Role Playing Fan Fiction ❯ The Mystery of Samera Woods ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Mystery of the Samera Woods


Dr Sheldon Cooper, a young powerful Sorcerer, and his four friends, young like him, Dr Leonard Hofstadter, also a Sorcerer, Penny Black, a half feline thief And Leonard's love, Howard Wallace, a Hunter, And Dr Raj Koothrappalli, an Elementalist, were sitting at their table in the great hall of the Fruitful Tree Inn in the Maritime Quarter of Solus, the capital of the southern land of Midia.

'Well, our affairs are going great,' Sheldon smirked. 'With all these jobs after we rid the Lisena Islands of the beasties dwelling there, we have quite a cozy sum!'

'Yeah,' Penny grinned. 

'And with your careful management we're not going to lose them on any Frivolous expenses,' Leonard said dryly.

'Just so,' Sheldon parried.

'Not even on chariot races?' Howard whined.

'Only if you don't make any bets,' Sheldon acceded. 'Chariot races are curious to look at, so I may attend them with you...And make sure you don't lose money on some horse team that you fancy will win!'

'Aww, what's the fun in that!?' Raj whined, looking at Sheldon with his large soulful dark eyes.

'Don't try this on me, Raj, I'm a Sorcerer so an expert in such tricks,' Sheldon said dryly. 'If you go to chariot races it's only on my terms, I'm the leader here And I make the rules!'

'Alright,' Raj nodded, dejected.

At this point a tall slender dark haired young man in a red And Green striped tunic approached their table And asked politely, 'Dr Sheldon Cooper?'

'Yes,' Sheldon answered concisely, looking at him. 'So?'

'Lord Hasdrubal Eshbelya wants to see you,' the young man informed him. 'He has a job for your band.'

'Very good,' Sheldon answered And rose. 'People, let's go!'

His friends rolled their eyes but rose. They followed Lord Hasdrubal's envoy out of the Inn. 

Lord Hasdrubal had a mansion in the Middle Quarter of Solus, the respectable neighbourhood. The mansion was large, reddish, rectangular and flat roofed like most mansions of Solus, And with lush Green trees showing over the walls. The young envoy led them into a courtyard that was paved with marble, had a marble Fountain shaped like a bowl on the backs of four lions, And some tall dark cypresses. In a dark wooden carved chair by the Fountain was sitting a tall, lean middle aged man with short dark hair, alert dark eyes And an aquiline nose, in a wide crimson tunic trimmed with gold. He looked at the newcomers And stopped his eyes on the tall lean young man at the head of the group.

'Dr Sheldon Cooper?' he asked calmly.

'Yes,' Sheldon answered, bowing politely to him. 'And you are Lord Hasdrubal Eshbelya? Your envoy said you had a job for us.'

'Yes, Dr Cooper, I've heard much about you And your companions,' Lord Hasdrubal answered calmly. 'You are quite famous in Solus, I must say.'

'Why thank you, Lord Hasdrubal,' Sheldon said proudly. 'I daresay our fame is quite deserved.'

Lord Hasdrubal smiled to him.

'So, the villagers of Goyeta, the place where my mother was born, complained to me that some monsters plague the village, And asked me to help them somehow. And I don't know how, really. Perhaps you could sort out this issue? I'll pay you generously,' Lord Hasdrubal said frowning gently. 'That place, Goyeta, is dear to me, you understand.'

'Yes,' Sheldon nodded. 'We shall do what we can, Lord Hasdrubal.'

'Very good,' Lord Hasdrubal smiled. 'Do you need anything?'

'No,' Sheldon shook his head firmly. 'Only directions to this Goyeta. Where is it?'

'Oh, it's on the western edge of the Samera Woodlands,' Lord Hasdrubal answered calmly.

'Samera Woodlands? Hm,' Sheldon frowned. 'All right.'

Lord Hasdrubal nodded smiling, 'Good luck then, Dr Cooper, return to me when you shall rid Goyeta of  that problem.'

Sheldon nodded vigorously.


When they left Lord Hasdrubal's mansion And were heading back to the Fruitful Tree, Howard frowned, 'Samera Woodlands? Those ancient woods that, by all rumours, are plagued with dangerous beasties of all kinds And secret malicious cults? And we're going there!?'

'Howard, isn't it our job to fight dangerous beasties And, if needed, even malicious cults?' Sheldon retorted.

'Oh, well, you're right,' Howard sighed, throwing his hands up in defeat.

Leonard, Penny And Raj grinned.

They returned to the Fruitful Tree, And Sheldon commanded, 'People, let's pack! Goyeta is rather far from Solus, so we need spare underwear And some food, just in case!'

'Exactly how far is it And how are we going to get there?' Penny asked.

'Well, it's on the southern edges of Midia,' Sheldon explained. 'As we don't have steeds we're going to join a caravan.'

'Just great,' Howard said dryly.

'Well, it's the only way to get to Goyeta, if you don't want to walk there on foot for a very long time, during which the monsters will probably massacre all the inhabitants of Goyeta,' Sheldon retorted.

Howard shrugged his shoulders.

'And where do we join this caravan?' Penny asked curiously.

'Well, in Solus caravans usually are formed on the square by the Southern Gate,' Sheldon informed her. 'So that's where we are going when we pack. And pack quickly because the villagers of Goyeta need our help, people!'

'Sure, Sheldon,' Leonard smiled gently.

'I say, what monsters could be in there?' Raj asked fearfully. 'I hope not creations of Stygian necromancers? Because Stygia is pretty close to the southern edge of Midia!'

'I doubt it,' Sheldon said calmly. 'But even if there are, we can fight Animated Skeletons very well.'

'All right,' Raj sighed.

They started to pack, Sheldon putting clothes And food in his bag meticulously, And others just trying to fit their things And food into their bags. When they we're packed, Sheldon asked, 'All ready?' His friends nodded vigorously.

'Very well then, let's go, people!' Sheldon commanded. 

His friends rolled their eyes but nodded,  And they left the Fruitful Tree And trundled through the narrow winding streets of Solus between reddish rectangular houses with flat roofs And trees showing over their outer walls. Some time later they came to a rather large square by the reddish crenellated city wall. Lots of camels, merchants And guards with sabers And Spears we're gathered there. Sheldon marched through the crowd, listening to people's talk attentively. His friends followed him. At last he stopped by a tall strong black skinned man dressed in a long loose yellow tunic with a pattern of randomly placed red triangles, with heavy golden hoops in his ears And golden bracelets on his arms And legs, a Spear with red plumage in his hand. Near the tall black skinned man we're a lot of reddish camels, some strong dark skinned guards And some portly well dressed dark skinned merchants.

