[A] by: theWallflower
: Mega Man Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Action / Adventure / Police / Sci-fi / Suspense | Type: One Shot
Latest Revision: November 04, 2020 13:08 PST | Chapters: 1 | Words: 8.8K | Visits: 349
Summary: After Zero's propensity for violence gets him demoted, he's paired for the first time with the rookie Mega Man X. They thought their mission to deliver a data package to a technology company would be routine. But when they arrive, the office is empty. Or i read more

Godly Marine: Killed
[A] by: scarpool
: NCIS Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Police / Mystery / Drama / Adventure / Action | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: October 13, 2020 21:23 PDT | Chapters: 13 | Words: 50.3K | Visits: 4.1K
Summary: Staff Sergeant Michael Kahale, Marine Corps Mechanic and Son of Athena, was murdered. Annabeth Chase is determined to find out who did it and why. She, along with Percy Jackson, Grover Underwood, and Clarisse La Rue, infiltrate NCIS where they team up with read more

[T] by: Ratt9
: Death Note Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Police / Romance | Type: Yaoi
Latest Revision: December 28, 2011 12:19 PST | Chapters: 1 | Words: 2.8K | Visits: 801
Summary: A late-night conversation with L results in Matsuda being licked in the face. Fluff.

[T] by: Kakashi Nuttcase
: Naruto Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Police | Type: Other
Latest Revision: July 31, 2011 07:32 PDT | Chapters: 8 | Words: 11.2K | Visits: 2.7K
Summary: Detective Kakashi has chased a serial killer for years, only to be shot of the job. But will Kakashi finally get him at number 46? Or maybe get his secret love? And or will his alcoholism screw up his life?

Kamikaze Marauder
[T] by: Scarleteen
: InuYasha Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Action / Comedy / Police | Type: Alternate Universe
Latest Revision: July 03, 2011 07:17 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 8.6K | Visits: 660
Summary: Japan's next alluring actress falls into a deadly game with no rules to follow by her most entrusted cohort. That's when the Marauder turns to play Hero. She has no time to waste on whom to trust and whom to betray,when she is hanging between life and deat read more

TTHS-City Musical: The Phantom of the City
[T] by: Mykan
: Teen Titans Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Action / Adventure / Drama / Police / Samurai / Supernatural | Type: Songfic
Latest Revision: May 30, 2011 06:29 PDT | Chapters: 14 | Words: 52.4K | Visits: 5.8K
Summary: *Done*

Fic 18: Terra dreams the gang in High School, the city is under the rule of a spiteful mayor and his court but the city is also dealing with a menacing stranger who is wreaking havoc ont he council's actions DISCLAIM I don't own the s read more

Red Snow
[T] by: RedKnave
: Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Action / Police / Romance | Type: Alternate Universe
Latest Revision: January 28, 2011 09:44 PST | Chapters: 1 | Words: 3.8K | Visits: 867
Summary: Winter in Japan 2013

It is the same scene. Victim found, beheaded with a sword, with no signs of struggle and no evidence. Japan, already over run with crime, now has to worry about this assassin hell bent on taking out important people with read more