Read Or Die Fan Fiction ❯ Endings and Beginings ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Read or Die or ROD the TV, I’m just borrowing them for a bit. This also has spoilers for the end of ROD the TV.

Read Or Die: Endings and Beginnings

Wendy Earhart sat back in her bunk at the woman’s prison, her short blonde hair falling down over closed blue eyes. The orange prison wear didn’t suit the slim young woman, but somehow she retained a certain degree of dignity as she read a book. Friends dropped off such care packages every few weeks, but she rarely saw the women themselves... she couldn’t bring herself to face them.

One of the guards strode along the cells, her baton swinging as she called, “Visiting hours, if you’re expecting someone get ready.” She stopped in front of Wendy’s cell and peered in, “Earhart, on your feet. You’ve got company.”

“Thank you, Officer Williamson,” Wendy answered as she calmly marked her page and rose, the slim young woman taking a moment to brush off her clothes. “If it’s Yomiko, I won’t see her,” she noted in a polite yet steely tone.

“No, it’s a guy this time,” Williamson said, the taller woman looking strangely nervous. “Please, come with me,” she commanded, careful not to lay a hand on Wendy.

As Wendy followed she smiled to herself slightly, well aware of the reputation that she had developed here in prison. When she had first arrived here several inmates had seen her as easy pickings, but she had quickly shown them the error of their ways. Breaking the arm of her first attacker was originally written off as a fluke, but her defeat of two more attackers soon guaranteed her safety.

“No strip search?” Wendy asked with wry amusement as she was taken to the meeting room. Modeled after American facilities it had booths seperated by bullet proof glass, designed to allow safe communication between convict and guest.

“We both know you don’t need a knife to do damage,” Williamson noted as she held the door open, “even if you’re our best behaved convict.”

“Thank you,” Wendy nodded as she stepped into the room and the door shut with a click behind her. She calmly walked over to the class then her eyes widened slightly before she sat down. “Mr Prime Minister,” she said respectfully, “it’s a honor.”

The older man’s dark brown hair fell into his eyes as he studied Wendy a moment, his expression unreadable. “Tell me about what happened with Joker,” he said flatly.

Wendy raised her eyebrows slightly, “It’s all in my confession.”

“Refresh my memory,” the second most powerful man in England said.

“As you wish sir,” Wendy nodded respectfully. She collected her thoughts, “I have served the Library under Mr. Joker for years, and when he was incapacitated after the battle with the Paper Masters I escaped with him to save his life. Under my care he slowly recovered, eventually regaining his faculties.”

“And then...” he prodded as Wendy fell silent.

“Joker, without my knowledge, began to prepare a assassination plot to be deployed against the Paper Sisters and their associates,” Wendy revealed flatly. “It was cruel, brutal and ruthless, in other words pure Joker.”

The PM chuckled, quickly muffling it.

“When I found out I tried to find out why he was doing it,” Wendy mused, “what larger purpose it would serve. He looked at me blankly and simply told me that the enemies of the Library must be destroyed.”

“I see,” the PM murmured.

Wendy smiled at him a little, “No sir, you don’t. For all his faults Joker was a man of vision, a dreamer who sought to build a better world.” She sighed, “Whatever Junior did to him in that final battle killed that, leaving only a shell of that noble man behind.”

“So you killed him,” the PM said gravely.

“After making every attempt to talk him out of his plans,” Wendy agreed mournfully. “I shot him, contacted the authorities then surrendered myself.” She kept any quaver from her voice, but it was hard. She had once loved Joker with all her heart and soul, and losing him still left a lingering pain inside....

The PM nodded, “Which brings us to now. Why didn’t you simply go underground?”

Wendy gave him a thoughtful look. “If I remained free, the focus of the investigations by governments would have been on relatively innocent library staff,” she shrugged, “we had a responsibility to spare them that.”

He rose then, the PM pacing the small booth he was in, his simple off grey suit making soft sounds as he moved. “Listening to you,” he admitted after a moment, “I can understand why you were recruited for special operations.”

“Sir,” Wendy nodded respectfully.

He turned to face her again, “Which is why I want to make you the head of Special Operations with the new Library.”

Wendy looked surprised for the first time in the meeting as she blurted, “What?!”

The PM smiled, seemingly glad he broke her poker-face. “With the ongoing threat of both Russian and American libraries,” he gravely explained, “we need a Library to carry out operations against them.”

“Sir, I am a convicted murderess,” Wendy said, “it’s impossible.”

“Not impossible, merely difficult,” the PM answered, “or I wouldn’t be here now.” He smiled, “We need you, Wendy Earhart.”

“If I take the job,” Wendy cautiously said after a moment’s thought, “there need to be checks and balances in place. The head of operations can do too much harm without someone keeping an eye on them.”

“Actually, we have a candidate in mind as a civilian watchdog,” he admitted.

“Oh?” Wendy asked.

He smiled impishly, “Nenene Sumerigawa.”

Wendy shook her head, smiling slightly. “She’d be harder to recruit than I am,” she calmly predicted.


“Welcome to the new headquarters of the Library,” Nenene Sumerigawa offered her hand, the brown haired younger woman keeping her expression carefully neutral.

“Thank you,” Wendy shook it, still slightly shell shocked at how quickly her pardon and release had been arranged. Less than a month ago she had agreed to return to government service and now here she was in a fine woman’s suit and in the office of a woman who probably hated her guts. “I really didn’t expect you to agree to this,” Wendy noted.

Nenene leaned up against her desk, “This organization has directly or indirectly impacted on my life for years.” A slight smile, “You really can’t blame me for wanting to keep an eye on it.” The smile dropped away from her face, “Not to mention all the times it’s hurt my friends.”

Wendy nodded, “I understand.” She took a deep breath, “In fact, I’m counting on you to keep an eye on me.”

“Oh?” Nenene looked curious.

“I have too much of a tendency to let my ends justify the means,” Wendy conceded, “I need someone here who can act as my conscience.”

“I’ll do that,” Nenene nodded, “around my novel writing anyway.”

“You agreed to this so you’d have a office away from the Paper Sisters, didn’t you?” Wendy teased a bit nervously.

“I’ll never tell,” Nenene shot back. She gestured to the door, “Are you ready to meet your agents?”

Wendy stood up straight and tugged her suit down, “Ready as I’ll ever be.”


Notes: Sort of a set up for a AU. Not sure if it’ll be continued, tho I do like the idea of Wendy running the Library Special Operations team. ^_^