'Good sir, is your caravan destined for Maliba? Sheldon asked politely.

'Why Yes, it is,' the tall black skinned man answered. 'And you want to go to Maliba, sir?'

'Not exactly to Maliba, to a village called Goyeta that's near it,' Sheldon explained. 'We have a job there. We'll pay you plenty.'

'All right,' the tall black skinned man nodded smiling broadly. 'I'm Sango the Alert, And you?'

'I'm Dr Sheldon Cooper, I'm a Sorcerer with two doctorates, And my friends are Dr Leonard Hofstadter, also a Sorcerer, Penny Black, a half Ubasti thief, Howard Wallace, a Hunter, And Dr Raj Koothrappalli, an Elementalist, a wizard of Fire And Air,' Sheldon informed him.

'Oh, And what is there in this Goyeta that needs two Sorcerers, one with two doctorates, an Elementalist And two warriors to deal with it?' Sango grinned.

'We don't know exactly, but there are certainly monsters,' Sheldon told him. 'One nobleman with ties to that village asked us to help in this matter.'

Sango nodded grinning. 'On the edge of Woodlands of Samera it could be anything, even Stygian creatures!'

'Oh holy cow!' Raj gasped.

'Don't worry, sweetie, I'm sure we can deal with them,' Penny patted him on the arm reassuringly.

Raj blushed deeply.

Sango grinned. 'She your girl?'

'Oh No, she's Leo's love,' Raj said sadly. 'Penny is just this kind to everyone.'

'Leo being you?' Sango nodded to Leonard.

'Yes,' Leonard said blushing profusely.

Sango nodded grinning.

'See Leo, everyone is envious of you that you got such a sterling girl, even me,' Howard smirked.

'Why thank you, Howard friend,' Leonard said dryly.

'You're a funny lot, you people,' Sango grinned.

'Yes, we are,' Sheldon nodded. 'So when is your caravan taking off, Master Sango?'

'Well, we need thirty travellers to join the caravan before we can go, one for each of thirty camels in our two units,' Sango informed him. 'Thankfully before you came we had twenty five passengers already, so you five are what we needed, thank Bel!'

'Thank Athena,' Sheldon breathed. 'And how much time will pass before we get to Maliba?'

'Seventeen days, Maybe a bit more,' Sango grinned.

'Good, good,' Sheldon said, satisfied. 'We can't tarry too much, people are waiting for our help, you understand.'

'Quite,' Sango grinned. 'Well, Doctor Sheldon, Doctor Leonard, Doctor Raj, Master Howard, Miss Penny, your camels are awaiting you! Adherbel, Amsharya, help these gentlemen And young Lady to their camels!'

Leonard And Raj looked at the big long necked And long legged humpback beasts uncertainly. Penny and Howard grinned. Sheldon just looked at the camels calmly.

Two people approached them answering Sango's call, a tall thin dark skinned And dark haired young man in a red short tunic trimmed with gold, And a petite dark skinned young woman with long dark hair And large dark eyes, in a long Green tunic.

'Adherbel and Amsharya are my camel leaders,' Sango explained. 'There are two places left in Adherbel's unit And three in Amsharya's. You decide who goes together with whom.'

'May I go into your unit, Mistress Amsharya?' Howard grinned. 'I think we'll pass many enjoyable hours together!'

'No, Master Howard,' Amsharya said flatly. 'I have a lover.'

'Aww, what a disappointment,' Howard said sadly And then turned to Adherbel. 'I guess I'm going with you then, Master Adherbel.'

'It seems so, Master Howard,' Adherbel smiled. 

'All right, it seems reasonable that each unit would have a wizard,' Sheldon said resolutely. 'Leonard, Raj, it seems that you are afraid of these animals, so you, Leonard, go into Mistress Amsharya's unit with Penny And I, And Raj goes into Master Adherbel's unit with Howard.'

'All right,' Raj nodded reassured.

'I'll look after you, Raj sweetie,' Penny smiled kindly. Raj smiled shyly to her.

'All right, I'm sure I have Nothing to fear with Howard And you,' Leonard said dryly.

'We'll look after you, Leo,' Howard nodded grinning.

'All right, we have the last five passengers, people, get ready!' Sango shouted. 'Cook, guards, come here now!'

Some tall strong dark skinned men with sabres And Spears And a little portly man with curly fair hair came to the call. They looked at the five young Foreigners curiously.

'Five adventurers joined us, thank Bel,' Sango explained. 'Dr Sheldon Cooper and Dr Leonard Hofstadter, they're Sorcerers, Dr Raj Koothrappalli, he's an Elementalist, Howard Wallace, he's a Hunter, And Penny Black, she's a thief.'

'Good,' the little man smiled. ' I'm Amlisco the Cook. What business do you have in Maliba?'

'Not Maliba, Goyeta,' Sheldon explained. 'Some monsters there, we have to defeat them.'

Amlisco nodded smiling.

'Doctor Sheldon, need help getting on your camel?' Amsharya asked smiling gently.

'Yes, if you please,' Sheldon said calmly. 'I'm not afraid of them but I'm not sure how to get on one either.'

Amsharya smiled And patted one camel on its hump. It lay down on it's belly, putting it's legs under itself. Sheldon looked at it doubtfully.

'Just swing one leg over it's back And alight yourself on it, Doctor Sheldon,' Amsharya smiled gently at him. Sheldon took a deep breath, approached the camel, swung one leg over it's back And alighted himself on the camel's back gently. He breathed with relief when he realized he was seated safely. Amsharya smiled gently at him And pulled at the camel's reins. The camel rose to it's legs slowly, starting with it's hind legs. Sheldon held fast in the saddle. When the camel finished it's rise, Sheldon sighed with relief And looked at everyone proudly from the height of his camel's back And his own considerable height. Amsharya smiled gently at the tall lean young man. He was very young but very resolute at that!

'Doctor Sheldon, how old are you?' Amsharya asked him curiously.

'Twenty six,' Sheldon answered calmly.

Amsharya nodded. He had to be more than six feet tall, such a beanpole! And managed to get two doctorates at his age, so he likely was very powerful!

Penny meanwhile patted one camel on it's hump, And it lay on it's belly. Penny swung her leg resolutely over the camel And alighted herself into the saddle. Amsharya smiled to her, now this was a strong girl, after her own heart!

