Red Hawk Fan Fiction ❯ Redwall Cluny Returns ❯ Slaves and The new born at Redwall ( Chapter 1 )

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Redwall Cluny Reterns


Chapter 1

Slaves And The new borns at Redwall

"Oi golly wat ye gona cal them me lord,"Horwaters said.

"Yes,I think we sould call them Martin and Mathis,"Mattimao said.

"That will be thier name's Martin and Mathis,"Tess said.

"That e great names fer these to,"said Log a Log Ruge.

It was a great day for all Redwallers.It was because Tess and Mattimao had twins.

~~~~~~~4 years later~~~~~~~~~~

"Father who was Martin the worrior,"Mathis asked.

"It's me you silly,"Martin said.

"No,No I mean the great worrior,"Mathis said.

"He is the worrior the protected Redwall and then my father came and you Mathis, was named after him and you Martin was named after the great worrior."Mattimao said

"Martin lets play worriors,"Mathis said.

"Ok,"Martin replyed.

"Hay let me play too,"Sam the squirl said.

"Ok,you and your sister can play too,"Martin said.

"Ok I will be grandfather Mathis,"Mathis said.

"I will be Martin the worrior,"Martin said.

"I will be you Mattimo,"Sam said.

"I will be Cornflower,"Dawn said.

"You kids go and play else where,"Mattimao said.

"Ok,"They all said.

After they left Mattimao saw Horwaters coming.

"Hoi Mattimao oi ust aw your suns running past ary fast,"Horwaters said.

"Yes they are growing fast.What brings you to the meadow Horwaters?,"Mattimao asked.

"Father Abot want's ter see ya,"Horwaters said.

"Ok,tell Abot that I will be there in one min.,"Mattimao said.

"Oi ill tell em,"Horwaters said.

Horwaters left and Mattimao fallowed after 2 min.'s.When Mattimao got to the abbey he saw Constents talking to Father Abot.

"Hello Mattimao,"Father Abot said.

"Whats the news,"Mattimao asked.

"Cluny's son has been seen by the long patrol.,"Father Abot said.

"Would that be bad,"Mattimao asked.

"Yes it is,he is old enough to kill anyone,"Father said.

"That is bad,"Constants said.

"Should I tell the gaurds to double thier numbers,"Mattimao asked.

"Yes,just to be on the safe side and find your sons too,"Father Abot told him.

"Yes Father,"Mattimao said."Horwaters come help me find the youngens."

"Oi sir,"Horwaters said

They went on the surch for the youngens and found them in the meadow.

"Come with me youngens,"Mattimao said.

"What is it father,"Mathis said.

"I will tell you after just come to the abbey,"Mattimao said.

"Ok father,"Martin said.

They went to the abbey to find dinner on the tables.

"I will anowce it durring dinner,"Father Abbot said.

"Ok,"Mattimao said.

"What was that all about?,"Tess asked.

"Oh nothing you will not find out,"Mattimao said.

He hated to keep things from his wife but he had to.After dinner was done and before dissert Father Abot anowsed the message

"I will like to say something.Cluny's son has been spotted and no one can leave Redwall's walls is that clear to you youngens,"Father Abot asked.

"Yes,"All the youngens said.

"Ok,we can continue with dinner,"Father Abot said.

All the youngens were at one table.

"I am not sceared of that rat!,"Martin said.

"Me nether,"Mathis said after.

"Oh!The great two worriors are back,"Tara Feildmouse said.

"Martin and Mathis the great worriors,"Mattimao said.

"Oh dad we did not see you there,"Mathis said blushing.

"Ha,ha you blushed,"Martin said.

"Ok you two stop it and eat,"Tess said.

"Yes mother,"The twins said.

After dinner all the youngens were put to bed.

"Why do we have to go to bed so early mother,"Mathis asked.

"Stop argueing and start acting like you brother,"Tess said.

"Hrum,"Mathis said looking at Martin.

"Ok lights are going out in 5,4,3,2,1 ok lights out,"Tess said and then blowed out the lanterns.

All the Redwallers did not know that Cluny's son was near by....................

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Three Claw come here at once,"Skermen said.

"Oi sir what will it be?,"Three Claw said.

"Go tell the cook to hurry it up with the soup,I'm starven,"Skermen said.

"Oi me lord Skermen,"Three Claw said.

This is great.And even better then my dads army,Skermen thaught.Skermen was Cluny The Great's son.

"Sir,Lord Skermen,she said she is almost done,sir!,"Three Claw said.

"Yes,Yes go cheak on the slaves,"Skermen replyed.

"Oi sir,"Three Claw said.

