Resident Evil Series Fan Fiction ❯ Here We Go Again ❯ Chapter 1

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"This is absolutely insane",Valentina thinks to herself.

The place was overrun with zombies,they were everywhere!Everyone important to her was gone for good.She had to get out of here,but how?She was trapped in her own condo.She could hear the people screaming as they were killed.She could hear the zombies outside her frontdoor.There was no way she was gonna get eaten!She ran upstairs to her room,climbing out the window and onto the roof.Valentina wasn't stupid,she was not about to get on the street.Valentina stood on the roof looking around Raccoon City.People were dieing left and right,there were fires and flipped over cars everywhere.She was only 15 she had a whole life ahead of her!She was not about to die.

"Where is S.T.A.R.S?Shouldn't they be out here handling this?!But then again there are zombies everywhere.I don't think they were trained for that.How am I going to get out of here",she asks herself.

Well she wasn't getting on the street but,she could jump from rooftop to rooftop.Just one problem,she wasn't spiderman.Valentina sighs loudly trying to think of a plan.But for it to work she had to get on the street.

"There are ladders in the alleyway that reach to the roof.Get on the street,go find the ladder,climb it,look for the next ladder,and do the samething until I get to the police station!But first I need to get afew things",she thinks to herself while climbing back through the window.

She ran back down stairs and looked around in the closet.She found a flashlight and a metal baseball bat.Grabbing both she made haste.She was about to go upstairs but she stopped.At the top of the stairs was a firgure swaying slightly.She took a quick look at the front door it was locked.But when she looked at the windows she saw the broken glass.Great they were in there with her.She looked back at the dark figure as it slowly came down stairs,its feet shuffling softly.She heard a deathly moan come from it.She was going to wait until it came down the stairs completely but,there was more than just one.She looked to her left and stared right into the face of her brother.Half of his face was eaten away and yet there he stood.His eyes were lifeless all you could see was white.Just when he was about to attack Valentina hit him in the head with the bat.She kept on attacking him until she completely smashed his head.Making sure he wouldn't get back up.Looking back at the stairs she saw the zombie coming towards her.Getting annoyed with it she ran towards it while attacking.She aimed for the head and knocked it against the wall.She kicked it down the stairs before it got up.Retracing her steps she got back on the roof and executed her plan.

Meanwhile at S.T.A.R.S

Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen ran through the police station frantically,trying to get to the armory.There were zombies all over the place and it happened so suddenly.

"Come on Rebbeca keep up!Don't fall behind",said Billy while dragging Rebbeca to the armory.

"Billy don't you find it odd that this happened so suddenly?I mean we were just overrun.Everything was going smoothly and now look!We have to stop Umbrella",she shouts while they run into the armory,locking the door.

They grabbed whatever they could picking up handguns,assault rifles,shotguns,ammo,first aid kits.

"Lets go Rebecca,we can look for survivors when we get out of here",says Billy.

Rebecca nods her agreement and they go back into the danger outside.They don't get to far when they see a zombie but,this one was different.It didn't sway from side to side and it was laughing.It looked like a normal person except for the blacked out eyes.It walked towards then not even swaying.It was so human,no bite marks or anything.It smiled as it got closer.Rebbeca panicked.

"Billy I don't like the looks of this.This is completely different from what we've encountered before",Rebbeca says panicking even more.

Billy looked at Rebbeca from out the corner of his eye.

"Rebecca,calm down ok.Its going to be alright.I'm here with you remember",Billy says.

He takes aim and fires.Blasting the zombies head clean off his shoulder.Wasting no time he grabs Rebecca's hand and continues down the hall.They were so close to reaching the exit when they heard a loud roar.Billy turned around and saw a new type of Tyrant.It looked at them silently not even trying to get them.It walked the other.

"Come on Rebbeca"says Billy as he drags her out the front door and into the street.

They were met by screams of terror and zombies everywhere.Going through an alley they saw a ladder and climbed it quickly.Just great they were stuck on the roof for now.

"Billy,what are we going to do now?We're stuck up here and this is completely different than before",Rebbeca says while looking at the sight below.The zombies were everywhere,the street was filled with them.

"Well lets stick to the plan.Lets look for survivors but,by how things are looking I don't think there are any survivors.It looks as if you get on the street you'll be dead in a instant.Lets stick to the rooftops.",Billy says while looking around.

"Alright but we're going to have to get on the street to get to the ladders.Thats the only way for right now.And.....hey Billy look at that",Rebbeca says pointing at the rooftop infront of them.

What they see leaves them in shock.A girl no older than 15 was beating the crap out of some zombies.She was swing a metal baseball bat at their heads.Then she kicked them off the rooftop.They watched amazed as the girl faced off with one of the new zombies.It was obviously a male since it fell over in pain from bing kicked between the legs.They watched as it got back up.She was a goner.But she proved them wrong when she pushed the zombie off the edge of the rooftop.It held onto the edge dangling from the roof top.Rebbecca and Billy watch to see what she will do next.

Valentina's Pov

"Aww come on you've got to be kidding!!This zombie is so human its not even funny.It walks like a human,it doesn't look like those other zombies,it runs,the stupid thing talks,and yet its a zombie!Wait it must have human emotions too!Cause it was smiling when he tried to kill me.It feels pain too so maybe....Ha,I'll dump that oil on him and light it!!He should let go",Valentina thinks to herself.

Back to Rebbeca and Billy

They watch her curiously as to what she will do next.She goes through a bag and pulls out two objects but,they can't make out what they are.She dumps something on the zombie and they discover what shes doing.

"Oh shes going to set it on fire.This girl is smart and shes strong.We have to make sure we rescue her",Rebbeca says to Billy.

He nod in agreement and watchs as the zombie is lit on fire.He drops down blow into the alley.The girl cheers in excitement.Looking at the other rooftops she spots them.Rebecca waves at her and yells across the rooftop separating them.


The girl respond immediately.


Rebbeca and Billy stare at each other knowing it was true.They would meet their doom if they were zombies.Thank God they were human.


"OK!!BE CAREFUL THOUGH",she sends back.

She waits patiently for them to come over.All the more watching her surroundings..

"Come on Rebbeca lets get over there"

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