Leonard looked at the camels, diffident. Amsharya smiled kindly at him And patted one camel's back.  It lay down on it's belly And Amsharya said reassuringly to Leonard, 'Just do what your friends did, Doctor Leonard, don't be afraid!'

Leonard swung his leg over the camel's back, alighted himself in the saddle And smiled gently.

'Here, it wasn't so hard, Yeah? ' Amsharya smiled broadly. Leonard smiled shyly.

Adherbel at the Same time patted one camel on it's hump too, And it lay down on it's belly. Howard quickly swung one leg over it's back And alighted in the saddle. Adherbel smiled broadly to him, that was one energetic young man! 

Raj meanwhile was looking at the camels fearfully. Adherbel smiled gently, patted another camel on it's hump And it lay down on it's belly. 

'Easy, Doctor Raj, just repeat what your friends did And don't fear so much, camels are peaceful beasts,'  Adherbel reassured him. Raj sighed deeply, swung one leg over the camel's back, alighted himself in the saddle And beamed. Adherbel smiled gently to him. Such a timid young man, And an Elementalist at that!

Amsharya pulled on the reins of  Penny's camel. It rose to it's legs starting with it's hind legs. Penny held fast to the camel And grinned. Amsharya grinned back.

Then Amsharya pulled on the reins of Leonard's camel. It rose starting with it's hind legs. Leonard held for dear life at the saddle, but when the process ended, he looked around with relief, smiling shyly. Amsharya smiled to him. This young man was diffident but knew how to overcome his fears.

Adherbel patted Howard's camel on it's neck. It rose to it's legs, starting from the hind, as all it's fellows. Howard held fast in the saddle, grinning broadly. Yes, he was a Hunter all right!

Then Adherbel patted Raj's camel on it's neck. Raj held for dear life at the saddle while it was rising starting with it's hind legs, but smiled gently when it ended. Another young man who fought against his fears. Adherbel smiled to Raj.

'All right, passengers, come here, we're taking off!' Sango shouted.

Portly merchants hastened to the camels as fast as they could. With them were several richly dressed dark skinned young men And women. 

'Those are nobles going to visit the royal Tombs in Maliba, am I right?' Sheldon asked curiously.

'Yes, Doctor Sheldon,' Sango smiled broadly. Sheldon nodded calmly. 

Amsharya and Adherbel helped the merchants And the nobles on the camels. The nobles looked at the five Foreigners curiously.

'Are you adventurers?' asked curiously one tall slender young man dressed in a red And Green diagonally  striped tunic trimmed with gold, with a short Sword in red scabbard by his side.  'Where are you going?'

'Yes, I'm Dr Sheldon Cooper, a Sorcerer, And these are my friends,' Sheldon answered calmly. 'And we are going to a village called Goyeta on the western edge of the Samera Woodlands, it's plagued by some kind of monsters it seems.'

'I'm Zorabel Barca, I'm going to visit the royal Tombs,' the young man smiled gently.

'I'm Dr Leonard Hofstadter, I'm also a Sorcerer,' Leonard smiled softly. 

'I'm Penny Black, I'm half Ubasti And you know what that means,' Penny grinned. 

'I'm Howard Wallace, I'm a Hunter,' Howard smiled broadly.

'And I'm Dr Raj Koothrappalli, I'm a wizard of Fire And Air,' Raj smiled shyly.

'Pleased to meet you,' Zorabel smiled gently. 

'All seated? Good,' Sango grinned. 'Amsharya, Adherbel, let's get going!'

Amsharya and Adherbel nodded vigorously. Both took the rope tied to the harness of the first camel in their unit, to which all the other camels were connected by similar ropes tied to their harness, And walked towards the South Gate, pulling on the ropes gently. Sango marched in front of the camels, the guards And Amlisco the Cook with some pots And bags near or behind the camels. Sheldon felt his camel rocking gently under him And adjusted to the movement. His friends, Zorabel And other travellers did likewise. The caravan marched to the South Gate And passed through it, And headed into the reddish Midian steppe with some lush Green orchards, Fields And vineyards.

'Doctor Sheldon, who is that nobleman that has ties to Goyeta And asked you to help them?' Sango asked curiously.

'Lord Hasdrubal Eshbelya,' Sheldon supplied.

'Lord Hasdrubal?' Zorabel asked, alert. 'They say that his mother is a commoner, I guess she's from Goyeta!'

'Yes, that's very likely,' Sheldon nodded. 'Well, I'm a commoner too, my parents are farmers. So is Leonard, his parents are townsfolk. So is Raj, his father is a village physician. And Howard is a Hunter, And Penny's parents are a farmer And an Ubasti vagabond, so you understand.'

'Oh, I'm not against commoners, at all!' Zorabel smiled gently. 

'Very well,' Sheldon said. 'Because I personally think that the only ranks that matter are academic degrees. And I have five of them, two among them doctorates.'

'Two!?' Zorabel marvelled. 'And how old are you?'

'Twenty six,' Sheldon said proudly. 'I got my first doctorate at sixteen And second at twenty.'

Zorabel shook his head in amazement. 'And Doctor Leonard And Doctor Raj studied with you?'

'Only Leonard, we were roommates in the Princeborough University,' Sheldon corrected him. 'Raj And Howard were already Leonard's friends when we met.'

'And how you met Miss Penny?' Zorabel asked curiously.

'Well, one day when we sat in a Tavern in Heraklia, Penny approached us And asked if we needed a thief in our party,' Sheldon explained smiling gently. 'I had doubts, but Leonard, I believe, fell in love with her at first sight And so asked me to accept her, to which I agreed as Leonard is my best friend And our band could use a thief. Penny proved to be most useful to our band, as she's brave And clever. And Leonard confessed his love to her, so now they are lovers.'

Leonard blushed deeply at Sheldon's words, And Penny grinned.

Zorabel smiled gently. 'And you, Doctor Sheldon, do you have a lover? Or, sorry, Maybe you are married?'

'Neither, Lord Zorabel,' Sheldon answered calmly. 'I've dedicated myself to the Science of magic.'

Zorabel nodded quietly. 

'And Raj And me are trying to find our true love, unsuccessfully as for now,' Howard grinned.

Zorabel nodded  compassionately.

''Lord Zorabel, do you know how to use this Sword of yours, or is it purely ornamental?' Sheldon asked curiously.

'I'm a rather good fencer, so can help you in case of need,' Zorabel said gravely.

'Good, good,' Sheldon nodded. 'Because this caravan's guards likely know how to use their weapons, but the merchants And the rest of the nobles likely don't.'

'Yes,' Zorabel nodded smiling.

Sheldon nodded calmly.