Three Claw went over to the cage cart to find all 4 slaves sitting up.

"Oi bet yer be hungery youngen's but the Lord said no food fer you,"Three Claw said.

After Three Claw left the youngens started to talk.

"I herd that we are near The Great Redwall,"a badger named Grimen said.

"I wish I were back home with me mum,"a young hare named Dorren said.

"Me pa went to Redwall and said there are great worriors there,"another hare named Jampen Ry said.

"Me never herd of great Redwall,"another badger named Luken said.

"We are braken out tonight,"Grimen said.

"How,"Dorren asked.

"I will tell you after just pertend to sleep,"Grimen said.

The youngens pertended to sleap untill every one was asleep.

"Ok fallow me,"Grimen said opening a small hatchet on the bottem of the cage.

"Good finden,"Luken said.

"Follow me to Redwall,"Jampen said.

"How do you know?,"Grimen asked.

"Me dad told me,"Jampen said running into the forest.

The others had no choice but to follow and to their suprise they found Redwall in no time at all.

"Go knock on the gate,"Grimen said to Jampen.

Jampen went up to the gate and knocked the brass handle on the gate.The gate opened and to their suprised a mouse was standing in front of them.

"And who may you four youngens be,"the mouse said.

"My name is Grimen.this is Jampen Ry,this is Luken and Dorren."Grimen said.

"Let me introduse myself.My name is Mattimao the worrior of Redwall and what brings you youngens to Redwall?,"

"You are the worrior,"Luken said.

"We are,or used to be slaves of Skermen and his army so may we stay here for awhile,"Dorren asked.

"Why yes you can.You must be hungery so follow me,"Mattimao said walking toword the Abbey.

When they were in,Mattimao told them something.

"Sit down and I will get some food and Father Abot,"Mattimao said.

The youngens sat down and Mattimao went to get them some food and Father Abot.

"I wonder who Father Abot is,"Dorren said.

Mattimao retered with some food and another mouse and a badger.

"Hello my name is Father Abot and this is Constants,"He said pointing at the badger and himself.

"My name is Grimen,this is Luken,this is Dorren and Jampen Ry,"Grimen said.

"Nice to meet you Grimen,Jampen Ry,Luken,and Dorren so eat up and Constants will find some beds and we will talk tomorrow,"Father Abot said.

"Constents go find 4 beds in the youngens rooms,and Mattimao go tell the gards to double their numbers,Skermen will find out their slaves are gone and start searching for them,"Father Abot said to Mattimao and Constants.

"I will find Horwaters to stay with the youngens,'He said when Mattimao came back.

"Youngens I want to tell you something,"Mattimao said,"I have two youngens myself and they are about your age and you will be meeting them in the morning."

"Ok youngens it is time to go to bed,Follow me and their are some clean clothes on you beds for tomorrow,"Constents said and the youngen followed.

They fell asleep very quickly.

"Cluny is back,"Constents wispered.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< /div>

In the morning the 4 youngens got up and went to the Abey to find Martin and Mathis waiting.

"So you 4 are the new youngens.My name is Martin and this is Mathis,"Martin said.

"Yes this is Luken,Grimen,Dorren,and me Jampen Ry but just call me Jampen please,"Jampen said.

"Hello Grimen,Dorren,Luken,and Jampen welcome to Redwall,"Mathis said.

"Who is that,"Luken asked pointing to the mouse on the tapistry.

"That is Martin The Great Worrior,"Mathis said,"and it is Martin the 1st and this is Martin th 2nd,"He said pointing to Martin The Worrior and his brother.

"And you are named after someone too,"Jampen asked.

"Yup our grandfathers name is Mathis,"Mathis said.

"And where is he,"Grimen asked.

'He might be asleep,"Martin said.

At that time Mattimao come in to see what they were up to.

"Who is asleep,"Mattimao asked.

"Grandfather Mathis,"Martin said.

"No he is talking to Father Abot,"Mattimao said.

"I am hungry,"Dorren said.

"Me too,"Grimen and Luken said.

"Come and eat then,"Mattimao said.

When them and everyone had eaten Tess asked them something.

"How old are you youngens,"Tess asked.

"I am 6 years old,"Jampen said.

"I am 4,"Luken said.

"I am 5,"Grimen said.

"And I am 3 and 1/2,"Dorren said.

"Good you better go see Father Abot with Mattimao,"Tess said.

