was too drowsy to notice, he quickly scribbled 6 o'clock, tied it onto the rubber, aimed at Elie and throw!
Only it didn't land on her desk.
Haru watched, in horror, as the note, seemingly in slow motion, sailed above a couple of students and landed hard on Lucia's head.
The blonde jerked from his drowse and nearly toppled over (he was leaning back with his chair on two legs). Lucia picked the note up and glanced around furiously. Haru quickly pretended to look innocent and stared attentively at the board.
Iulus-sensei strode to Lucia and snatched the note from his hand.
“What's this?” he said, untying the note and straightening it out. He read it over and gasped. “My goodness! Who wrote this? Was it you?”
“No, I - ” Lucia started but Iulus-sensei didn't let him finish.
“How could anyone write Friday without a capital `f'?” he cried in horror.
“Ooh, what a disaster,” a student muttered sarcastically, rolling his eyes.
“Exactly, Honda-kun!” Iulus-sensei cried, mistaking his sarcasm for horror. “Who wrote this? Own up, now!”
Elie glanced at Haru apologetically. She was about to raise her hand when Haru stood up.
“I did, sir,” Haru said. Lucia's eyes narrowed at him as Iulus-sensei shook his head.
“I can't believe my own students could abuse the great language of English!” Iulus-sensei cried. He grabbed Lucia up and beckoned Haru. “Come! I will bring this matter to the Headmaster himself!”
And before Lucia could protest and Elie to confess, he dragged the boys out of the classroom.

More to shut Iulus-sensei up than anything else, the Headmaster of the Plue Secondary School, Shiba, agreed to hand the boys detention.
“But I didn't do anything!” Lucia cried exasperatedly.
“That's right, sir! He -”
“Would you rather receive a more severe punishment?” Shiba asked politely.
Lucia opened his mouth to say, “For what?” when Haru nudged him hard.
“I understand, sir,” Haru said as the blonde glared angrily.
“Glory-san, Rareglove-san, please be at the detention room after school. You will find Plue waiting for you.”

“I'm so sorry!” Elie apologised profusely to Haru. “Are you okay?”
“It's alright, Elie,” Haru said, forcing a smile. Detention? This was his first.
Elie turned to Lucia next. “I'm so sorry for getting you into trouble too! This is all my fault! I will try and straighten things out with the Headmaster!”
But as she turned to go, Lucia caught her arm.
“It's alright,” he muttered. “I'm used to detention anyway.”
Haru would dearly like to check Lucia's temperature. But at the moment, their maths teacher, Reina-sensei, entered with her usual line of male students carrying her books and bag.