They rode through the Midian plains till dusk. When the night fell Sango commanded, 'All right, we're stopping for the night now!'

Amsharya And Adherbel stopped, pulling the head camels' ropes down. The camels stopped, And so did all the other camels behind them. Sheldon held fast in the saddle so as to not fly out of it. Leonard, Penny, Howard And Raj did likewise. So did all the other travellers. 

Amsharya And Adherbel walked along the lines of camels And patted the camels on their humps to make them lie down. When Amsharya approached Sheldon's camel Sheldon gripped the saddle tightly. Amsharya patted his camel on it's hump And it knelt on it's front legs then on it's hind legs then lay on it's belly. Sheldon let out a breath of relief, then swung one leg over his camel's back And slid on the ground awkwardly. He stamped his feet a bit. 

'Athena, my behind went numb!' he complained. 

'Never rode before, have you, Doctor Sheldon?' Amsharya smiled. 'Don't worry, you'll get used to it.'

'I sincerely hope so,' Sheldon grumbled. Amsharya smiled.

Penny meanwhile patted her camel's hump And it lay down. Penny held in the saddle gracefully while it did. Then Penny swung her leg over her camel's back gracefully And slid to the ground effortlessly And grinned broadly. Amsharya grinned to her. 

Amsharya patted the hump of Leonard's camel. Leonard gripped his saddle tightly And winced while his camel was lying down. Then he swung one leg over his camel's back And slid on the ground awkwardly, then smiled shyly. Amsharya smiled to him.

Adherbel meanwhile approached Howard's camel. But Howard patted his camel on it's hump himself, And when it lay down, he swung one leg over it's back And slid to the ground gracefully And grinned widely. Adherbel smiled broadly to him. 

When Adherbel approached Raj's camel, Raj looked at him wide eyed And gripped at his saddle very tightly. When his camel lay down, Raj swung his leg over his camel's back And slid to the ground very awkwardly. He smiled shyly. Adherbel smiled kindly to him.

Zorabel meanwhile alighted already And looked at Sheldon, Leonard And Raj smiling.

''Not much experience Riding, Yes?' he observed.

'You certainly can say so,' Leonard said dryly.

'Well, in the North distances between towns are usually much shorter,' Sheldon said dryly.

'In Ghat too,' Raj added.

'Well, now you are in the South, gentlemen,' Zorabel smiled.

Penny And Howard listened to the exchange grinning.

'You'll get used to it, Shelly,' Penny smiled broadly.

Sheldon just grimaced.

'Come on, sweetie, let's sit down,' Penny smiled.

She sat down on the grass, Howard joined her. Sheldon sat down awkwardly too. Leonard And Raj did the Same. Zorabel looked at them smiling And joined them.

Amlisco meanwhile put his bags And pots on the ground, went to a coppice nearby, broke some twigs off, put them on the ground, took out a Flint And put the twigs on Fire. Then he took one pot And walked away. Some time later he returned with the pot full of water. He put it on the Fire. 

'I wonder what will he cook?' Sheldon frowned. 'Thank Gods we have these splendid dried dates, cheese, bread, waffles And Apples!'

He untied his bag And laid all said things out on the grass. 

'By Bel, you're thorough!' Zorabel smiled. 

'Why thank you, Lord Zorabel,' Sheldon smiled smugly. 'Want some?'

'Oh, of  course!' Zorabel smiled. 

He took some dates, a waffle, one apple And a piece of cheese.

Leonard, Penny, Howard And Raj untied their own bags And took out their own provisions too.

Amlisco meanwhile took some rice out of a bag And poured it into the pot. Then he took some raisins from another bag And poured them into the rice, then some turmeric from another bag And poured it into the rice too.

Sheldon looked at him with deep distrust.

'Pilaf with raisins And turmeric? Thanks but No thanks,' he sniffed.

Zorabel smiled. 'Very picky about food, are you?'

'And not only about the food,' Leonard said dryly. 'For example, don't try to sit in his spot even if he stands up, it's HIS spot, the optimal one.'

Zorabel raised one eyebrow, 'I'll remember that!'

'How about a story?' Penny smiled broadly. 'Like people tell by the bonfire!'

'A good idea,' Sheldon nodded thoughtfully. 'Have you heard about the wizard Brellin the Azure And his Griffin?'

'No, tell us, Doctor Sheldon,' Zorabel smiled gently.

'All right,' Sheldon smiled. 'There was an old Sorcerer called Brellin the Azure. He was a professor at the Oxenford University, in Wessex, my native land, by the way. He was very learned And powerful, respected by everyone. But it wasn't enough for him. He wanted to have a pet Griffin.  Now, as I'm sure you know, a Nymph can tame any creature with her charm, a Hunter, Barbarian or an Amazon can tame a beast, but not a Monster, by Craft, And anyone with a Might of 13 or more a can tame a creature by force. But a Sorcerer can only use Compelling on a creature, as we Sorcerers aren't usually very strong.' 

'You tell me,' Leonard muttered.

'Yes, that's exactly what I'm telling, Leonard,' Sheldon said calmly. 'Of course, a Sorcerer can use Enslavement, but it's a spell that subjugates will completely, And so only unethical Sorcerer would use it. I for one would never use it, And neither would Brellin. But Brellin wanted to have a pet  Griffin, And he, as many brilliant Sorcerers, was very proud And stubborn. Yes, what is it, Penny? '

'No, Nothing, sweetie,' Penny said stifling a snort.

'Oh, very well then,' Sheldon nodded, satisfied. 'And so Brellin went travelling around the world in hopes of meeting a Griffin. And at last, in Thanatari Mountains, he met one. It was magnificent, like a huge red gold lion with Eagle head, wings And hind paws. Brellin was overjoyed, And he used his Compelling power on the Griffin. Now, as Brellin was very powerful, certainly more powerful than  me, not to speak about Leonard, he succeeded. The Griffin submitted to his will. Brellin mounted the Griffin And ordered it to fly to Oxenford. The Griffin obeyed. When the townsfolk of Oxenford saw the Griffin they we're mortally scared, of course, And they started shooting at the Griffin with their longbows And crossbows. Of course the Griffin didn't like such treatment one bit, And it flew away taking Brellin with it. Brellin couldn't will it to return to Oxenford, as it would be against it's wish for self preservation. And Brellin saw that the Griffin was carrying him further And further from Oxenford. Then Brellin ordered it to land somewhere in Western Wessex, by the sea, dismounted from it's back And ordered it to go where it wished. It soared into the sky instantly And left for the Thanatari Mountains. Brellin looked after it with a sigh, And returned to Oxenford on foot. And never ever has he wished to have a Griffin or anything like it for a pet. He lived a long life, revered by all, And never told anyone about his fiasco with the Griffin. Only in his memoirs he wrote about this, concluding it with the morale that one never should get their hopes too high. I always remember this story when someone like Howard wants to go to somewhere like Umbria in hopes to meet lots of voluptuous women, not taking into consideration that a place like that could be not only boring but entirely unfriendly to wizards.'