"Ok follow me,"Mattimao said walking toword the library.

When they got there Father Abot started the questions.

"Where did you live?,"Father Abot asked.

"I lived with the Long Patrol,"Jampen said.

"I lived in Salamanderstron,"Dorren said with trouble.

"I lived there too,"Luken said.

"And I lived in Lost River Valley,"Grimen said.

"And where is that,"Father Abot asked.

"Near Lomehedge,"Grimen said.

"So Jampen you are old enough to fight,'Father Abot asked.

"Yup and I was about to before thouse filthy rats imprizend me,"Jampen said.

"Ok you will go with Mattimao to train,"Father Abot said.

"Me too,"Grimen said.

"And how old are you,"Father Abot asked.

"5 years,"Grimen said.

"Ok you too,"Father Abot said.


"Ok you youngens will go with Tess to gather fruits and nuts,"Father Abot said to Luken and to Dorren.

"Yes sir,"They said.

The 2 youngens that were to go went with Mattimao.

"Ok how good are you too with the Bow and arrows,"Mattimao asked.

"I am really good,"Jampen said.

"Not me.I have never tried one in my life,"Grimen said.

Mattimao gave one to Jampen and Grimen and told them to try to hit the target.Jampen hit it in the middle and Grimen hit it about 3 inchs away from the center.

"Good job you too,"Mattimao said.

Mattimao gave them a dagger a sheild and bow and arrows.

"A gift from me,"Mattimao said.


"Come meet the other youngens,"Mattimao said.

Mattimao walked to the back to see all the youngens playing.

"Ok these are new youngens to Redwall so be nice,"Mattimao said and then left.

"Hi my name is Sam,"Sam the squral said.

"I am Dawn.Sams sister,"Dawn said.

"My name is Rollo,"Rollo the Hedgehog said.

"My name is Tara,"Tara the Feildmouse said.

"I am Kirkel,"Kirkel the Rabbit said.

"My name is Boren,"Boren the Badger said.

"Our names are Jampen Ry,Grimen,Dorren,and Luken,"Grimen said.

"Nice dagger,"Sam said,"Where did you get it?."

"I got it from Mattimao,"Grimen said.

"I got one too,"Jampen said.

"Cool,"Rollo said.

The youngens played for to rest of the afternoon in the courtyard.When it was time for dinner Tess yelled for the youngens.

"Come youngens it is supper time,"Tess called.

"Come follow me your Father Boren!,"Boren said.

"Ya!,"All the other youngens said.

All the youngens went to the table for them.To find their food already there on the table.

After they had eaten they all went to bed.

Constents was on tower lookout and spoted a young fox heading for the front gate.She went down to see who it was.

"Hello,"Constents said.

'Could I stay for a night or two but could you let me in before they see me,"The fox said.

"Who,"Constents asked.

"Skermen and his army,they had me and my mother priseners and they killed her,"the fox said.

"Come with me,"Constents said to the young fox.

They went to the Abbey to see Mattimao and Tess talking.

"Is that another slave,"Tess asked.

"Yes,"Constents said.

"Come with me um,what is your name?,"Tess asked.

"Jackalen,"The fox said.

"Well could I call you Jack,"Tess asked.

"Yes mam,"Jackalen said.

"What would you like to eat,"Tess asked.

"Soup if I can mam,"Jack said.

"Ok follow me,"Tess said going toword the kitchen.

"Yes mam,"Jack said.

"Call me Tess,"Tess said.

"Ok Tess,"Jack said.

They went into the kitchen.

"That is the 5th slave in 3 days,"Mattimao said.

"Yes but I bet there will be many more,"Father Abot said.

"Yes I think so too,"Mattimao said.

That morning there was 2 more slaves at the front gate.

"Oio,"Horwaters said to the youngens.

"Could we come in please,"The badger said.

"Oi bet you be slaves to,"Horwaters said.

"How did you guess,'the badger said.

"We had 5 others,"Mattimao said behind Horwaters.

"Come on in,"Mattimao said.

"Thanks,"the younger hare said.

They went to the abbey to see Father Abot at one of the tables.

"Father Abot,"Mattimao said.

"Yes,"He said looking up,"Oh some more slaves,"

"Yes this is,"Mattimao said.

"Sara and Joal,"Sara said.

"Nice to meet you,"Father Abot said.

"Nice to meet you too,"Joal said.

"Why do you need anythibg to eat?,"Father Abot asked.

"Yes thank you,"Sara said.

"Ok Tess could you go fetch some soup from the kitchen,"Father Abot ask Tess.

"Yes Father,"Tess said brfore she went into the kitchen.

After Sara and Joal had eaten they went to bed and Mattimao,Constents,and Father Abot talked in the library.

"This is going to far,"Constents said.