Howard rolled his eyes.

'That's a lesson to us all,' Leonard said dryly.

'I should hope so, there is Nothing compared to an edifying story,' Sheldon smiled.

Penny yawned, 'All right, I'm ready to sleep now, your edifying story had it's effect.'

'Always at your service, Penny, always at your service,' Sheldon smiled. 

Penny removed the rug saddle from her camel, spread it on the ground, lay down on it And closed her eyes. Sheldon looked at her And followed her example. Leonard, Howard And Raj did the Same. 

Next two days of the journey passed like the first one, uneventful. By the daylight they rode their camels And chatted, And by dusk they stopped, told stories And went to sleep. 

On the third day of travel, as they we're Riding through reddish Midian steppe, Sheldon's camel started to flare it's nostrils And twinge it's ears. Sheldon observed it suspiciously. He looked at the other camels near him, they we're exhibiting the Same strange behaviour. Sheldon frowned And peered into the air around him, alert. And sure enough, he saw two shady forms, like shimmering silhouettes. Sheldon wasted No time, he knew from what he read what those silhouettes had to be.

'Leonard, Raj, prepare your spells!' he barked. 'Everyone else, look into the air attentively! See those shady forms? These are Mirage Démons, two of them! Thankfully, animals are immune to their magic! Our camels sensed them! Look out for them, don't let them cast Illisuons on you, resist! Unfortunately, they are insubstantial, so mundane weapons can't touch them. Just look out for them while Leonard, Raj And I are Fighting them!'

Leonard And Raj peered into the air, sure enough, there the damn things we're. 

'Sheldon, And Magical weapons can hurt them?' Zorabel asked suddenly.

'Yes, if one has them,' Sheldon answered dryly.

'But I have one, my Sword is a family heirloom, it was blessed by some ancient priest for my ancestor while he was in the Desert Kingdom,' Zorabel told him. 'So can it hurt these Mirage Démons?'

'Certainly,' Sheldon answered, his eyes gleaming. 'Then you can help us fight!'

'Yes,' Zorabel smiled gently.

'All right, Zorabel, then be ready to défend Leonard, Raj And me!' Sheldon ordered.

'Yes, Doctor Sheldon,' Zorabel smiled. 

Sheldon glared at the two shady forms And chanted in his drawl, 'I unleash a Psychic Attack on one of those Mirage Démons for five power points!'

One of the shady forms yelled in pain. Sheldon smirked.

Zorabel drew his Sword And hit the shady form swiftly. The shady form yelled in pain And disappeared.

Then the remaining shady form stared at Raj intently.

'Not working, ugly!' Raj grinned. He chanted, 'I unleash a Blezing Sphere on this Mirage Demon for four power points!'

Huge fiery ball appeared in front of him And flew to the Mirage Demon. When it hit the shady form it was enveloped in flames. When the flames subsided the shady form was still there but visibly thinner.

'All right, Leonard, finish it!' Sheldon commanded. 

'Will be done,' Leonard grinned And chanted, 'I unleash a Psychic Attack on this Mirage Demon for five power points!'

The shady form yelled in pain And disappeared.

'Whew,' Leonard sighed.

Sheldon nodded smiling gently. 

The travellers, guards, Amlisco, Amsharya, Adherbel And Sango were staring at them in awe.

'Wow!' Sango grinned. 'Thank you, Doctor Sheldon, Doctor Leonard, Doctor Raj, And you too, Lord Zorabel!'

'Oh, don't mention it, though it's entirely deserved,' Sheldon smiled gently.

Leonard And Raj rolled their eyes.

'Well, it's my duty as a warrior,' Zorabel smiled gently. 

Sango nodded grinning.

'Shelly, And if you become famous, what you'll be called?' Penny asked grinning.

'_If_  I become famous!?' Sheldon said indignantly. 'Please, Penny, I should think I'm famous already! And if you ask, I'd prefer to be known as Sheldon the Black-Gold.'

'Sheldon the Black-Gold,' Penny repeated grinning. 'That's a name not easy to forget!'

'I should think so,' Sheldon smiled gently. 'My unique style makes for an unique sobriquet. Sobriquet, if you don't know, is a nickname.'

'All right, Sheldon,' Penny rolled her eyes.

'I hope such beasties aren't common in the Midian steppes?' Raj asked fearfully.

'No, not common, but they appear sometimes,' Sango grinned.

Raj nodded quietly.

When the dusk fell, they made a bivouac as usually.

'Well, who will tell a story today?' Penny grinned.

'Er, me,' Leonard said shyly.

'Go on, my dear,' Penny grinned. 

'All right, Er, long ago in a city called Praha lived a very wise old wizard called Leo,' Leonard started gently. 'And Leo saw that the citizens of Praha we're often robbed, mugged And so on. Leo decided to help them. And he made a great statue from clay And Animated it with his magic. The statue obeyed his orders And protected the townsfolk of Praha from criminals. And Leo gave it rest on Sundays. But one Sunday he made it work, And the statue went mad And destroyed everything on it's way in a rampage. Leo managed to find it And to destroy it with his magic. They say it's remains lie in the attic of Leo's house somewhere in Praha.'

'That's a lesson to us all,' Sheldon said dryly. 'Even Animated creatures need rest, or things won't end well! Much less it will work with humans.' 

'Yeah,' Penny grinned.

'I say, was the cley giant real?' Raj asked fearfully. 'Because if some evil wizard would restore it And then made it his servant, that would be really scary, you know!'

'No one rightly knows, Raj,' Leonard smiled gently. 'It's just one of those Uberwaldean legends.'

'All right, let's hope that we'll never meet it,' Raj shook his head. 

'Oh Yeah,' Penny grinned.

'Damn right,' Howard smirked.

They lay down on their saddles And went to sleep.


Next three days passed uneventful again. They were Riding through the reddish Midian steppes when they saw a group of men with sabres And Spears, in ragged mismatched Bright tunics, loose trousers And turbans. They ran to the caravan, yelling loudly.

'Damn, desert Bandits!' Sango muttered.

'I can see that,' Sheldon said dryly. 'We'll deal with these ruffians, don't worry! Leonard, Raj, prepare your spells! Howard, prepare your arrows! Penny, Zorabel, get your weapons ready!'

Leonard And Raj nodded. Howard took his longbow from behind his back, took an arrow from his quiver And notched it aptly. Penny took out her short Sword, And Zorabel bared his Sword. 

'You people, give us your money And goods, or we'll kill you!' the Bandits sneered.

'Highly unlikely,' Sheldon snorted And chanted in his drawl, 'I unleash a Psychic Attack on one of these Bandits for five power points!'

One bandit yelled in pain And dropped to the ground. Sheldon smirked.

Howard aimed carefully at one of the Bandits And let his arrow loose. It whizzed through the air And hit the bandit in the chest. The bandit yelled in pain. Howard smirked.

Then Raj chanted, 'I unleash a Blezing Sphere on those Bendits for four power points!'

Huge fiery ball formed in front of him And flew at the Bandits. The Bandits were enveloped in flames, And when the flames subsided there were only two Bandits left And a pile of Ashes in place of other three.

One bandit lurched at Zorabel with his sabre, but Zorabel swiftly parried with his Sword And hit the bandit with his own Sword in his side quickly. The bandit yelled in pain. 

Then Leonard chanted, 'I unleash a Psychic Attack on one of those Bandits for five power points!'

One bandit yelled in pain And dropped to the ground.

Penny lurched at the remaining bandit with her short sword And hit him in the neck. He yelled And dropped to the ground. Penny grinned.

'Well done, people!' Sheldon smiled gently.

'Yeah,' Penny grinned.

'You were great, Penny,' Leonard smiled shyly.

'You too, Leo dear,' Penny said tenderly.

Howard grinned. Raj smiled dreamily. Zorabel smiled gently. Sheldon just looked calmly at them.

'And you saved us again!' Sango grinned. 'Thank you very much!'

'Oh, don't mention it,' Sheldon smirked. 

Leonard, Penny, Howard And Raj bowed.

'It was only my duty, Master Sango,' Zorabel smiled gently.

They continued their journey. When dusk fell, they sat by the Fire.

'Well, who'll tell a story today?' Penny grinned.

'Er, well, me,' Raj smiled shyly.

'Okay, sweetie,' Penny smiled broadly. 

'All right,' Raj started shyly. 'The Heavenly Emperor had a beautiful daughter who was a very good weaver, so she was called Princess Weaver. The Heavenly Emperor loved her very much but he was worried that she didn't have a husband. So he let her find a husband. She found a hendsome Shepherd And merried him. They were very Heppy together. But Princess Weaver became sloppy in her work because she was too preoccupied with her husband. The Heavenly Emperor became engry And separated the young merried couple. So now, Princess Weaver, a star that we call Vega, And Shepherd, the star called Altair, are separated forever by the Milky Way. But once a year, on the Seventh day of the Seventh month, Princess Weaver grieves so much that megpies from all the world gather And form a bridge, on which Princess Weaver And her beloved Shepherd can meet for one night of fiery passion.'

'Aww,' Penny sighed. 'How sweet.'

'Yes, it is,' Raj grinned.

'And that's a lesson to us all, not to forget about our duties because of love,' Sheldon said dryly. 'I for one will never marry lest my judgement would be clouded.'

'Sure sweetie,' Penny rolled her eyes.

Howard grinned, 'Oh Sheldon, never say never!'

'That's right,' Leonard smiled shyly.

'Whatever,' Sheldon shrugged. 'Good night, everyone.'

'Good night, Shelly,' Penny smiled.

And they lay down on their saddles And went to sleep.


Next day they were Riding across the reddish Midian steppes. At first the day was calm And clear, And Sheldon wondered how far Goyeta was now And what monsters or villains awaited them there. But suddenly Sheldon noticed wind rising And sand started 'dancing' in the wind. Sheldon frowned. 

'Master Sango, something's wrong with the weather,' he informed the caravan master. 'I believe a Sandstorm is brewing.'

Sango looked at him, frowned, then looked at the sand.

'By Bel, Doctor Sheldon, you're right!' he exclaimed.

Sheldon looked at once triumphant And worried.

'All right, people, Sandstorm is coming!' Sango shouted. 'Amsharya, Adherbel, Stop at once! Ladies And gentlemen, dismount! Amsharya, Adherbel, get the camels into a circle! Ladies And gentlemen, hide behind the camels when they're in a circle And cover your heads! Quickly!'

Passengers shouted in fear. Amsharya And Adherbel stopped And brought the head camels to a halt. Then they went along the rows of camels patting them on the humps or legs so that they would kneel. Sheldon held fast to his saddle while his camel knelt. Then he slid to the ground awkwardly. Leonard And Raj held to their saddles for dear life while their camels knelt And slid to the ground awkwardly afterwards. Howard, Penny And Zorabel held in their saddles gracefully while their camels knelt And slid to the ground gracefully afterwards. Other travellers got to the ground with varied degrees of grace. When all the travellers were on the ground, Amsharya and Adherbel coaxed the camels into forming a wide ring. All the travellers, Amlisco, the caravan guards, Amsharya, Adherbel and Sango got into the ring. The wind was getting stronger And stronger meanwhile.

'What now?' Sheldon asked anxiously.

'Now we wait,' Sango told him. Sheldon nodded gravely.

The wind strengthened till it was throwing sand all around. The air became like a cloud of sand. Sheldon clung to his camel And covered his head with his doublet, listening to the wailing of the wind. Time dragged on very slowly. He heard Leonard gasping And Penny cursing. Then suddenly it was all over. Sheldon removed his doublet from his head And looked at his friends And his fellow travellers. Leonard was removing his old fashioned wide long dark green Uberwaldean cloak from his head, his hair was in dishevelled curls. Howard removed his Green cap from his Face, his hair was in dishevelled curls too. Sheldon smiled gently. Raj was removing his wide Green jacket from his head, his hair was standing up in curls too. Penny was removing her very short tight black blouse from her head, her hair was like a light coloured nest. Zorabel was removing his tunic from his head, his hair was standing up in curls. Penny smiled to Sheldon while he was buttoning And straightening his doublet, 'You all right, honey?'

'Yes, Penny, thank you,' Sheldon smiled gently.

Sango grinned to Sheldon, 'You travelled in the desert before, Doctor Sheldon?'

'No, I just read a lot,' Sheldon smiled gently. Sango nodded grinning.