"Yes,Skermen has gone to far and I bet you that he has a bigger army then his father,"Mattimao said.

"Like father,like son,"Father Abot said.

"Just like you and the kids,"Tess said behind them.

"What,"Mattimao said.

"The kids are trying to play jokes on the gards and get to Moseflower Woods,"Tess said.

"I herd,"Mattimao said.

"Well you are going to tell them,"Tess said.

"Yes when it is time,"Mattimao said looking at his wife.

"What,"Father Abot asked.

"We are haveing another child,"Tess said.

"Congradulations you two,and what do you hope it is,"Father Abot said.

"A girl,"Mattimao said.

"And what will you call it,"Constents asked.

"Ether MoseFlower or Mattel,"Tess said.

"Both nice names,"Father Abot said.

"Yes well we better get to sleep,"Mattimao said.

"Yes good night,"Father Abot said and walked out the door.

The rest went to bed.When morning came the Redwall youngens got to see the new badgers.

"Hello,"Jampen said to Joal.

"Hello,"Joal said blushing.

Jampen smiled and thaught that she looked pritty.

"While them two go into a different world my name is Sam,this is Dawn,Dorren,Grimen,Kirkel,Rollo,Luken,Boren,Tara,Jackalen,and Jampen Ry has you already meet,"Sam said looking at and pointing to the others.

"What about use,"Martin said.

"Oh this is Martin and Mathis,"Sam said pointing to the twins.

"Um Martin Mathis will you come here please,"Mattimao said when he came into the courtyard.

"Yes father,"the twins said.

The three went over to the ocherd.

"We are expecting another kid which will be your brother or sister,"Mattimao said.

"Yes is that all,"Martin asked.

"Yes go off and play,"Mattimao said.

The twins went back to the others.

"Lets play Hayven,"Tara said.

"How do you play,"Luken asked.

"It is like tag but you hide around the courtyard and when the person that is it finds you you run and try to get to the apple tree without gitting taged,"Grimen said.

The youngens played for the rest of the afternoon not knowing the will all be seperated.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< /div>

"Lord Bonerven we have just found your son Grimen,"Kermen said.

"Where,"Lord Bonerven asked.

"At Redwall,"Kermen said.

"We shall leave to get him in the morning,"Lord Bonerven.

"Yes sir,"Kermen said.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< /div>

"Mumm,dad is home,"Loupen said.

"He was not to be home unless he found you brothers,"Gena said.

"I have they are at Redwall me and the Long Patrol will leave for there in the morning,"Hermen said.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< /div>

"Jovan they are at Redwall and that is where we will go in the morning,"Piry said.

"Yes we must find Jackalen,"Jovan said.

"Let ua get some sleep,"Piry said turning out the lights.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

That morning all the families of the slaves set off for Redwall.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

They got there I less then 4 days time.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

"Oi may ou be,"Horwaters asked the travelers.

"We are the families of the youngens,"Jovan said.

"Come in,"Horwaters said.

"Thank you,"Hermen said.

At lunch all the youngens were with their families.

"Papa,"Dorren said.

"Mum,dad,"Jackalen said.

"Fatherm,"Grimen said.

While all the rest were with their families Tess was haveing a baby.

"Oi it be a girl,"Horwaters said.

"Yes her name is Mossflower,"Mattimao said.

Father Abot went to tell everyone else the good news.

"Tess and Mattimao had just had their 3rd child her name is Mossflower,"Father Abot said.

"I want to meet this Great worior of Redwall,"Lord Bonerven said.

"Come with me,"Martin said.

"Thank you young lad,"Lord Bonerven said while following Martin and his brother.

When they got there Mattimao was holding the new born.

"Hello and you are,"Mattimao asked.

"Lord Bonerven of Lost River Valley,"Lord Bonerven said.

"I am Mattimao worior of Redwall,"Mattimao said.

"And you two are,"Lord Bonerven asked the twins.

"Martin and Mathis the young woriors of Redwall,"Martin said.

"So what are we going to do with Skermen and his men,"Hermen asked appering in the doorway.

"We will join forses of the Redwall,Salamanderstron,Lost River Valley,

Mossflower Woods,and the Long Patrol worriors,"Lord Bonerven said.