Howard meanwhile took out a comb from his pocket And started combing his hair meticulously into usual long dark waves. Leonard fished in his crimson waistcoat, produced a comb And combed his hair into usual short brown waves. Raj took a comb out of a pocket of his jacket And combed it into usual dark short waves too. Sheldon looked at them, fished in a pocket of his tight black gold striped doublet And neatly combed his very short brown hair into usual smooth round head of hair. Penny looked at them, grinned And just smoothed her fair hair with her hand into usual long waves. Leonard looked at her, approached her And kissed her hotly. She answered him eagerly.

Howard grinned. Raj sighed wistfully. And Sheldon just looked at the young lovers calmly.

Then sand rose in a cloud again, but it was very local, And Sheldon could see two vaguely human forms in the dust clouds.

'Sand Demons!' Sheldon barked. 'Leonard, Raj, prepare your spells, Zorabel, get your Sword ready!'

Zorabel drew his Sword, Leonard And Raj focused.

Raj chanted, 'I unleash a Blezing Sphere on those two Send Démons for four power points!'

Huge ball of Fire appeared in front of him And flew to the Sand Démons,  then enveloped them in Fire. The Sand Démons yelled in pain. When the flames subsided one Demon was considerably smaller And looking singed. Raj grinned.

Zorabel lurched at the singed demon with his Sword And hit it in its 'face'. The demon yelled And disappeared. Zorabel smiled gently.

Sheldon drew to his full height And chanted in his drawl, 'I unleash a Psychic Attack on this Sand Demon for five power points!'

The Sand Demon yelled in pain. Sheldon smirked.

The Sand Demon lurched at Leonard but he dodged quickly. 

Leonard chanted, 'I unleash a Psychic Attack on this Sand Demon for five power points!'

The Sand Demon yelled in pain And disappeared. Leonard smiled shyly.

Penny ran to Leonard And kissed him soundly. Leonard answered her tenderly.

Howard whistled. Raj shed a tear. Sheldon just looked at the young couple calmly.

When they camped that night, Penny asked grinning, 'Well, who will tell a story today?'

'Me,' Howard grinned.

'Well, please keep it clean, Howard,' Sheldon warned him.

'All right,' Howard rolled his eyes. 'Well, once I was in the far North And was Hunting Elks with my longbow. There was a great herd of them, And I needed meat to eat. I was all in the chase, my arrows flew at the Elks And stroke them like lightning. I was thrilled And intoxicated by my success. And I didn't Notice that I stepped into a hole. Imagine my terror when something huge And dark tore out of the hole And lurched at me! It was a bear, a big one, And I disturbed it's sleep! I nearly...well, let's say, fainted. And then I remembered what my teacher, old Rob Staunton, told me.  I stuck my hand into the bear's mouth! I was deadly afraid that it would close on my hand And bite it off, And then, even if I stayed alive, what kind of an Archer would I be, one handed? One needs two hands to shoot from a Bow! Well, I just hoped to Artemis some priest would restore my hand if the big brute bit it off, I had to stay alive. But thank Artemis the huntress, the queen of the Moon, it didn't come to that. The beast was puzzled, And it backed off And fled. And only then did I Notice pain in my leg And head. The big brute scratched me with it's claws. Well, I picked up my Bow And left, went to the nearest town to seek a Healer. The Healer cast a healing spell on my leg And head, No trace was left. But I wonder to this day how careless I was And how close to death!'

'And not for the last time by far, Howard,' Sheldon said in an acid tone. 'Shall I remind the Swamp Adder Conundrum to you? You are reckless! Thank Athena you now have me as your leader!'

'Yeah, of course,' Howard rolled his eyes.

'What Swamp Adder Conundrum?' Zorabel asked curiously.

'Well, when Leonard And I were studying for our doctorates in Princeborough University, this moron caught a swamp Adder in the woods And brought it to MY room!' Sheldon related indignantly. 'Leonard thought for some reason that he could take the serpent on single handed. Howard let the deadly creature out of the bag he brought it in, Leonard tried to use Psychic Attack on it, And Raj here just looked on! Well, unsurprisingly, Leonard's spell failed. The serpent launched an attack on him. But I wasted No time And cast a Psychic Attack on it myself. As I'm far more capable than Leonard, the serpent was struck dead on the spot. And I berated these three fools that happen to be my friends, but I brought hot tea for them as they were properly contrite And upset by their folly. And I told them that they should take me with them to the woods. So we became a company of adventurers under my capable leadership.”

Leonard, Howard And Raj rolled their eyes. Penny laughed. And Zorabel smiled gently.

'Two tales for the price of one,' Leonard said dryly.

'Yeah,' Penny smiled broadly. 'Well, thank you for your tales, Howard, Shelly, And good night!'

'Good night, Penny,' Sheldon said evenly.

'Good night,' Howard grinned.

And they lay down on their saddles And went to sleep.


They continued their journey. On the Tenth day dark Green dense greenery, like Mountains, appeared on the far left, the Woodlands of Samera.

'Sheldon, where on the western edge of Samera Woods that Goyeta is?' Penny asked curiously.

'About fifty miles to the south-west from this point,' Sheldon informed her. 'Maliba is another eighty miles from this point. It's a pity, of  course, that we have to go to Maliba first, but caravans don't go to Goyeta.'

'Well, Doctor Sheldon, we could leave you on the route to Maliba near Goyeta,' Sango suggested.

'Oh No, Master Sango, I can't leave you at this point,' Sheldon said gravely. 'What if more Bandits or démons come your way? Who will défend you then? I'm afraid your guards aren't up to the task.'

'Well, thank you for your care, Doctor Sheldon,' Sango grinned.

Leonard, Penny, Howard And Raj rolled their eyes. Zorabel smiled gently.

''Oh, don't mention it, Master Sango,' Sheldon smiled gently. 'I say, are you a Khetsdami or a Gokheri?'

'Khetsdami,' Sango grinned. 'My father was a Kari mercenary, And my mother is a merchant in Solus.'

'Khetsdami means a half Blood Midian, And Gokheri is a foreigner living in Midia,' Sheldon explained to his friends. They nodded. 

'So we are Gokheri?' Penny asked frowning.

''No, actually, we are Zori, 'aliens', as we are what Mineans call Hyperboreans,' Sheldon corrected her. 'But we know that there is No 'Hyperborea', there is Wessex where I, you And Howard are from, Uberwald where Leonard is from, Gallia, Cimmeria, Thule And Polonia. Oh, And Raj is Ghatian, so he's a Zori too.'

Penny nodded smiling.

'Wessex, you say, Doctor Sheldon?' Sango grinned. 'What's it like?'

'Lovely land, rolling Green hills on which sheep are grazing, dense Green woods, mighty castles, old lovely towns, Oxenford, the great University where I got my Bachelor's degree, Princeborough, a good university where I got my second doctorate,' Sheldon related smiling  dreamily.

Sango nodded grinning.

'And Uberwald, what it's like, Doctor Leonard?'

'Mountains And hills covered with Green dense woods, Green valleys, mighty castles And old lovely towns, Heidelberg University where I got my Bachelor's and Master's degree And Sheldon got his Master's And first doctorate,' Leonard smiled gently.

Sango nodded grinning.

'And your land, Doctor Raj?'

'Far too hot, far too much people And far too spicy food,' Raj grimaced. 'I prefer not to speak about it.'

'Oh, all right,' Sango grinned.

Penny smiled broadly.


For the next six days they had encounters with more gangs of desert Bandits, another Sandstorm, And Quicksand from which they escaped because Amsharya And Adherbel led the caravan out of it aptly. But on the 17th day Sheldon noticed in the air near the caravan two yellowish, vaguely human forms, as if formed from dust.

'Thirst Demons, two of them!' he barked. 'See these yellowish dusty human shaped forms in the air? It's them, they cause instant dehydration with their touch! Don't let them near you!  Leonard, Raj, prepare your spells, Zorabel, get your Sword ready!'

His friends nodded gravely.

Sheldon chanted in his drawl, 'I unleash a Psychic Attack on this Thirst Demon for five power points!'

One dusty form yelled in pain. Sheldon smirked proudly. 

Zorabel lurched at the dusty form with his Sword And hit it in the 'head'. It yelled in pain And disappeared. Zorabel smiled gently.

The remaining Thirst Demon lurched at Leonard but he dodged it And chanted, 'I unleash a Psychic Attack on this Thirst Demon for five power points!' The Thirst Demon yelled in pain. Leonard smiled gently.

'You go, Leo dear!' Penny cheered. Leonard smiled shyly.

Then Raj chanted, 'I unleash a Dart of Fire on this Thirst Demon for two power points!” The Thirst Demon yelled in pain And disappeared. Raj grinned.

That night when they made a bivouac, Penny asked, 'Well, Zorabel, want to tell a story or will it be me tonight?'

'I'll tell a story,' Zorabel smiled gently.

'You go then, sweetie,' Penny smiled.

'Well,' Zorabel started. 'There was once a King, rich And powerful, he had all that one could want. And his best friend, Damocles, was terribly envious of him. The King saw that, And once he invited Damocles to sit in his canopied seat. Damocles was filled with pride And sat in the King's seat. And then he saw a great Sword suspended on a hair above the King's seat. He was terrified to death. And the King told him, 'See, Damocles my friend, such is the fate of kings. We all have a figurative Sword suspended over us, And I hung this one over my seat in order not to forget about that.' And Damocles nodded in awe And he never envied his King any more.'

'Yes, there is even a saying, 'Damocles' Sword', which means an impending threat,' Sheldon nodded gravely. 'As for me, I never envied kings, it's a golden cage, too much tension And cares. I prefer to be a free adventuring Sorcerer, thank you very much!'

'And thank Athena,' Leonard said dryly. 'I don't envy any land of which you would be a King.'

'Well, then good that it's not going to happen to any land,' Sheldon parried.

'Oh Yeah,' Howard grinned.

'On this cheerful note, goodnight, boys,' Penny grinned.

'Goodnight, Penny,' Sheldon smiled.

And they lay down on their saddles And went to sleep.


Another two days of travel passed, they coped with another Sandstorm. On the afternoon of the 20th day they saw in distance a scattering of Bright tents with many tall beehive like stone structures in the middle.

'Maliba,' Sheldon sighed with relief. 'At last!'

'Yes, the destination of our caravan,' Sango grinned. 'Here we part, you go to Goyeta, And we a rest a bit And go back to Solus.'

'Yes,' Sheldon smiled gently. 'It was good travelling with you, Master Sango.'

'Same here,' Sango grinned. 'Doctor Sheldon, I must ask you, you won't agree to guard my caravan in the future?'

'No, thank you, Master Sango,' Sheldon said gravely. 'I don't fancy to travel back And forth along the Same route like a shuttle, it would be too boring. I want to travel to see the world, I'm still very young.'

'That's true,' Sango grinned. 'Well, good luck to you then!'

'Good luck to you too, Master Sango,' Sheldon smiled gently.

When they came to Maliba, Amsharya And Adherbel stopped And brought the camels to a halt for the last time in their journey, And went along the lines of camels, patting them on humps And legs to make them kneel. Sheldon held fast to his saddle while his camel was kneeling, And then slid awkwardly to the ground. Leonard And Raj held to their saddles for dear life while their camels we're kneeling, And then slid to the ground very awkwardly. Howard And Penny held in their saddles gracefully while their camels knelt And then slid to the ground gracefully. 

'Well, goodbye, Master Sango,' Sheldon smiled gently. 'When will your caravan travel back to Solus?'

'In several days' time,' Sango informed him. 'We need to rest And to buy food, And the nobles who came with us will visit the royal Tombs during this time.'

'All right,' Sheldon nodded. 'I don't know how much time our mission will take, as it's unknown to me how many monsters are there, And what complications this matter could have.'

'True enough,' Sango grinned. 'You can join another caravan then.'

Sheldon nodded.

'You know, when I pay a visit to the royal Tombs I'll come to Goyeta to help you,' Zorabel said suddenly. 'Wait for me please.'

'Well, it's thirty miles from Maliba to Goyeta, so it will take one or two days for us to get there,' Sheldon said. 'It's safe to say we'll still be in Goyeta when you will come there.'

'All right,' Zorabel smiled gently. 'Good luck!'

'Good luck, Zorabel,' Sheldon smiled gently. 'All right, people, we need to find a cart that will take us to Goyeta!'

His friends rolled their eyes but nodded.

Sheldon led them, navigating between the Bright tents at the foot of the majestic royal Tombs. They came to a market with stalls selling everything, vegetables, fruits, bread, clothes, wooden furniture, perfumes, jewellery. Sheldon started to asking farmers with carts which of them was going to Goyeta. At last he found one who was from Goyeta and was going back to his village this very day. Sheldon promised him to pay plenty for the lift. The farmer agreed. Sheldon climbed into the cart, Penny, Leonard, Howard And Raj followed him. The farmer commanded two oxen that pulled the cart to take off, And they trundled along the shrubbery lined road to Goyeta.